Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 005 Peacock Man

When Li Yi woke up he discovered he was laying in a room that looked shabbier than the storage shed at his home. A wooden table occupied nearly one-third of the space, the dresser and washing stand was squeezed up next to each other, and none of the three stools had whole legs. Most importantly, on the table, on the dresser, on the bed——each had a chicken perched on it!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They did not make any noise only taking small steps around their spot, two pea sized eyes occasionally flickering his way, causing goosebumps to pop up and down his body.

Li Yi couldn’t help furrowing his brows, he tried his best to ignore the strange sensation. He recalled back to earlier and thought, that person did end up saving him. Though the place was rather poor and shabby, he could still tolerate it.

But, very soon he no longer thought that way.

Once he caught sight of the state of his body, his expression immediately appeared as dark as having been charred by lightning. Seeing his forearms and below his knees wrapped up tightly in bandages in such an aesthetically abstract way appearing as if 4 massive chicken feet were growing out from his body……his grim and resolute cool guy image shattered into pieces.

Li Yi ignored the tightness in his chest, quickly lifting his arm and prepared to use his teeth to rip apart the bandages.

At that moment, Nie Bufan entered with a bowl of vegetable porridge and caught sight of the man on the bed currently looking about to commit self-harm. He kindly consoled: “Since you are still alive, then don’t think of committing extremes anymore (TN: euphemism for suicide).

Li Yi glared hard at him, using his eyes to pierce at the other a thousand times. Lifting up his bandaged arm, he said with gritted teeth: “What is this? My injuries weren’t that serious! Is there need to bandage it this much?”

Nie Bufan placed the bowl of porridge on the table, saying indifferently: “As an unknown suspicious figure, of course there is a need for special treatment. Who knows if you will become violent after waking up?”

Before he wouldn’t have, but now he’s unsure. Li Yi silently screamed to himself.

“Alright, since you are up, confess your identity and background.” Nie Bufan stacked up two stools with missing legs and sat steadily on it, sufficiently grasping the essence of balance.

Li Yi looked at him without speaking.

Nie Bufan spoke again: “Originally, I planned to mind my own business, but since I’ve brought you back I must know what kind of trouble you will bring less I am killed and don’t even know who to blame.”

Li Yi continued to remain silent.

“Let’s start simple, what shall I call you?”

“Li Yi.”

En, looking at your black ensemble dressed for shady business and your iceblock aura as well as your sharp murderous eyes, I am guessing you are an assassin.” Nie Bufan pointed at him, tone certain.

Li Yi tried his best to ignore the bizarre and nonsensical description, squeezing out from his teeth: “I am not an assassin.”

“Then why were you injured this badly?”

“I was in a duel with someone else.”

“You lost?”

“I won!”

Nie Bufan looked at him with contempt: “Why do you cut such a sorry figure if you had won? It seems your martial arts is just third-rate.”

Li Yi’s forehead vein popped, gritting his teeth he didn’t respond.

“Whatever.” Nie Bufan flapped his hand, “since it was not a case of vengeance, then I don’t care. Here, drink some porridge.” He passed the porridge over.

Li Yi and his four chicken feet remained immobile, face expressionless.

Nie Bufan: “Hehehehehe.”

“Can I trouble you, to help me take off the bandages?” Li Yi glared with murderous eyes and bared teeth.

Nie Bufan hesitated: “Your eyes are full of murderous intent, viciousness hidden between your brows, muscles all tensed as if ready to pounce. I am worried that once I take off the bandages you will attack me. I am wondering if it would be safer if I tie you up entirely.”

Li Yi stiffened, closing his eyes he took a deep breath and then another deep breath. When he reopened his eyes again his expression returned back to calmness, eyes also deep and without emotion.

Nie Bufan suddenly bent slightly, moving face to face, close enough that his nose almost poked the other and breath brushing skin, all the while eyes staring without blinking.

A fine and handsome face suddenly took up Li Yi’s vision. The skin was even paler and smoother than the serving girls he had seen, practically flawless. Slashing brows, star bright eyes, lips not too thin nor too thick and rather tasty looking. Only, the slightly disheveled hair and bizarre way of dress ruined the picture.

In that instant, Li Yi’s doubts were raised, how could this person come from a poor family background?

“Okay.” Nie Bufan straightened up and smiled, “looking at your calm eyes I believe you.”

