Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 018 The Child Can Be Taught

The dawn just broke, and there was a rush of footsteps coming from far to near, and then a “bang” sounded as the door was violently slammed open.

“Nie Bufan, why does my bed have a……chicken……” Nineteen broke into Nie Bufan’s room aggressively and accused loudly, but the ending sound became almost inaudible after seeing the scene in front of her.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

What came into sight were a flock of chickens lying in disorder on Nie Bufan’s big bed, at least 20 chickens could be visually counted, and Nie Bufan was densely surrounded in a circle.

Surrounded by “beauties”, warm fragrances and soft jade……(TN: used to describe beautiful women)

Nineteen seemed to have seen some kind of decadent and hedonistic scene, and the foot that was about to step into the room didn’t know whether it should continue forward or step back decisively. As she hesitated, Nie Bufan had already woke up.

He half propped himself up on one hand, squinted at Nineteen, and said displeased: “What’s the matter? This early morning, disturbing people’s dreams, it is unforgivable.”

Nineteen had lost the initial haughtiness, and muttered in a low voice: “I just want to ask you, why did a chicken show up in my bed……”

“This is Chicken Nest Village, ‘Chicken’, Nest, Village!” Nie Bufan sat up with his messy hair, his thin clothes loose, exposing large areas of skin.

“But still they can’t go on the bed, I evidently closed the doors.” Nineteen looked away.

“What about the window?” Nie Bufan finger combed his hair carelessly, then looked around for clothes. The chickens around him also jumped out of the warm bed and filed out in groups. When passing by Nineteen, they also casted sharp eye knives, making one feel rather chilly.

“Window?” Nineteen asked in confusion, “The window must also be closed?”

“Obviously, the chickens in Chicken Nest Village are omnipotent and all-pervasive.” Nie Bufan wore an outer shirt that had been ravaged by the chickens, and was about to put on his pants before he realized something was wrong. “I say, Tian Nu, you are a lady at least. Not mentioning rashly entering a man’s room, are you planning to watch me get dressed as well?”

Saying so, he stretched out a beautifully bare leg from under the quilt.

“Ah!” Nineteen screamed, hiding her face as she rushed out.

After freshening up and finished making a hot breakfast, Nineteen appeared again, this time with the two Jadeites.

“You’re here, please use it.” Nie Bufan brought them hot porridge and a plate of cooked eggs.

Nineteen didn’t even look at it, but said with a cold face: “Nie Bufan, in the next days, I will conduct a large-scale search in Chicken Nest Village, including your room, please don’t put up a resistance.”

“Oh.” Nie Bufan swallowed a mouthful of porridge, and said vaguely, “Whatever you like.”

“Very good.” Nineteen was quite satisfied with his cooperative attitude and affirmed, “If I can find what I want, I will not treat you badly.”

“As long as you’re happy.” Nie Bufan smiled again.

“Fine, enjoy your breakfast slowly.” After saying that, Nineteen got up sharply and led the Jadeites out in a gallant manner.

“Hey, don’t you want something to eat?” Nie Bufan shouted at their backs.

“You eat it yourself!” Eat in the morning? For those who never eat breakfast, Nie Bufan who ate breakfast was the oddball.

Nie Bufan tsked a few times, not commenting on this.
Nineteen had a general understanding of the terrain of Chicken Nest Village, and the next step was to conduct a thorough search.

Such a shabby mountain village, can it even pose an obstacle for her? Nineteen was full of confidence. However, she soon stopped thinking so. The chickens in Chicken Nest Village were different. They don’t hide when they see people, have a fierce temper and a strong sense of territory. If you don’t pay attention, you will even be attacked. Not only that, but they must always be careful of flying poop, truly impossible to guard against. It was enough for one to be disgusted to death. It can be said that as long as there were chickens in the area, Nineteen and her Jadeites were unable to move an inch, and in Chicken Nest Village, there were chickens everywhere……

“Ah——” Nineteen screamed angrily.

“Bang!” The door of Nie Bufan’s house was treated to a violent kick by a certain woman again.

“Lady Nineteen, good afternoon.” Nie Bufan was peeling garlic leisurely.

