The Cruel Tyrant CH 001 Transmigration

The sweet scent penetrated into the youth’s nasal cavity, in the dark his body was stretched open by a heated object. The thrilling pleasure caused low moans to escape uncontrollably. Before he could absorb the huge amount of information in his mind, he sank into the boundless pleasure.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Behind the sheer golden curtains, the youth’s peerless appearance was faintly discernible, resembling a sleeping angel. No one who saw him for the first time would connect him to the devil on the tongues of the people of Qing Dynasty.

Qin Ye dragged his bruised body and stood up expressionlessly, looking at the sleeping person on the bed his eyes flashed with a ruthless light. Naked, he walked into the huge bath behind the crown prince’s palace, completely ignoring the severe pain caused by the hideous wounds on his body.

Su Mu slowly opened his eyes, and a blue-clothed girl with her head lowered said respectfully: “Your Highness, this slave will help you dress.”

Su Mu nodded calmly, and got up from the enormous bed made of pure gold. Looking at this room where even the floor and roof were inlaid with gold, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly but subtly.

The blue-clothed maid quickly dressed Su Mu. During the whole time, she never once looked up. She recalled a few days ago the maid whose eyeballs were gouged out because she dared to look at the Crown Prince and couldn’t help feeling icy cold all over. For fear of inadvertently offending this death god, her movements became even more careful.

Su Mu could understand Yuzhu’s fear. The fact that she could at least behave this calmly on the surface when in the presence of a twisted serial killer like Su Mochi, Su Mu had nothing but admiration.

But now that he has become the mentioned twisted serial killer, Su Mu sighed in his heart, it was indeed a blessing and a curse.

In order to compensate him, the owner of the car who hit and killed him in his previous life sent him into this time and space. He had thought that he could start a new and beautiful life, and was not expecting to face a new crisis every step of the way!

Thinking of this, Su Mu’s eyes grew slightly cold. Although Su Mochi deserved to die a million times, he didn’t want to die a second time.

Yuzhu, who was tying Su Mu’s belt, trembled all over, the sudden chill that seeped into her bone marrow caused her face to pale. She quickly fastened the last clasp, and immediately retreated to the side, lowering her head even more respectfully, as if wishing to burrow into the ground.

Su Mu was a little worried that this girl would get cervical spondylosis in the future. He glanced at her and realized that she was more likely to be scared to death by himself before then, he shook his long flowing sleeves and said: “To the Imperial Study Room.”

Yuzhu bowed and responded with an affirmative. Opening the door and following Su Mu, she thought privately, the Crown Prince hadn’t been to the Imperial Study Room for several months, could it be that he has thought of a new form of amusement? Yuzhu shuddered and did not dare to think about those terrible things anymore.
Crown Prince’s Palace, Yixia Tower

Qin Ye’s hands fisted, thin lips pressed tightly, crazed hatred surged in his eyes as he looked in the direction of the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Why couldn’t Joyful Sorrow even kill you, why, why……

“Gongzi……” Looking at Qin Ye who had sat at the desk overnight, the little eunuch called with some worry.

Qin Ye sat motionless on the chair, he was waiting, waiting for the Crown Prince to come kill him.

This is also fine, these undignified days will finally coming to an end.

The bloody sunset shined down on his handsome and determined face, highlighting his features and giving him the appearance of a god.

Qin Ye frowned. What tricks does Su Mochi plan to play now. What was he doing going to the Imperial Study? Could it be that he had become tired of playing in the Crown Prince’s Palace and decided to go to the Throne Hall to find fault? Qin Ye sat for a day without any news on what the Crown Prince plan to do with him.

It’s just that not only did he not relax, but he became even more nervous, thinking that the Crown Prince must be thinking of a more cruel way to torture him.

But the real truth is that Su Mu had long forgotten what happened last night after seeing the memorials to the throne (TN: written documents from officials on matters of states and that appear folded in accordion form) piled up in the Imperial Study Room.

Now that he had accepted Su Mochi’s body, Su Mu had to do something if he wanted to continue to live well. But looking at the memorials to the throne that was about to spill out the room, a blue vein popped on his forehead.

It was truly a miracle that Qing Dynasty had yet to fall with three generations of incapable rulers.

He took a deep breath and walked into the Imperial Study Room only to see that some of the memorials to the throne on the ground had even grown mold, and could not help but want to kick the father and son to death.

Yuzhu gently walked in with fresh ginseng chicken soup, glancing at Su Mu, whose expression was not very good, she whispered: “Your Highness, please use it.”

