The Cruel Tyrant CH 004 Feiyu

Huang Xuan was stunned, lifted his foot forcefully and walked inside.

A secret fragrance penetrated his nostrils, and the door slowly closed. Huang Xuan’s heart trembled and had no choice but to put on a brave front and walk to the luxurious pure gold bed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The soft gauze curtains hung to the ground, and the figure on the bed only appeared half visible. The faint harsh breathing and moans that came from behind the curtains made Huang Xuan gradually forget his fear. A wave of heat gradually gathered in his lower abdomen.

He lifted the gauze curtains and saw a scene that would have anyone’s blood rushing in their veins.
Sure enough, after a round, he was all refreshed and alert.

When Su Mu opened his eyes in the morning, he thought of a brilliant idea, and sat up suddenly from the bed. Huang Xuan, who was next to him, was suddenly awakened and hurriedly knelt on the bed, saying with unease: “Your Highness.”

After realizing that he was completely naked, he hurriedly pulled over the bed sheet to cover the most private part. Face flushed red, he lowered his head and from time to time took peeks at the Crown Prince who was also similarly undressed. When he saw Su Mu’s waist, where slight finger shaped bruises were still visible, his face turned even redder.

At this moment, Su Mu felt that the whole world was brighter, everything was seen in a pleasant light. He was even more pleased when his eyes laid on the person who served him the whole of last night, so he threw himself over and grabbed Huang Xuan in a hot kiss.

After the both of them had bodily reactions from the deep kiss Su Mu hurriedly stepped on the brakes. Su Mu bit Huang Xuan’s lip one last time, and moved to whisper into Huang Xuan’s ear, “Babe, you were awesome!”

“Peng” Huang Xuan exploded in embarrassment, face and body blushing completely.

Su Mu jumped out of bed and washed up quickly, and then went to the study where he spread out the paper and used ink and brush to write a plan.

The corners of his eyes and eyebrows curved from excited smiles. Different from the previous Su Mochi’s cruel and vicious aura, Su Mu at this moment was like a shining pearl that gleamed with brilliance, causing people to be reluctant to remove their eyes.

Yuzhu stared at Su Mu blankly, and even forgot to rub the ink. She didn’t come back to her senses until Su Mu stopped his writing.

Then, looking down, her pretty face suddenly became scrunched up.

On the paper that Su Mu had just wrote on in a rush, there were a mess of ink blotches arranged in an indecipherable array, just like the masterpiece of a three-year-old child who just learned to write.

In fact, this really can’t be blamed on Su Mu. In the modern times, he hadn’t learned calligraphy not to mention it was not only difficult to master the brush, there were also a lot of strokes in traditional characters. And add that to the fact that he was in a rush, so the end result was something that can’t even fully be described as “horrible”.

Su Mu didn’t have this self-awareness though. He looked at his “masterpiece” as if seeing a road paved in gold beckoning to him.

But after a while, he frowned again. After Su Mu calmed down he sat back in the chair, his index and middle fingers tapping at the tabletop rhythmically.

There were many modern things that could be transplanted to the ancient times, but he didn’t remember much of them. But there is one essential thing in life that was found in the modern times that he did remember.

That is, toi-let pa-per!

Su Mu didn’t know how toilet paper was made, but he remembered what toilet paper looked like. This time and space can already produce writing paper, so as long as he provided the ideas, it should not be difficult to do be manufactured.

There was also soap. Su Mu once accidentally saw on the Internet that soap could be made from plant ash and oil.

But in truth, what excited Su Mu most was the “movable type printing”, one of China’s four great inventions. In this era of hand-copying and engraved printing, it was simply too high-ended in comparison.

It’s just that this technology was too easy to be learned. To Su Mu the most profitable was still toilet paper and soap.

But Su Mu was currently lacking the most important and critical element, people!

Su Mochi’s notorious name spread wide and far. People in the imperial city will hide far away if they even hear someone mention his name. Who dared to seek livlihood with him?

It wasn’t as if he could do it all by himself! Moreover, to tell the truth, there were really many things that he simply couldn’t compare to ancient people.

Su Mu frowned in distress, and finally decided to get the things out first before planning anything, so he ordered Yuzhu: “Go call Han Yi and Han Yang.”

At this time, at the other end of the Crown Prince’s Palace, Huang Xuan, who just walked to the door, was greeted by an anxious Qin Ye: “How are you? Where are you uncomfortable? Qian Gonggong (TN: title for eunuch), please call the royal doctor!”

Huang Xuan hurriedly pulled the anxious Qin Ye, in his heart he was a little moved, saying, “Brother Qin, I am fine.”

Qin Ye immediately said angrily: “How could you be fine, that beast Su Mochi……Don’t be shy it will be trouble if you let your injuries fester.”