“What the hell is this place here?” Nineteen frantically said, “Have all the chickens already become spirit demons?”

“This……probably a problem of fengshui.”

Fengshui? You are talking Fengshui to me? Do you know who I am? I am the Tian Nu of Divining Heaven Palace!” Nineteen slapped the table and said angrily, “What are you doing raising so many chickens? Doing nothing every day, not laying eggs, and not being made into food! Are they decoration?”

“Lady, misfortune comes from the mouth.”

“Come a ghost!”

“Be careful about encountering ghosts.”

“Ghost my ass!”

“……I am despairing of this world, so this is the rumored lady?”

Nineteen paused, she suddenly felt something was wrong. She looked at Nie Bufan hesitantly and asked, “Were you talking just now?”

Nie Bufan shook his head innocently.

“The who was it cutting into the conversation?”

He shook his head again, showing that he didn’t know.

Nineteen muttered to herself, could she be hallucinating? She looked around and found a colorful chicken sitting on the cabinet in a dignified manner, staring at Nineteen with a pair of melancholy eyes.

“It looks familiar.” Nineteen pointed at the chicken, trembling slightly.

En, you’ve seen him once, he’s called ‘Hero’.”

“Hero! That talking chicken!” She kept hypnotizing herself that the last time had just been a dream, but who knew that she would encounter this chicken once again. What did it say just now, despair for this world? Shouldn’t she be despairing of this world?

Nineteen leaned on the table top with her hands, and lowered her head weakly.

Nie Bufan saw that she was shocked enough, so he changed the subject and said: “Are you looking for me?”

“That’s right.” Nineteen looked up and said, as if thinking of something, “I think it’s useless to search randomly. I still have to make a trip to the pool. Only by looking at the lock can I guess the approximate shape of the key.”


“You go with me. This is your land boundary. And it will be convenient if anything happens. Anyway, you know everything you should know.”


“Time is running out. If I can’t find the last key before the members of the four major families arrive, the reputation of Divining Heaven Palace will be ruined. Those people think the key is in my possession.”


“Nie Bufan, can you give me some other reaction? You’re very happy to see me in desperate straits, aren’t you?”

Nie Bufan finished peeling the last garlic, clapped his hands, stood up and said, “Let’s go, go to the water pool.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The four of them came to the pool from last time, and Nineteen put on an outfit that was easy to move in and made preparations by the pool.

“This water is quite freezing, are you sure you want to go down?”

“The arrow is on the string, there’s no choice but to let it fly.” Nineteen had on a tragic expression of facing death with equanimity.

Nie Bufan, this guy, who was holding the key but pretending to be ignorant, watched with a serious expression as the Tian Nu jumped to death, cough, jump into the water.

Nineteen plucked up the courage to jump into the pool, and the two Jadeites looked on nervously.

Nie Bufan sat under a tree, carefreely peeling an egg to eat. In truth, he had quietly let Little Turtle to follow along just now. After all, teasing is one thing, but it is another thing to cause death.

Not long after, bubbles suddenly appeared on the calm water surface, and then a head popped out.

“Young Lady!” The two Jadeites were overjoyed, and together they stepped forward and pulled Nineteen ashore.

Nineteen’s skin was blue, but there was joy on her face. After panting for a while, she happily said, “Do you know what I found?”

“What?” the three asked simultaneously.

“The fifth key!” Nineteen looked excited, “I didn’t expect the last key to be at the entrance of the treasure deposit!”

“Really? Where is the key?” The two Jadeites asked quickly.

“Look, this is it.” Nineteen stretched out her hand, revealing the bright white thing in her palm.

“Uh……” Jadeite 1 hesitated, “Why does this look like……”

“Like an egg.” Jadeite 2 finished.

Nineteen proudly said: “Duobao Sage is a master of marvelous skills. The things he made were always exquisite. Often the more seemingly ordinary objects, the more unique. That he can make a key the same as a real egg his skills are simply just unparalleled.”

The two Jadeite revealed identical expressions of awe. At this moment, the egg was no longer an egg in their eyes, but a peerless treasure.

Nie Bufan picked his ears with his little finger and remained silent.

