The Cruel Tyrant CH 008 Tactics

Su Mu stretched out his stiff neck, took a sip of the hot tea that Yuzhu handed over, and missed the days when there was air conditioning and refrigerator.

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Looking at the pile of unapproved memorials on the table, Su Mu rubbed his temples and didn’t plan to look at them any longer. He didn’t want to die from overworking.

Su Mu originally wanted to set up a cabinet to handle part of the government affairs, but after thinking about it, there were not many talents available. Su Mu looked forward to the coming official examination and hoped to select more talents.

Back in the Crown Prince’s Palace, Su Mu did not rest. There was a message from Han Yi that Chen Wei had already established a foothold in Bailu County, and that Tian Guohai, the Southeast Army, and the Southwest Army all handed Chen Wei a letter of alliance, hoping that they could ally and attack the imperial city on four fronts.

“Attacking the imperial city? Hmmph!” Su Mu said with a cold light in his eyes: “If you want to die, then come!”

Su Mu wrote: “Agree, delay.”

After closing his eyes and thinking for a while, Su Mu had already figured out how to respond.

“Shi Nuo.” Su Mu called.

The young man hidden in the darkness immediately appeared in front of Su Mu and respectfully said: “Your Highness, your command?”

There was a cold light in Su Mu’s eyes, saying: “Go to the imperial guard camp and select thirty-two reliable and clever people with high martial arts skills, and come see me immediately.”

There were only a thousand people in the imperial guard camp, but every one of them was an elite, and 100 of them in particular were confidants trained personally by Su Mochi, their families in Su Mochi’s control.

After Shi Nuo left silently, Su Mochi tapped his fingers on the table lost in his thoughts.

After a while, including Shi Nuo, a total of 33 people, arrived at the study, respectfully waiting for Su Mu to speak.

Su Mu looked at this group of javelin-like guards and nodded in satisfaction: “I want you to divide into three groups, each to go to the east, southeast, and southwest rebel camp, and survey the terrain along the way. After they march for a day, you will continuously create turmoil.

Don’t let them sleep well at night or eat well during the day. I don’t need you to cause much casualties to the enemy, I only want you to create chaos, such as pouring a bag of sand in their meals, digging traps on the road they will march through, dirty their water drinking source, and light their tents on fire when they sleep……”

“Remember that I want you to create turmoil, so the more chaotic the better, make sure that they are exhausted before they are even halfway.”

After Shi Nuo led the people away, Su Mu called Han Yang again, saying: “Send people to spread rumors around the country, saying that Tian Guohai is colluding with Shi kingdom and intend to invade the Qing kingdom, and then send people to smear the Emperor of Shi’s reputation.”

No matter how bad your country was, it was still your own country’s business. Once it involved other countries, then it became treason.

What’s more, Emperor Shi was not a benevolent monarch. In any place occupied by the Emperor of the Shi Kingdom, as long as there was a voice of opposition, the only response was one word, kill!

In the eyes of the Qing people, the Shi Emperor was more terrifying than the Crown Prince. After all, the Crown Prince spend most of his time in the imperial city. As long as one does not come in close proximity of the Crown Prince, there was no danger.

But Emperor of Shi was different, from a small kingdom that was about to be annihilated to one of the hegemonic kingdoms, Gu Ran had more lives on his hands than Su Mochi.

Moreover, the kingdom of Qing was adjacent to the kingdom of Shi, and it was quite likely that the current state of affairs in Qing could also be blamed partially on the schemes of the Emperor of Shi, so it was not wrong to place the blame on him.

Su Mu paused and said again: “In addition, spread rumors that the Crown Prince had been instructed by an expert, and now thoroughly abandoned the evil and return to the right, and has become diligent and loving towards the people……”

After Su Mu’s arrangements were made, it was almost one o’clock in the morning. Su Mu lay on the bed with exhaustion, thinking of other things in his mind. He didn’t really fall asleep until two o’clock in the morning, and was getting up again at five o’clock for the morning assembly, and this was just the normal state of things for a long time.

The next morning, Su Mu was still bandaged with cloth strips. After the routine morning, suddenly a little eunuch came over and reported that the Emperor had fainted.

Su Mu, who was going to the Imperial Study Room, had to change his route to the Emperor’s palace.

Su Yuan was an out-and-out incapable monarch. When he was in power, he spoiled his concubines letting them get involved with court affairs, persecuted the loyal, placed importance on eunuchs, and taxed aggressively. He had almost all the characteristics that an incapable monarch should have.

