Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 007 Li Xiaoyao

Zhang Junshi had always felt that Nie Bufan was not like an ordinary young man of humble origins. His appearance was handsome and aura pure like snow, but his usual way of dress was too casual, even terrible. If he were to change his way of dress to a more elegant ensemble, he would definitely have an extraordinary appearance.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But despite thinking so, when he finally saw it with his own eyes, he was still shocked.   

The person in front of him was clad in a navy blue silk shirt, over it was a light blue robe, the collar embroidered with clouds. His narrow waist was emphasized by a belt while wide sleeves flow lightly downwards creating an overall image of a gentle and elegant Gongzi who had just stepped out of a painted scroll.   

Zhang Junshi stared at this Nie Bufan who was so different from his previous appearance as if a completely different person was standing before him, and the fondness in his heart erupted spontaneously.      

Nie Bufan snapped his sleeves and said, “Okay, shall we go to dinner?”   

“Wait.” Zhang Junshi turned around and pulled out a scholar’s hat from the cabinet behind him and personally placed it on Nie Bufan.   

Nie Bufan’s hair only just passed over his ears so not suitable for tying up, but wearing a hat instead was perfect.      

“Alright.” Zhang Junshi smiled and led him out of the room by his hand.   

The two chickens that Nie Bufan brought along were currently squatting outside the door. He was just about to pick up their leash when Zhang Junshi said, “Do you need to bring them tonight?”   

Nie Bufan thought about it for awhile before stepping forward to untie their leash, warning: “Lady Flower, Langya, today is a holiday so you can move freely, just come back to me when you are tired. Don’t cause trouble, otherwise you’ll be punished by family law!”   

Zhang Junshi’s mouth twitched, his original intention was to leave these two chickens here.

“If you let them go, aren’t you afraid they will get lost?”   

“It’s fine.” Nie Bufan smiled brilliantly, “They know the way.”   

Chicken can recognize the way? Were they all actually dogs?   

In a situation where he was unaware of the facts, Zhang Third Gongzi miraculously stumbled upon the truth……      

The two chickens ran out happily, meanwhile Zhang Junshi and Nie Bufan had a simple dinner before strolling their way to the night market.   

The Mid-Autumn Festival’s night market was crowded with people and was extremely lively. Various auspicious items could be seen everywhere. Lanterns were also hung along the street, creating a gorgeous river of lights that lit up the night.   

Zhang Junshi led Nie Bufan the whole way, either discussing with him about interesting anecdotes from various places, or watching juggling, or listening to the tunes played by song-girls, or admiring chrysanthemums under the lantern lights……generally having a great time.   

Of the two of them one was cultured and refined while the other was handsome and cheerful, so walking in the crowd they attracted quite the attention.

Especially those unmarried young ladies who rarely go out onto the streets. Every one of them who passed by, all couldn’t help taking furtive looks at them, with some even sending servants to inquire about their origin.   

But they soon discovered that the two of them turned a blind eye to the young ladies around them, especially the cultured Gongzi, whose eyes had never left the other one, smiling and whispering, behaving quite intimately with his companion.   

The two of them acted as though there was no one around them present, completely unaware that there was something strange about their gestures.

Zhang Junshi stopped at a street vendor selling river lanterns and said, “Let’s buy a river lantern. How about going to the riverside to release it later?”   

“Alright.” Nie Bufan looked at the river lanterns of various shapes and sizes displayed out on the stall with interest. It included butterflies, jade rabbits, roosters, monkeys, etc. The workmanship was delicate and exquisite, and overall extremely attractive.   

En, which one do you like? How about the jade rabbit?” Zhang Junshi picked up a jade rabbit lantern and turned to smile at the person beside him.   

But looking up, he saw a big man with a sturdy body and a beard instead. The burly man responded shyly: “Am I suitable for jade rabbit?”

Zhang Junshi’s smile immediately froze up in that instant, the person who should have been by his side had disappeared at some point. His eyes searched around, only to see people coming and going, where was there any sign left of Nie Bufan?


A quarter of an hour ago.   

The two chickens that had been allowed to roam freely ran out of the restaurant happily, jumping through the crowd, crowing loudly from time to time, and then leaving behind a memorial of their presence in the corner.   

Suddenly, Langya stopped, head turned towards an inn and eyes revealed a light of delighted surprise, before rushing in.

Seeing this Lady Flower adhered to the good value of taking care of the younger generation as the boss chicken also followed soon after.   

Langya’s goal was clear, going straight up to the second floor, and dexterously maneuvered into a room with the door slightly ajar.   

The room was beautifully decorated and filled with fragrant incense. In the middle of the room was a beautifully carved mahogany wooden table. Next to the table sat a young man in extravagant clothes. His clothes were lavish but his expression was cold and arrogant.

It was the peacock man who had once been to Chicken Nest Village.      

In his hand was a pair of chopsticks and he was just about to pick up a piece of meat from the dishes on the table, when he felt a warm object rubbing at his legs.

Looking down, it turned out to be a chubby and dumb looking hen!   

