This Lord is Too Cruel CH 006 Bring Him To Me, Dead Or Alive

The generals headed by Ji Bai stared at him, thinking that the Regent asked about the wrong person. Wasn’t the focus now on how to deal with Li Su? Why did he mention General Mu?

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“Hnn?” Feng Aotian put emphasis in his voice when he saw Ji Bai’s questioning expression, “This Lord never asks a second time.”

Ji Bai quickly reacted, bowing his head and replied, “Answering the Regent, General Mu……Mu Hanyao is now laboring in Xicheng’s quarry.”

“How far is it from the barracks?” Feng Aotian thought about the Xicheng’s quarry. The reason she mentioned Mu Hanyao was entirely because when she was looking through the volume and saw his name, and then his information came to mind.

Mu Hanyao, his grandfather was the founding Marshal of Feng State and since then the Mu family had been loyal for generations, all had been the country’s important officials. Back then, Mu Hanyao had been even more illustrious, joining the battlefield with his father since he was a child and having won many battles. The most dangerous battle was perhaps the one six years ago when he was only fourteen years old. He had gone to the Black Canyon alone to rescue the Mu family’s army, which was almost wiped out in that valley, and broke through the death trap set up by the Qi State, breaking out of the Black Canyon. In the end it was Qi State that suffered an extreme loss forcing them to immediately retreat. Ever since, the frontier war had halted for two years.

Moreover, he became famous in that battle. The former Emperor was rejoiced when he heard the news and specially conferred the title Pingxi General to Mu Hanyao as well as bestowing the Shangfang sword as a symbol of the loyalty of the Mu family army.

The Mu family however, did not flourish in terms of the number of descendants. By the time it reached Mu Hanyao’s generation, only his mother and his brother Mu Hanjin, who was two years younger, were left. The former Emperor died, and Feng Aotian couldn’t wait to force Mu Hanjin into the harem. Just because, this Mu Hanjin was not like Mu Hanyao who possessed excellent literary and martial arts and became a famed young general. Instead, Mu Hanjin had very handsome looks and enjoyed composing poems and art as well as excellent at playing the flute. During an imperial banquet, he was seen by Feng Aotian who immediately took an interest and forced him into the harem.

Mu Hanyao had been guarding at the border frontier at that time. Hearing this, he was heartbroken and angry, even leading his troops to the capital without authorization. However, at the foot of the city gate, he was threatened by Feng Aotian with Mu Hanjin’s life. Mu Hanyao had no choice but to lead the soldiers back to the frontier.

Immediately, the Regent made a decree to remove him from the post of general for the crime of treason. Naturally the Mu family army refused to accept it. However, because Mu Hanjin was in Feng Aotian’s hands now, and Mu Hanyao indeed brought troops into the capital without authorization. Although he possessed the Shangfang sword and thus could be exempt from the death penalty he could not escape from punishment. So he was specially assigned to Xicheng’s quarry for labor.

Feng Aotian thought about this, and felt it was a pity that this courageous person with a general’s talent had such a bitter experience. If he could be used by her, there would be no worries about guarding the frontiers. If this person could not be used by her, it would mean future trouble, and must be eliminated.

Ji Bai calculated the time. For the past two years, they had been guarding the border and were afraid to visit for fear of being known by the Regent who would then plant fake charges and put Mu Hanyao to death.

“If on a fast horse, it can be arrived in one day.” Ji Bai responded truthfully, wondering why the regent suddenly asked about General Mu? He set his gaze on the volume that was flipped through by Feng Aotian and cried out in his heart. Could it be that the Regent was going to do something against General Mu?

Feng Aotian naturally knew their fear, but for anyone she had an interest in, except for those who court disaster, there was no other possibility left. She sneered in her heart, raised her hand slightly and her fingers made a crisp sound, “Before midnight I want Mu Hanyao brought here. If he wants to resist, this Lord will see him brought in dead or alive.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Bai bowed his head and knelt to the ground. By now, he couldn’t remember how long he had been kneeling, an hour? Two hours? The chill in his heart became colder, what exactly was the Regent going to do?

Li Su had none of his arrogance and anger at this moment. If the Regent really opened the gates of the city, then he was a sinner through the ages, unable to escape the blame. He bowed his head, and stared at the saber that had followed him for many years. The Regent’s words from before lingered in his heart. It was indeed a coward who would choose to commit suicide. He really did not deserve the saber that had followed him for many years.

Time flew by. At this moment, Qing Yi, who had kneeled outside the camp for a whole day, still had his head hung down low, his eyes absent. He no longer had any expectations or hopes. The usually white and delicate skin was now sunburned by the hot sun. There were occasional footsteps of patrolling soldiers around him. He was like a puppet whose soul had been lost, without any reaction, just letting the wind blow and the sun shine down on him.

As night fell, a bonfire was piled up in the camp, outside the meeting chamber was filled with fog, and inside the meeting chamber it was also just as gloomy. They had been kneeling for a whole day, but they felt that it was a lifetime, every second was torment.

Feng Aotian sat in the main seat, closed her eyes and rested her mind. On this day, she was also not feeling carefree or comfortable, and her mind was filled with the maps that she had seen just now. Now, instead of spending time making these soldiers loyal to her, it would be better to retreat for a second option, to let the person with the highest prestige in their hearts be convinced by her. But to conquer a stubborn horse, it also takes great courage and a strong enough charisma and skill.

Sixi reminded the Regent to eat several times, but he was stopped by the other’s cold phoenix eyes. Now, seeing that it was soon to be midnight yet the Regent had not eaten since breakfast in the morning, he felt quite the worry.

A cold wind blew by, Feng Aotian said solemnly, “Bring him into the tent.”

Ji Bai and others have been kneeling for a day. Now they were stiff and numb with no feeling at all. There had been only silence in the tent since the Regent’s command earlier. It had been an extremely difficult day and they were likely never to forget such an unforgettable pain in their lives.

When Feng Aotian’s voice fell, she didn’t see any movement. Her eyes darkened. She could sense the breath of both Hun and Po. Now that they were outside, why didn’t they enter inside?

“Dead?” Feng Aotian’s tone became more sinister and cold.

“Living.” Hun replied in a low hoarse voice, which was as dull as a handful of dust and dirt buried for many years. The sound caused one to become depressed.

“What?” Feng Aotian couldn’t help but wonder, Hun and Po had always been clean and tidy in carrying out orders, and definitely knew her mind. Why did he show hesitation today, could it be that Mu Hanyao had an accident on the way?

“Yes.” Hun looked down and glanced at Mu Hanyao, whose pressure points were tapped and austere face bursting with a chilling aura. He definitely followed the master’s usual preference to bring him here. But in this tent the master was not the only one, and the master had never liked other people coveting his prey. Why did he decide to appreciate it in public today?

Po gave Hun a look, they should not hesitate to follow the master’s command. Since the master had changed his taste now and wanted to publicly display his prey, then they should just obey the order.

A sigh flashed in the cold eyes of Hun, and he threw Mu Hanyao into the tent, the two disappearing in the dark in just a blink.

Feng Aotian was about to scold him, thinking that these two were being too strange tonight. Suddenly, she saw a white light flashing into the tent. She focused her eyes, and the arm leaning on the chair suddenly slipped. This……

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Ji Bai and the others also felt the sudden change, and quickly raised their eyes and watched as an unknown object rolled in. They were about to speak, but then suddenly became dumbfounded, turning pale with shock and fright.

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