This Lord is Too Cruel CH 001 She Is A Wolf Girl

The setting sun was like blood, appropriate as the metallic scent of blood permeated the air. The blood soaked grasslands and the setting sun intersected and seem to reflect each other’s splendor. Everything seemed to be painted in a red light, and occasionally the plaintive wailing of wild goose could be heard. Originally a deserted place, but now the grassy fields were covered in corpses that lay in disarray, painting a shocking sight to the wandering eyes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Li Ying suddenly felt weak all over, bone deep pain spread throughout the body, and she could smell a strong scent of blood.

She had always been vigilant, especially when she was in a dangerous situation.

She opened her eyes abruptly, and pitch black eyes were like breaking ice that shattered into a sharp cold light. Large swaths of red came into view, wreckage and human remains were everywhere, and the blood seem to flow like rivers.

Where was this? Was this hell? The corners of her lips curved slightly, if this was really hell, at least it would still be better than purgatory on earth.

“Hnn.” She snorted. It was just a slight twitch to the corners of her mouth and yet she instantly felt a splitting headache. She closed her eyes tightly, but countless images flashed in her mind. As these images became clearer, she opened her eyes again. Supporting her slightly weak body she got up, but probably having got up too violently she felt slightly dizzy.

She lowered her head, looked at the arrow piercing her chest and sneered. Pressing her chest with one hand she pulled out the arrow that was embedded in her chest.

“Pu……” The blood splashed on the ground. Her face was cold, not even creasing in a frown. This kind of pain, compared with the previous pain barely even registered. She quickly raised her hand, and in swift movements sealed the pressure points with this body’s remaining internal force to prevent blood loss becoming excessive.

She then immediately sat cross-legged and used her inner force to heal her injuries according to the memory that emerged in her mind.

There was a faint sound of horse hooves coming on the left, getting closer and closer, but she was unmoved except for the corners of her mouth raising slightly. There was no fear or panic, just calm and tranquil as she sat there, allowing the horses to trample on the dead bodies on the ground as they approached slowly.

“Feng Aotian, you’re not dead yet?” The man’s low voice sounded like a sword that had been sharpened to the point it could cut iron like mud, vigorous and powerful.

Li Ying ignored it, her keen intuition told her that this person was an enemy not a friend.

Sure enough, the man sitting on the steed only had contemptuous thoughts when he saw that he did not respond. He had known earlier that he was arrogant and cruel, but even now that he was about to die, he still dared to be so arrogant.

“Feng Aotian, do you think you won’t die if you don’t speak?” The man snorted coldly, his sword like eyebrows drew sharply, and the sword in his hand left its sheath. He thrust it forward lightly and it pierced straight towards her.

The fierce point of the sword parted through the air with great strength and speed.

Her tightly closed phoenix eyes suddenly opened, and a cold light flashed through. In the next instant her figure moved backward and leaped into the air. When the sword made to pierce her chest, she flicked her finger and the blade of the sword was instantly shattered in half.

She used too much force and accidentally pulled on the wound. She gritted her teeth tightly, her eyes reflecting with a cold light, and tapped lightly on the gound with her foot. When the person was startled, she flew into the woods. The corpses outside were all this body, Feng Aotian’s confidants, her Secret Guards. But the fact that all of them have been killed, she knew just how desperate the fighting was back then. Feng Aotian was also shot with an arrow, which was covered with deadly poison and as a result was killed on the spot.

The man was surprised that he was poisoned and could still have such a strong internal force. He didn’t believe it, that he really couldn’t kill him today. He rode his horse and rushed into the woods. Seeing the situation, the soldiers behind him hurriedly followed. The next moment the sound of a hundred horses echoed in the grasslands.

Li Ying’s cold and frosty features were calm and expressionless. She judged that the horses had all entered the woods, and flew above the tall trees, her silver armor shining in splendor. Her eyes were like torches and glinted sinisterly. Then in the next moment her face twisted with a frightening expression and she howled toward the sky.

The originally peaceful woods, at this moment, echoed with a sorrowful wailing. The cold wind blew by, and the hundreds of horses, even after surviving many battlefields, were now unable to keep from stamping their hooves desperately trying to escape these woods.

