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When Nie Bufan saw that the Tian Nu‘s husband finding event had been stirred into a mess of muddy water, and there was no more drama to see, he went back to the Chicken Nest Village.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As for Li Yi and Zhang Junshi, they both had socializing to do, but he won’t participate this time. Moreover, being kissed by Li Yi, he felt that he had lost to the other, so he planned to doubly get back at him.

The weather was bright on this day, and Nie Bufan led his chicken brigade out for a walk. As he passed the foot of the mountain, he could vaguely hear a voice. He felt puzzled, how could there be strangers in this place where only chickens lay eggs?

So, he made a “hush” gesture to the chickens, and then sneaked over there for a look.

The flock of chickens also followed his lead, tiptoeing on hands and feet with neck tucked in——cough, of course, they have no hands, so it was actually tucking in their necks and tiptoeing on feet behind Nie Bufan, several pairs of tiny dark thief eyes flashing with inexplicable excitement.

Pulling a handful of branches and leaves apart, he saw three women appear in front of him. One of them Nie Bufan knew, the Tian Nu who had been cheated by him. The one that used to pretend to be Jadeite Nineteen and was named “Jing Rou”.

Why wasn’t she in the city accepting the pursuit of men, and coming here to this deep mountain forest instead?

“Young Lady, are you really planning to go down?” Jadeite 1 hesitated.

“I have to check it out no matter what, this is my last chance.” Tian Nu Nighteen took off her outer robe, revealing the close-fitting clothes inside, her voice carrying a hint of the tragic and solemnity.

There was a deep pool with a diameter of no more than fifteen meters beside the three of them. The water was beautiful and clear as jade.

Was this Lady Nineteen planning to swim in the pool?

Soon, Nie Bufan’s guess was confirmed. After seeing the Tian Nu take a few deep breaths, she got into a diving pose.

He can’t ppssibly watch a perfectly alive young woman just fall into the water! So he jumped out and yelled: “Lady, plase wait!”

Nineteen was taken aback, and fell into the water with a splash.

“Ah, young Lady!” The two Jadeites exclaimed.

Nineteen choked on a few mouthfuls of water and laid on the shore, looking angrily at the guy who suddenly appeared.

The two Jadeites hurriedly pulled Nineteen up from the pool, handing her a towel while helping her wrap on her outer robe.

Nineteen trembled from the cold water, and said in a bad tone: “It’s you? Li Xiaoyao? Why are you here? Are you following me?”

“Uh, I’m not following you, I live nearby.” Nie Bufan spread his hands innocently.

“You live near here?” Nineteen’s expression suddenly became weird.

“Yeah, is there anything weird?”

“Is there anything weird?” Nineteen’s voice was slightly high.

“……” Nie Bufan silently looked at her with eyes that seem like they were looking at an alien creature.

Nineteen coughed, adjusted her expression, and asked as calmly as possible: “As far as I know, there is no hidden aristocratic family residence nearby.”

“Who said that, isn’t there a hidden small mountain village?”

“You aren’t talking about ‘Chicken Nest Village’, are you?”

“Eh? Our Chicken Nest Village is already so famous?” Nie Bufan smiled proudly.

Nineteen took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and said, “According to my investigation, the person who used to sell the tea eggs in the city some time ago came from Chicken Nest Village.”

“Oh hehe, there was such a thing?”

“You are still pretending to be stupid!” Nineteen pointed at him and said angrily, “So you revealed my identity! Tell me, who are you?”

Nie Bufan looked at the sky and replied: “In fact, besides being called ‘Li Xiaoyao’, I also have another name, that is ‘Nie Bufan’.”

Nineteen flushed, and flames seem as if they would burst out of her eyes. Can this guy’s skin be thicker? (TN: thick skin=shameless)

Wait, Nie Bufan?

Nineteen suddenly remembered before leaving the Palace, in addition to telling her where the treasure was hidden, the Mistress also provided a clue to the fifth key, just four words saying: great elegance in vulgarity (TN: mortals must find elegance and the extraordinary in common things). Doesn’t this point to “Bufan” (TN: remember Bufan means extraordinary)? More importantly, this guy lived near the water pool. So saying that he had nothing to do with the matter, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was killed.