“I’m truly fine, Brother Qin, if you don’t believe me then look for yourself.” Huang Xuan smiled and jumped on the ground a few times. It didn’t look like anything happened at all, in fact he appeared more energetic than usual.

Qin Ye suddenly couldn’t figure it out, and said, “Were you with the Crown Prince last night?”

Huang Xuan blushed and nodded.

“He didn’t do anything to you?” Qin Ye asked again.

Huang Xuan hurriedly shook his head, but then blushed and nodded.

“Did he or not?” Qin Ye asked irritably.

“No, no!” Huang Xuan stuttered.

“Then you……”

Yun Feiyu, who had been sitting on the side, interrupted: “Qin Ye.”

As soon as Yun Feiyu spoke up, Qin Ye immediately swallowed the words he was about to speak.

A faint orchid fragrance lingered in the air, Yun Feiyu got up and gently said to Huang Xuan: “You go back and rest first.”

Huang Xuan nodded and went back to his room.

“What the hell is Su Mochi planning? First, he announced that he would resume morning assembly, hadn’t touched a man for a month but then suddenly summoned Huang Xuan to shi qin. Is it because he knew that he had committed too many sins and would be punished, so therefore paying repentance?” Qin Ye said mockingly. As long as the name Su Mochi was mentioned, Qin Ye never had a good expression.

Yun Feiyu turned around and fiddled with the orchids in the basin, and said, “Isn’t it a good thing that the Crown Prince is not killing people anymore?”

“Don’t you know Su Mochi’s nature? The sky will rain gold before Su Mochi change his evil ways!” Qin Ye said with a sneer.

Yun Feiyu did not respond, gently wiping the green leaves of the orchid, his expression appeared dim and unclear.




A gentleman like jade, warm to the touch.

The slanting raindrops drizzled down one after another, jet black hair and green blue robe call to mind orchids and bamboos, and in the light white mist, the figure stood quietly under the willow trees, faint like a dream.

Su Mu was stunned briefly when he saw Yun Feiyu, and then remembered the long forgotten verse. He couldn’t help changing his original direction and walked towards him.

“You are, Yun Feiyu?” Su Mu inherited the complete memory of Su Mochi. He knew that this person was Su Mochi’s number one male companion, the eldest son of the Shangshu of the Ministry of Appointments, and the famed jade-like Gongzi of the capital.

Even if it was their first real meeting, Su Mu couldn’t help sighing, Su Mochi you truly committed a crime, how can you torment this kind of person.

Seeing Su Mu coming, Yun Feiyu raised the corner of his mouth lightly, saying: “Greetings to His Royal Highness.”

The lethality was too great. As a man who liked men, Yun Feiyu was simply a weapon of mass destruction, a man-killer.

This aura, this face, this figure, this demeanor, this skin, it all absolutely overshadowed hundreds of millions of women from the modern times.

Seeing him, Su Mu unconsciously softened his voice, and said: “You may get up.” Then he said: “What are you doing here when it is raining? Go back quickly.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Yun Feiyu smiled lightly, toppling cities and all living beings, gentle eyes looked at Su Mu: “I heard from imperial bodyguard Han saying that Your Highness wanted to find a villa?”

Su Mu nodded, he couldn’t possibly make soap or anything in the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Yun Feiyu smiled and said: “This caomin (TN: commoner referring to themselves when speaking with officials or royal members) have a villa lying idle in the south of the city, and the scenery is very good. If Your Highness doesn’t mind, please take it.”

“How can I take your things, in such a large imperial city would I be afraid of being unable to find a house?” Ingratiation from out of nowhere was something to be wary of.

Yun Feiyu was a very special person in Su Mochi’s memory.

Three years ago, Yun Jing suddenly announced the return of his sickly eldest son, who had been raised outside the capital since he was young. In just three months of returning to the capital, he became the lauded jade-like Gongzi by everyone in the imperial city.

After Su Mochi learned that Yun Feiyu was secretly named the first beautiful man in the Qing kingdom by the young ladies and wives in the imperial city, he decisively snatched the person.

Su Mu couldn’t help but think of the scene when Su Mochi saw Yun Feiyu for the first time.

By the edge of the Yuping Lake, peach blossoms fell like rain, and dressed in a white brocade robe Yun Feiyu was like an immortal descended from the heavens. Standing quietly by the lake all the landscape became his foil.

Even twisted as Su Mochi couldn’t help but be struck in a daze for a while, and then immediately snatching him away after coming back to himself. Additionally, Su Mochi was much gentler to Yun Feiyu. Of course, this “gentleness” was relative to other people.