“Now, let’s take a look at this egg, no, this key and see what kind of secret it hides.” Nineteen carefully picked up the egg, looked left and right, and kept rubbing it with her fingers, as if looking for some mechanism.

For a while, to no avail.

Nineteen smiled and said: “This key is indeed made like a real egg.” But in her heart she roared: What’s the point of making it so lifelike?!

As time went by, sweat stains appeared on Nineteen’s forehead, and her body kept trembling.

Nie Bufan finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and said with his conscience that was worth only a penny, “The way I see it, it is actually an egg, right?”

“What do you know?” Nineteen said angrily without looking up, “Would Duobao Sage put an ordinary egg at the entrance of the treasure deposit?”

“Maybe it fell accidentally?”

Nineteen ignored him and continued to ponder the egg.

Nie Bufan patiently spoke again, trying to save someone that was about to go crazy: “Believe me, this is an ordinary egg, I promise in the name of the head villager of Chicken Nest Village.”

Nineteen finally stopped, she said angrily: “Why are you so annoying? Don’t you see that I am busy? If this is an ordinary egg, then I will knock into a tree!”

“I suggest you try to strike a stone with the egg (TN: idiom for attempting the impossible) first.”

“Fine I’ll strike it, I’ll let you see just how the egg breaks the stone!” After speaking, she striked the egg on the ground.

“Splat!” The egg broke, and the sticky substance inside was stained all over Nineteen’s hand.

Nineteen was also broken, and her whole person unresponsive as if she was frozen.

The two Jadeites had their mouths gaping open, not knowing how to react.

After a while, Nineteen suddenly stood up and rushed towards a big tree, crying as she knocked her head on it: “Why? Just why?”

Nie Bufan walked over and patted her on the shoulder, and comforted: “Forget it, don’t hurt yourself, if you must blame someone then blame the old man named Duobao.”

He pushed the black pot (TN: expression for blame) to someone else without blinking an eye.
Nineteen said fiercely: “Yes, that old man is really hateful!” After speaking, she cried again: “The people of the four major families will arrive soon. How should I face them? If it continues to drag on, I will be exposed!”

“Ai?” Nie Bufan waved his hand, “If you just want to delay the time, what is so difficult?”

“What, do you have a way?”

“Of course, you just have to tell them that opening the treasure deposit requires a specific time, and you must wait before the time arrives. As for when that time is, is it not your decision?”

Nineteen eyes lit up: “Yes, why didn’t I think of it?”

Nie Bufan gave a contemptuous look: “And you still say that you are the Tian Nu of Divining Heaven Palace? You can’t even pretend to be a quack.”

Nineteen was a bit embarrassed and said, “Thank you, now I know how to deal with it.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan pretended to nod profoundly: “The child can be taught.”

Poor Nineteen, she was sold by Nie Bufan and she even helped count the money……

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  1. Couldn’t stop laughing this chapter! Oh, rain nu, despite being from a group with “heaven” in your name, I do not think it smiles upon you!

    I now also have concerns the MLs are going to have to actually fight chickens to get a place in Nie Bufan’s bed. And to maintain favor afterwards! Are the chickens the lawful spouses while the MLs are mere concubines? Seems fitting for our Chicken God!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! The chickens and their eggs are grabbing more spotlight this chapter! I expected Nineteen banging at NB door several time this chapter, but i forget the habit that NB has of allowing chickens to sleep in his bed and what the scene of NB room full of chickens everywhere and his messy appearance can have in other people. Nineteen indecision to continue forward or step back into the room and her obliviously criticizing NB for raising so many chickens that do nothing every day, not even laying eggs or make into food, basicaly being useless, with chicken Hero cutting in her conversation was the best part of the chapter hahaha. Nineteen must be easy to trick, because he didn’t have much experience of how cunning some people or people who she is usually meeting can be, or having someone take advantage of her, wrong her until now or did her wrong, i guess probably because they were afraid of the status of her family, so i pity her a bit. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  3. 5 keys huh. This sounds a little it like One Piece. And this Tian Nu has some similarities with Nami. Seriously, the way she talks completely make me cracked. 🤣

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