After reading rigorous and concise classical Chinese writing for a day, Su Mu’s head felt a little swollen. Rubbing at his head he climbed out of the pile of memorials.

While drinking the soup he secretly cursed, Su Mochi, the stupid pig, other than murder and men his head had nothing left, barely even literate.

Although he was considered an elite in the 21st century, but that does not allow him to understand these ancient texts without difficulty.

Su Mu continued rubbing his swollen head, simply wanting to cut Su Mochi a thousand times. As soon as he picked up the golden bowl and golden spoon in his hand, he heard hurried footsteps. Yuzhu who had been waiting at Su Mu’s side immediately walked outside the door.

The little eunuch whispered in Yuzhu’s ear, and Yuzhu’s expression suddenly became terrible. She secretly wondered why that Qin Gongzi was always looking for trouble, as if the Crown Prince didn’t miss him enough.

Yuzhu sorted out her emotions before entering the room and said to Su Mu: “Your Highness, Qin Gongzi demolished Yixia Tower……”

The hand holding the spoon paused, Su Mu said, “I see.”

The Crown Prince did not become angry!

Yuzhu was greatly relieved. Qin Gongzi just finished serving the Crown Prince last night. If he was to be lin xing (TN: phrase for recieivng the Emperor’s ‘blessing’) again tonight, he would likely lose half of his life.

In the evening, Su Mu returned to the Crown Prince’s Palace with a belly of frustrations. As soon as he walked into the door, he caught a glimpse of a figure rushing forward from the corner of his eye, the long sword in his hand reflecting a chilling light.

Seeing that sharp edge was about to pierce his neck within half a meter, Su Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly, his right hand moved in a blur instinctively sweeping forward. The powerful evil internal force slammed forward, and the sharp sword instantly shattered into iron pieces that bounced back.

“Qiang qiang” the metallic sounds were endless, and the iron pieces the size of a thumb sank into the hard rocks like cutting tofu.

Qin Ye was suddenly flipped back by the powerful internal force, and hit the wall severely, leaving a huge crack that extended in the wall.

Qin Ye fell heavily to the ground, spitting out a big mouthful of blood, staring at Su Mu with hatred in his eyes, looking as if he wished to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Su Mu glanced at Qin Ye who was laying limp on the ground, and was slightly startled. After all, he was not Su Mochi to whom killing was like drinking water.

Feeling the powerful strength in his body, Su Mu felt complicated emotions. The demonic arts that Su Mochi cultivated were piled up with human lives, and he was bound to bear this bad debt.

Qin Ye, the second son of General Zhenyuan, was snatched back to the Crown Prince’s Palace by Su Mochi a year ago. If Su Mochi hadn’t used the entire General Zhenyuan’s residence to threaten him, with Qin Ye’s tough temper he would not have submitted.

Half a month ago, Su Mochi met He Yuzhu (TN: different characters but same pinyin as Yuzhu the maid) on the street, Qin Ye’s childhood sweetheart and fiancée. Somehow she provoked him, so he killed her in broad daylight on the street.

After Qin Ye found out, he was distraught with grief, carrying his sword to find Su Mochi and planning to fight to the death. But he was desperately dragged back by his friend until he calmed down. It was not until yesterday when Su Mochi called him to shi qin (TN: phrase referring to concubines attending upon the Emperor (in bed)), that he hid poison in his mouth and fed it to Su Mochi.

It was a pity that Su Mochi had not been affected at all. Qin Ye waited for a whole day but seeing that Su Mochi hadn’t made any movements he couldn’t sit still anymore. He and Su Mochi could never coexist. Since he was unable to kill Su Mochi, then he will have Su Mochi kill him instead.

Qin Ye lay on the ground with desperate tears slipping from his eyes, whimpering like a dying beast. Shouting at Su Mu’s back hoarsely: “Su Mochi, if you have the balls then kill me……you beast, I won’t let you go even after becoming a ghost……I will cut you a thousand times, use your life to pay for Yuzhu’s!”

Su Mu listened to Qin Ye’s desperate roar, and his mood felt a little heavy. He clearly remembered how He Yuzhu died.

At that time, Su Mochi was feeling bored and went onto the streets to wander around and just happened to see a beautiful girl. He Yuzhu actually did not do anything, only just wearing a blue butterfly and flower skirt, but Su Mochi broke her neck right there on the street.

Yuzhu stood behind Su Mu fearfully, everytime Qin Ye roared a word her heart would tremble for fear that the Crown Prince’s anger would spread to her as well.

Just when Yuzhu was uneasy, Su Mu’s voice came from the front.

