The Cruel Tyrant CH 010 Invitation

The clenched fists and cracking of knuckles made a chilling sound, and though Su Mu tried to restrain his anger, the officials still felt unable to breathe.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms . c o m )

Taking a deep breath, Su Mu told himself calmly that if he kept getting angry with this country, he will definitely not survive tomorrow.

With a dangerous glint shining in his eyes, Su Mu asked: “Why are there only 14 people who applied for the examinations?”

Wasn’t it because of your intimidating presence, your Highness. Back then who killed all those who impeached you? And how many people were cut up by you during the examination last year? Who dared to serve a monarch who took pleasure in murder? Wasn’t that just looking for death?

Let’s not talk about the past, just that Zhang Fu’an’s corruption case not long ago, your Highness, you killed more than 100 people who were involved.

But Peng Han dared not say any of this. What if the Crown Prince cut him up in a rage as well?

So he only dared to say: “Your Highness, chen is not clear about this!”

Su Mu said angrily: “Don’t know, don’t know, does the court raise you to just be rice buckets? Postpone the examination for a month.”

With sharp eyes staring at Peng Han, and causing him to feel as if he was sitting on pins and needles, Su Mu said coldly: “After a month, if there are not a thousand candidates, pack up your things and go back to farming (TN: expression for retirement)!”

With a flick of his billowing sleeves, he left the Taihe Hall in anger.

Su Mu was not a stupid person. After thinking about it, he could understand why there were only 14 people participating in the imperial examination. In ancient China, there were still masters who left to live as hermits in the mountains because there was no capable rulers! What’s more, with Su Mochi the “tyrant” in power, should he thank his fortune that at least 14 people ended up attending?

After Su Mu returned to the Crown Prince’s Palace, his hair was almost all lost thinking of this incident. He picked up the cup of hot tea that Yuzhu handed over, but then slammed it down again with a bang.

To be honest, Su Mu really wanted to send someone to tie the scholars up and bring them to the examination room, but he could only think about it.

Su Mu sighed and thought privately, even if he managed a few multinational companies before, compared to being this Crown Prince it was much easier. Could he please just transmigrate back!

Yuzhu, who was standing behind and fanning Su Mu, watched Su Mu’s gloomy expressions for a long time. After struggling for a while, she finally made up her mind to speak: “Your Highness, are you still worried about the examination?”

Su Mu instantly couldn’t help complaining: “Such a big kingdom but they’re telling me that there are only 14 people participating in the imperial examination? If it was spread to other countries, will my Qing kingdom still have any face left to hang out among the other countries……”

Although Yuzhu didn’t understand some of Su Mu’s words, she could still guess the general meaning. She lowered her head and opened her mouth several times before saying in a very low voice: “There is a way that this slave knows, don’t know if it will help……”

Although Yuzhu said it very quietly, but what kind of hearing did Su Mu have? Even a mosquito buzzing outside the door could be heard.

Hearing what Yuzhu said, Su Mu’s eyes lit up, and he rushed to Yuzhu and asked: “What is your method, tell me quickly.”

Seeing the Crown Prince who suddenly appeared in front of her, Yuzhu took a few steps back in shock, and quickly replied: “Your Highness, Yun Gongzi used to be the model and number one person among the scholars in the imperial city, and has a lot of prestige among them. Now the leader of the scholars in the capital city is Lin Siyuan who is Yun Gongzi’s close friend. Your Highness might as well go talk to Yun Gongzi and let Yun Gongzi persuade Lin Gongzi and other scholars.”

Truly, the heavens will never cut off one’s path!

“Good girl, you are so smart, wait for Ben Gong to reward you when I come back.”

Su Mu speed walked to Feiyu Pavilion, and he heard an elegant qin sound come from inside, causing him to slow down involuntarily and signal everyone else behind him to leave.

The blue green figure was playing the guqin under a copse of green bamboos. Su Mu didn’t understand the guqin, at best he only thought it sounded good. But the person in front of him couldn’t help but cause him to approach closer unconciously.

When Su Mu walked to his side, he just finished playing a tune.

Slender fingers gently stroked the strings, as if treating their most beloved person.

He raised his head, and Su Mu’s figure was reflected in his gentle eyes, and he said with a small smile: “How come your Royal Highness is free to come to me today?”

Su Mu didn’t know how to bring it up, after all, Yun Feiyu was snatched by Su Mochi, and then toremented by him for so long.

