The Cruel Tyrant CH 002 Morning Assembly

Su Mu spent three consecutive days in the Imperial Study Room. And even more miraculously he didn’t kill anyone. In fact, there wasn’t even a sight of the Crown Prince’s usual favorite game of forcing people to eat live frogs, scorpions and centipedes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The people in the imperial palace all had tears in their eyes, the devil actually had times when he did not kill. The officials were particularly full of questions. The true nature of the Crown Prince was something these officials were the most clear about. He was someone who would write his own name as “Su Heiye” (TN: the Chinese characters for Mochi and Heiye are kind of similar but with certain additional or missing strokes), and you tell them that His Royal Highness had been diligently reading the memorials for three days!

Hehe, this venerable sir will twist my head off and let you kick it as a ball!

Crown Prince’s Palace, Qionghua Pavilion

Dressed extravagantly in red, Liu Xi leaned lazily on the red sandalwood couch, enchanting phoenix eyes glittered with a charming luster. In a bored manner he fiddled with the jade ring on his thumb, the slender and pale fingers could even compete with warm white jade, enough to make any woman jealous.

Liu Xi snorted coldly, a seductive voice that would make one’s whole body go soft, but the phoenix eyes were full of mockery, red lips lightly opened to say, “Not my shitty business.”

As soon as Liu Yuanhua finished speaking, he heard his son’s merciless verbal face slap, his face turning black, and he scolded: “Liu Xi, what attitude is that, I have worked so hard to raise you and yet you repay me with this attitude!”

Liu Xi sat up abruptly and glared at Liu Yuanhua, shouting: “It was my mother who raised me. Besides selling me, did you give me even a bite of food?!”

Liu Yuanhua was so angry he was out of breath, pointing at Liu Xi’s nose he cursed: “You……you unfilial son, where did your current glory and wealth come from? If it wasn’t for me offering you to the Crown Prince, you would have long since become a courtesan at Chu Tower waiting to be fucked!”

“Fuck your mother, you old bastard, if it weren’t for your @#%…I wouldn’t become what I am today, you damn old man, fuck your whole family@#%………”

Liu Xi’s facial features were coquettish and charming, even when he was angry, there was a special kind of temptation. Of course, the premise was to ignore the indecent words coming out of his mouth.

Liu Yuanhua clutched at his chest as he fell into a chair, unable to speak complete sentences. “Fine, fine……you little bastard……”

“You, old, bastard!” Liu Xi gritted his teeth and dearly wished to strangle him.

Of course Liu Yuanhua had the same desire. He glared at Liu Xi fiercely, almost crushing a mouthful of yellow teeth, and threatened: “Don’t forget that your mother is still in the Liu residence. If you want her to have better days, then you better be obedient to me.”

Liu Yuanhua left after speaking, if he continued to stay on, he would likely be angered to death.

The sounds of Liu Xi’s cursing and the shattering of objects came from the house, taking a long time to stop.

Liu Xi stood in the messy room with a dark expression and said with hatred: “Change, clothes!”

Su Mu returned to the room full of gold. A group of court ladies quickly changed his clothes and refreshed him up. Yuzhu was just wiping Su Mu’s hands when a report from a minor court lady outside the door sounded: “His Royal Highness, Liu Gongzi, request to see you.”

“Let him come in.” It seemed that someone had already noticed his changes, Su Mu thought to himself.

Liu Xi wore a red palace attire, hair pulled back with a golden crown, jet black hair gleaming with a faint light. The pair of phoenix eyes naturally charming and seductive, shaking minds and hearts with just the first glance.

Liu Xi placed the porcelain bowl on the table and smiled softly: “Your Highness has been tired from working in the Imperial Study Room for the whole day, chen (TN: I, your servant – used in addressing the sovereign) has made snow pear soup to help cool off the heat.”

