Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 021 Territory

The next day, Si Chenyu decided to uphold the dark and sinister mentality of “pleasure alone is not as good as everyone’s pleasure”, and he convinced his friend Chen Muran to move in to the Chicken Nest Village together. Chen Muran was also another key holder so he naturally agreed without a second thought.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

So, early the next morning Nie Bufan saw dozens of sturdy men moving large bags and small bags of luggage into the village.

Si Chenyu and Chen Muran leisurely directed the scene on the side, making sure to arrange these outrageously crude village houses into rooms that could be liveable, if barely. They likely have never lived in such a crude and small place their whole lives.
The large group of people were seen going in and out all morning. Unexpectedly, the chickens in the Chicken Nest Village did not make a scene, but only just watched quietly.

When the rooms were set up, Si Chenyu sent away the servants and prepared to enter the room to check the results. From the corner of his eye he inadvertently glanced at the thing posted on the door, and immediately had on a look of disgust. The couplets posted on both sides were fine as the fonts were beautiful and their meaning auspicious. But the demon banishing amulet like picture on the door panel made one have the urge to censure and denounce the thing.

He stretched out his hand subconsciously, and when he pinched a corner of the paper, he felt a sharp gaze coming from not far away——Nie Bufan was currently holding a chicken and staring at his next move.

Si Chenyu paused, flattened his fingers, and caressed the scribblings with love.

Chen Muran looked on strangely and asked: “Chenyu, what are you doing? Weren’t you about to tear it?”

Hai.” Si Chenyu coughed retracted his hand, saying lightly, “Keep it, maybe it’s the custom here and can drive away evil spirits or something.”

Chen Muran didn’t care, and went into the house with him. The tables, chairs, cups, bowls, and bed drapes in the room have all been replaced. Prince Si seemed to like purple and black very much, the drapes and blankets were all gold embroidered purple silk. There was also a purple sand clay pot with matching teacups inlaid with jade and a black copper furnace. It seemed that there was not much decoration, but overall it gave off a low-key feeling of luxury.

As for Chen Muran, his was in another style. The room was decorated in light colors, appearing elegant and clean, looking quite pleasant. At the same time, Chen Muran also had people plant a lot of flowers and plants in the yard. The green plants contrasted aesthetically with the red flowers and one could smell the fragrance that followed on the wind. Indeed it was like a secluded paradise, otherworldly and removed from the dust of the secular world.

Nie Bufan watched all this silently, without saying a word. At lunch, Nie Bufan was in charge of taking care of Si Chenyu and Chen Muran while their servants were handed over to Tu Beng. Nineteen was scrupulous about her status and generally would not eat at the same table with men.

They had lunch without surprises, and there were none of the accidents Si Chenyu had imagined. Nie Bufan’s performance was also quite satisfactory.

He didn’t know why but Si Chenyu was somewhat inexplicably disappointed.

Chen Muran didn’t notice anything, and maintained his usual elegance. As a perfect being ranked second by Nie Bufan in the “Eight Gongzi of Wealth and Honor”, his words and manners were as if he had practiced and measured it all with a ruler appearing pleasant, noble, and gentlemanly. Even if the meal was surrounded by chickens, he still remained calm.

In the art of fostering one’s moral character, this person was absolutely world-class.

After the meal, the two of them visited the Tian Nu and then decided to go have a hike in the mountains where they could also learn about the environment. The treasure deposit of the Duobao Sage must definitely be nearby, and they would really like to increase their knowledge of it.

However, Si Chenyu had learned from the past and didn’t dare to act rashly anymore. Before leaving, he specially let Nie Bufan know.

Nie Bufan waved his hand and said: “Go ahead, it’s fine.” After speaking, he handed them a basket of snacks.

So, with some wariness Si Chenyu set off with Chen Muran who was completely oblivious.

This was an enjoyable but somewhat regretful trip. They enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery but unfortunately, they didn’t find any clues about the treasure deposit.

But overall, it was quite a pleasant day out.

Si and Chen returned to the village happily, talking and laughing, but when they opened the door, their smiles instantly solidified.

The cups and teapot in the house were overturned. On the delicate furniture there were scratches and occasional suspicious gray-white sticky substance on them. A few crows came from inside, and Si Chenyu walked into the room quickly, only to see that a couple of chickens were currently playing on the purple bedding. The originally flat and delicate silk cloth was ravaged like seaweed, wrinkled terribly. The elegant purple gauze drapes became strips, dangling disorderly in the wind like willow branches.

