Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 013 A Pitiful Person Looking For Trouble

On a sunny spring day in March, Fragrant Illuminating Garden officially ushered in the marriage……cough, the garden party. The talented young men and beautiful young women gathered in Xishan City all participated.

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The three of them dressed up gorg……in a dazzling manner, attire provided by Zhang Junshi, and prepared to go to Fragrant Illuminating Garden.

Li Yi originally planned to stay behind. The reason why he stayed in Chicken Nest Village was because he wanted to avoid this trouble, so naturally he there was no reason to run straight into the trouble he had been avoiding.

Nie Bufan said: “How can I bear to leave you alone and lonely in the village? Go, I will protect you. If you don’t want to be favored by the Tian Nu, then I guarantee you won’t be favored by her.”

Li Yi still shook his head: “No, it is better to do less than to do more. I would meet Li Huai when I go, and it will be difficult to leave then.”

“Li Huai?” Nie Bufan said with a smile, “Don’t worry, since we go together, we naturally have to go back together. We are the three invincible chicken musketeers.”

Zhang Junshi looked away silently.

Li Yi refused unwaveringly in a more determined tone than before: “No.”

Three invincible chicken musketeers, it was too embarrassing to even think about!

Nie Bufan threw an arm over Li Yi’s shoulders and sighed: “As your life savior, I never asked for anything in return. Not only do I provide food and clothing, but I also warm your bed. You don’t need to feel grateful, and can do whatever you want, I wont have any complaints, really. Who let me be such a good person?”

Zhang Jun took a few subtle steps away, and then gave Li Yi a very sympathetic look.

Li Yi’s face turned blue and his body stiff.

“Fine, you can stay behind.” Nie Bufan said generously, “In order not to make you too lonely, I will let the chicken brothers and sisters accompany you.”

Li Yi’s face became even bluer.

Nie Bufan also added: “Don’t be too moved, who let me be such a good person?”

Li Yi looked speechlessly up at the heavens, why did he run into such a guy? Can he die and return back to before?

As you can imagine, Li Yi compromised and succumbed under the power of this self-proclaimed good person and life savior.

But his invitation was still in Li Huai’s hand. If he wanted to enter Fragrant Illuminating Garden, he had to go back to where he resided before first. So the three separated after entering Xishan City, Li Yi went to get the invitation, and Nie and Zhang went ahead to the Garden.

Today outside the gate of Fragrant Illuminating Garden, there was a long queue of horse-drawn carriages, fresh talents and beautiful ladies sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain.

Nie Bufan looked at the scene with his left eye and at the people with his right eye, a gentle smile on his face as he greeted the people passing by in a friendly manner.

Everyone returned the greetings. Although they were very unfamiliar with Nie Bufan, but Zhang Junshi beside him was very famous, known by everyone as the God of Wealth who can turn stones into gold.

This time the garden party will be held for half a month. Study tables were set up indoors and in the courtyard. On them were chessboards, brush, ink, paper and inkstone, musical instruments, etc. There were boats on the lake, fishing gear on the shore, and poems or puzzles hung on the trees. There was also a platform for everyone to show off their talents and skills.

Everyone can fully show their talents, and at the same time, they have to look for Tian Nu among the many ladies. If they confess to the wrong one then it can’t be blamed on anyone else. Of course, after such a garden party is held, it was very likely to bring about many good pairings.

Nie Bufan and Zhang Junshi walked into a hall where the tables were neatly displayed with brushes, inks, papers, and inkstones. There were rows of blank scrolls hanging on the surrounding walls as well. Many people were already working away at writing poems or drawing paintings, without exception they were all outstanding literary talents.

Nie Bufan’s eyes shined, looking very eager.

Zhang Junshi sweated profusely, remembering the abstract demon-expelling charm he painted during the New Years, and quickly stopped him: “Bufan, let’s go look elsewhere.”

Nie Bufan had yet to respond, when a few people walked over to strike up a conversation so Zhang Junshi had to first split his attention to socializing.

