The Cruel Tyrant CH 009 Doubts

Early the next morning, everyone knew that Su Mu stayed overnight in Huang Xuan’s room. This was the second time the Crown Prince had let Huang Xuan shi qin in more than a month, and no one else had been summoned during this period.

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No matter how you look at this matter, it was quite intriguing. After Huang Xuan woke up, Qin Ye pulled him aside and interrogated him.

Qin Ye frowned and asked, “The Crown Prince did not bully you?”

Huang Xuan blushed and shook his head, the look in his eyes were clean and bright.

Qin Ye thought of the rumors about the Crown Prince. The more he thought about it, the more things felt not right, it was as if he had completely changed into another person.

Attend morning assembly, order disaster relief, and constructing weaponry plant, none of these were things that the Crown Prince would do.

“Could it be someone is impersonating the Crown Prince?” Qin Ye thought about it, only this situation was the most likely.

Yun Feiyu glanced at him and said, “Who would pretend to be the Crown Prince and yet change the nature of the Crown Prince this much.”

Su Mochi’s personality changed abruptly. It was not that no one had ever doubted him, but he seemed to be confident and unafraid, not putting others’ doubts in his eyes (TN: expression for not placing importance).

Qin Ye recalled the rumors from the outside, and wondered: “Could it be that he had truly been enlightened by an expert, and changed his evil ways and returned to the right?”

“Do you believe that?” Yun Feiyu asked.

Of course Qin Ye didn’t believe it, could anyone just come and be able to enlighten the Crown Prince? The Crown Prince corrupting them was more likely. He asked Huang Xuan again: “Do you think the Crown Prince is different from usual?”

Huang Xuan thought about it and blushed: “Nowhere is the same.”

“Sure enough, this Crown Prince must be a fake!” Qin Ye said affirmatively.

“No, he is indeed the Crown Prince, at least, the body belongs to the Crown Prince.” Yun Feiyu looked at the withered lotus leaf outside the window, and a young man bathed in brilliant starlight appeared in his mind. Watching Huang Xuan becoming uncomfortable from being questioned by Qin Ye, an undercurrent emerged in his eyes.

Qin Ye and Huang Xuan were shocked, looking at Yun Feiyu together, they said, “You don’t mean to say that the Crown Prince was possessed by a spirit?”

Yun Feiyu turned his head and smiled, suddenly bringing to mind an orchid blooming natural and charming, he said: “Maybe it is a god?”

Qin Ye looked contemptuous and said with disdain: “What would the gods see in him?”

At this time, Huang Xuan said anxiously, “Isn’t it good that the Crown Prince has become better?”

Yun Feiyu looked at Huang Xuan’s anxious look, a dark shadow flitted through his eyes, and said: “He suddenly appeared, then he may suddenly disappear.”

Huang Xuan’s breathing stopped, if, if the Crown Prince disappear then what will he do? What if the Crown Prince from before came back? No, it cannot be like this, the Crown Prince cannot disappear.

Huang Xuan struggled for a while, then suddenly stood up from his chair and hurriedly said, “Big brother Yun, I’ll leave first.”

Before Yun Feiyu could answer, he had already run out.

Qin Ye watched Huang Xuan disappear out the door with confusion, and asked, “Where is he going?”

Yun Feiyu said with deep eyes: “Going to find us the answer.”

On this side, Su Mu was looking at the news from Qingye Villa. As Su Mu expected, toilet paper and soap were in short supply. But production couldn’t keep up, causing Su Mu to almost rip out a wad of hair.

Not because of anything else, but at this time people mainly raised cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys that can be used as animal power. Very few people raised pigs, and they were black pigs that have not been bred especially and have very little fat.

Su Mu had no choice but to hire some people to breed high-quality pigs.

Immediately after Su Mu finished writing the letter, he heard Yuzhu say that Huang Xuan would like to see him. Su Mu put down his brush and said, “Let him come in.”

“Paying respect to Your Highness.”

Su Mu said: “You may stand, is something the matter?”

Huang Xuan looked down at the floor and didn’t know how to start. He just ran over all hotheaded and sudden, having not thought it out before. Besides, he was the Crown Prince, while he was nothing, what right did he have to ask.

The more Huang Xuan thought about it, the less emboldened he became, bowing his head and unable to say anything.

Seeing his aggrieved appearance, Su Mu raised an eyebrow and asked: “Why, did someone bully you?”

Huang Xuan raised his head and glanced at Su Mu, then lowered his head and said, “No.”

“The what’s wrong? Just to come here to look at the floor?” Su Mu asked.

“That’s not it.” Huang Xuan plucked up the courage to raise his head, his clear eyes were like mountain streams, but looking at Su Mu he felt hesitant and afraid, asking uneasily: “Your Highness……?”

“Hnn.” Su Mu waited for him to speak.

