The Cruel Tyrant CH 003 Huang Xuan

Su Mu returned to the Crown Prince’s Palace with a cold face, the whole way all who saw the Crown Prince took a detour rather than to cross his path. The court servants following the Crown Prince were not as fortunate, walking with their hearts in their throats.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu stood in the courtyard for martial arts drilling and practice and said in a deep voice, “Everyone leave.”

The entire procession of court servants responded with an affirmative before disappearing from the courtyard in the blink of an eye.

You say that leaving the Crown Prince alone, there might be a possibility that he would be in danger?

Hehe, the youngest son of Ye Haolin, the second most powerful martial artist of the Central Plains, was snatched and ravaged by the Crown Prince for three years, and yet the Crown Prince did not even lose a single hair.

Just when the group of eunuchs and palace ladies left, all kinds of loud noises were heard coming from inside the courtyard.

Su Mu’s eyes were full of hostility, the beautiful eyes were full of the desire to destroy everything. A slender hand stretched toward the weapon rack, and a two-meter long broadsword appeared in his hand instantly.

The next moment, the huge courtyard was sealed off by layers of sword light, the sharp and dazzling traces of the broadsword flickered incessantly, and the debris and dust in the courtyard went flying all over the place.

The earsplitting sounds lasted for half an hour before Su Mu walked out of the courtyard. His whole person was still composed and elegant, with an aura that was unspeakably noble. His black hair was half tied and half neatly draped behind him, not a single strand of hair was out of place.

Those who don’t know will never think that he was the very person who was just in a crazy rampage inside just now. Here and there, pits more than two meters deep silently accused Su Mu of his violent behavior.

Su Mu returned to his personal quarters with a cold face, thinking about whether or not to just run away, it was simply unreasonable for this country not to perish. Su Mu layed down on the dragon bed made of pure gold, feeling his head swollen and painful.

He spent a month understanding the current situation of Qing kingdom, and then discovered that ten years ago, Tian Guohai in the east pronounced himself king of six counties, and the peasants in the seven southeast counties rebelled, and the six counties in the southwest followed.

And Su Mochi only learned about all this two years ago. The three kings sent ambassadors to persuade him to surrender, and was all undoubtedly killed by Su Mochi.

Then the three kings formed an alliance and attacked the capital of the Qing kingdom from three directions, south, east and west. If it was any ordinary country, it would undoubtedly be destroyed.

However, here there was an abnormality known as Su Mochi. Afterwards, it became the nightmare of the three kings’ allied armies.

Su Mochi first attacked the Southern Army with a thousand men of sacrifice that he had personally trained, without the intention of regaining lost ground, nor winning the people’s hearts, only one word, kill!

When exhuastion from the killing came over them or the enemy were too strong then flee for now, and then continue to come back and kill, until all the people in the city were dead. Not even a little mouse was spared.

Next came the Southern Army and the Western Army. A total of nine garrison cities not a one was spared, and Su Mochi’s murder count reached the hundreds of thousands.

Su Mu had to work hard to forget those memories, as hundreds of thousands of grievances were too heavy.

Those in Qing kingdom who did not have hatred for him could likely be counted on one hand. No matter how strong Su Mochi was, he was just a mortal after all. Didn’t Qin Ye poison him to death?

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the world, Su Mochi did not die at all.

Su Mu tossed round in bed with irritation, everything required money, but currently he just didn’t have any money.

Paper making, brothels, casinos, porcelain, etc. all existed already in this world. And he doesn’t know how to make glass, weapons and gunpowder.

He only knew how to enjoy China’s thousands of years of cultural inventions. As for beauty products, ao~, no thanks, he is a man.

The more Su Mu thought about it, the more he couldn’t fall asleep. Not only that, he also felt his body temperature gradually rise, getting hotter and hotter, like a big fire suddenly began burning in his body.

Su Mu naturally knew he was not having a fever, he was just sex-ual-ly un-sa-tis-fied!