Nie Bufan strolled around on his own, scanning the paintings and calligraphy on the wall one by one, privately commenting in the manner of a master.

“Li Xiaoyao!” Someone yelled from behind.

Nie Bufan didn’t turn his head around, just privately wondering in his heart: There was actually someone named Li Xiaoyao?

“Li Xiaoyao!” The person behind shouted again, this time with obvious anger.

Nie Bufan turned his head and smiled when he saw who it was.

“Li Gongzi, how are you?”

Peacock man Li Huai walked over in a few big steps, simply wishing that he could slap that smiling face, he gritted his teeth and said, “How are you? What do you think?”

Nie Bufan looked him up and down, and nodded: “Face is ruddy, voice loud and resonating, it seems you are in quite good health.”

Li Huai could hardly breath from anger and said sharply, “Don’t pretend to be a fool. Why did you play me that day?”

He had never been so embarrassed in his life, dash and dine meal, he actually ate a dash and dine meal!!

Nie Bufan said calmly: “You kicked my pet, I only reciprocated it back a little. We’re even.”

“How is it even? It’s not even at all!” Li Huai exploded.

Nie Bufan subconsciously looked at the other’s chest, it was evidently very flat (TN: Chinese word for even and flat are the same).

“You actually fooled me for the sake of two chickens!” Li Huai pointed out, “You clearly wanted to make a fool of me!”

“You should look at it this way, being made a fool has its benefits.” Nie Bufan said earnestly, “Think about it, you have been made a fool once. If you encounter similar incidents in the future, you will have experience. How can others trick you anymore?”

What kind of fallacy was this! Being made a fool had become important experience?

Li Huai’s fingers trembled, and he didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Alright, if that’s all.” Nie Bufan patted him on the shoulder, “We both repaid each other. From now on, we will not owe each other anymore. If we meet again, we will just be passerbys. I’ll take my leave now.”

“Wait a second!” Li Huai said fiercely, “You have offended Ben Gongzi (TN: the use of ‘ben’ + whatever is a lofty way of referring to oneself), and you just want to leave like this!”

“Then what do you want?” Nie Bufan looked at him calmly.

“I want you to apologize to Ben Gongzi.”



“Then that’s all, I’m leaving.”

“Stop!” Li Huai said angrily, “You call this apologizing?”

“Isn’t it?” Nie Bufan looked puzzled.

Li Huai took a deep breath and said in an extremely restrained voice: “It seems that you will only pretend to be a fool if I don’t tell you clearly. Then, during the garden party, you will be my servant, you will do whatever Ben Gongzi wants you to do.”

“Are you sure?” Nie Bufan looked at him with extremely calm eyes.

“Of course.” Li Huai lifted his chin and looked at him contemptuously.

Nie Bufan tapped his head with his finger. Just how hard did this person take things that he was thinking about making this decision? Should he agree to it? It seemed a bit unkind to bully a person with a negative IQ……

Nie Bufan in a rare moment developed a trace of kind thoughts.

“What do you say?” Li Huai said proudly, “As long as you serve Ben Gongzi to my satisfaction, Ben Gongzi will let bygones be bygones.”

“Speaking of,” Nie Bufan asked suddenly, “Are you here to participate in the competition?”

“Does this still need to be said?” Li Huai looked at him with disdain.

“Then let’s change the terms. I promise that I won’t cause you trouble during this period, take it as me compensating you for your loss.”

Li Huai sneered: “Do you think just this can compensate?”

This person is really ungrateful for the heart of a good person, he had already decided to let him go, and yet he still had to look for trouble.

“For your sake, I really can’t bear to be your servant.” Nie Bufan showed a look of mercy and compassion, and said sincerely, “If you really are unable to take a lighter view, I can immediately let you lose the chance to win the heart of the beautiful woman.”

Li Huai sneered, “Who do you think you are? Do you have amazing literary talents or outstanding martial arts?”

“Let me teach you one more thing, you don’t need these to undermine others.” Nie Bufan said again in a good mood, “so what do think? If we agree on this, we will go our own ways and not interfere with each other.”

