The Cruel Tyrant CH 007 Past

The sharp blade piercing through Su Mu’s shoulders completely provoked Su Mu’s hidden violence. Just now, Su Mu planned to catch one of them live in order to find the master behind the scenes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But now he just wanted to tear up all the people in front of him. In the dark forest, the man in black who stabbed Su Mu once again thrust his blade towards Su Mu’s heart. But this time no god blessed him.

Su Mu stretched out his right hand like lightning and directly grasped the blade, pulling it towards him. The man in black lost his center of gravity, falling forward only to feel a pain in his neck, and then forever departing from this world.

Su Mu carelessly threw away the dead man in black, and turned his focus on his next target.

At that moment, even if he was a professional assassin who had experienced many battles, the man in black felt chills running down his back, and he subconsciously paused. And it was in that instant his head fell to the ground.

When Yun Feiyu arrived, having rowed the boat over, he saw Su Mu standing in a pile of corpses covered in blood, his bloodthirsty eyes causing people to feel as if they have fallen into hell.

Su Mu forced himself to restrain the surging murderous intent inside his body, trembling slightly, and stood motionless.

“Your High……” Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu not far away, but the instant he opened his mouth he felt a chill on his neck.

Su Mu appeared in front of Yun Feiyu in the blink of an eye, hands that tremored slightly held his neck in a tight grip.

“You Highness……” Yun Feiyu couldn’t breathe well and called out with difficulty.

Su Mu’s hands were tremoring more and more severely, and there was an obvious struggle in his eyes. Suddenly, with a violent palm he pushed Yun Feiyu away, instantly disappearing into the forest.

After a while, loud noises continued to come from the depths of the forest, and gradually the noise became farther and farther away. When Yun Feiyu arrived, he only saw a mess, half of the mountain was destroyed by Su Mu.

Yun Feiyu, who was standing a distance away, felt his heart beat rapidly. He only knew that the Crown Prince was very powerful. He could not be stopped by even thousands of troops and battle horses, but he never expected the Crown Prince to be this powerful. He frowned and thought, maybe even the city wall wouldn’t be able to stand up against such a powerful attack.

Su Mu lay curled up on the ground, and the memories he suppressed, like the flood of a bursting dam, slammed into Su Mu’s mind with a splitting headache.

The six-year-old child had already started to remember things, but the memories in Su Mochi’s mind was not at all beautiful.

His mother was just a low-born court lady. In order to gain prosperity and wealth she continuously climbed up using any means necessary. And when she was mistreated by the Emperor or other court concubines, she vented it out on him and the court ladies and eunuchs.

He was just an unfavored prince. When he had no protection from even his own mother, even a court lady dared to pour footwash water on him.

When Su Mochi was nine years old, his mother died from palace intrigue within the harem, and he was adopted by a concubine who had a grudge against his mother.

After that, Su Mochi lived a life that was worse than pigs and dogs. Beating and scolding was just commonplace. He had slept in the snow, kneeled over pegboards, and even ate with the dogs.

In addition to fighting for favor, women in the harem most often do when they were extremely bored was to torture people in different ways that won’t even leave any visible wounds.

When Su Mochi was thirteen years old, a graceful middle-aged man came to the palace, who claimed to be called Changsheng Sanren (TN: literally long-lived wanderer) and was regarded as a guest of honor by the Emperor.

After seeing Su Mochi by accident, Changsheng Sanren immediately showed his affection for him.

Su Mochi had lived a life of looking at and analyzing people’s expressions and emotions since he was a child, and naturally understood that Changsheng Sanren was not a good person, so he made detours whenever he saw him.

However, Changsheng Sanren had powerful martial arts and Su Mochi could not avoid him. But Changsheng Sanren did not do anything against him, and coupled with the temptation of power, Su Mochi became Changsheng’s disciple.

In the two years since he became the apprentice of Changsheng, Su Mochi had been the happiest in his life.

He even fell in love with a little court lady who took good care of him. But after this incident was known by Changsheng, the ferocious beast finally revealed his claws.

It turned out that Su Mochi’s physique was the rare Yin physique which was an exceptional lu ding (TN: refer to people who are used by male cultivators, both in wuxia and xianxia stories, to increase their martial prowess through taking the Yin to strengthen the Yang). Changsheng killed the court lady and imprisoned Su Mochi.

Su Mochi once again led a hellish life. One year later, Su Mochi finally found a chance to kill Changsheng and seized all his martial arts skills.

After that, Su Mochi became a complete demon, and could no longer do without men.

The reason why he abused men was because he wasn’t attracted to men at all, and he especially hated the men who he had no choice but to sleep with, particularly since he was on the receiving end of it. From beginning to end, he only liked that little palace lady.

This time the memories of the two different souls were finally completely fused together.

Su Mu clearly felt how desperate and sorrowful Su Mochi was after learning about Qingxue’s death, and he couldn’t help calling out the name.


When Yun Feiyu arrived, he saw Su Mochi curled up weakly on the ground, whispering a name he hadn’t heard before. It invoked pity and distress.

“Qingxue……” Su Mochi curled up on the ground in pain, as if he had fallen into a nightmare that he could not get rid of.

Yun Feiyu walked over with a complicated expression.

Suddenly, Su Mu suddenly opened his eyes and shouted: “Get away!”

A cold light flashed in Yun Feiyu’s eyes.

Su Mu propped up his body and sat up, looking at Yun Feiyu not far away, and said, “I can’t control my strength, leave quickly.”

Yun Feiyu was surprised. He had seen Su Mochi who was fierce and violent, he had seen Su Mochi who killed people without blinking, and he had seen Su Mochi who tortured others for fun. But he had never seen Su Mochi having consideration for others like this.