Si Chenyu’s fingers trembled slightly, and as he watched his room turn into a chicken nest, the anger in his chest accumulated. The room he had carefully arranged had met its death in less than half a day.

Chen Muran also felt startled when he saw this scene, and immediately turned and walked towards his house.

Obviously, his house had not escaped either, and the flowers and plants in the yard swayed limply in the air, as pitiful as a virgin girl who had been stripped naked. When he walked into the room, he couldn’t bear to look straight. The light-colored tablecloths were stained and the bed sheets were covered with claw prints. And there were even a few chickens currently rolling on them. When they saw him coming in, they didn’t evade at all, just shook their feathers and jumped down, leisurely walking out.

“Nie Bufan!” Si Chenyu’s roar came from outside.

Chen Muran shook his head and smiled bitterly, then turned and left the room.

Nie Bufan walked over and asked questioningly, “Brother Shi, what’s the matter?”

“What is this?” Si Chenyu pointed to his house.

Nie Bufan looked inside and let out a “Oh” and said “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Do you see what your chickens did?”

“You can’t blame them for this.”

“Don’t blame them, then who is to blame? Me?”

“Of course the blame is on you.” Nie Bufan nodded unexpectedly, “Chicken Nest Village is the territory of chickens. You have already caused their dissatisfaction when you moved in. Who knew that you even made great changes with the house. Isn’t this vying for territory with them?”

Si Chenyu stiffened, it was the first time he heard that chickens had a sense of territory.

Nie Bufan said again: “You should be fortunate that the chickens just came to your room to leave their own scent, instead of driving you away directly.”

“Leave……leave their own scent?” Si Chenyu had a bad feeling.

“Yes, like urine……”

“Stop talking!” Si Chenyu shouted sharply with a black expression.

Chen Muran also felt as if his back became itchy with disgust.

Nie Bufan comforted: “It will be fine in the future, once you change a new set of bedding later you are now officially allowed to move in.”

“This Prince need the permission of a group of chickens to be allowed to stay in this place?” Si Chenyu said coldly, “Tomorrow I will have someone to clean it inside and out, otherwise I will never live inside!”

Chen Muran nodded in agreement, and felt uncomfortable thinking that his bed had been stained with chicken filth.
“Then it’s up to you.” Nie Bufan shrugged, “but I still have to remind you that if their smell is washed away, they will still occupy your house perseveringly. The chickens in the Chicken Nest Village are very idle, not at all afraid of trouble.”

Si Chenyu face became overcast. Chen Muran secretly rubbed his forehead.

Nie Bufan stretched out two fingers: “There are only two choices, either accept the reality or leave the village.”

The two were silent, currently at war with themselves.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a while, Si Chenyu gritted his teeth and said: “Fine, I will stay, but I want to change rooms with you!”

“Change rooms with me?” Nie Bufan looked at him with an extremely strange look.

“That’s right.” Si Chenyu nodded affirmatively. When he thought about it, Nie Bufan’s house was definitely the safest.

Chen Muran immediately added: “En, Chenyu, I’ll squeeze in with you tonight.”

“Okay.” Si Chenyu agreed, “We can switch back when a clean place is found.”

Nie Bufan rubbed his nose and kindly reminded: “Actually, my room……”

“Let’s go and have a look.” Si Chenyu didn’t wait for him to finish and walked toward his room.

Nie Bufan pursed his mouth and slowly followed with his hands behind his back.

En, it’s not bad.” Si Chenyu was satisfied when he saw the enlarged bed at first sight, and the room looked very clean.

“It’s decided then.”

Chen Muran smiled and said to Nie Bufan: “Sorry, brother Nie, we are going to trouble you.”

“Don’t worry, making convenience for others is to be convenient for self.” Nie Bufan smiled again, “If you want to sleep in this room, then sleep in this room.”

After finishing speaking, he turned and left, called over Tu Beng, and reorganized the room of Si and Chen together, changing all the bedding.

It was night, Nie Bufan fell asleep early and had no physical adversity to changing beds. For him, it was the same everywhere as long as he was in the Chicken Nest Village.

The night was quiet, except for some chickens who like to stay up at night, all the other living creatures have fallen asleep.

Suddenly, a series of sounds broke the silence of the night, waking up many living creatures.

Nie Bufan was awakened by a wing flap to the face. He opened his eyes, removed the chicken beside his head, and walked out after putting on a piece of clothing.

Even before he walked into his house, he heard the chaotic fighting sound inside.