Su Mu did not have any affection for the Emperor at all. When he saw the Emperor’s bedroom filled with the scent of makeup powder and a flashy woman who stroked coquettishly at her hair, he was even more disdainful.

Su Yuan, who was lying on the bed, was thin and had sunken eyes. A fifty-year-old man but he ruined himself to look like a seventy-year-old man instead.

Su Mu frowned and asked, “How is the Emperor?”

Dressed in an exposed robe, the imperial concubine looked at Su Mu with seductive fox eyes, pretending to be sad: “The royal doctor said that the Emperor is feeling weak and needs to rest.”

After finishing talking, she looked at Su Mu with tears in her eyes, as if she was as pitiful as a pear flower covered in dewdrops.

It was a pity that the imperial concubine seemed to have a bad brain, didn’t she know that the Crown Prince’s harem was all men?

Sure enough, Su Mu immediately said angrily after hearing this: “Knowing that the Emperor needs to rest, why have you not left?!”

The imperial concubine’s face turned pale, and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Su Mu aggrievedly, and said: “Your Highness, I……”

“Can’t you understand what people say? Get out of here!”

The imperial concubine unwillingly gripped at her handkerchief and gave Su Mu a hateful look before leaving.

Su Mu could naturally feel her malice, but Su Mu had no time for her. It was just a matter of minutes to get rid of a concubine with no background.

Su Mu was now filled with irritation and anger, looking at the Emperor lying on the dragon bed, he could see clearly that he was not suffering from physical weakness, but simply hollowed out from indulgence.

What was the reason why he was so busy every day? It was all due to the mess left by this incapable king and his son. Su Mu really wanted to slap this Emperor to death.

After the royal doctor stuck the Emperor with a few acupuncture needles, the Emperor slowly opened eyes that were beginning to blur with age, and it took a long time for him to see Su Mu standing there.

Lying on the bed weakly he said: “Crown Prince, I am sick, you quickly call the world’s experts to treat me, and I will have many rewards.”

Su Mu took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and said: “You are only weak and need peace and recuperation. There are many imperial doctors in this palace. Aren’t they better than those liars?”

The imperial physician who had been pretending to be the air on the side was silently moved. Speaking of, the royal doctors had been disdained by the Emperor for so many years, and the Crown Prince’s words were like spring rain that moistened his dry heart.

But the Emperor didn’t feel this way. He immediately became angry: “What is the use of a bunch of useless waste! Even this little illness can’t be cured, and he still talk nonsense about weakness. How am I feeling weak?”

The aggrieved imperial physician thought privately, you are not sick at all. Just simply hollowed out by excessive indulgence. What can I do if you don’t rest?

Although Su Mu really wanted to beat someone up, he still replied: “Okay, I’ll go find an expert master, but before that, you should listen to the imperial doctor.”

The Emperor lay on his bed, his old face instantly bloomed with a smile, saying repetitively only the Crown Prince understands his heart best.

Then Su Mu was immediately driven away by the Emperor to find an expert master. Su Mu thought moodily, where would he go to find an expert master?

The doctor Hu who also exited the Emperor’s room had heard that the Crown Prince had a better temper recently, so he toughened his skin and approached Su Mu to say: “Your Highness, the tricks of those swindlers are very harmful, you must not let them torment the Emperor, otherwise the Emperor’s state of health will become even more worrying!”

Su Mu nodded and said: “Ben Gong knows, thank you, Doctor Hu.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms . c o m )

Su Mu had already left far into the distance, but Doctor Hu was still stunned, with an expression of being struck by lightning.

His Roy-roy-royal Highness actually thanked him! Doctor Hu felt a little ill.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I noticed recently that many things are happening fast, especially because most things are being done by other characters by the orders of the emperor, and is not mentioned in detail how they are carried out, and can come across as superficially mentioned, and don’t make an impact, so are easily to be forgeted when the events related to them are showed in the next chapters. I mentioned about this before, and because we are still in the phase that it’s okay for the novel to tell us more about the main character Su Mu, and i will wait patiently until the novel start to dwelve mpre in the lives of some other characters. Finally, the emperor is showed a bit more, now he should be grateful that he was granted a son that was willing to govern in his stead, even through neither his original son didn’t did a good job, because he is such a mess, you can’t help to want to slap him hard a few times. Looking forward to read the next chapter.

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