Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 019 The Chicken Has Flown The Coop And All The Eggs Are Broken

Just as Nie Bufan and Nineteen were discussing the questions of quacks by the deep pool, three uninvited guests came to Chicken Nest Village.

The person in the lead was dressed in a deep purple robe with brocade embroidery. He wore a gold crown and belt that was hung with an auspicious jade pendant at the waist. A paper fan was held in his hand, looking very majestic and extraordinarily wealthy and noble. Behind him was a servant and a guard with a knife, expression cold and mighty, frightening Tu Beng when he saw it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“This noble, what brings you to Chicken Nest Village?” Tu Beng bowed tremblingly and greeted humbly.

“Where is Nie Bufan?” The person asked calmly.

“The village head is out.”

“Where is the Tian Nu?”

Tu Beng had a slightly distorted smile: “What did you say? Tian Nu? This humble one has never heard of it?”

“Really?” The man squinted at him with a pair of phoenix eyes, his voice was smooth and even, but it made one feel oppressed.

The man looked around and said in an unintentional manner: “The tea eggs from your village were selling well the other day, right?”

Tu Beng’s expression changed, and he ​​said with a fake laugh: “What are you talking about? Haha.”

The man knocked his palm with the fan, and asked, “Where is the Tian Nu?”

“Uh……she went out too.” Tu Beng became obedient and answered honestly.

“She went out with Nie Bufan?”


“Where did they go?”

“It seemed like they went, went to the back of the village.”

After getting the answer, the man stopped talking, and walked towards the back of the village.

“Ai……” Tu Beng was preparing to stop them, but after thinking about it, he lowered his half-stretched hand.

If they want to go, then let them go……
The person who suddenly came to Chicken Nest Village was Si Chenyu. He received the news that the Tian Nu had moved into Chicken Nest Village very quickly. He soon guessed that the location of Duobao Sage’s treasure deposit was probably here otherwise with the identity of the Tian Nu she would never appear in this poor backwater place for no reason. Moreover, the identity of the Tian Nu was revealed by Nie Bufan. If you say there was a relationship between them, he would never believe it. The only possible connection was the treasure deposit, or that the last key was here……

Si Chenyu led his underlings through the village and stopped when he approached the end of the village.

They had no choice but to stop in their tracks. In front of them chickens covered all over the mountains and completely flooded the road.

Si Chenyu signaled at the servant and motioned for him to open the way.

The servant comprehended, ran to the front and opened his arms, making a shoo away gesture. Generally speaking, the flock of chickens will scatter away under such shooing, but the flock of chickens in front of them was different. Their movements were not rushed, but was still pacing slowly, and occasionally they would look at the servant with extremely disdainful eyes.

The servant saw that his actions were not only ineffective, but also seemed to be held in contempt by this group of poultry. His anger surged and began to use violence. He lifted a foot and kicked it toward a chicken.

Then, a strange scene appeared. The golden rooster, who was about to be kicked, jumped onto the servant’s raised leg with extreme agility, and then climbed along the leg to his shoulder. The next instant a shadowless claw left the servant disfigured.

“Ah!” The servant screamed, covering his face.

Si Chenyu frowned, and was about to call the guard to check on his injuries, but unexpectedly the real battle had just begun. The servant’s screams seemed to signal a declaration of war. The originally laid-back chickens went silent, and their sharp eyes pierced straight at the three uninvited guests, full of fighting spirit.

The servant trembled all over, through the gaps in his fingers he saw that the chickens around him seemed to all have on a frightning expression.

He retreated to Si Chenyu’s side, getting into a defensive posture, he swallowed and said, “Lord Prince, something is wrong.”

Si Chenyu pushed him away with his fan, his temples throbbed suddenly, and he was struck with a bad feeling.

“Ooooo, ooooo——” A loud cry broke the weird silence, and then a flock of chickens charged towards them like a tide.

“Quick, run!” The servant shouted.

Si Chenyu didn’t need him to tell him, with a few vertical jumps he jumped onto a tree not far away, and the guard also grabbed the servant and leaped onto the roof.

Looking at the cackling, arrogant chickens on the ground, they all thought at the same time: Have these chickens gone crazy?

However, they obviously underestimated the fighting power of the fighter chickens. Do you really think that you’re safe once you climb to a high place?

“Gagaga……” A strange cry suddenly came from behind the guard and servant, as if someone was laughing high and sharp. They turned around to look, and saw a colorful chicken coquettishly showing off its gorgeous feathers. After successfully causing an effect equivalent to a lightning strike, it flew away after a flap of wings, and shouted: “Idiots——”

“I seem to hear it call us ‘idiots’?” The servant said uncertainly.

“You’re hallucinating.” The guard replied with twitching corners of his mouth.

The two exchanged a distressed look, pretending that nothing happened, and turned around again. Who knew they were stunned the moment they turned around. At some point, they were already surrounded by chickens, red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, and purple, as if they had been soaked in a dye vat, the colors flashed in such a way that you did not dare to look directly.

Both of them faced each other for a long time, and the servant finally couldn’t help shouting: “Run!”

The guard ran away as expected, but this time forgot to bring him.

“Ah——” The servant was instantly drowned and became the first casualty.

The guard mourned for him while jumping to another roof.

Si Chenyu on the tree looked at all this blankly, almost thinking that he was dreaming.

Splat. A glob of sticky matter with remaining warmth fell on his head.

Si Chenyu wiped his head heedlessly, but then his expression distorted and he looked up angrily.

Instantly, he stiffened.

On the branch, sat many chickens, looking at him condescendingly, with tiny eyes that shine a fierce light.

