This Lord is Too Cruel CH 002 Lord Prince, Please Punish This Slave

The moon was like frost, and the evening loomed like the black mountains. The cold light illuminated the iron armors.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Aotian was not the least bit drowsy. When living with wolves, the night was a good time to forage. Later, when she became a shadow, every night when it was cold and windy she would let loose her bloodthirsty and murderous side.

Nowadays, there was no need to search for food or kill targets. The arrow wound on her chest had been bandaged expertly by her. On the first day of her rebirth, she experienced a rare time of leisure.

The night was lonely, if it was before the Regent’s tent would be be full of singing every night, leading a drunk and befuddled existence, and the endless sounds of decadent or obscene music that spread hundreds of miles away. With such extravagance, how was it like being in the middle of a war campaign or the battlefield?

Such behavior was like a prince traveling with beautiful concubines on a scenic tour of the mountains and rivers, leisurely and pleasant.

It really reflected the poem, “Courtesans perceive not the sorrow of a perished empire, across the river sounds the singing of a flourishing court.”

However, this Lord Prince Regent was not attracted to the female sex, only loving the male sex with a harem of three thousand beautiful men that was abused every night.

It had now been five days since reaching the border. Soldiers in the army who were of good looks have all been summoned to the Regent’s tent. If they do not obey, death by a thousand cuts was only a small punishment, having their limbs torn and dismembered was even possible.

He had a strange temperament, anything small could set him into a rage. In just a few days, he had killed thousands of people in the army. From the general to the soldiers, they all had to swallow their anger, there were cries of outrage but they dared not voice it loudly. And the reason was because, the Regent was truly loved by the heavens, having cultivated profound martial arts to unimaginable heights, superb and invincible. But most importantly he was ruthless and brutal. No one dared to oppose such a strong and invincible enemy.

Nowadays, the morale of the army was low. How could there be any thoughts of swearing allegiance and protecting the frontier. They only hope that the day of this Tian Sha Gu Xing’s (TN: referring to a star in the constellation, someone who has the Tian Sha fate will bring misfortune to those around him), death will come immediately. So that there will no longer be any calamities and destruction faced by the people.

The Regent likely never realized that such obscene behavior and actions only aroused people’s resentment and hatred. In this world, there were so many people who think about his death.

Feng Aotian knew very well that the calm at this moment was but fleeting. Now that she was not dead, those who wanted her to die were so afraid that they couldn’t sleep at night, maybe even secretly conspiring somewhere on how to put her to death.

In her mind the memories of this body before death flashed through. They revealed that although she was decadent and obscene, she was not stupid and knew that the number of people who wanted to kill her was countless, so how could she leave the barracks alone and go to that deserted place?

She had always hidden her thoughts very well. Who would know that she rebelled against human morality and fell in love with her own royal brother, the Emperor who died two years ago?

The person who led her to her death had the same appearance and figure as the former Emperor, and the former Emperor had always been her weakness. Without a trace of reason, she only cared about desperately chasing the figure that seemed like a world away.

Thus, it could be seen that this person had been planning for a long time, knowing her mind well and knowing her well, otherwise how could they have even thought to draw away Hun and Po, the two guards with the highest martial arts at her side. Although the Secret Guard desperately fought to protect their Lord, they still could not escape the fate of being killed.

Looking back on the past, it was just fleeting and insignificant to her. To the both of them the past was just like smoke, because at the moment of her death she had a smile on her lips.

What puzzled her was that with her martial arts, she wouldn’t be so easily defeated by others. There must be something she had missed?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Aotian stood quietly on the grass outside the camp, left arm tucked behind her back while in her right held a white jade that she fiddled with slender fingers. The moon shadow casted a shroud down upon the earth and the fingertips was covered with a light coolness.

Qing Yi hesitated to step forward, with a pair of clear eyes he looked at the Regent who was standing outside the camp. The side of his face was cold like frost and he wore only a light brocade robe. He gave one a terrifyingly cold feeling like the wind that was currently blowing in the grasslands.

