This Lord is Too Cruel CH 005 To Commit Suicide For A Crime

Inside the meeting chamber, it once again fell into silence, not a single sound could be heard.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The soldiers guarding outside only saw a dark shadow flying out of the tent. Before they could react, they saw the dark shadow returning back again, but they didn’t know what happened inside the tent. But with the Lord Regent inside, it likely won’t be a happy event, perhaps within a moment, there will be dark clouds and blood filling the sky.

All the soldiers raised their eyes, to think such a breezy and sunny sky will be casted in a bloody light in just a while, they all shook their heads and sighed. They were unable to take a second look at the unblemished blue sky, and sadness flowed in their usually determined eyes.

“What you said earlier was the truth?” Feng Aotian stepped forward, evenly paced with firmness and composure at every step, walking to the place where the seat of the Marshal was reserved. She turned around coldly and the golden clouds embroidered on her broad sleeves glinted strangely with a sinister light at the moment when she sat down.

“Please, Lord Regent, grant me the death penalty!” Li Su felt that it would be torment to live longer, and it clearly flashed through his mind of how with just a wave the Regent had sent him to land in the horrific scene in the woods five miles away. Even if he did not want to submit, even if he wanted to fight to the death, he couldn’t help but to admit that he could not even hurt a single hair on the Regent. He now realized how ridiculous his arrogance was.

Feng Aotian only planned to teach him a lesson. Just as Ji Bai said, it was now currently a time where talents were needed, and the people in this chamber were the pillars of the entire border army. Although Li Su was a reckless man, he was also a rare fierce general. She, Feng Aotian, had never made it a habit to take part in a loss-making business.

“For what reason do you ask this Lord to grant you a death penalty?” Feng Aotian sat in an imposing manner, with an unquestionable majestic aura surrounding him. He was born into royalty and destined to rule, so how could he allow himself to be scorned by others.

“I should not be disrespectful to the Lord Regent.” Li Su had a stubborn temper, even if he was about to die, he will still not take back what he said. And he was naturally disrespectful to talk about the Regent in such a way.

Ji Bai and the generals knelt to one side, listening to Li Su’s answer, they privately cursed, how could he be so persistent when he knew the consequences of his words.

“Disrespect?” Feng Aotian’s thin lips were slightly pursed, and his eyes narrowed slightly. His face, which was normally cold as frost, seem to be coated with a cold light at the moment, making him appear even more terrifying, “How were you disrespectful?”

Even under such strong persecution, Ji Bai tried his best to control the fear in his heart, pondering the thoughts of the Regent at this moment. They knew that the Regent was volatile and capricious, but his emotions were always quite visibly displayed, but today he was unlike before. Now, it was difficult to distinguish his mood at all, let alone what he was thinking?

Ji Bai slandered the other in his heart. The Regent seemed to be different from the past, and became too unpredictable for them. Was he here today to inquire about crimes?

“I dare to ask the Regent. Now the soldiers of the Qi State are right outside our borders and are looking at us with covetuous eyes. Since you come to the border, you only drink and amuse yourself, killing people every day for entertainment. But do you remember that it was these soldiers who guard the borders so that enemies don’t dare to cross the border for half a step. Now that the military’s morale has weakened and become shaken, how can we resist the threat of Qi State? Is what I said not true? What is the difference between the Regent and a tyrant.” Li Su raised his eyes, that pair of dark eyes glared with anger and sternly questioned.

He knew that he could not escape death. Even if he will die, he still decided to get everything off his chest, and instantly felt carefree. Even if he became like the bones in the forest after death he still thought it was worth it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Bai lowered his head and did not dare to look directly at the Regent, but his heart was extremely complicated. While admiring Li Su’s outspokenness, he also felt that it was a tragedy that such a fierce general would end his life like this, and it was hard to not sigh in lament.

Feng Aotian stared at Li Su indifferently, sneered coldly, and instantly a rush of cold air permeated the area. In a flash, Li Su’s sudden rise of high spirits was quenched. Li Su’s body and mind was shaken, and he knelt down respectfully, and said again, “Please, Lord Prince, grant me the death penalty.”

“Death penalty?” Feng Aotian curved his lips, raising his voice he sneered, “Military officer Li should know the joy of this Lord, you know the scene in the forest, this Lord loves that the most, but unfortunately, you don’t deserve to enjoy this treatment yet.”

Ji Bai pondered Feng Aotian’s words in his heart, the scene in the forest? It was likely that of the tragic aftermath of the death of the people who tried to assassinate the Regent yesterday. That it could scare Li Su into such a state, he imagined it must be truly horrific.

Sixi stood calmly on one side. Although he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he could naturally guess how terrifying the sight in the forest was. Thinking about this, he hurriedly bowed, godfather said, working in the palace, especially serving at the side of the Regent one must be cautious in his words and deeds, so as not to make any mistakes. Otherwise, it was nothing if he lost his life but the worse case was experiencing the Regent’s methods in “playing” with people. Such methods were probably unprecedented, unique of its kind.

After Li Su heard this, he fell into dejection, unworthy? Even that tragic way of death he was not worthy of, then what method was he worthy of?

Yesterday, the trusted Secret Guards that Feng Aotian had brought along have all been wiped out, and now there were very few people available for use. Except for Hun and Po, there was only the little eunuch Sixi next to her. And in this barrack, she was even more blind. If it was placed in the hands of the real Feng Aotian, what Li Su said would be true, if she continued to be so licentious and incapable, Feng State will perish sooner or later.

However, now, she was Feng Aotian, and whoever dare to covet her things, she will make their living worse than death.

“Those who were dealt with by this Lord yesterday, as long as they have the ability to fight against this Lord, they would be warriors of the Qi State. But you, as the dignified military officer of the Feng State, failed without a fight? What use does this Lord keep you for?” Feng Aotian stood solemnly, staring at Li Su coldly, “Since military officer Li is willing to open the gates of the city and let the soldiers of Qi State charge straight in, how about this Lord make it a reality for you?”

Li Su suddenly widened his eyes, staring at Feng Aotian incredulously, knowing what he had said earlier was not something worthy of a commander in the army, and hurriedly kowtowed, “I deserve death.”

“Why are you all still waiting there, why don’t you all accompany military officer Li to welcome the soldiers of Qi into the city?” With a dark expression, Feng Aotian raised her voice sharply.

“I will defend the borders to the death!” Ji Bai was even more shocked. If the gates were really opened, they would be the traitorous criminals of Feng State, how could they face the people of the Feng State.

“This Lord does not believe it.” Feng Aotian snorted coldly, turned around, and walked to the book case, flipping through the dossier list of the camp. As he flipped through page by page, the surrounding area fell silent, and the depressive atmosphere made everyone afraid to breathe.

Li Su’s face was even more ashen, and he regretted his unhindered words. He got up suddenly, pulled out the saber at his waist, and was about to committ suicide for his crime.

“Clang!” Suddenly there was a pain in his wrist, and the saber fell on the ground, reflecting a cold light.

“Military officer Li, are you not afraid to contaminate this knife with your cowardly blood?” Feng Aotian sneered, without raising his eyes, he countinued flipping through the volume in his hand with slender fingers.

Li Su knelt down to the ground, thinking that he, Li Su fought bravely in many battles and killed countless enemies. But now, he was not even worthy to commit suicide with his own sword? What use was he alive?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Where is Mu Hanyao now?” Feng Aotian finished looking at the volume, snapped it close, and asked in a cold voice, slender fingers stroking the warm jade in his hand.

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