The Cruel Tyrant CH 011 Siyuan

Su Mu went out of the city in the same carriage with Yun Feiyu right after morning assembly. He didn’t know if he was too tired recently but Su Mu fell asleep unknowingly to the scent coming from Yun Feiyu.

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Looking at the sleeping young man leaning on his shoulder, his slender fingers slowly climbed up Su Mu’s pale neck and stroked ambiguously, as if he could easily snap off the thin neck with a little effort. Feeling the warmth from his fingertips, Yun Feiyu curved the corners of his mouth and smiled. This seemingly delicate young man was the fearsome Crown Prince of Qing kingdom.

Yun Feiyu had no doubts that as long as he revealed even the slightest murder intent now, the Crown Prince will immediately tear him to pieces. His bright red lips tempted him to approach slowly, and his pale fingers gently rubbed Su Mu’s soft lips.

No matter how much you do, it cannot make up for the mistakes you have committed.

The carriage slowly stopped, Su Mu slowly opened his eyes, and after realizing that he had slept all the way on Yun Feiyu’s shoulder, his face turned red uncomfortably, and he hurriedly lifted the curtain and got out of the carriage.

Yun Feiyu suppressed the slightest throbbing in his heart and followed along.

The reflection of the red leaves over the mountains and plains on the lake surface was like a masterpiece painting, and Su Mu’s mood also improved.

Not far away, Lin Siyuan had been waiting on the boat for a long time. But when Su Mu saw the face of Lin Siyuan, who was known as the second most beautiful man in the imperial capital, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch. Even the perfect smile on Yun Feiyu’s face, who had always been composed, began to crack, and he truly wished to press that face into the ground.

Curvy willow eyebrows, pink peach cheeks, and autumn pond water-like eyes. If these traits were found on a woman she would be a great beauty. But when placed on a 1.8 meter tall man, Su Mu had only a bad chill running all over his body.

Yun Feiyu turned around to look at the scenery. He definitely didn’t know this guy.

Lin Siyuan, dressed in light blue, stood there with a shy smile, and said: “Caomin pays respects to the Crown Prince.”

Su Mu nodded and sat down, knowing that this was Lin Siyuan’s doing in order to prevent him from taking an interest with him. He was quite depressed. He looked at Lin Siyuan who affected the look of a timid little wife and said, “Lin Gongzi truly possess……good looks.”

Lin Siyuan pursed his lips and said with a smile: “Your Highness, you are too kind.”

Su Mu suddenly shuddered, and couldn’t help but look at Yun Feiyu next to him instead, and at his smooth skin and handsome facial features as well as perfect manners, all of which would leave the guy on the opposite side in the dust.

After the three of them got on the boat and sat down one after another, they took the tea cup handed over by Yun Feiyu. Su Mu gave Yun Feiyu a tender look, and the latter immediately got goosebumps on his body, his hand also shaking slightly. Yun Feiyu hurriedly turned around, thinking to himself, Crown Prince, you really don’t suit this look.

A tiger putting on a cat’s expression, no matter how he looked at it, it was just simply terrifying.

Su Mu didn’t know that his acting skills were so substandard. He looked at Lin Siyuan, who acted even more dainty and coquettish than a woman, and endured the bizarre feeling, saying: “Lin Gongzi has such erudition and scholarship, why not work for the court and benefit the people?”

Lin Siyuan smiled, revealing a mouthful of white teeth, and said in a low voice, “There are so many capable and educated people in the court, how can I dare to show my ugliness as a little scholar.” The court was full of corrupt officials, if he were to join the court wouldn’t he just be looking for death?

Su Mu’s stomach twisted, nearly having been caused to vomit nauseously by Lin Siyuan and said, “Lin Gongzi will let the hard work of years of strenuous studying be wasted? Currently the people are in dire straits, Lin Gongzi should save them from it since you are capable, wouldn’t you agree?”

Weren’t these dire straits caused by the incapable rulers of the Su family, why should I go and clean up this mess? Lin Siyuan secretly cursed the eighteen generations of the Su family ancestors, but on the surface he had on a shy smile, and said shyly and timidly: “His Royal Highness sees too highly of me. As a weak scholar how can I be so capable? Writing a few essays is fine. As for the court affairs, I don’t know anything at all and do not dare to embarrass myself!”

Su Mu turned his face away to avoid Lin Siyuan’s effeminate face and manners, and sighed with an appearance of being worried about the country and the people, and said: “Now the strong enemy of the Qing kingdom surround us, and the crisis is everywhere, could Lin Gongzi bear to see the displaced citizens of the Qing kingdom, families torn apart?”