Su Mu nodded and sat down. Yuzhu immediately took out a silver needle and placed it in the soup (TN: ancient method of testing for poison in foods). Liu Xi acted as if he hadn’t seen it, gracefully taking a spoonful. “Your Highness, let me feed you……”

The corners of Su Mu’s mouth twitched slightly, more than one layer of goose bumps appeared all over his body, but privately he felt a little numb (TN: sensation of pins and needles). Su Mu took the bowl and drank it in one gulp and said, “Ben Gong (TN: form of self address for royal members) is going to rest. Go back.”

“Your Highness……” Liu Xi called lowly in an aggrieved voice, truly a thousand words were all in his eyes (TN: expression for conveying a lot of things with silence.)

Su Mu felt his heart beating faster, and various indecent images flashed through his mind, leaving him speechless.

Although he doesn’t mind taking care of his needs with someone he liked, but he does mind sleeping with someone who was plotting against him.

Liu Xi said unwillingly: “Your Highness, let me……”

Su Mu narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t make me say it a second time.”

Liu Xi trembled slightly, not daring to say one more word, lowering his eyes and exiting this too ostentatious room.

Qionghua Pavilion

After dismissing all the servants Liu Xi’s expression suddenly became extremely dark, and the seductive and feminine aura that surrounded him disappeared.

“Liu Yuanhua, Su Mochi, I will flay you both sooner or later!”

On a sunny afternoon, when most of the officials got up for breakfast, they were suddenly told by their stewards that the Crown Prince had sent down a decree to resume the morning assembly from tomorrow. Officials of fourth rank and above must arrive in Taihe Hall at mao shi (5:00 am).

A certain official chocked in shock, old face flushed red, and the rice sprayed all over the table.

The first reaction of everyone was not that the Crown Prince was the prodigal son who returned (TN: expression for someone who turned over a new leaf) and began to worry about the country and the people, but how the Crown Prince plan to torment them.

Recalling the last time they held morning assembly, last year, the Crown Prince suddenly held morning assembly in the middle of the night where he robbed all the officials’ gold, and complained about their inconsistent greeting and irregular bowing etiquette. And thus forcing them to practice for a whole day, not allowed to eat or drink the whole duration. But the most cruel thing was not allowing them to go to the toilet!!

Fortunately, it was night and everyone hadn’t eaten anything. As for the few who couldn’t hold back and urinated in their trousers, thinking about it now their death anniversary will be in a few months!

Although the Crown Prince ordered that they must arrive at mao shi these officials didn’t trully dare to wait until mao shi, almost immediately after yin shi (3-5 am), most officials were already waiting in the side room of Taihe Hall, guessing at what tricks the Crown Prince was planning to play.

Liu Yuanhua was dressed in court clothes but with a gloomy look on his face. A few friendly officials immediately surrounded him, cutting off even the usual polite words, and asked directly: “Lord Liu, do you know why the Crown Prince suddenly announced the resumption of the morning assembly?”

Liu Yuanhua secretly cursed, Liu Xi, that useless thing, and coldly snorted: “How does this venerable sir know.”

The official who had been retorted at said with a moutnful face: “What can be done? I wonder what tricks the Crown Prince is going to play this time?”

When the old eunuch invited all the officials into the Hall, everyone assumed the attitude of waiting for death. When the old eunuch announced that the Crown Prince had arrived, several officials almost collapsed on the ground with their knees.

After hollering “Crown Prince will live a thousand years” three times, Su Mu’s eyes swept across the kneeling civil and military officials, raising his hand and saying, “You may rise.”

After the officials got up from the ground, they lowered their heads and waited nervously for the Crown Prince’s instructions.

“Shangshu (TN: a high ranking official position) of the Ministry of Works, Li Gaosheng.” The devil-like voice of the Crown Prince rang out above their heads.

Li Gaosheng stood trembling in the middle, and soon big beads of sweat instantly soaked his court clothes.

“Chen, chen is here……”

Su Mu, who was sitting above, saw that Li Gaosheng appeared as if his whole family were dead, and he couldn’t help but admire Su Mochi.

What kind of cruelty was this! He has yet to see someone who was unafraid of Su Mochi.

However, this was not entirely just disadvantages, at least no one would dare to act against him in the face of his sudden governance.