“Go call the royal doctor and send Qin Ye to Yun Feiyu’s place while Yixia Tower is rebuilt.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

TN: So……I’ve started a new translation project…… |ω´・;) *don’t hit me!*

It’s actually kind of like a combination of Ming and Bird Dude, with a mash up of their elements – empire building, harem, wuxia – but the MC is even more practical and ruthless than Lin Yuan. And different from Nie Bufan, Su Mu is extremely strong in martial arts and as well as having a royal status so he is completely in charge of his harem, no dub-con or non-con here. Thought I would share this different kind of harem and empire building with you all. Don’t worry, I will still update regularly Ming and Bird Dude 😉

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  1. Thanks fo the chapter! I will start by saying that, you really make me start to read novels that has tags that i don’t like , but i learnt to trust the novels you pick, so until now i ended up continuing reading them,. For this novel especially, i saw it a few days ago when you put the first chapter, because i check the update of the yaoi/shounen novels everyday, but when i read the summary and saw the tag, unfortunately i didn’t saw that you are the translator and when i saw the photo of the novel, it didn’t seem overly familiar, even trough i saw her in your previous blog as one of the novel you want to translate. Only when i searched in your blog for the new chapter of Nie Bufan i realised the connection. I have i suggestion to make, if you can, i hope you will not translate novels that has tragedy tag, because they are to dramatic, those kind, i really can’t read them. I don’t like too messed up and cruel MCs/MLs too, that’s why i didn’t give this novel initially a chance too, the summary is misleading a bit. For exemple, i wanted to continue reading The Husky and His White Cat Shizun and Thousand autums because they are complex and well writted, good quality novels, but because of the cruel MLs, i couldn’t finish them, I’m really happy that in this novel the MC is a person who transmigrated and is not the originally cruel Su Mochi described in the summary. I think too, that Su Mu is similar with Lin Yuan, but a bit more ruthless and cold thinker, and a bit more smart, like he was ready to assume the role of the crown prince seriously from the start and criticize the former crown prince for only knowing to kill and be a manwhore, a thing that was a bit refreshing. Because the summary is a bit different of how the novel is starting, i was a bit confused a the beginning about who is who, what is happening, and only after i read to the middle of the chapter all become clear, and the story remind me of the first chapter of the novel The beginning of Ming, When i finished reading the chapter it give me the same expectation and high hopes like The beginning of Ming, so i will go with high expectation to read the second chapter.

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    1. Wow thank you for this insightful comment. I’m so happy that my novel choices are considered quality novels and can even change your mind about tags that you don’t normally read! And don’t worry 😉 I don’t like tragic novels either and I never read novels where the MC or ML are bad people or treat each other bad. Also I just realized the summary is indeed a bit misleading 😅 I hope no one else was scared away! Someone needs to help me write a review to change their minds!

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      1. It don’t really changed my mind, i still don’t like the tags i mentioned, so i will not read any novels with harem if is no translated by you, because the story of this kind of novels is not good, i mean, for the most time the characters have not personality, there is not anything that the story is focused other than the romantic aspect, is very superficial writed, i don’t know how to described it better. You know, how to chose novels where everything has balance, like even if harem is not a thing that every person like, the rest of the plot, storybuilding, personality of the characters are so good that compensate for the poligamy thing. Or in Beginning of Ming, because of the serious tone of the story, calm, practical MC it can become a little boring or can cause to lose the excitement to continue reading, but the touching descriptions of the other minor characters and their hilarous actions,you know i am refering to brother Dao especially , the effort that the author put in describing the toughts of every character, the description of background with the farmstead at the center of everything, make the novels you chose some of the best i read. Likewise Nie Bufan is well taught and writed too, and what makes this novel that is different for the other two, is that the description is more easy to imagine and read, it can be taken at it is, without overthinking anything.

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        1. Wow, this comment made me very happy 😶 it’s a great feeling to find another person who shares your interests and tastes. It’s probably one of the things that got me into translating in the first place. No one around me in real life share my love of BL webnovels and harem stories 😢

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      2. I too, don’t have anyone around me in real life, who i can talk about bl novels, and bl live adaptation or donghua/anime, or manhua/manga adapted from a bl novel, if we are blessed enough to come across one, because it make the reading much more enjoyable when i have something more than just my imagination when i read. I think is the same for most people who is passionate with this genre.
        But things are changing, more and more bl manhua/donghua are being made each year, only this year premiered the donghua adaptation of the other 2 novels of MTXT, Heaven official blessing and The scumbag self saving villain. After the succes and huge popularity of untamed, heaven official blessing live adaptation will start filming next year, Sha Po Lang, Faraway wanderers from priest and The Husky and His White Cat Shizun live adaptions will have the premiere next year, and much more novels are planned to be adapted in the next years. In general, many new things happened this year when it comes with bl series in general, like Korea and Japan starting making minidramas from Korea, but it is something, and series and movies from Japan that can surpass in term of quality the ones made until now by Thailand and Taiwan. And i observed that more and more chinese novels are started to be translated, and more people are letting comments, a thing that shows than the people who are attracted by this genre are increasing.