Although he was embarrassed to speak up, Su Mu still had to say what he was here for.

“I heard that you have a good relationship with Lin Siyuan?” Su Mu asked.

“Your Highness came here for this year’s imperial examination?” Though it was a question, his tone was certain.

Su Mu nodded, and then said: “I hope you will persuade Lin Siyuan to let him participate, and ask him to persuade some scholars to participate in the exam as well.”

Yun Feiyu gently shook his head and said, “I’m afraid it won’t work?”

“Why?” Su Mu wondered.

Yun Feiyu smiled at Su Mu and said, “Because Lin Siyuan is a well-known beautiful man in the imperial city.”

“What does this have to do with anything?” Su Mu asked without thinking it over. What does being good-looking have to do with attending the examination?

Yun Feiyu did not speak, but looked at him.

In an instant, Su Mu immediately understood. Lin Siyuan was afraid that the Crown Prince would snatch him when he saw his beauty!

The corners of Su Mu’s mouth twitched and he thought to himself, just how frightning are you, Su Mochi, that others were so scared that they didn’t even dare to participate in the examination.

However, what Su Mu didn’t know was that since Su Mochi became the Crown Prince, those who dared to participate in the examination had already put aside the question of life and death.

Because at the last examination, don’t know what kind of madness had struck Su Mochi but he killed more than half of the scholars in the test room, so that was why this year’s examination was so deserted.

And Lin Siyuan had even more reason not to participate in the test. Everyone in Qing kingdom knew that the Crown Prince liked beautiful men! If Lin Siyuan participated in the examination, it would practically be a lamb to the slaugter!

Yun Feiyu saw that Su Mu’s face took turns turning blue and black, and felt a little amused, and said: “Your Highness has to tell him about this personally. He may not believe what I say.”

Su Mu frowned and said, “I say it and he’ll believe it?”

“Your Highness is the Crown Prince of this kingdom, whose one word is worth nine sacred tripods (TN: expression for words of enormous weight) so why wouldn’t he dare not believe it.” Yun Feiyu smiled.

Was this a suggestion to use his power to suppress others? Su Mu shook his head. Lin Siyuan was talented, and if Su Mu planned to use power to suppress him then it would only make him feel dissatisfied and not fully invested in the tasks assigned to him in the future.

After thinking about it for a while, Su Mu said, “You give Lin Siyuan an invitation, and the day after tomorrow we will go to Yuping Lake to enjoy the red leaves together.”

Speaking of, the red leaves in the lower reaches of Yuping Lake were one of the most beautiful scenery in the imperial city.

Seeing Lin Siyuan but also have him accompany along? Yun Feiyu raised his eyebrows and smiled, understanding Su Mu’s intentions, and said: “Your Highness, please rest assured, this caomin will fulfill his mission.”

Lin Residence

After receiving the invitation, Lin Siyuan sat in a chair and said nothing.

Seeing that her son hadn’t spoken for a long time, Madam Lin on the side said with some worry: “Yuan’er, didn’t Feiyu invite you to boating in the lake? Why do you have a troubled look?”

With an expression of bitter sorrow Lin Siyuan said, “My mother! Does Yun Feiyu still need to hand in invitations to go sightseeing with me? Besides, the Crown Prince’s Palace is not a place Yun Feiyu can come and go as he pleased.”

Madam Lin was startled, and a terrifying answer appeared in her mind, and her voice trembled: “Then this, this invitation?”

Lin Siyuan said with a bitter face: “This invitation must be given by the Crown Prince, mother! The Crown Prince must have taken a fancy to your son’s beauty.”

Madam Lin fell on the chair and said in disbelief: “This, how can this be……”

Thinking of the men in the palace who had been played to death by the Crown Prince, Madam Lin felt that the sky was about to collapse. Large tears kept rolling down: “Yuan’er, my Yuan’er……”

Lin Siyuan suddenly panicked when he saw Madam Lin crying and wiping tears. He hurriedly supported Madam Lin and comforted her: “Mother, don’t cry anymore, I’m joking with you! The Crown Prince just invited me because of the matter of the imperial examination. You haven’t heard that the Crown Prince changed a lot recently? It’s almost completely different from before. Okay, don’t cry, what I said is true.”

Madam Lin took the handkerchief to dry her tears, and pinched Lin Siyuan violently, yelling: “You little bastard, only knowing how to bully your mother.”

Lin Siyuan let out a wolf howl of pain and complained bitterly: “I knew I was definitely not your son.”