Even though Si Chenyu had martial arts, he couldn’t help but lose his mind when encountering such a scene. He gritted his teeth and jumped on the roof next to him before the chickens on the tree jumped down, and then frequently changed his position at any time like the guard.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The scene afterwards became quite amusing. A group of chickens jumping up and down desperately chasing two people who were also jumping up and down desperately trying to avoid assassination by chicken.

For a time, chickens fly and eggs break, grass clippings blew all over the sky, dust coating everything. It was like a typhoon had just passed by.

If Si Chenyu and his guard were not good at martial arts, they likely would have shared the same sticky end as that servant long ago. Back then those thieves that came to steal chickens from Chicken Nest Village had been defeated the exact same way.

But they obviously wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. Chicken Nest Village not only had a large number of chickens, but also many different varieties, and not only were they agile but also possessed amazing physical strength.
“This is……what’s going on?” When Nie Bufan and the others came back, they saw this chaotic scene.

“Aiyo, Lord Village Head, you finally came back.” Tu Beng ran over with a basket over his head, and with a bitter sorrowful face he briefly described the matter.

Nie Bufan let out an “Oh”, took a step forward, took a deep breath and with his hands on his hips, he then shouted, “Everybody freeze!”

The sound shook the sky and the earth, the momentum like a flood.

Suddenly, the picture seemed to be frozen, the originally irritable chickens suddenly stopped, even the some that were flying in the air froze, and fell to the ground like a weight.

The world, became silent.

Nie Bufan walked over to the two pitiful people that were cutting quite the sorry figures, but the Tian Nu and others were still in a dazed state.

Si Chenyu and his guard saw that the chickens that were chasing after them slowly dispersed, so they finally jumped off the roof but still with lingering fear.

As a relative of the emperor, Si Chenyu had never been so embarrassed. At this moment, his hair was messy, there were scratches on his gorgeous clothes, and he didn’t know where he dropped his fan.

He harshly tore off a chicken feather stuck in his hair, and was about to sternly criticize the village head of the Chhicken Nest Village in front of him, but Nie Bufan spoke first: “I will carefully calculate the casualties of the chickens later, plus the damages to the houses, the number of eggs broken, and some other losses. After the calculation is completed, I will hand you the bill. Please pay according to the amount.”

“What did you say?” Si Chenyu didn’t dare believe it, “You want me to compensate?”

“Don’t worry, I have always calculated fair prices, and cheat neither old or young.”

Si Chenyu clenched his fists and trembled all over.

“By the way, since you have also received quite the fright, this village is willing to provide a lunch and a warm bath for free. Guests can relax in a quiet environment to freshen up and then have a full meal.” Nie Bufan put on a cordial smile.

Take the initiative first, and then give a little sweetness. The ancestor’s “radish and stick” was truly the undefeated criterion for managing people.

Si Chenyu took a deep breath and tried to suppress his anger. He originally wanted to blurt out a refusal, but when he saw the three women not far away, he swallowed it back and responded instead: “Fine, I will pay for your loss. Now, immediately arrange for me a quiet room, as you said, prepare me hot water as soon as possible. I want to freshen up and bathe.” He couldn’t stand the dirt and odor on his body for a moment longer.

“No problem.” Nie Bufan called Tu Beng and had him go arrange.

“That’s right, I haven’t asked the name of the distinguished guest yet.” Nie Bufan asked casually when he turned back around.

“Si, Chen, Yu.” The answer was said through gritted teeth.

“Hehe, it sounds familiar.”

“……” Si Chenyu paused, his head was full of flashing blades and saturating blood, wishing he could just cut this person a thousand times.

In order to avoid a bloody murder scene, Si Chenyu made the right choice, sped up his pace and left after Tu Beng.

His guard rescued the tragic servant who had been ravaged by the chickens. The person still had a breath left, but unfortunately one could no longer recognize any human features.

At this time, Nineteen ran over and whispered to Nie Bufan, “Who is that?”

“Have you never seen him?”

Nineteen shook her head: “No, in fact, I haven’t seen any of the representatives of the four major families.”

“You are too useless.” Nie Bufan gave her contemptuous look, “What is meant by ‘knowing yourself, knowing the enemy and you will come unscathed through a hundred battles’? You don’t even have any information, and you want to pass off as a quack successfully?”

Nineteen widened guileless eyes and asked for advice: “What do you mean?”

Nie Bufan beckoned her over and whispered: “That was the prince Si Chenyu, the most distinguished one of the four big families. If you can fool him over, other people shouldn’t be a worry.”

Nineteen nodded in realization, and then asked: “Then what should I do later? He seems to be very angry with you?”

“Don’t worry, he has a weakness in my hands and dare not make a wrong move.”

Nineteen’s eyes flashed with gossip: “What weakness?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan coughed mildly, and decided then and there that in this life he would never tell the Tian Nu that the weakness was obtained by betraying her identity.

“Don’t worry about these minor issues, just think about how to deal with the prince later? Remember, the Tian Nu must look and act like a goddess, dignified and mysterious, talk vaguely and with mystique, leave them guessing……”

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  1. You can run, you can hide, but you’ll never escape THE BIRDS!!!

    Just, the idea of this one intruder near drowned in chicken feces, maybe twitching a little from time to time, gets me. Possibly only topped by our family’s Chicken God pulling the finest of aggro and completely pretending to forget he was ever kidnapped by Si Chenyu. Do his beaus even know about that one yet?!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Si Chenyu is cute, i like that he is trying to mantain his cool, even through he is extremely angry, irittated,and wishing inside no more than to kill NB. That he can control himself to remain calm is impressive, because compared to Li Yi and Zhang Junsi, Si Chenyu has more reasons to genuily dislike NB, so i’m impressed, he is the most interesting character so far. I’m really looking forward to see more of NB and Si Chenyu interaction.

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