The Cruel Tyrant CH 012 Demolished

After being shocked, Yun Feiyu and Lin Siyuan looked at each other, and unexpectedly showed worried expressions.

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Why is it not the same as what he had expected? Su Mu looked at the expressions of the two and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

Yun Feiyu thought for a while, and said: “Your Highness, this is the treasure of the Wu kingdom. It is the secret of the Wu kingdom orally dictated by each Wu Emperor to his most loyal and trusted generals. Your Highness, don’t let others know, otherwise if this gets back to the Emperor of the Wu kingdom it might lead to war.”


Su Mu’s face was calm and did not reveal any hints to what he was feeling, but in his heart he ruthlessly stuck his middle finger up at the heavens.

Was there a second transmigrater or something? Although after several months of reviewing this world’s history, Su Mu still deeply felt that his common knowledge was extremely lacking at this moment.

Fortunately, he didn’t shamelessly say that it was his original theory. It seemed that he would have to consider everything carefully before introducing it in the future.

Lin Siyuan added: “Your Highness, that expert probably does not have kind intentions. Passing on the military book of the Wu kingdom to Your Highness is probably to provoke a war between the Wu kingdom and Qing kingdom for profit. It might even be someone sent by Shi kingdom or Jin kingdom. Since the other party has left you with the military book, he will definitely send out the news next. Your Highness, you must prepare early. Even if Wu kingdom sends someone to ask questions, you must deny it. Qing kingdom and Wu kingdom’s national strength are not on the same level, Your Highness must be very careful.”

Looking at the solemn expressions of Lin Siyuan and Yun Feiyu, Su Mu was quite speechless. What expert, it was just made up by him.

As for the Wu kingdom, Su Mu knew a little bit about it. Wu kingdom was a warlike country. It often lead soldiers to march on the lands of neighboring countries. If you let them know that they “stole” their military book, could Qing kingdom in its current fragile state stand up against the ravages of Wu kingdom?

Su Mu sighed slightly, why is being this Crown Prince such a troublesome and joyless thing? It would be nice to have transmigrated as the Crown Prince of Wu Kingdom.

Inside the Wu kingdom palace, a handsome man who was examining a battle map suddenly sneezed fiercely.

Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu who had on a grave face, and warmly said: “Your Highness does not have to be so worried. There are several other small countries between Wu and our country. It is not so easy to send troops to our country from Wu kingdom.”

Su Mu looked at the red leaves that covered the mountains and no longer had the mood to appreciate the scenery, and sighed again: “I hope so!” When it was truly to the point of powerless to change anything, it would not be a big deal. He didn’t have to be this Crown Prince. Besides, having inherited Su Mochi’s martial arts would he be afraid of not being able to escape?

It’s just that what man didn’t have lofty aspirations and ambitions.

The slender body, soft black hair, and perfect but not feminine beautiful face were enough to charm a large group of young girls. Su Mu stood quietly on the bow of the boat, his ordinary light-colored gown looked extravagant and elegant when dressed by him. The lightly furrowed brows gave him a bit of a melancholy air, but it only made him more fascinating.

Lin Siyuan looked at the Crown Prince whose beauty did not appear like a mortal’s, turned his head and smiled at Yun Feiyu, who was next to him, raising his eyebrows, and said silently, “The Crown Prince doesn’t seem that frightning.”

Yun Feiyu gave him a cold look and ignored him. The Crown Prince’s appearance was indeed very charming and caused one to let their guards down, but if you have seen the Crown Prince killing someone, you will not want to see him a second time.

There was no one to punt the boat, so the three of them sat in the boat and let it drift slowly.

It had been half an hour since Su Mu stood at the bow of the ship pretending to be the mast. Neither Yun Feiyu nor Lin Siyuan disturbed him, and they played Go quietly on the ship. Suddenly, the small boat reached a bend, and another small boat slowly approached their direction. The man was dressed in black, which was in contrast to Su Mu’s white, and stood on the bow like a rock.