Looking at these quail-like officials, Su Mu’s mouth curved and said, “Has someone build a dam for the Xijiang flood?”

What!? The Crown Prince really asked about state affairs today? Could it be that the sun will rise from the west today? This was the thinking of some officials.

The other officials were like, oh my heavens, the Crown Prince was not going to kill people and use their corpses to build dams right! Mother! The Crown Prince is too terrifying!

Li Gaosheng was part of the first half, otherwise he would have definitely been frightened into a stroke. Even so, he still did not dare to relax a little bit. He said with fear: “Your Highness, the Ministry of Revenue has not allocated funds to Chen, Chen have no money to build the dam!”

The Shangshu of the Ministry of Revenue had a mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat, Li Gaosheng you mother fucker, just now you had been acting brotherly with me, but in a blink of an eye you led the disaster down on my head. Very good, this venerable sir has remembered you.

Sun Wei stood up tremblingly and said: “Your Highness, without the will of you and the Emperor’s decree, Chen dare not open the treasury privately.”

Su Mu nodded and said: “If that’s so, then Ben Gong order you to allocate 300,000 taels for the building of the dam, and another 300,000 taels for disaster relief.”

Sun Wei hesitated: “This……Your Highness……”

“Quit mumbling, speak up!”

Sun Wei knelt to the ground with a “peng” and howled miserably: “Your Highness, the Treasury only have 563,250 taels in total!”

Silence, deathly silence, not even the sound of breathing could be heard in the whole Hall. Sun Wei trembled as he knelt down on the ground, afraid to even breath, for fear that the Crown Prince would chop him into pieces.

Su Mu’s entire head had only the words “500,000” “500,000” sounding in his mind, desperately holding in the murderous intent that was surging in his heart, fearing that with a slip of his hand everyone present would be torn apart.

He had considered that this country was very poor, but he did not expect it to be this poor.

At that moment, Su Mu had only two feelings in his heart. How much is five hundred thousand taels? It is only about 5 million yuan when converted into RMB. The national treasury of a country was only 5 million!!! Was it even enough to hand out the salary!!!

His limited edition Ferrari that had been crashed into unrecognizable pieces of metal, was worth ten times more alright! The anger surging in his chest suddenly couldn’t be held back.

With a “peng” the pure gold armrest on the chair was broken in Su Mu’s grip.

After a long pause, Su Mu took a deep breath and said with a dark face: “Assembly dismissed.”

“Respectfully sending off the Crown Prince.”

As soon as Su Mu disappeared from Jinluan Hall (TN: think there’s a typo by the author, not sure if she meant Taihe or Jinluan Hall as both was used), the previously silent hall where even the falling of a needle was audible suddenly exploded.

No one expected that the Crown Prince actually started to care about the state affairs, but most people thought that the Crown Prince was just treating this as a new plaything.

But there were also people who have ignited a glimmer of hope that the Crown Prince will truly no longer mess around, and that the Crown Prince will work hard to govern the country.

Peng Han, the old Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites, walked up to Shangshu Yun Jing of the Ministry of Works (TN: another typo, Li Gaosheng was the Shangshu of the Ministry of Works but now it is Yun Jing 🤔) and said hesitatingly: “Lord Yun, do you think that the Crown Prince is truly determined to start taking charge of the government?”

“This I am unsure about as well!” Yun Jing was worried. When the Crown Prince did not involve himself in the government he still caused disasters to the whole of Qing country. If the Crown Prince indeed personally got involve with government who knows what will happen.

“I wonder, have any rumors from the palace come out?” Peng Shangshu mentioned vaguely.

Yun Jing thought of his son in the Crown Prince’s Palace and sighed, saying: “Fine, I will go have a visit at the Crown Prince’s Palace!”

The dark-faced Qin Kunyu stepped forward and said: “I will go with you.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Looking at Qin Kunyu’s haggard face, Yun Jing felt a shared sympathy. The two families’ most talented sons both fell into the Crown Prince’s devilish claws. He truly didn’t know what sins they committed in their previous lives.

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