        1. Wow, glad to hear that BL is gaining more visibility. It seems the popularity of Untamed has caused a lot of those capitalists to invest in BL adaptations. Only, I’ve heard that most of these adaptations will just blur out the BL romance between the main leads like they did with Untamed. And some even wanted to change the gender of one of the male leads!

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      3. Yes, when it comes to chinese bl adaptations from bl novels i wouldn’t have many expectations, if they manage to adapte most of the plot of the novel, withour changing the crucial stuff, and like you said not changing the genre of the characters i am satisfied. I hope they learned something from the floop the series The sleuth of Ming Dinasty was, because of the many changes made to the plot, introduction of some events that was not in the book, feminizing one of the main character, and making most of the scenes have a comedic, not taking in serious tone, and from the let down of Guardian, that could have had much more succes if they didn’t messed up the ending and add some nonsense scenes just to add some more drama. From what i know they changed the genre of one of the main characters in female in the series Immortality, even through is good that it was not one of main character from the bl couple. Even with all those changes that are made to the bl adaptations, i am still grateful that after all they give me the live characters that we read anf they bring alive the background, and i feel more attached to both the series and novel when i come across a live adaptation. And, let’s be honest, even some of the live adaptation from non-bl novels, even through they are based from very good novels they are butchered, and go through some changes that it seems that it’s an original series, and not adapted from a novel, like an exemple is the series, And The Winner is Love. When it comes with chinese series in general, a succes live adaptation is dependant of too many factors, and to remain to good memories we have to read the novel in paralel or before the live action, and enjoy the scenes adapted faithfully and try to ignore the scenes that don’t bring anything useful to the plot.


        1. Yes, I hope they learned something from Untamed’s success which was the likliest to the original novel as I have ever come across in BL adaptations. Even though they did not specifically address the bl aspect at least the director and screenwriter did not mess up the important scenes and characters by adding or taking away additional things. Like who give them the face and confidence to think their changes to the story will be better than the author’s original plot points?

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  2. Yes, i don’t know what is wrong with this country, even when they have talented authors and so many novels that they can chose to adapt, because they are leading when it comes to webnovels, and in the last years they are catching up Japan when it comes to making their own version of anime, the dounghuas, but they still disrepect the author by making changes to a novel that was succesful as the way he was writed, because of the every little detail , because if was not popular, it will not be pick up to be adapted, is so frustrating. Japan, at the other end, because of they culture of being respectul and considerate to the people around them, respect to art, the live adaptations done until now are very faithful to the bl mangas that they adapted, that i wish that sometimes they take out some scenes or changed them somehow to make them more naturally and less cringy. Seriously, except this year, when they started to do bl adaptations more seriously, and not sticking to their old habits, the bl live adaptations from the other years are hard to watch- The most important motive that i still think that the bl movies/series from Japan are worth to watch is that they have their own unique style and vision than no other asian country has, and we can be sure that they will not mess with some important scenes or the ending (and this coutry, like many other people probably, introduced me to the bl world, my first bl movie i watched was from Japan, i was there when they made one of the firsts bl movies ever made in asian movies, and i was sad when i realised that they will not continue making bl movies until much more years later). The bl movies/ series from Japan are safe to watch, at least, the recent ones, contrary to Thailand and Taiwan movies/series with who i have, somethig like a love and hate relationship. because you never know what you get quality wise most of the time.

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    1. I think it’s because of the messed up entertainment industry in China. Like the speaking power of the author is the lowest while people who know nothing about the story and likely didn’t even read it at all (the investors) are the ones in charge of the dramas and movies. You can imagine what the adaptation will turn out with such people not knowing what they are doing in charge of the direction of the drama :/

      I was also first introduced to BL with yaoi mangas, but like you said the dramas were a bit cringy. I have to say, kdramas are probably the least cringy. Cdramas are improving I think, but I haven’t watched jdramas in years.

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  3. Hi Nyxbird, I started translating this novel from english to portuguese with a non-profit scan that had your authorization. Unfortunately the scan was disabled and I continued to translate it in my personal profile, I wanting to enter another non-profit scan and would like to know if you would give me permission to continue translating. I’m waiting for your reply, thank you for your work


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