Su Mu’s perfect face was reflected in the warm eyes of Yun Feiyu, and Yun Feiyu sighed softly, “Your Highness, do you dislike me?”

Just a light sigh, still with a gentle smile on his face, but it could make everyone clearly feel his disappointment and desperately wishing to beat up the person who made him sad.

It’s just that towards Yun Feiyu Su Mu had a vigilant heart, no matter how he looked this Yun Feiyu had a problem, alright?

When facing Su Mochi or Su Mu, there was no emotion in his eyes except gentleness. Even if Su Mochi left him with humiliating scars, he never had any hatred or fear in his eyes.

Such an obvious abnormality can only go undetected by the pig brained Su Mochi.

Su Mu wiped all his emotions and said, “Why, you think too much.”

Yun Feiyu did not refute, but only slowly moved forward until their breaths blended together. Clear and bright eyes looked into Su Mu’s eyes, if it was any other ordinary person they would either become intoxicated or retreat in embarrassment.

Su Mu did not retreat, nor was he intoxicated. He chuckled in a frivolous manner: “In broad daylight and in public, does Yun Gongzi plan to throw yourself into my embrace?”

After Yun Feiyu saw the two needle-sized moles behind Su Mu’s ears, his eyes flickered.

Yun Feiyu stepped back and looked at Su Mu and said, “I’m afraid that Your Highness doesn’t need Feiyu to throw myself into your embrace anymore.” Then he bowed and said, “Caomin will not disturb His Royal Highness, caomin ask to be excused.”

Su Mu watched Yun Feiyu’s slender figure disappear behind the high wall, his expression indecipherable.

At noon, Han Yi and Han Yang reported that there was a nice villa in the south of the city, and the price was fair, and asked Su Mu if he wanted to buy it.

“The southern part?” Su Mu, who was sitting behind his desk, suspected something, and then said: “You go and find out who the owner of that villa is.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” After Han Yi and Han Yang went out, Su Mu somehow kept recalling the blue green figure in the drizzling rain in his head, falling asleep without knowing it.

Su Mu opened his eyes and saw the golden canopy of his bed, wondering how he suddenly found himself sleeping on the bed.

“Your Highness, you are awake, your servant will go and tell the kitchen to prepare dinner for you.” Yuzhu’s voice sounded nearby.

Su Mu nodded, saw that it was already dark outside and asked, “What time is it now?”

“It’s xu shi (TN: 7-9pm) Your Highness.” Yuzhu replied.

Su Mu waved his hand and said, “Hnn, go ahead, and call in Han Yi and Han Yang.”

Han Yi and Han Yang arrived shortly after Yuzhu walked out.

“Paying respects to His Royal Highness.” The two said at the same time.

“You may stand, have you found anything?” Su Mu asked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Han Yi bent over and cupped his fist, and said: “Answering to His Royal Highness, the villa was given to Yun Gongzi by Lord Yun when Yun Gongzi just returned three years ago.”

Su Mu suddenly narrowed his eyes dangerously: “Yun Feiyu.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I like the direction the novel is going, and is really nice that the sexual activities with the concubines are not detaliated too much, just enough and with delicacy, and vivid description, even if the content is not explicitly, is very satisfiying to read. Even through Huang Xuan, Qin Ye and Yun Feiyu are not very close it’s nice that some of them found help and could talk between them when they have been tormented by Yun Feiyu. Huang Xuan is such a cutie pie, him being shy is cute but his behaviour hints that he will not be someone important and who will appear that frecvently in the future events. Qin ye is an interesting character, he can be gentle and a loyal man to the people he cherish. But Yun Feiyu is the more intriquing, powerful character introduced until now. Yun Feiyu has everything, is smart, wealthy on his own, probably the most handsome one, but he is hiding who really is, his intentions are hard to predict, and he already suspect that something changed in Su Mu when he didn’t call him to serve him in bed when he previously was the favourite, and is bold enough to go immediatly to Su Mu to confirm his toughts. I’m glad Su Mu is carefully thinking about all the encounters the previous Su Mochi had with his concubines and be able to see clearly the things Su Mochi was blind too, and take measures to protect himself. The novel is starting to grow on me little by little.

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    1. Those are the original bed scenes. As it is not yet too explicit I have yet to censor any bed scenes so far. (But that’ll probably change at around chapter 26 i think😀) i will be noting whether i have censored anything in the chapter themselves so if anyone is curious they can mtl (or subscribe to my patreon) 😉

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  2. Aii. These transmigrators make it hard for themselves by wanting to invent things. Since he already does things by force, just impose a wealth tax, confiscate properties of the country’s wealthiest, and then slowly nationalize your industries (mining, food production, water, power, etc). Anw I’ll give his paper business a chance. I hope this is good.

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