The Cruel Tyrant CH 013 Confrontation

In an inconspicuous small courtyard in the imperial city, a black-clothed man respectfully reported: “Young master, there is no movement in the imperial palace. After Su Mochi checked our background, there was no other action.” After the report, the man in black disappeared immediately when there was no response.

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Gu Yunzhou opened his dark eyes, his large and powerful hand gripped the sword at his side and rubbed it lightly. That light-colored figure on the lake continued to flash through his mind.

While he left a deep impression on Su Mu, Su Mu also successfully aroused Gu Yunzhou’s interest. The other was just a youth, barely a man, but he could make him feel a sense of danger. More interestingly, according to the information sent by the spies, he was actually his target this time. Gu Yunzhou stared at the direction of the imperial palace, feeling that his blood was gradually beginning to burn, and his whole body was feeling eager. This kind of excitement of finding an opponent had not been felt for a long time.

In the magnificent palace, Su Mu was summoned by the Emperor before he had even finished his government affairs. Su Mu was very disgusted with the Emperor and didn’t want to see him at all, but after all, the other still occupied the Emperor’s throne, and was still the father of this body. Su Mu didn’t want to let this become a matter for gossip and derision.

Once again, he walked into the Emperor’s draped bedroom, and Su Mu smelled not the scent of powder, but the incense mixed with medicinal smell.

“You bunch of usueless trash, I don’t need to take medicine, get out of here! Where is the Crown Prince? Why hasn’t the Crown Prince arrived yet.” The Emperor’s scratchy voice made Su Mu furrow his brows.

The old doctor Hu stood calmly on the side and didn’t mind at all the Emperor shouting in his face and even being covered in flecks of saliva. When he saw Su Mu walk in, he immediately bowed and said, “Chen, pay respects to His Royal Highness.” When the Emperor heard that the Crown Prince had come, he immediately calmed down and his blurry eyes looked at Su Mu with hope: “I heard that the Crown Prince met an expert a few days ago, Crown Prince, invite him into the palace quickly.”

What expert, Su Mu had long forgotten the matter. He had been busy all day that there was no idle time to take care of this trivial thing. Su Mu really wanted to kill this Emperor who had nothing better to do than make more trouble.

Su Mu stood in front of the bed and replied: “Fu Huang (TN: form of address towards the emperor by his children), the expert has a strange temperament and left after seeing er chen (TN: form of self address for royal children when speaking to the emperor and empress). Er chen has already sent many people to look for him.”

“Hai, hai, hai……” The Emperor had a violent cough. Doctor Hu immediately handed the handkerchief and then helped the Emperor regulate his breathing. The Emperor pushed doctor Hu away and cursed: “Go away, you useless thing.”

Doctor Hu tactfully moved aside and pretended to be the background.

The Emperor beckoned to the people next to him: “Bring them in.”

Then Su Mu saw a group of eunuchs leading a group of handsome young men, ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old, kneeling on the ground.

The Emperor looked at Su Mu with a smile on his face and said, “Crown Prince, these people will be rewarded to you. You must find the expert quickly!”

Su Mu looked at the shivering teenage boys kneeling on the ground with a speechless expression. He really wanted to go up and give the Emperor a few big slaps. Su Mu said with an unpleasant expression, “Er chen thank fu huang for your kindness, but er chen don’t need them.”

The Emperor looked at Su Mu with an ambiguous smile on his face and said: “I heard that there have been no newcomers in the harem for a long time, so I sent a few specially. Crown Prince do not need to be modest. These are all trained and will definitely satisfy the Crown Prince.”

In the end, Su Mu could only speechlessly bring the group of trembling teenagers back to the courtyard next to the Crown Prince’s Palace and ordered Yuzhu to make arrangements for then. He then sent Han Yang to find out who was making mischief behind the scenes.

The Emperor usually didn’t care about Su Mochi’s private life, at best he would only persuade him to accept female concubines. The Emperor still had some opinions about the Crown Prince only favoring men, but this time he suddenly gave him several young men.

Su Mu’s expression was cold, no matter who dared to stretch their hand blatantly into his business, they should have the awareness of it being chopped off. Su Mu’s expression suddenly changed, and in the blink of an eye, only air remained in the chair.

Under the dark night, a few sparse stars hung dimly in the sky, and a tall and vague figure appeared in the dark in front of Su Mu.