The demonic arts that Su Mochi cultivated emphasized indulgence of desire, the desire to kill and desire of fleshly pleasures were perfectly exemplified in him.

In the past month or so not only had Su Mu not even killed an ant, he hadn’t touched a man either. Because of this everyone was already up in debates.

Of course, Su Mu didn’t have any time to care about that at this moment. Right now his eyes appeared like two misty springs, red lips slightly parted, and his body exuded an aura of sexual dissatisfaction.

A month, Su Mu thought that this might be the limit of this body.

But he doesn’t want to call over the men in the Crown Prince’s Palace. Were any of the men here not possessing hatred for him?

So he bit his teeth, closed his eyes, and stretched out his hand. Su Mu decided to take care of it on his own. In the dark, a slightly restrained groan that made one blush and heartbeat fast sounded.

After a long while, Su Mu stopped his movements, depressed. This body had such a crazy past and memories that it wasn’t possible for it to be satisfied with just a hand.

After a while, Su Mu couldn’t bear it anymore, so he could only thicken his skin and call out in a hoarse voice: “Yuzhu, go call Huang Xuan over.”

Yuzhu, who was guarding the door, responded: “Yes, Your Highness.”

Yuzhu was very worried about Huang Xuan while on the way to Feiyu Pavilion. Huang Gongzi was a very good and innocent person. The heavens bless him, I hope His Highness can be gentle tonight. Yuzhu couldn’t help but pray.

In a small courtyard in Feiyu Pavilion, the delicate young man who had just crawled out of the bed suddenly turned pale white. “What, sis-sister Yuzhu, you said that the Crown Prince want-wanted me to go shi qin?”

Yuzhu couldn’t bear to see the look of fear on the young man’s face, but she couldn’t disobey the Crown Prince’s order.

Huang Xuan did not have the most outstanding appearance compared to other men in the Crown Prince’s Palace, so after being snatched by the Crown Prince and tormented for a few days, he was not called to shi qin anymore.

He had thought that the Crown Prince had forgotten him, and he always hoped the Crown Prince had indeed forgotten him. But unexpectedly, the Crown Prince suddenly thought of him again today.

Huang Xuan had no other choice but to put on a brave front and go to the Crown Prince’s sleeping quarters with Yuzhu.

In the dark of night, most of the Crown Prince’s personal quarters were hidden in the gloom, like a devil who yawned open a huge bottomless mouth. Huang Xuan felt that his legs had lost any feeling, unable to move even half a step at the entrance of the Crown Prince’s bedroom.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Your Highness, Huang Gongzi is here.” Yuzhu said respectfully at the door.

“Let him in.” A seductive voice came from inside, slightly different from the cruel and vicious voice in his memory.

Huang Xuan was stunned, he lifted his foot forcefully and walked inside.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I am a bit surprised to find out that because of the Demonic arts path of Su Mochi, Su Mo unfortunately, in my opinion, has the abnormal desire to kill, that he can control it seems for now, and to indulge in pleasure, that is even more stronger, because he don’t kill. This may be one aspect of Su Mu that i don’t like, because i don’t want the novel to focus to much on the sleeping part of Su Mu with his concubines, for the reason that he can’t control himself. It’s not his fault, so i will observe what it’s happening, and what his interaction with Huang Xuan is at first, it’s highly possible that things will change in the future. Huang Xuan is described as a good, honest guy, so i have to say Su Mu is playing safe, by chosing someone docile and obedient at this moment. It’s good that it ended with a cliffanger, because it makes me more curious to read the next chapter.


    1. It might seem like Su Mu is being forced by his body and the demonic arts cultivated by Su Mochi but our MC is a very dominant and in control guy. He is not like other ukes who gets all squeamish and wishy washy or complains about their situation. Su Mu makes the best of his situation and takes control always. The novels I translate never have weak or annoying MCs and never focus on romance only so don’t worry 😏😎

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