When the cold wind hit, he suddenly felt chilled, and he quickly lowered his prying eyes. After tidying up slightly, he walked over with gentle steps, his eyes like spring, his lips curled in a smile. The pretty and delicate face when set off by the cold moonlight, had a hint of charm and enticement.

In the past few days, he could be regarded as the most favored person of the Regent. Thinking of how despite being a dignified man he still had to learn the feminine mannerisms and commit himself to laying under another man. Whenever he thought about it, he would feel disgust.

However, the matter had come to this point, how could he give up halfway through? He lived on a stolen life and was willing to be a contemptuous prostitute in the eyes of the world. Just because the Regent did not like du ruo (TN: a flower, the East Asian pollia), and ordered that anyone who planted du ruo to have nine generations extinguished and all family executed.

And pitifully, disaster descended on his family of ten, just because of the Regent’s whim. If he had not escaped by chance then he was likely to end up with the same fate as his innocent family.

He concealed the hatred in his heart, stepped forward briskly, and his body unconsciously leaned into Feng Aotian, saying in a soft and coquettish voice, “Lord Prince, you are really bad, just now……”

Before he touched Feng Aotian’s arm with his hands, and before he could finish his coquettish words, he met a pair of cold eyes. Such a Lord Prince Regent made him fearful.

He halted briefly, and before he could say the remaining words, his whole body was caught up by a cold wind. When he reacted, he had already landed into the ice lake one mile away with a loud “splash”.

Feng Aotian glanced with disgust at the sleeve that was accidentally stained with the thick and choking fragrance of his body when she had flapped it earlier. She raised the left hand from behind her back, and using the index finger she cut off the sleeve. Instantly a piece of brocade cloth flew away with the wind.

The lake was biting cold, and Qing Yi struggled in the lake for a long time before he climbed ashore, collapsed on the cold ground panting. Since the Regent came back, he had thought he would be furious, or call over a male concubine to vent his anger. But he only went back to the camp without a word, as if the danger of before had nothing to do with him.

He thought to himself, today he was coldly ignored twice. Was it because the Regent was tired of him? Or suspicious of him?

Thinking of this, he suddenly sat up from the ground uneasily. But then he thought, it was not the case. If he really doubted him, now he would have already become a dead body.

With anxious thoughts, Qing Yi in his wet green robe, walked back to the barracks in a sorry looking state. No, he couldn’t just give up like this. The matter as it was now, it was no longer up to him. Even if he died, he had to die trying.

Feng Aotian did not enter the tent, but stood coldly. She concluded that this person approached her with ulterior motives. However, what she wanted to know more was who was the one behind him?

Qing Yi trembled as he returned to the barracks. The bitterly cold wind blew mercilessly at his thin body, which was already drenched in icy water. The corners of his mouth were blue with cold, and he gritted his teeth stubbornly.

Many soldiers saw the unexpected incident from earlier. They knew the Regent’s temper. Such punishment was already light. However, seeing Qing Yi in such a miserable state, they still inevitably offered looks of sympathy.

Qing Yi tried to straighten his back as much as possible. This kind of humiliation was nothing. Compared to the inhuman pain and torture while in bed with the Regent, where he even had to pretend to be extremely enjoying himself, this was really nothing.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His body was nearly numb, and when he raised his eyes he saw that the Regent had not returned to the camp, but was still standing like an ice peak. He tugged at the corners of his frozen mouth, lowered his eyes, and walked tremblingly in front of Feng Aotian where he kneeled down and said sorrowfully, “This slave made the Lord Prince unhappy, please punish this slave.”

TN: Just to clarify things for any who got confused. When other people think or refer to Feng Aotian they use male pronouns, but when Feng Aotian thinks and refer to herself she obviously uses female pronouns. So you’ll see a lot of back and forth on the pronouns.

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