Thinking of this, Nineteen changed her expression like changing her face (TN: see the art of Chinese face changing mask, it’s quite fascinating), and she smiled as kindly as possible: “So your name is Nie Bufan, it really is a good name.”

Nie Bufan raised his eyebrows and fell silent. When out of nowhere one is particularly ingratiating then they must be up to nefarious deeds!

“You ruined my husband finding plan earlier, and I will probably be alone for the rest of my life from now on. Do you think you should compensate me?”

“What compensation do you want?”

“I want to buy something from you with a hundred taels of gold.”

Nie Bufan suddenly hugged his chest and said vigilantly: “My chastity will not be exchanged for even thousands of gold.”

Nineteen’s expression looked a bit twisted, and it took a long time to suppress the mad desire to scratch at the walls, and calmly said: “It’s not that, it’s a key. I want to buy a key from you.”

“Key? I’m a chicken farmer, not a locksmith. You found the wrong person.”

Still playing stupid? Nineteen smiled without meaning it and said: “You don’t know about Duobao Sage, do you?”

“I know.”

“Then sell me the key. With your commoner background, can you even maintain possession of the key?”

Nie Bufan looked her up and down, and said with sympathy: “You look quite normal, but how come what you say is incoherent and without logic?”

Nineteen finally couldn’t help jumping in anger: “Don’t think I don’t know, the last key must be with you!”

“Why is it on me? Tell me, what does that key look like?”

Nineteen was momentarily stunned. That’s right, no one knew what the fifth key looked like. If Nie Bufan didn’t know, even if the key was in his hands, he would not be able to recognize it. This was also something she wanted to investigate. She wanted to get a clue on what the key looked like from the lock on the entrance door of the treasure deposit.

But it seemed there was no need for it now. She absolutely believed in the deduction of the Mistress, and the fifth key must be on Nie Bufan.

“Do you live in Chicken Nest Village?” Nineteen asked suddenly.

“Yes.” Nie Bufan smiled, “I am the head villager of Chicken Nest Village.”

Head villager? Just a farmer then. It was truly as the divination said, great elegance in vulgarity, just looking at his looks and manners, he did not look like a poor common man at all.

“Okay, let’s stop here today.” Nineteen wrapped up her clothes and pretended to say weakly, “I just fell into the water, I have to go back to warm up, otherwise I am afraid I will get sick.”

“Then Lady Nineteen should go back and have a good rest, I won’t be sending you off.”

“No need, no need.” Nineteen left with the help of the two Jadeites, walking in an “elegant and supple” way.

Actually, using “a graceful trot” seemed more appropriate in Nie Bufan’s eyes.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After seeing that they have all left, Nie Bufan squatted beside the water pond thoughtfully, and the chickens that had been hidden behind him sprang out.

After a while, Nie Bufan waved in a certain direction and shouted: “Little Turtle, go down and take a look.”

A shiny green chicken slowly moved out of the flock, twisted its neck, stretched its legs, and then jumped into the pool with a “splash”, soon disappearing.

Just after Nie Bufan drank a small flask of wine and ate an egg, Little Turtle popped out and swam to the shore, where Nie Bufan picked him up.

Little Turtle’s wet chicken feathers were all stuck and flattened to the skin and flesh, appearing thin and pitiful. No wonder there were such descriptions as “a drowned chicken” (TN: expression to describe a person who looks drenched and bedraggled) in this world. However, Little Turtle didn’t care at all, and shook the feathers on his body, instantly water droplets splashed everywhere. The chickens all around took a step back, and waited for him to finish shaking before rejoining the circle.

Clutched in Little Turtle’s claws was a round object, which looked like an egg, but it was engraved with strange patterns, and there was a connector line in the middle.

Nie Bufan tried a few times. Although he couldn’t open it, he could rotate it left and right. With the slow rotation, the patterns on the egg also changed, looking very strange and fascinating. It was hard to believe that there was such exquisite craftsmanship in this era.

This……could this be the last key?

Could it be that Nineteen came here just to find this key?