The peacock man immediately acted as if it was the plague and kicked it hard away.   

Langya screeched, flapping at its wings before falling to the ground. As soon as it got back onto its feet, it immediately rushed with valiance toward peacock man again.

Peacock man’s face turned purple, grabbing the wine cup and smashing it towards Langya who tumbled with feet in the air.   

Although Langya was now a chicken, but its body was several times stronger than before. The wine cuo thrown by the peacock man was wrapped with internal force but it only caused slight pain. After turning over and standing up, it was once again a sorrowful but fierce chicken……   

With such a disturbance, the servants who were not far away soon ran inside.   

Langya burst into tears, crowing miserably, and continued to chase its original master.      

“What are you all standing there for?” Peacock man shouted angrily, “Hurry up an drive away this inexplicably crazy chicken!”   

The servants seem to wake up from a dream, and began to encircle the chicken, working with each other to force it out of the room.   

But who knew that sister chicken had a nimble figure. Those people didn’t even touch a single feather. Instead, it managed to hook the peacock man’s clothes several times with its claws.   

The peacock man was a martial artist, but now he was actually being ravaged and bullied by a chicken to this extent. If it got out he would have no face to show up in public.   

Peacock man was so angry that smoke seem to blow out of his ears and nostrils, saying sharply: “Kill it, kill it!”      

The servants having received their orders, all of them had on a fierce and sinister countenance.

Langya’s entire focus was on peacock man, and neglected the danger that was coming. Just when it was about to fall into evil hands, the majestic and tall figure of Lady Flower appeared at the door. It flapped its wings once and sharp claws soon exerted a powerful attack force.   

“Ah!” The screams came one after another.   

In that instant, the room was thrown into chaos, figures bumped into each other, feathers danced wildly, the huge disturbance attracted all those near them.

Considering himself to be of high and noble birth, peacock man completely lost face this time.   

After taking out its anger, Lady Flower strutted around proudly, letting out a few satisfied crows before leading Langya away in their escape.   

Peacock man let out an angry huff and jumped down from the window. As soon as his feet landed firmly on the ground, he saw two chickens flashing by. Without hesitation he chased after them. Behind him the servants also followed closely.   

Lady Flower and Langya ran wildly, following Nie Bufan’s scent trail. Langya’s leg was injured and its speed gradually slowed down.

When they turned a block, the peacock man jumped several times, one foot for one chicken, kicking them into the lane.

And this scene happened to be seen by Nie Bufan, just when he was about to select a river lantern, so in a flash he ran towards that side, decisively abandoning Zhang Junshi in place.      

“Hmmph! Let me see where else you can run to?” Peacock man stared coldly at the two chickens in the corner.

Lady Flower’s feathers stood upright all over its body, putting on a battle ready appearance; while Langya looked wilted, chicken head drooping, looking at the peacock man pitifully.   

Peacock man cracked his knuckles and said viciously: “Tonight will be a chicken feast, one steamed and the other grilled.”   

Hai.” Suddenly, a soft cough came from outside the lane.   

Peacock man turned and looked, only to see a handsome man dressed in elegant attire approaching slowly.      

Lady Flower and Langya’s eyes lit up, and they rushed to Nie Bufan’s feet.   

Peacock man saw this and asked: “This is your chicken?”   

“Exactly.” Nie Bufan smiled, “Don’t know how they have offended Gongzi?”   

Peacock man put on a cold face and did not speak, such a shameful thing, how could he let it be publicized?   

Nie Bufan said again: “My pet chicken is very mischievous. If they have offended Gongzi then please be magnanimous and don’t mind too much about it.”      

Pet? Chickens as pets? Peacock man examined the person in front of him carefully, and saw that he had excellent aura and mannerisms, not like an ordinary commoner, so he resisted his anger and asked: “I am Li Huai, don’t know what Gongzi is called?”   

“I am Li Xiaoyao of Xing Rong.” Nie Bufan introduced himself without showing even a hint of guilt.

Xing Rong was the capital of the country of Yu. Anyone who had even a small connection with the capital had the opportunity to pull the flag (TN: expression for borrowing someone or something’s influence and power).   

Nie Bufan had long recognized that the man in front of him was the peacock man who had been to the Chicken Nest Village last time. After all it was really hard to forget someone dressed the way he did. At that time, peacock man and his servants hadn’t even bothered to spare a glance at him so he was completely unworried about being recognized. Besides, he was now dressed in fine clothes and looked completely unlike what he did before.   

Sure enough, when the other heard “Xing Rong”, as well as sharing the same Li surname, peacock man’s expression became sligtly better. There were many influential Li families in Xing Rong, and perhaps they were even related.   

“So it turned out to be family. Well met, well met.” Peacock man cupped his hands in greeting and asked: “I don’t know which Li family Xiaoyao Gongzi came from? I seem to have not heard of Gongzi’s name.”   

“Oh, it’s not surprising that you have never heard of it before. My elders have long retired from the secular world and live in seclusion.”   

“So that’s the case.” Peacock man’s countenance became wary, and said to himself: Could it be that Li family?      