“Yes, you were born out of a stone!” Madam Lin scolded with a smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms . c o m )

Lin Siyuan grinned as he sat on the chair and said: “Mother, although the Crown Prince is looking for me for business, we can’t help but prevent any sudden situation as well. Mother, is there any way to keep your son from being so handsome?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I find the sometimes impusive angry acts a bit weird, like out of the character for the original MC from the modern world. Maybe like Su Mochi, the original MC who transmigrated from the modern times has short temper too, and he is used to make a fuss most of the times when sometimes irritates him. These moments when he loses control, who i think it can also be the traits of the original Su Mochi who Su Mu retained too, even if he is acting in character to fool the officials or other people, sometimes he does it when he is alone too, so it makes the reading confusing. I wrote about it before, i wish the author made a clear difference between the comportament of the original Su Mochi and Su Mu, because when i read, it’s hard to see the real Su Mu, it’s like he feels like a mix of the impredictible and out of control behaviour of the original Su Mochi most often and sometime i can see Su Mu, from the modern world. To sum up, i feel Su Mu is doing and thinking things similar to who a good version of the original Su Mochi would do. It would be better if the author described and persisted in showing the character of the original transmigrator from the current world better and let hin show his true colors, without adapting so quickly to the life in the palace. Right now, i feel because of this, Su Mu he is distancing himself from me, i don’t like him how i wish i want to like him. But the story is still interesting enough to want to find out what will happen next, so look forward to read the next chapter.


    1. Hmm, maybe I didn’t translate well? I think back in chapter 7 when we learn about Su Mochi’s past that was when Su Mu’s soul and Su Mochi’s siul completely merged? Or at least that was when Su Mu finally absorbed all of Su Mochi’s memories. Maybe that affected him more than he thought? And like I also think part of the anger is also from Su Mu too since who wouldn’t get angry at such a shitty situation lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, i think you translated well, i did get the full picture of what was presented. Probably the author made Su Mu to be short tempered in purpose, and made it ambiguous if this trait belonges to the original Su Mochi or Su Mo who transmigrated had as well a similar behaviour. I understand why Su Mo lose his temper and is telling bad words to the officials who anger him or other people, because they aren’t doing what they are supposed to do, but this kind of behaviour at this point in the story isn’t right. Even if this behaviour is the one of Su Mu, i can’t side with him because the the things he wants to see from the official or in general can’t be achieved so early or just because he order them. Those people who are listening to his remarks had experienced the violent comportament of Su Mochi, for now they only know to react to what Su Mu say based of what they know of the previous Su Mochi, and Su Mu didn’t change that much or showed them that if they do their jobs rights nothing will happen to them, or rewards them when they do things rights, they are still traumatized by the previous encounters with Su Mochi. I mean, the last time, the action of Su Mu of killing directly that Ministry of Revenue i think, without according him a second chance is very similarly with what original Su Mochi has done, he too is sending mixed signals.


    2. I think its the cultivation technique influencing him a bit. He most probably wasn’t a ‘good’ person in the first place and the technique, plus whatever was left over from the original influences and exaggerates certain aspects of his original self.


  2. So, I do like this one, but still I think Su Mu acting is too simplified? And also, he needs to do everything in person? Well, even if his officials are rotten there still are (always) people who actually do their job, and not exacly in his harem. I wonder why he is not looking for them. He also gets really angry very quickly, maybe its this chinese thing but incopetence happens, and killing for it is quite not in the modern way of thinking? And also, person can have memories, but he is aware they are not his exacly? His personality is also developed at this point so he should be able to process those memories in different way than child-Su Moichi. At least thats my pont of view. I also wonder who is so bold to attack him and snatch his territory when he is so powerful, I mean really? It is not safest way to get rid of him, better to lul his vigilance…Still, its pleasant to read, will come back, thank you for your work.

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  3. I was quite intrigued by this novel, just the pace was sometimes fast n abrupt. So with huang xuang Su Mu acted as Gong ? or I got it wrong? coz according to some chapters away his Yin body needed male companion and he was the receiving one (shu). thanx dear for the translation n sharing for us..xie Xie ni

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    1. Ehehehe the pacing can get fast and some things aren’t written in detail but I can say for sure that Su Mu is always the shou with his MLs. It’s just that he is not a passive shou (he is a queen shou ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and add that to the fact his MLs are still kind of wary of him so….but that’ll change though ( >ω●)

      And thx for the comment!

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