The cold wind blew Su Mu’s black hair, the golden court robes made him appear even more dignified and extraordinary, and his powerful aura in particular made him a figure not to be underestimated. Su Mu’s eyes narrowed and said, “You demolished my house?”

The visitor didn’t seem to expect that Su Mu’s first sentence was about his house, but he nodded calmly.

“Then, compensate with money.” Su Mu stared fixatedly at the figure in the distance, appearing as if he won’t let the other leave without being paid with money.

The visitor ignored him, and a low and cold voice sounded in Su Mu’s ears: “Hand over Ye Qingfeng.”

“One million taels of gold, I will give him back.” Su Mu said.

A cold gleam flashed in Gu Yunzhou’s eyes, and his murderous aura instantly surged. The gleaming sword left the scabbard and appeared in his hand with a clang, and then appeared in front of Su Mu in the blink of an eye.

Su Mu sneered coldly and met the attack with his bare hands, and in an instant icy cold energy permeated the air. In the blink of an eye, the two had already exchanged blows dozens of times. Under the cover of night, even the afterimage was invisible.

The sword is the gentleman among the weapons, but in Gu Yunzhou’s hands, he couldn’t see the gentleman’s demeanor at all, targeting Su Mu’s key vital points in every move.

Sharp sword energy swept past Su Mu’s neck, Su Mu quickly turned around, aiming with fingers that were wrapped in strong inner energy that could easily cut through fine iron. Gu Yunzhou’s heart was only an inch away from being crushed by Su Mu. The clothes embroidered with exquisite dark patterns were cut open by Su Mu’s fierce inner energy, and the strong bronze chest that emphasized his strong physique was bared to the night air.

The sword in his hand turned in a blink of an eye and stabbed at the back of Su Mu. Su Mu could even feel that the ice-cold blade had touched his skin. Shifting slightly, the sharp blade swept past Su Mu’s waist leaving a rip on the bright yellow gold court clothes, and revealing Su Mu’s pale and smooth waistline.

The two each occupied a spot on the roof of the palace. Su Mu’s eyes were full of anger, and the killing intent in his heart became more and more intense. The scene of raining blood and flying limbs kept flashing in his mind, causing Su Mu to become uncontrollably excited. The world in front of him gradually became painted in a blood-red color, and his mind was gradually occupied by bloodthirsty killing intent. And Su Mu’s sanity gradually receded. He had only one thought now, which was to kill, to kill to his heart’s content!

Gu Yunzhou looked at Su Mu, whose aura became more and more strong, and a slight expression appeared on his perpetually cold face, his dark eyes filled with mad fighting spirit. They only stopped for a moment, and in the blink of an eye, the two of them became entangled in a fight again.

Under the dark night sky fierce clashes were heard, and a trace of blood sprinkled down from the sky. Huang Xuan looked worriedly at the night sky where only a little blurry shadow could be seen, and said, “Who is it that dares to infringe upon the Forbidden Palace?”

Qin Ye stared up at the black night sky without saying a word. He really hoped that the Crown Prince would be killed.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yun Feiyu looked at Huang Xuan, who was visibly worried, and felt a little uncomfortable. But momentarily he suppressed this emotion, and his mind was soon quickly running over several thoughts.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This Gu Yunzhou is just annoying for know, i wish the author revealed more than his only goal is to kill our MC, it has to little presence, even through most things that happened this happens revolves about his introduction as a character. I liked more the scenes where our three MLs were thinking about what they hope it will be the outcome of their fight. Huang Xuan express the same kind puppy-like personality, Qin Ye is dark but complex as always, i especially like when the characters are being honest to their personaliy, when they don’t feign to be good, or do good things to do a good impression, they are my favorite, even when it comes to movies/dramas. Yun Feiyu is hard to guess , mysterious, not completely bad, but not willing to be kind, if is not showed to him than it’s worth it. He probably had some feelings or did a deal with the previous Su Mochi, he was his favorite after all, probably Su Mochi trust him enough to let his guard down around him, and show his more vulnerable side and Yun Feiyu was touched in some way, so he don’t really hate him, but didn’t afford to genuily like him either.

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  2. Oh noes he is Ml… wow. It is sad tho poor SM gets only death wishes drom his MLs for now. I still dont quite understand this merge memories/person thingy. Those chapters are too short! Thank you!

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    1. Yeah but it’s not like Su Mu likes them either lol so I guess we’re even for now😉? Yes the chapters are kind of short – great for me as the translator but I guess not so good for you readers xDD


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