Nie Bufan said politely: “Meeting is due to fate, so how about I act as host and treat you to a table at Drunken Immortal Pavilion? Let me entertain Li Gongzi, and at the same time ask Li Gongzi to forgive them.”   

Nie Bufan pointed to the two chickens at his feet.

Peacock man was used to dividing people into different classes. If they were of the same class, he wouldn’t mind giving the other face. So, he reluctantly nodded and agreed.      

At this time, several of peacock man’s servants finally chased up to him, only to be dismissed with a few words. He then accompanied Nie Bufan to Drunken Immortal Pavilion. In fact, Nie Bufan hadn’t even heard of the Drunken Immortal Pavilion before. He only heard it from Zhang Junshi when they passed by just now. It was said to be the most luxurious restaurant in Xishan City.

Nie Bufan had Lady Flower and Langya wait outside. The two walked into the restaurant and a waiter immediately greeted then with a smile on his face: “What do the two nobles like to order?”

“Are there any booths available?” Nie Bufan asked.

“Yes, yes, please, come this way.” The waiter took the two of them to an elegant room, which was much more tranquil and elegant than the noisy first floor tables.   

Peacock man was used to luxury so the room before him did not leave much of an impression, and Nie Bufan naturally had no feelings towards this kind of thing either.   

But in the eyes of outsiders, the attitude of the two was completely that of nobles.      

In order to convey importance, the shopkeeper personally came to wait on them.   

Nie Bufan said: “I won’t order specifically, just serve your best dishes. The one next to me is used to the delicacies of all kinds, so shopkeeper you must not fool us.”   

“Of course, the humble me will definitely satisfy the two distinguished guests.” Saying so, he ordered to have drinks and a few plates of appetizers to be served first.   

“Li Gongzi, please.”   

Peacock man made a toast before drinking.   

The two chatted together over this and that. Peacock man’s background was out of the ordinary and had a wide range of knowledge, which could be glimpsed when speaking. And Nie Bufan was completely ignorant of the current affairs of the country and time period he was now living in. But, luckily he excelled at lying, not even a hint of a blush or nervous guilt to be seen as he repeated the anecdotes that Zhang Junshi had told him, so in the end the chat was quite successful.      

In a short while, delectable dishes were delivered one by one, adding up to a dozen or twenty dishes in total.   

The peacock man had on a normal countenance, each dish only taking a few servings, evidently used to this kind of situation. Seeing this Nie Bufan couldn’t help but to lament on the rich and wealthy and their wasteful extravagance.      

“Aiya.” Nie Bufan suddenly slapped his forehead and said, “Today is a holiday, it would be too boring to just eat. I will go down and call a song-girl to cheer up the atmosphere.”   

“No need.” Peacock man smiled, “This kind of small town song-girls are all vulgar commoners, what skill could they even possess?”   

“Hehe, since ancient times, there have been many experts among the commoners. In this Drunken Immortal Pavilion there is a famous singer, her musical skills superb. Most people can’t even invite her services.”   

“Oh? In that case, I have to see it.”   

“Li Gongzi, please wait just awhile, I will personally invite her over.”   

“Then I will trouble you.” Peacock man waved his hand gracefully.   

Nie Bufan walked out of the room calmly, going downstairs with a smile, and then went straight out of the Drunken Immortal Pavilion.   

“Lady Flower, Langya, let’s go.” Nie Bufan called out, leading his two chickens swiftly away……   

Poor peacock man, who did not bring money before going out, and also having sent all his servants away. As a result, he was cheated by the pure-faced and noble-looking ‘young master’ Nie Bufan. This matter would definitely become peacock man’s life’s shame……   

If you dare to bully Nie Bufan’s chickens, you must be prepared for being tricked.  

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Having already walked far away, Nie Bufan seemed to be able to hear the roar of peacock man: “Li Xiaoyao, don’t let me come across you again!!!”

If you want to look for Li Xiaoyao, you would have to cultivate immortality first……

TN: LOL! So the joke behind Nie Bufan’s fake name Li Xiaoyao is that it is actually the name of the main character of Chinese Paladin, a famous franshise in the Xianxia genre.

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  1. OMG, this chapter was so funny, it bring me to tears. I did not expect to see the peacock man again, the confrontation between him and the abadoned pitiful Langya, who ended up seeing his master for who he really is, what a comic reality check. And the second encouter of Nie Bufan and the peacock man, is the highlights of this chapter. This chapter we see that the true straights of Nie is his sharp, wise thinking and his fast change in behaviour depending of who or what he encouters. I laughed so hard when he admited to himself that if is it something that he can do well is to lie, and after he charmed and fooled his peacock companion, he is dropping the final blow, by leaving him to pay for everything, when it should be him that he is treated, as an apology too, HAHAHA. Brother Nie is so shameless, unforgiving and ruthless when someone hurts him or hIs family but i like him more this way, this is where he is shining, i’m looking forward to read what other things will he come’up with. Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Fairly certain Nie Bufan is my new God. This man is an absolute legend! Alright, that personality is both aggravating and attractive. I can see how he gets his men!

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