This Lord is Too Cruel Ch 003 The General Imprisoned In The Harem

Dawn arrived and only a sliver of the moon remained visible.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The extravagance and scent of blood that wafted over the camp for the past few days had now disappeared. It was a rare clear and sunny day, with not a trace of blood. After a few days, the military camp finally ushered in the peace and solemnity of the past.

If the Regent had not come, at this moment, the entire military camp would be up and ready, morning exercises in full swing and loud shouts resounding across the sky. The battle cries would pierce straight into the sky like countless sharp swords, traveling to the west, 30 miles away where the military camp of Qi State was stationed. The momentum would be magnificent, the sound harsh and piercing, bringing terror to all who heard it.

Nowadays, however, the surrounding area was silent and depressed.

Qing Yi bowed his head, kneeling in front of the camp. The cold wind pierced his bones all night, his long hair scattered down his chest, covering his face, and his thin figure appeared even thinner. Even though he knelt in the cold wind all night and his whole body had become stiff, it still couldn’t hold up against the fear in his heart.

Feng Aotian stayed up all night, thinking on the dangers of being pulled into conspiracies and schemes at any time, and felt as if a target was painted on her back. She must act preemptively rather than sit and wait for death.

Qi State and Feng State were just small border kingdoms. Compared with the large and powerful kingdoms on this continent, they were really not anything to be feared. However, these small kingdoms have not formed a friendly attitude between them. Instead, each had ambitions and scheme to annex their neighbors and expand their own territory. In this way, there have been continuous battles over the past century. Although the two kingdoms have suffered their own losses, neither have yet to achieve their wishes.

This time, Qi State once again provoked trouble between the two kingdoms, as they also know that Feng S was no longer what it used to be, the military had weakened, and the state of affairs in the kingdom uneasy.

Two years ago, the former Emperor died, and now the Emperor was still young while the Empress Dowager did not take part in the government. The Prince Regent took over power, but did not do anything to benefit the kingdom and the people. In the short two years since, the progress of the economy and agriculture in Feng State have come to a halt. And coupled with successive years of natural disasters, the people end up having no harvest yet the court had no intention of being sympathetic, but instead intensified and increased taxes, causing the people to be displaced and miserable.

But that was not all, in the imperial court, everyone faced a different kind of danger than the common people. All talented, or all kinds of outstanding young men, especially those with good looks, were now called into the harem by the Regent. Even if they were full of talents, or full of ambition to better the kingdom, they were all now playthings for the Regent.

More than that, just counting the deaths of the innocent, or those died from being implicated, there were more than two hundred officials who were incorrupt and upright but ended up executed. In today’s imperial court there was no one not afraid of the brutal methods of the Regent. Who was willing to serve such a court? It was not easy to live in such dangerous times.

Of course she knew the stakes. In the past two years, uncountable people have died by Feng Aotian’s hands.

The water can carry or overturn the boat (TN: famous saying comparing the people to water and the country to a boat). How could the disasters caused over the past two years be fixed overnight?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The sky was full of red clouds, and the light of daybreak was bright and warm.

Feng Aotian walked out of the camp slowly, wearing jet black narrow-sleeved official robes with auspicious clouds embroidered with golden threads at the cuffs. Her black hair was tied up and fixed with a gold crown inlaid with jade. A tall and straight figure and a handsomely beautiful face blessed by the gods. But that cold pair of phoenix eyes like the deepest and most icy pool left no doubt that no matter how bright and magnificent her person appeared, it will never melt the chill in her eyes.

“Lord Prince……” Qing Yi bit his lips tightly and raised his eyes slightly, his voice almost hoarse.

Feng Aotian passed by his side as if he was air, not sparing him even a look let alone any pity. She knew that the person who was able to plan her death in such a vicious manner would definitely not get rid of their malicious intentions just because of any present kindness. It was better to just let him fend for himself instead of wasting unwanted mercy.

Qing Yi sneered. He had known deeply that the Regent had always been ruthless, and his chapped lips pulled up. After Feng Aotian left, he raised his head and smiled wider in ridicule. The sun was dazzling and the rays pierced his pupils. He knew that revenge now was an extravagant hope, and he stretched out his hand and stroked his beating heart which had now fallen into an endless abyss.

“Sixi, lead the way ahead, this Lord is going to the meeting hall.” The bright sunlight shone down on his upright back, bathing him in a beam of light, and the inherent aura and charisma of the strong made people afraid to look directly. The patrol soldiers bowed their heads and stood respectfully on one side, fearing that the Regent’s cruel nature would cause him to vent any anger on them, or if he became interested with any of them. Either way it would mean that their lives or future would have come to an end.

The fact that Feng Aotian came to the border this time was because someone deliberately led her to come, and the person who was blowing the pillow wind in her ears (TN: expression for swaying through pillow talk) also revealed intentionally or unintentionally that they had met someone who looked the same as the former Emperor at the border. Only then did she ignore the danger, leaving away from the capital, and personally setting out for a war campaign against Qi State.

She thought back to when she woke up yesterday and saw the soldiers from Qi State who seem to have came there on purpose. They all had surprised looks appear in their eyes when they saw that she wasn’t dead. In addition, that she possessed profound martial arts was well known to the world, but the leader seemed to think victory was within his grasp. He was not afraid of her at all, seeming confident that he could kill her easily. It could be affirmed that yesterday’s danger was also deeply related to Qi State. But if there was no person working with them from the inside, it would be very difficult for Qi State to succeed.

Just who was the inside person, she will find out in the future. The most urgent task now was to settle the border war as soon as possible to prevent the capital from taking advantage of her departure and replacing her from power.

Now, although the trust placed in her by the frontier soldiers cannot be recovered, the military must still be stabilized. After she returned to the capital, she must also ensure that there will be no turmoil in the frontier within a short period of time before she could train good generals.

Sixi turned sideways slightly and respectfully led the way. He could detect that since yesterday after the Regent returned to the camp he had become very different from the past. Now far away from the capital, people who were not familiar with the Regent will naturally not see it, but he had followed and worked under his godfather (TN: often eunuchs practice accepting godsons among other younger eunuchs as a form of support or heir to their position as they cannot have descendants of their own) for five years. Naturally he had become more familiar with the temperament of the Regent. The Regent who used to show his emotions outwardly had now become unfathomable. It really puzzled him. What happened yesterday?

This time, godfather especially sent him here to serve the Regent. This was the first time he had served in front of the Regent, so he was more cautious, for fear that a little carelessness may cause the Regent displeasure. So even if he perceived the difference, he would not have any outward reaction.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Aotian had yet to enter the meeting chamber, when she heard a roar from inside, “Hmmph, I, Li Su, am not afraid to lose my head, if I die then I die. Rather than live pathetically like this, I would rather have a quick end. Tell me, this Regent had been in the military camp for six days. What else had he done every day besides having fun and killing people? Now the enemy is in front of us yet the soldiers are currently in low morale, every one of them like a frightened bird. How can they still want to fight? And add that to a cruel tyrant in power, the people have no way of surviving, and warriors like us who will die to defend their homes and nations have now become playthings for abuse. If this goes on, we might as well simply surrender directly. It would be better to let Qi State’s army come straight in the borders than to be tortured to death by him. Think about it, General Leng was called back to the capital two years ago and was imprisoned in the harem since. Now his life and death is uncertain. If it weren’t for the General’s order to guard the border, how can I, Li Su, still continue to swallow my anger like a pathetic coward. Now, Feng State’s destruction is truly fated by the heavens!”


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