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 tiě shù kāi huā 
the iron tree blooms 
a highly improbable or extremely rare occurrence


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2.7.23 UPDATE. All Vicious Cannon Fodder chapters, including new ones, will be back to uodating ONLY on this site, theirontreeblooms.com. More info in separate post: HERE
11.11.18 TRYING SOMETHING NEW. Starting Monday 11.21.22, the novel Vicious Cannon Fodder will be double-posting on fanstranslations.com. More info in separate post: HERE
11.11.22 Have removed Undead Queen and This Lord Is Too Cruel. Both novels are now very likely DROPPED for the forseeable future. Anyone is welcome to pick these two novels up if interested.
11.7.22 Patreon back for prospective supporters! Ko-fi one-off supporter posts are also back! Whether you prefer Ko-fi or Patreon, there's a way for everyone to support my translations~~~♡♡♡
11.3.22 Site revamp.
10.11.22 New novels Calamity and After 2 Lifetimes begins updating this month🎉🎶 and starting Nov. ’22 Advanced Chapters for Vicious Cannon Fodder, Calamity, and After 2 Lifetimes. With 4 Tiers to choose from: Bird Fan, Bird Fan 0.5, Bird Devotee, and Bird Devotee 0.5~~~ For those who are impatient to read ahead!

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Struggling writer distracted by a translating hobby here. This nocturnal bird is named Nyx or Nyxbird. You may call me whichever. (・ Θ ・;) 
At TheIronTreeBlooms I share my love of Chinese webnovels, mainly danmei BL. But on the rare chance a webnovel with a female MC really delights me there is also a chance of my translating it. ⋋(‘Θ’◍)⋌ :.。✯*
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