He wasn’t too worried, secure in the knowledge of his backing, the three bodyguard chickens in the room.

Just after taking off the bandages on Li Yi’s right arm, a couple odd chicken clucks sounded from outside.

Nie Bufan raised a brow and walked to the door. Looking through the crack he saw 7 to 8 strangers enter the village. One of them was dressed extravagantly, appearing to be of uncommon origins just by first glance.

Nie Bufan gave Li Yi a discontented look: “Don’t tell me, those people outside are here because of you?”

“What do they look like?” Li Yi asked.

Before Nie Bufan could respond, the people outside called out: “Is anyone here?”

Li Yi’s eyes flickered: “They are indeed here for me, but not enemies. They won’t make things difficult for you. But I don’t want them to find me, do you have a place to hide?”

After hearing it wasn’t enemies here for vengeance Nie Bufan replied with rare helpfulness: “Two choices, one is the cellar behind the closet and the other is the secret compartment under the bed.”

Li Yi chosed the cellar but just as he was about to hide there Nie Bufan piped up: “Actually, my personal advice is that you should hide in the secret compartment under the bed. It may be cramped but not easy to discover.”

Li Yi paused.

After Nie Bufan left, he lifted the bedboard……

“Is anyone here?”

“Coming.” Nie Bufan slowly shuffled out, greeting the newcomers with a humble bow, “What can I help your nobleness with?”

As he was saying, Nie Bufan subtly observed the leader of the group, and immediately had his eyes dazzled by the other’s opulent and lavish appearance.

Pale blue inner robes were covered by a red violet gold brocade outer robe. His belt was embedded with jade and hanging with silk tassels. Long finely crafted boots embroidered with clouds, hair combed back and pinned with gold hairpin in the shape of a peacock feather.

Phoenix shaped eyes and thin lips, chin slightly raised, and in his hand was a silk handkerchief which he occasionally used to cover his nose. Evidently, the smell of Chicken Nest Village had him very much disgusted. Perhaps even entering the village was a form of insult……to his shoes.

This was practically a real live peacock!

Nie Bufan secretly held the other in contempt. Soon his eyes fell on the dog whose leash was held in a servant’s hand.

The dog inherited its owner’s flashy style, its collar was made from gold which added to the luxuriance of its thick silver grey fur. Its nose was wide and straight, eyes glinting viciously and aura insufferably arrogant. It looked to have wolf blood as well.

An odd combination of sympathy and Schadenfreude amusement appeared on Nie Bufan’s face.

At that moment, a servant asked: “Are you a resident of this village?”

“That’s right, I am the village head of Chicken Nest Village.”

“You?” The servant looked him over suspiciously before unrolling a painting and said: “Have you seen this person?”

The painting was of a handsome young man looking into the distance. Aside from his features somewhat resembling Li Yi, the melancholy aura of the figure in the painting appeared rather unrealistic.

Nie Bufan shook his head sincerely.

The peacock man casted a look at the servant who immediately said: “Think clearly, he is an important fugitive, hiding escaped criminals is punishable by law!”

Fugitive? To be honest, Nie Bufan would rather believe that this group of people was here to capture beautiful young men for nefarious purposes, spreading rumors as part of their devious plan.

“Your nobleness, I dare not, I truly have not seen this……elegant looking man.”

“No need to say more.” Peacock man finally spoke, using his cold and arrogant voice: “Release Langya, have him go search.”

“Yes.” Another sevant crouched down and patted Langya, the leash then releasing. The fierce Langya immediately ran off like the wind, making straight for Nie Bufan’s house.

Peacock man’s eyes had a prideful glint, as if he was very quickly about to capture his target.

But who knew, there was no more movement after the wolfdog entered the house.

Nie Bufan stood honestly to the side, privately ruminating to himself. En, it seemed the transformation of outside animals were much slower than the animals nearby the village.

Peacock man resisted his impatience saying: “Go look inside.”

Two servants immediately went to check out the situation. After returning they nervously informed: “Gongzi, Langya is missing.”

“What do you mean missing?”

“Aside from a few chickens inside, the room is completely empty. There is no sight of Langya.”

“Are you saying he could have gone through the walls?” Peacock man became angry, snapping his long sleeves he made a beeline for the house.