The man was slender but strong. Even though he was covered in clothes, one can feel the powerful power coiled in his body. He had sharp blade like eyebrows, bright eyes, and was as handsome as the gods. There was no expression on his cold face. His whole person was like a lifelike sculpture without a trace of temperature. Su Mu couldn’t help giving him a second look.

As if feeling Su Mu’s gaze, the man suddenly met Su Mu’s eyes, and it was like a sharp sword that was suddenly unsheathed. Su Mu’s heart trembled, and he was secretly surprised that the man’s eyes were too sharp, almost like a sharp sword hanging over one’s neck, the feeling causing trembles over the body.

What was someone like this doing in the Qing kingdom imperial city? Su Mu watched the man with narrowed eyes, his intuition made him feel a little uneasy, this man was too dangerous. Probably one of the few powerful enemies who could compete with Su Mochi.

The man’s deep eyes reflected Su Mu’s ethereal appearance that brought to mind immortals living up in the heavens, and an undercurrent surged through his eyes. Soon though, he turned his head away.

The two slowly moving small boats carried two peerless people passing by.

Su Mu turned around and returned inside the boat and found that the other had disappeared on the lake. He secretly decided to have Han Yang to check this person carefully after going back.

After Su Mu combined persuasion with a bit of threatening, Lin Siyuan finally agreed to call some scholars to participate in the examination. Su Mu and Yun Feiyu returned to the Crown Prince’s Palace after the sunset was about to disappear.

As soon as he entered the Crown Prince’s Palace, he saw that the newly-renovated main residence was razed to the ground again. There were ruins and debris everywhere. Su Mu, who had been in a good mood, instantly turned black with anger, questioning with fury: “What is this?”

Han Yang, who came in a hurry, knelt down and pleaded: “Your Highness, please forgive me. In the afternoon, a man in black came and led a group of people to find Ye Gongzi, and then destroyed the Crown Prince’s Palace.”

Han Yang knelt on the ground in a cold sweat, he was the Crown Prince’s guard who had seen the Crown Prince get angry many times and was also punished by the Crown Prince several times. Every time he just thought about it, he shuddered. This time Han Yang was also fully prepared before daring to report to Su Mu. But what surprised Han Yang was that although the Crown Prince was also very angry this time, he didn’t mean to fly into a killing spree though.

After gritting his teeth and having Han Yang stand up and tell the story, he looked at the ruins all over the floor and his heart was dripping blood. How much money would it cost to rebuild! The money earned by the Xingluo trading company was just a drop in the bucket. He finally squeezed a small amount of money from the officials but he didn’t want to spend it on building a flashy house. Su Mu clenched his fist fiercely and looked murderously at the ruins on the ground, once he knew who did it, his surname would not be Su unless he crushed that person to pieces.

Su Mu was full of anger and directly occupied another courtyard of the palace. After the evening, Han Yang brought information about the perpetrator.

Yanyu Tower, the underworld organization of jianghu, was hired by the owner of Xuefeng Villa to save his son.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a long time, Su Mu finally calmed down his anger. After all, it was the original owner of the body that caused this trouble. Even the son of the candidate leader of Wulin (TN: martial arts circle) Su Mochi had dared to snatch away. Su Mu once again developed the urge to chop up Su Mochi.

The money he had earned with such great difficulty!!!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The encounter of Su Mu with that man in black who is possible to be the same man who destroyed his newly renovated residence, who it’a s pity indeed that was ruined is interesting. It’s possible he is a strong martial artist , and it was funny to see Su Mu intimidated and trying to appear small and want to do anything to avoid attracting his atention. Moments like this, when Su Mu, or other characters as well, is showing his insecurities, fears, dislikes, likes and when his/theirs motives are vell conveyed are making the chapters interesting, because other things are not yet explained in detail. Until the next chapter.

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