He pushed open the door, and a chicken flew directly towards him. Nie Bufan caught it with one hand, and then saw the chicken feathers all over the room.

A thinly-dressed man dodged in a pitiful manner under the siege of a group of chickens. The way he staggered around, he seemed to be drunk and completely did not have the flexibility of a martial artist. As for the other person, he had already fainted to the ground and was overwhelmed by a group of chickens, recreating the same painful experience that Li Huai had faced.

When Si Chenyu saw Nie Bufan, he immediately staggered into him, leaning his head on his shoulder, he said weakly: “What the hell is this place that you live in?”

Nie Bufan waved his hand at the chickens in the house, and patted Si Chenyu’s back comfortingly. Seeing his appearance, he must be poisoned.

“It’s okay, just get used to it.”

“Get used to it!” Si Chenyu roared, his voice a little hoarse.

Nie Bufan helped him onto the bed and explained: “Actually, earlier I wanted to tell you that my room is a territory in a territory. Without me, other living creatures will be regarded as intruders. As a result, the chickens will riot.”

Si Chenyu took a deep breath and said angrily: “Why didn’t you say it earlier!”

“I wanted to say it, but seeing you look that determined, I could only give up.”

Si Chenyu wanted to vomit blood from the anger.

Nie Bufan helped Chen Muran, who had fainted, to the bed again. His condition was much worse than Si Chenyu.

Si Chenyu saw that his normally elegant and magnificently put together friend was now in such a sorry state, his heart became inexplicably balanced and he felt much better.

Nie Bufan turned and went out to fetch a basin of water and cleaned up the two disabled people.

Si Chenyu stared at him quietly, and suddenly said: “Truly, what kind of person will raise what kind of chicken.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Nie Bufan smiled brilliantly.

Si Chenyu rubbed his forehead feebly.

Nie Bufan glanced at him and asked, “So, when do you plan to leave?”


“Yes, if you can’t stand the chickens in the Chicken Nest Village, how can you live here?”

Si Chenyu fell silent, he had never encountered such a situation.

A poverty stricken mountain village, violent chickens, a dirty environment……

Nie Bufan shrugged his shoulders and said no more. After roughly tidying the room and changing a quilt, he then climbed onto the bed and lay down between Si and Chen.

“What are you doing?” Si Chenyu asked.

“Can you sleep without me?”

I can’t sleep even with you here!

“Just make do for tonight. Tomorrow pack up your things and leave, Chicken Nest Village is not suitable for nobles like you.” Nie Bufan said lightly.

Si Chenyu clenched his fists secretly without saying a word.

Suddenly, his body became stiff, and in the dark, he felt a few chickens jump onto the bed and lay down beside him.

When he was about to speak, he heard Nie Bufan say: “Relax, this is their home. Every corner has their scent, which will make them feel safe. If you abandon the grudge in your heart, you will find that they are actually very cute.”

Si Chenyu calmed down, feeling that the feathers that swept his face were soft and warm, and smelling it carefully, there was actually none of the unpleasant smell he had imagined.

“The chickens in the Chicken Nest village have their own characteristics. The chickens who like to sleep on the bed love cleanliness. They will not dirty their sleeping place.”

Really, there are actually such chickens.

Listening to Nie Bufan’s voice, Si Chenyu gradually felt differently.

“How about telling me more about these chickens?”




“No way, how long has it been and you just fell asleep?”


“You must have been a pig in your last life!”

His voice slightly increased, causing the chickens around to become slightly agitated so Si Chenyu quickly stopped.

Forget it, go to sleep.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was probably the first prince ever to not only bathe with a chicken but also sleep with a chicken. He wondered what Chen Muran’s expression will look like when he woke up tomorrow and saw this scene……

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  1. I could sense the growing frustration within Si Chenyu as his invited friend was having a pleasant start to his new home. “If I have to suffer, so do you!”. Misery, as they say, loves company!

    The brainwashing of our Chicken God intensifies! This is honestly a cult at this point. Chickens are good, chickens are lovely, chickens are your world, you love chickens, Nie Bufan is an irresistible attraction…

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! When i saw how NB didn’t say anything when Si Chenyu and Chen Muran remodeled their rooms, i thought something is fishy, and then i tought, so this is why, hahaha. And he didn’t even warned Si Chenyu at least, that changing the rooms will not change everything, and it will cause him even more trouble. I’m sorry Si Chenyu and this is nothing, you have to endure much more if you want to stay in NB village for some more time. I will wait patiently until Zhang third and Li forth will make their appearance, i miss them a bit. Until next chapter.

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