Nie Bufan shook his head, that wasn’t right. If she had known that the key was down in the pool, she would not leave so easily, and also saying she wanted to buy the key from him.

If she was not looking for the key, was it to investigate the entrance to the treasure deposit?

Under the water pool was the place where the Duobao Sage had hidden his treasure?

Nie Bufan stared at the egg in his hand for a long time, and then said to the chickens: “Say, what should I do?”

The chickens flapped their wings, crowed, cackled, and generally made a lot of noise.

It seemed that there were many opinions, but Nie Bufan didn’t understand a word. He had to admit that the chickens were more talented in language than him, at least after the mutation, they could understand his words, but the reverse was completely impossible.

Nie Bufan shook his head, put the thing in his hand into his bag, then also fumbled in the bag, and muttered, “Ai, I have eaten all the eggs I brought out today.”

As soon as his last word fell, he saw a bright white egg rolling out of the flock of chickens, and rolling all the way to Nie Bufan’s feet. Don’t know which chicken had pushed it.

Nie Bufan smiled: “Thanks.”

Then he handed the egg to Little Turtle: “Have to trouble Little Turtle again, can you put this back in place.”

Little Turtle grabbed the egg and dived into the water once again.

Nie Bufan was quite interested in the treasure deposit underwater, but unfortunately, after testing the water temperature, he could only dispel the idea of ​​going down and taking a look in person.

When Little Turtle finished, Nie Bufan called the chickens and walked back toward the village in a large and awe-inspiring procession.

The lamentable Nineteen, if she had gone down the pool one step earlier, Nie Bufan would have nothing to do with the last key. Who would have thought that the last key was at the entrance of the treasure deposit?

Destiny was sometimes so fantastical. Nie Bufan originally wouldn’t have gotten the key, but because of Nineteen’s participation in the situation, it caused a chain reaction. In the end, it just happened to confirm the divination of the Mistress of Divining Heaven Palace. Was this the result of fate or human cause?

As soon as Nie Bufan opened the door the next morning, he saw the Tian Nu standing with a smile in front of him with two Jadeites.

“What are you doing here?”

“I have decided to stay in Chicken Nest Village for the time being until I find what I am looking for.”

Nie Bufan looked at a certain gray chicken that flew by behind them, and calmly said: “The Chicken Nest Village does not seem to be suitable for a young Lady to live in.”

“It’s fine.” Nineteen smiled still, “I also want to experience the suffering in the world.”

Nie Bufan looked at her sympathetically, and asked again: “Are you sure?”

“Sure of it.”

“No regrets?”

“No way.”

“That’s good.” Nie Bufan sighed and pointed in a certain direction. “There are empty houses over there. Go and clean up by yourself.”

“Thank you.”

Seeing that they were about to leave, Nie Bufan added: “Food and lodging expenses are calculated on a daily basis, 30 coins a day, and no credit is available.”

The three of them paused. In a moment, a Jadeite came over and gave Nie Bufan a purse, saying with disdain: “Pauper.”

Nie Bufan took the bag of money, there was at least a dozen taels, hehe, enough. How long will they last? It was really something worth looking forward to.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

En, also, even the Tian Nu came here, maybe the people of the four big families were not far away, right? Should he develop some products to sell……

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  1. There is truly and admirable tenacity in Nie Bufan to go from “oh no! My tenant is coming on to me!” To “I’m going to get back at him!” as though those actions somehow aren’t what got him into trouble in the first place? One usually doesn’t get away from an angry bear by continuing to poke it. Such flawless optimism!

    Of course the key is an egg! What else would it be? The mystery of this village deepens!

    At leas the new tenant is paying this time around, though the chicken servant is infinitely more useful!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! NB amazes me every time with his imagination when it comes to give names to those around him, Little Turtle, hahaha, and the description that resemble a turtle and the drowned appearance was amazing. I shouldn’t be surprised that every important event that is just mentioned will happen in the future will implicate NB in some way, but i’m still amazed how he manage to stick his nose or stumble over every new event that is expected to happen. I’m looking forward to see until when Nineteen can endure experiencing life in Chicken Village, it will be fun.

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