The soldiers sitting on the horses looked at each other. They seemed to have heard the howling of wolves, and more than one.

Looking around nervously, a soldier screamed in fright when he saw that they had been surrounded by wolves. He immediately fell down and fainted from the fright. The other soldiers also felt fear when they saw this scene.

“Feng Aotian, do you think you can escape by attracting wolves?” When the man saw this, he pretended to be calm but the hand tightening on the horse’s rein was trembling slightly, revealing his anxiety and fear at the moment.

The black armor reflected a cold light when hit by the sunlight. He did not expect Feng Aotian to have such an ability to command wolves. The wolf packs were cruel by nature and could resist thousands of troops. Now, it seemed that he would not be able to escape death. But even if he died, he would do it taking Feng Aotian with him.

Li Ying’s eyebrows curved slightly, and those pupils reflected a wolf like bloodthirsty light, “This Lord just wanted to treat some friends to a good meal.”

Hearing this, the man’s eyes dimmed. The contempt and disdain in his words angered him, who had always regarded himself in a proud manner. Who didn’t know that he was the valiant and formidable general of Qi State?

And he, Feng Aotian, was nothing more than a spoiled brat, and yet he dared to speak in such a conceited manner to him. Then with a loud shout, he leaped from the back of his horse, his sword exuding a biting chill as it stabbed straight in the direction of her forehead.

When the soldiers sitting on the horses saw that their leader leaped with such power their fear was reduced a bit. However, in just a short while, they saw a dark shadow falling straight down to the ground where he vomited out blood, eyes staring with disbelief. He raised his head and looked up at the solemn figure standing high up in the branches. The sword that had been in his hand had penetrated his chest instead.

Before he could say a few words, he saw her howl to the wolves again. There were dozens of wolves with eyes glowing with terrifying light and fangs dripping with saliva. They suddenly rushed over, biting and tearing at his already immovable body.

“Ah!” The piercing scream echoed in the woods, and was immediately submerged in the sounds of tearing flesh as the wolves fed in a frenzy. Just before he had been an awe-inspiring and haughty general, but at this moment he became the food of the wolves.

“General!” When the soldiers saw this, they were terrified but before they could even react, sudden pain seared their necks. The sky was raining with fallen leaves and flowers, and the green leaves at some point had turned into sharp darts that had plunged into their throats.

Putong!” At that moment, the soldiers in front of her all became dead bodies that immediately fell from the backs of the horses to land on the ground.

The remaining wolves howled excitedly to the sky and rushed towards the dead corpses. A strong smell of blood enveloped the woods. Compared with the Secret Guards lying outside the woods, they had no flesh or bones remaining.

At that moment the silver armor seem to reflect a frightening cold that buried deep into the bone marrow. She stood on a branch of a high tree, standing tall against the wind and ignored everything in front of her. A face as handsome and beautiful as the moon was covered with blood stains and appearing as cold as frost. Only until the wolves had eaten everything did she whistle lightly. In the next moment a handsome snow-white steed galloped over.

Li Ying fell lightly to sit on the back of the horse, and coincidentally a pink petal fell on the palm of her hand. She pinched the petal with a smile, and instantly it was like a sunny spring or pure white snow, melting any hostility away, only leaving an exceptionally beautiful face.

“Come out.” The smile soon disappeared and the petal in her hand left with the wind.

Two dark shadows landed immediately, possessing the same indifference as usual. Such scenes have long been commonplace as blood and brutality were just amusement for their master.

“Return to the camp.” There was no need to ask more as they understood. Li Ying galloped out of the woods and headed to the right.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Following the memory in her mind, she easily returned to the barracks stationed five miles away. The generals in the camp hurriedly came to pay their respects. Li Ying just swept their faces lightly and already knew their thoughts. With an indistinguishable expression on her face she dismounted from her horse and went back to her personal tent.

“My Lord, you are finally back, making this slave very worried for so long.” Li Ying only just stepped into the tent when a choking scent of powder assaulted her senses. She frowned with displeasure, and saw a green figure flying towards her.

She never liked human touch, especially this smelly monster. Before he could get close, she had waved her palm and the person instantly fell to the ground.

“Get out!” Expression dark she made her way inside without pause.