Lin Siyuan also followed with a long sigh, and gently shook his head saying, “So what if I can’t bear it? I’m just a useless scholar who can’t possibly change the skies and destiny.”

This was not said by Lin Siyuan just to reject Su Mu, but really how he felt. Now the Qing kingdom was already rotten inside and outside, and the only reason for not perishing was because the Crown Prince’s powerful martial prowess acting as a deterrent. But how could this be a long-term solution? The Crown Prince was a strong person but he was still mortal. Inner conflict consisted of rebels from all quarters of the kingdom, and outer conflict consisted of the covetuous desires of the Jin kingdom and the Shi kingdom, as well as many other neighboring kingdoms. Lin Siyuan seemed to have foreseen that in the near future, Qing kingdom collapsing, the people displaced and homeless and people like him will be enslaved by other kingdoms.

Thinking of this, Lin Siyuan wished to chop up the Crown Prince in front of him, but he could only think of it. Let’s not mention the Crown Prince’s terrifying martial prowess who could kill him with just one finger. In this current situation, as long as the Crown Prince dies, Qing kingdom will probably be caught up in endless wars immediately.

“It is a matter for your own effort, even the skies and destiny will not be impossible to change.” Su Mu smiled mysteriously and began to put on a con act: “You guys are all curious about why I seem like I changed into a different person in a short time, right?”

When this was mentioned, both Lin Siyuan and Yun Feiyu stopped their movements and looked at Su Mu. Speaking of, there were countless outrageous guesses on why the Crown Prince’s temperament changed drastically during the recent period. Lin Siyuan and Yun Feiyu have also heard a lot of versions. But they didn’t expect the Crown Prince to speak out himself.

Su Mu coldly snorted: “An old man found me and said that my killing sins were too deep. I must save the people of the world and repay the sins that I have committed, otherwise he would kill me.”

No wonder the Crown Prince’s temperament had changed a lot. It turned out to be because of this. It was not that Lin Siyuan and Yun Feiyu completely believed Su Mu with just a few words, it was because this explanation seemed to be more reasonable. If it weren’t for his life being threatened, who would be able to deter a person as undisciplined and out of control as the Crown Prince. But they were even more surprised that there was still someone in this world who had beaten the Crown Prince, and they couldn’t help but feel a little curious about this expert master.

Lin Siyuan lifted an orchid finger (TN: hand gesture in traditional dances in which one joined the thumb and middle finger, with the rest extended, usually a very feminine gesture), as he picked up the teacup and took a sip. And then he took out a strongly scented small handkerchief embroidered with butterflies and wiped his mouth with it, smiling shyly and said: “So, it’s like this, don’t know who this expert master that can convince the Crown Prince.”

“Just a damn old man, if it wasn’t for what he left behind……” Su Mu paused and said disdainfully: “Ben Gong would have already put him to death.” So that was how it turned out!

The Crown Prince did too many bad things, and the hermit master couldn’t stand to watch it anymore but also couldn’t bear to kill. So he taught the Crown Prince to correct his evil ways and return to righteousness, as well as leaving behind things that moved the Crown Prince, causing the Crown Prince to restrain his behavior.

The above was the speculation of Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu didn’t wait for the two to ask him, and he began to recite: “War is the top priority of the country. It is the key that people live or die. It is the way to determine the survival of the country. It should be seriously studied and investigated. We should analyze from five aspects……” After reciting Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Su Mu was quite proud to see the shocked expressions on Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan. This was a treasure that had been passed down in China for thousands of years. Even in another world, it could still bloom with brilliance.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This chapter was a bit more interesting than the last, but i hope at least Yun Feiyu don’t believe that nonsense talk about what made Su Mu change, i mean is really lame, because taking in account the personality of old Su Mu, is most probably Su Mochi would let himself be killed than accept to change his ways, but for the sake of settling this matter i will ignore this conversation if is not addresed again in the future. Lin Siyuan has his charm, i like how shameless he is, the act he put in front of Yun Feiyu and Su Mu eas the best part of this chapter. Looking forward to read the next chapter.

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    1. LOL it was a bit of a lame excuse but I think Su Mu knew that. Like he probably just wanted the ignorant masses to believe this so that he can slowly change the crown prince’s reputation among the people of Qing kingdom. But people close to him like his harem and the officials likely wouldn’t believe it but then again that wasn’t his intention anyway. Yeah, lol Lin Siyuan and his shameless ways

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  2. Thank you! Despite some plot holes, like really he could think of better excuse for changing his ways , I mean in his situation it is really unwise to show weakness. He could just dump it on new magnificent cultivation method? Like, practise restraint? He is quite simple minded. But still it has some charm. Not sure whats the deal with YF for now. But he really tortured the bunch of them ( or actually moichi did) and they really should be hostile.

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