“Your Highness……will you always be here?” Huang Xuan finally finished speaking in one breath, looking at Su Mu with some anxiety, for fear of getting a negative answer.

Su Mu nodded and said: “Yes.” Most of the people who transmigrated never went back, so he should likely stay here forever.

Su Mu thought this in an indifferent manner. In any case, it was the same anywhere.

“Really? That’s wonderful!” Huang Xuan’s eyes became brighter, and Su Mu’s heart felt slightly itchy. He thought to himself, he was a good young man who grew up under the five-star red banner, how was he reduced to this situation of ravaging minors?

After half a second of silent mourning for the integrity that he didn’t know where he had left it, he said to Huang Xuan, “Come here.”

Huang Xuan paused, and then obediently walked to Su Mu.

Su Mu pulled Huang Xuan down to sit on his lap, and then under the other’s shocked gaze, kissed him on the lips.

How could the innocent young boys of ancient times be Su Mu’s opponent? Not even a while later, Huang Xuan became intoxicated with Su Mu’s kisses.

Because of Su Mu’s indulgence in bed, Huang Xuan’s courage gradually grew, from sitting on Su Mu’s legs to pressing on him, his hands eagerly reaching into Su Mu’s clothes.

Huang Xuan began to shift the battlefield, his soft lips sucked on Su Mu’s delicate neck, the hot and humid breaths blowing against it and his shoulders. He asked with unsteady breaths: “Your Highness……”

Su Mu lay on the chair with eyes misted over, and said, “Continue.”

Huang Xuan, who got the answer, was like a child who was allowed to open a gift, and he eagerly tore open Su Mu’s clothes.

As for outside, Yuzhu had already sent everyone away with a blushing face just when Su Mu told Huang Xuan to come to him.

Otherwise, no matter how thick-skinned Su Mu was, he would not be able to perform the live version in front of so many audiences. Fortunately, his servants were clever enough.

It was already dark by the time the two finished messing around, but then they just went straight to the bed to continue messing around.

In Feiyu Pavilion, after waiting for a long time only to see that no one showed up, even a fool would know what happened. Qin Ye’s expression was dark and Yun Feiyu’s expression was indecipherable, pondering on unknown thoughts.

The next day Su Mu went to the morning assembly in a happy mood. Everyone loves to listen to praises, not to mention the one giving it was someone he had a close skin relationship with. Su Mu did not expect that when Huang Xuan, who look innocent and honest, sweet talk it could practically drown people.

Today the officials of the court suddenly discovered that the prince was in a good mood! The mood of the officials below also became raised and not by just one level.

Chen Xurong of the Ministry of Justice took advantage of the Crown Prince’s good mood and stepped forward to say: “Your Royal Highness, chen has something to report.”


Chen Xurong said: “Your Royal Highness, the assassins’ comrades have all been arrested, but no matter what they won’t say who is behind the scenes.”

The happy smile turned into a sneer, and Su Mu said: “If they won’t say it, then kill them.”

The hearts of all the officials skipped a beat, thinking that although it was true that the Crown Prince’s temper had improved, he was still not the least bit reluctant or merciful about killing. After think this, immediately the next thought was please don’t let them ever become an irksome presence in the Crown Prince’s eyes.

Then Su Mu asked again: “Ministry of Rites, how many scholars will participate in the test this year?”

Peng Han privately cursed, but he had no choice but to brace himself and replied: “Answering Your Highness, the total number of candidates who will participate in the examination this year, this year……”

Su Mu narrowed his eyes dangerously and said, “How many are there?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Fourteen people.” As soon as Peng Han finished speaking, he felt that the atmosphere in the Taihe Hall suddenly became extremely oppressive, and he even had difficulty breathing.

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  1. When they say even a fool knows what happened, did they assume HX is dead/injured or that they’re doing the do? Hmm.. 「(゚<゚)゙??
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  2. Thank you for th chapter! That coversation between Qin Ye, Huang Xuan and Yun Feiyu was something that i saw’it coming, it would be irealistis if it dind’t happen, i mean in their eyes and the others too, Su Mu changed almost completely into another person, and i so like Yun Feiyu, he manipulate Huang Xuan so easily in finding out info for them. I am a fan of Yun Feiyu, a this point even more than Su Mu, who is still not doing anything interesting so far, and his character is pictured a bit boring for now , i’m still patient too. But, i have to say i am starting to feel a strong dislike for Huang Xuan, because is portrayed being just there, to be easily used by everyone, and i don’t like to read about characters like him. In every novel we find characters like this, but they are not described that much, so i hope he mature fast, or goes through some kind of character grow, because othwrwise it will make resent the author for giving this much focus to Huang Xuan, when it could be used for decribing some other events or characters that can move the story forward. Looking forward to read the next chapter.


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