Regardless of the pain on his body, and the bruises blooming on his buttocks, he rolled from the ground and was about to move closer again. But the cold “get out” made him tremble all over in fright, and he retreated obediently.

Except for her, there was no one else in the tent. She undressed the heavy outer robes on her body and stood in a long inner robe. After cleaning her face and body, she lay down on a soft couch with her eyes closed.

Time passed and she was brought back into her previous world.

She was a wolf girl. She grew up drinking wolf milk and grew up among the wolves. In her consciousness, apart from plundering, there was only killing. In this way, she developed her coldhearted temperament.

If he hadn’t taken her out from among the wolves, she would never have known that she was different from wolves. But what he taught her was only more merciless killing, trapping her in a dark hell, only until her death did she find release.

She was born as a shadow of others. Li Ying, Li Ying, leaving him, even the shadow will no longer exist. (TN: ying means shadow)

She never thought that she would still be alive, and actually reborn in such a world and with such an identity.

Feng Aotian became the regent of the Feng State at the age of fourteen. She was cruel by nature, murdered and dismembered, there was no evil she did not commit. This may be the only thing they have in common, that is, their hands were stained with blood.

However, the difference was that she never knew what love was as she had always been cold and heartless.

And she, Feng Aotian, known to the world for her cruelty and sadism, carried a burden that no one knew. She was obviously a golden branch and jade leaf (TN: idiom to refer to nobility or royalty who are female), but she was forced to appear to others as a dragon (TN: dragon=men, phoenix=women). Her distorted worldview destined her to a murderous and cruel temperament. She regarded men as playthings, just because the person buried deep in her heart had already passed away. She couldn’t get rid of the longing and sorrow in her heart, and could only use the most extreme methods to exchange for short-term joy.

Li Ying took a nap and when she opened her eyes, the sky was already dark so she got up from the soft couch. The stars had shifted and she was actually reborn. Now she didn’t want to be the shadow of others anymore. Her destiny will be dominated by her.

“My Lord, this servant will serve you on cleaning up.” The eunuch who was on duty outside the tent asked carefully, the characteristic high voice came into the tent and reached her ears.

Since her return alive, the entire military camp had been in silent panic. This military camp was only 5 miles away from the place where she was besieged, but no one came to her aid. It could be seen that there were many people in this camp who wanted her to die. It was a pity that she did not die, and those who secretly harmed, their living will be worse than death. She was not a good or kind person, but a person who would seek revenge for grievances done to her.

With a wave of her bare hand, the candlelight in the tent flickered, reflecting her indifferent and frosty face. Li Ying walked to the bronze mirror and looked at her current appearance. The chest was flat with it being binded, the poised and tall figure, the delicately handsome face, and the cold phoenix eyes. Trained from a young age Feng Aotian had already come to think of herself as a man, her gestures exuding the obvious command and confidence of a true man.

She thought to the mirror silently, starting today Li Ying was dead and from now on she was Feng Aotian, the regent of Feng State.

“Come in.” Feng Aotian turned around coldly and sat on the couch, her complexion deep and without temperature.

The eunuch had his head bowed as he walked in and made salutations, “My Lord, this servant will serve you to freshen up.”

“Hnn.” Feng Aotian for a second wanted to get rid of him, but due to her current status she gave up and let the eunuch in front of her serve her. This person was specially assigned to her by Feng Gonggong before leaving the capital and could be considered trustworthy.

In the dense forest one mile away from the camp, the moonlight shone through the woods and stretched out the shadows of the two people hidden under the trees.

“Wasn’t he poisoned? How could he come back alive?” The deep voice was puzzled.

“I am also surprised. Every day when I get close to the regent, some of the poisonous powder on my body would rub off on him. Otherwise, with her martial arts, how can they easily succeed?” The strong powder filled the surrounding area.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Qing Yi, with things gone so far, it can’t be given up halfway.” The man patted his shoulder and reminded him.

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  1. Pomelo says:

    Ah, so Feng Aotian was known as a male regent! That does explain the changing pronouns used in the introduction. At first I was confused, but then I realised that the viewpoint kept shifting between her and the enemy general, and after we’re told of her disguise, it makes a lot of sense.


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