For a while, he felt the novelty and humor.

“Your Highness, let’s go back to the palace.”

“Peng” the fist sized rock was smashed into pieces in Su Mu’s hand and he said angrily: “I don’t need your care, leave quickly.”

The repressed killing intent suddenly turned into sexual desire, and Su Mu secretly cursed at what kind of freaking body he was stuck with, turning into this once a man was in sight.

And what Su Mu thought had been extremely angry words, but in Yun Feiyu’s ears actually had no offensive power. Instead it had a trace of temptation, tempting him to walk over slowly.

The scent of Yun Feiyu gradually occupied Su Mu’s senses. He desperately suppressed the urge to throw the other down onto the floor: “Yun Feiyu, are you looking for death! Go away!”

“Your Highness, are you uncomfortable?” Yun Feiyu looked at him deeply.

Su Mu suddenly snapped up his head and pushed him away, turning around he quickly flew passed the treetops and disappeared into the night.

Yun Feiyu looked deeply at the direction where Su Mu disappeared.

Most of the people in the Crown Prince’s Palace were already asleep, so when Su Mu entered he didn’t alarm anyone.

Huang Xuan, who was sleeping, suddenly sat up, a strong smell of blood reaching him from the darkness. Huang Xuan was about to get up but was suddenly thrown back onto the bed.

“Your Highness, are you injured?” Huang Xuan asked in shock.

Huang Xuan, who was thinking of getting up, was pressed back down by Su Mu. He said: “Small injuries, it’s not a problem.”

After saying so, the room sounded with all kinds of noises that would cause one to blush deeply.

Early the next morning, Su Mu arrived at the morning assembly with a strip of cloth tied to his shoulder.

Everyone was shocked into gasps.

The Crown Prince was injured! The Crown Prince was actually injured! The Crown Prince can be injured too?!

Everyone was shocked. Obviously, the officials were not surprised by the assassination against Su Mu. From the shock of hearing the news of the assassination of the Crown Prince for the first time, to being accustomed to the whole matter after several times happening.

The craziest time was when the Crown Prince encountered more than a dozen waves of assassins a day, but that was all two years ago. In the end, none of the assassins made it back alive. Only then did the assassinations lessened.

They haven’t even heard any news of attacks against the Crown Prince in recent months.

Everyone waited fearful and trembling to bear the Crown Prince’s fury.

Su Mu was indeed very angry and immediately ordered the sealing of the entire capital to search for suspicious persons throughout the city.

Su Mu did not wish to kill innocent people, but he was not the holy father. When his life was threatened, he felt that he should reciprocate, no matter who the other party was.

The newly built dragon chair was gilded, and Su Mu felt it was much more comfortable to sit on.

After the officials routinely reported their affairs, Peng Han, Shangshu of the Ministry of Rites, stepped forward and said: “Your Highness, the official examination will be in a month. Please appoint the chief and deputy examiners.”

Su Mu nodded: “Peng Han, you are the main examiner, Yun Jing, you are the deputy examiner.”

“Thank you Your Highness.”

“Wang Wenze.” Su Mu called.

Wang Wenze stepped forward and responded: “Chen is here.”

“Ben Gong order you to go to Yishan to construct a weaponry plant. You will be the supervisor, and the Ministry of Revenue will allocate one million taels. Besides……” After Su Mu finished making successive orders, he felt like an old mother that needed to take care of everything personally.

After retiring from the court, Su Mu made his way busily to the Imperial Study Room to review the memorials.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Look, look, what is all of this. Li Shilang’s (TN: assistant minister) manner is not correct, lingering in the brothel every night; Wu Yushi (TN: imperial censor) does not adhere to filial piety, driving his old parents back to the countryside. Lord Lu is diligent and loving towards the people and should be promoted……

Su Mu’s head was about to explode from looking at all these trivial matters.

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  1. The original SMC was really pitiful, he became powerful but still had to have men and he didn’t even like them. At least SM is ok with it. Thank for the chapter!⊂(・▽・⊂)

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Oh, this chapter, even through what the original Su Mochi suffered in the past don’t erase all he bad and evil things he’s done but it does make me understand him and wish him to find a way to accept and move forward and hopefully manage to have a more firm control over his actions, because it’s going to become tiring and predictable to see him place the blame on the original Su Mochi everytime he becomes violent and cruel to others. I hope to see some character development when it comes to his sudden incontrollable need to destroy things/kill people and gave into his sexual urges when something/someone is trigger him in that direction.


    1. Don’t think he has a choice on his murderous and sexual urges as like it was said, it was a side effect of the demonic martial arts Su Mochi cultivated. So unless he got rid of his martial arts completely or he gained some control over it then he will be able to control his urges🤔

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      1. This is a thing that bothers me, not because i don’t like smut scenes or something like that, but because i can tell that are not bringing much to the relationship the MC has with the MLs and all those scenes is coming across as the other party (the ML) are just there to be used by the ML when he needs, and is not helping the fact that the MLs are having very little focus and description until now. And i realised now that i thinked about it, because until now, in almost all the chapters, the focus is more about the description of the MC, i feel that the side characters and the MLs are a bit neglected. I always change my mind the way i think about this novel when a new chapter is translated, so bear with me, please.


  3. I am going crazy, this novel is sooo good. ML is so interesting, I m looking forward to more of his changing the kingdom! If only somebody has the courage make this into a drama!

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  4. I am not surprised, I kinda knew he must have had a bad past to be so cruel. At least now Su Mochi can finally Rest In Peace after such a horrible childhood.

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