This Lord is Too Cruel CH 004 Disrespect Towards This Lord, What Shall Be Done?

In the meeting chamber, Li Su recalled what happened in the past few days and how he had witnessed his comrades in arms, all valiant and passionate men who dedicated their lives to protect the country, being killed or tortured to death.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Even the ones lucky enough to survive, to them living had become worse than death.

How was this a military camp with strict military discipline and solemn spirit. Instead it had changed into a red lights district for the Regent to amuse himself with. Li Su was a brash man. He knew that the patience during these past few days was already his limit. If it continued to be like this, even if he must put up a desperate fight to the death, he would not just sit back and let Feng State be destroyed.

Thinking of the old Marshal Leng leading them to fight valiant blood-soaked battles, just how awe-inspiring and glorious! The old Marshal died on the battlefield, and General Leng fought in his father’s place leading the soldiers to victory, causing Qi State to not dare step into Feng State.

But now, he didn’t know whether the Regent was tired of playing with delicate and weak looking men, so he changed his taste and called General Leng to return to the capital with three imperial decrees sent every day. In the end, he had no choice but to return to the capital and answer the summons. But who knew that there was no more news after entering the Lord Regent’s Manor.

General Leng already knew what the Regent was thinking at that time, so before leaving, he ordered the border soldiers to swear to guard the border and not leave half a step.

Li Su held a saber in one hand and clenched the other into a fist. His eyes were about to spit fire, and he arrogantly roared out all the anger he had received in the past few days.

Other generals remained silent on the sidelines, each with their own thoughts, and their faces were solemn. Li Su had always been upright, and his ability to endure such a long time was already at the limit.

Yesterday, the Regent left alone. After learning that the Regent was attacked, he did not send troops to aide him. On the contrary, he felt as ecstatic as being granted an amnesty. He simply felt dispelled of all the grievances and hatred that had been suffocating him for the past few days. But before he could express his happiness with drums and celebration, he saw him riding a horse back, seemingly safe and sound.

He was not dead, which meant that the Regent will not let go of what happened yesterday. The blood in the barracks was likely to flow like rivers, and it was a pity that the heroic and loyal soldiers will not die on the battlefield, but die at the hands of a tyrant. Just imagining it chilled him extremely and could not help but lament Feng State’s destruction.

Li Su spoke more and more indignantly, but he didn’t know that the Regent he was talking about happened to be outside the tent at that very moment, and had heard all his clamors. He wanted to continue, but suddenly he heard a cold laugh, and he felt a chill on his back. The cold wind blew by and he felt a pain in his chest. The next moment his whole person had been thrown five miles away, and the direction was exactly where the Regent was attacked yesterday.

In just a blink, Feng Aotian was already standing in the middle of the tent, her thin lips pressed lightly and her phoenix eyes cold, like an eagle in the night, solitary and arrogant yet exuding a powerful charisma of one who regarded the world superciliously.

The generals sitting upright in the meeting chamber, apart from shock and surprise, could only ask the question why did the Regent come here? This was the first time he had come to the meeting chamber in the past few days. They still remember that the Regent only entered the meeting chamber on the first day when he arrived to the barracks. Later, he didn’t step into the meeting chamber at all. But why did he come today?

“Audacious, why have you not pay your respects when seeing the Lord Regent?” Sixi raised his shrill voice when he saw everyone stupefied in the same place.

At this time, all the people came back to themselves at Sixi’s sharp reminder, swallowing their doubts, and knelt on the ground together saying, “Paying respects to the Lord Regent, may the Lord Regent live a thousand years, thousands of years.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Feng Aotian did not answer. What that person just said was probably the voice of the soldiers in the barracks. Even though Feng Aotian had committed such heinous crimes in the past, now that she had become Feng Aotian, she could not allow anyone to to undermine her or openly despise her.

In the meeting chamber, with Feng Aotian’s arrival, the temperature instantly dropped to the deep of winter. Everything seem to freeze and come to an abrupt end, and everyone suddenly felt chills down their backs.

Feng Aotian was silent for a long time without saying a word. But the more so the silence stretched, everyone seemed to feel as if they were experiencing the icy nine-layered heavens, bitterly and bone piercingly cold. In their hearts they could not help but moan, today it was likely not going to end pleasantly.

“A good sentence,’Feng State’s destruction is truly fated by the heavens’……” The voice was cold like icy lakes, like a thousand yesr old sword breaking its ice enclosure and plunging into the ears of the generals kneeling at his feet. Feng Aotian stood still, condescendingly indifferent, “Why doesn’t this Lord know that he has this ability?”

“Lord Regent please forgive us!” When the generals heard this, they were suddenly shocked. The devil might have heard all the words spoken earlier by Li Su. It seemed that they have reached the end of their lifespans today.

“Forgiveness?” Feng Aotian raised his eyebrows, his lips twitched, “What crimes do you request forgiveness for?”

“Lord Regent, military officer Li was shooting his mouth off, and in an unwise moment committed a gaffe thus causing a catastrophe. Please we ask that Lord Regent may see that we are short on talents and give him a chance to redeem himself.” It was Zhonglang General Ji Bai who pleaded. During the two years that General Leng was absent from the army, he was in charge of all military affairs.

Feng Aotian’s phoenix eyes narrowed, and the chill in them deepened, “Do you know, yesterday when that Qi State’s impudent thing ran his mouth off at me just how did this Lord deal with it?”

Ji Bai wanted to make a plead again but hearing the Regent’s words, he immediately stopped. The Regent’s methods had just been hearsay before he had arrived. However, these days, they have seen it with their own eyes, and knew just how brutal the methods were, causing one to be horrified in the extreme.

“Sixi, what about those who dare to be disrespectful to this Lord in the past?” At the end of Feng Aotian’s words they saw him raise his right hand and snap his fingers in the air, and soon saw Hun and Po who had been guarding in the shadows flying away.

“Those with light crimes were flayed and their bones broken and tortured by the hot pillar (TN: ancient Chinese torture instrument); the more serious were hanged, drawn and quartered by five horses, and then the corpse will be chopped into minced meat, which is then fed to the imperial wolves.” Sixi was already accustomed to this matter in the palace. What he said was just the most common of them, and the more terrifying things he hadn’t said yet.

After Ji Bai and other generals heard this, even if they were brave enough to kill the enemy, and have seen the bloody remains on the battlefield countless times, they were still shook with fright with legs trembling and hands and feet covered with cold sweat.

Everyone bowed their heads, cold sweat dripping down their backs, and then they heard a “thump” sound and saw Li Su being thrown into the tent. His eyes were dazed, his face pale in fright, and his usually burly physique was now laying limply on the ground in complete terror.

“Was the scenery in the forest pleasant?” Feng Aotian stood arrogantly, phoenix eyes slightly narrowed and staring coldly at Li Su who seemed to be frightened stupid.

Li Su lifted his eyes, set his gaze on Feng Aotian in a daze, and immediately climbed up from the ground into a kneel, and tremblingly said, “Please, Lord Regent, grant me the punishment of death!”

The forest was full of blood splattered gore and bare white bones. Just from that horrible sight one could infer just how terrible the situation had been yesterday. Now, he was frightened to death. If he were to die, he would rather die a quick death. And not have to face a situation where living was worse than death.

Ji Bai and the others raised their eyes and looked at Li Su, their eyes showing shock. Li Su was an arrogant man. Even if he were to be executed on the spot, he would still never bow his head to the Regent. But now he was like this, could he have witnessed something earlier?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thinking of this, their terror increased even more, and all had on a face as if they were about to meet death as they waited for the Regent to pronounce their sentence.

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