“In your dreams!” Li Huai said fiercely, “I want to see just how you will make me lose the opportunity ‘immediately’?”

Nie Bufan raised his head and sighed, some people truly liked to look for trouble.

“This is your choice, I didn’t force you.” Nie Bufan’s tone was very calm.

“What……what?” Li Huai suddenly had a bad feeling, wondering if it was too late to change his decision? No, he can’t go back on his words, he just won’t believe that this guy really has any special capabilities!

“Li Huai.”


“I wheely, wheely wuv you!”

After saying these words, Nie Bufan suddenly hugged Li Huai and aimed at his mouth, heavily pressing a kiss there.

Li Huai’s brain was left with only blank whiteness.

There was dead silence.

Nie Bufan wrapped his arms tight around the other’s waist and gave him a hot French kiss that lasted for a whole minute.

Two men just displayed a great bromantic drama in front of thousands of staring eyes.

When he was finally let go, Li Huai’s whole body was still frozen like a statue. Nie Bufan reached out his finger and poked him, and immediately he turned into dust that dissipated into the air……

Nie Bufan shook his head: “Just like this and you want me to be your servant. Can you ‘receive’ it (TN: a play on the word recieve, as we all know shou (literally meaning receive) is the slang for the one on the recieivng end of BL)?”

Then, he looked around his sureoundings and said domineeringly: “Li Huai is my, Li Xiaoyao’s, man. When the Tian Nu chooses a husband, he doesn’t need to be counted.”

Instantly, Nie Bufan received a lot of amazed sighs and admiring glances.

He tossed his sleeves and walked away cool and confident.

This scene, Zhang Junshi saw from the beginning to the end, first he was curious, and then he secretly mourned Li Huai’s death defying willingness to provoke Nie Bufan, and finally witnessing Nie Bufan kissing Li Huai. At this Zhang Junshi inexplicably felt his chest tightening, and even had the urge to pull them away.

Not only does Zhang Junshi feel this way, but Li Yi, who had been hiding in the corner, also regretted a bit. Why didn’t he come forward earlier? He didn’t care about Li Huai being pranked, nor did he care about the damage to his family’s reputation. The lascivious rumors of these famous families had never been lacking, and the matter was harmless.

What he was unhappy about was that Nie Bufan actually kissed other people, very unhappy!

The consequence of this is that the forbidden love between Li Huai, the youngest son of the Li family, and the mysterious man Li Xiaoyao spread throughout Fragrant Illuminating Garden in a very short period of time.

The people who came to the garden party were all from extraordinary backgrounds from all over the country. You could imagine that Li Huai will become famous across all parts of the country in the near future.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As for Li Xiaoyao? Changing the sock puppet (TN: internet slang for fake identity) he was yet again a good respectable man.

The next day, Li Huai understandably did not appear again, of course, he might be secretly looking for an assassin……

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  1. All hail our family’s Chicken God! I must confess, I have no insight into Nie Bufan’s otherworldly thought process yet- I did not see that coming! Ah, but this mere mortal got what was coming to him. He was offered a way out and didn’t take it. How can he complain though? There are two prospective ML’s who’d be happy to receive such a blessing!

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      1. This story is easy to comment on. There are some stories it’s fun to shut your brain off and absorb fluff. There are some stories where you rack your brains trying to figure out the mystery. And then there is this- the unfathomable mind of Nie Bufan. You just have to buckle in and enjoy the unexpected!

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  2. Nie! Bufan! You made your concubines aggrieved again! Just look at the two of them. (≧▽≦)
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  4. Thanks for the chapter! I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. Although I was a bit put off by the kissing scene at first, the fact that Nie Bufan and Li Huai French kissed for an entire minute when Li Huai could have pushed Nie Bufan away at any point with his superior martial arts skills is funny… And cute. Maybe Li Huai secretly liked it? I wonder if the number of Nie Bufan’s admirers are going to increase to three now.

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