Nie Bufan piped up in a small voice: “This Gongzi, my humble house is simple and dirty, I’m afraid……”

“Quit being so long-winded!” Peacock man did not even spare him a look, stomping fiercely inside the house.

“Ah!” Just after entering, peacock man fell to the ground in a manner resembling a hungry dog pouncing on food.

The servants immediately moved to help him up.

In the ground was a small hole, appearing from the hole was a chicken head. It looked left and right before retracting again.

Nie Bufan asked with concern: “I hope you haven’t hurt youself?”

Peacock man glared fiercely at the hole in the ground, and raged: “Why is there a hole?”

“You can’t blame me for that.” Nie Bufan shrugged, “our village has too many hamsters. The holes are too many to fill, so we no longer pay it any heed.”

Peacock man had an extremely disgusted look on his face, waving away the servants patting at the dirt on his clothes, he continued into the house.

Nie Bufan followed with a whistled tune.

Not even a minute had passed before peacock man rushed out with his nose covered. In just a short amount of time, he had stepped on chicken poop, knocked into two stools and became covered in a few chicken feathers.

It would seem that in his whole life he had yet to step in such a small and dirty house. It was even less tolerable than his toilet at home.

Let’s not even mention the crooked furniture, there wasn’t even the most standard of cleanliness. He even saw two chickens fighting on the bed. The fight could be described as one of exploding feathers, a fight of world shaking levels.

Peacock man could no longer take it anymore, screeching: “My older brother would definitely not stay in such a place! Leave, we must leave right now!”

“Then, then Langya?” The sevant asked carefully.

“Langya recognizes the way home, when it wants to return it will naturally do so. There’s no need to worry about it.” Peacock man hollered as he speed walked, “This shitty place, your young master I will not stay a moment longer.”

“Yes, yes.” The group of servants followed in his wake as he left like something was chasing at his heels.

Nie Bufan waved from behind: “Gongzi, come again.”

He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination or not but the group of people seem to pick up speed.

They should thank themselves lucky to not have rode their horses into the village, otherwise the loss would not just be a dog.

Nie Bufan skipped back into the house and looked at the silver grey feathered newcomer who had just been bullied by Lady Flower, chicken head slumped and lamenting loss youth.

Nie Bufan consoled: “Think of it another way, a new and wonderful life awaits you.”

Before little chicken Langya could respond, a muffled voice came from underneath the bed: “I don’t know what life will hold in the future but I know that if I don’t come out now, my life will come to its end.”

Nie Bufan first had Lady Flower lead its new wife (Langya, female) to the side before lifting the bedboard.

Li Yi was contorted into an S shape inside the compartment, face to the side so his expression was not visible, but it was likely quite colorful.

Pushing and pulling, Nie Bufan got him out of the compartment, patting his shoulder: “You can rest easy now, your little brother has left, and likely won’t be returning either.”

Li Yi looked at him with twitching lips. He could just imagine the torment Li Huai had undergone, as a pampered Gongzi how could he have possibly tolerated a poor village filled with only flying chickens and poop everywhere?

Thinking that, Li Yi suddenly felt temporarily staying here was a good idea……

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

TN: so, except for humans and insects, no matter if it flies in the air, runs on the ground, or swims in the water they will all turn into chickens. And after becoming chickens they will retain the natural abilities of their previous self. Also the speed of turning into a chicken will depend on their type and distance from Chicken Nest Village.

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  1. I Like LI YI too, but his brother Li Huai made a strong impression on me, his peacock description remind me of Feng Xiao from novel Peerless, and his description seems to be that was tought to be more careful and impressive than Li Yi, but i doubt that he will appear more and i think it is a pity. I have to see more of Li Yi to make my mind about what kind of dynamic will have wiith Nie Bufan, One thing that i thought when i read this chapter is, i hope,because i think it will make the novel more interesting to read, that the MLs will have different personalities and life experencies, which will/can create distinct relationships with Nie Bufan , and will make so that the reader have not trouble remember each relationship.

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  2. So hilarious! Hahaha~
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  3. This is incredibly hilarious so far! Like, the description of this cursed village would be spooky if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Such an original concept to have all animals transform into chickens the moment they enter. The image of that fish-chicken flopping on the ground and needing to be dumped into the pail of water still gets me. The male leads are going to need to be adaptable!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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