The Cruel Tyrant CH 015 Rogue

After Su Mu returned to his personal quarters he fell asleep quickly. Through the thin gauze drapes hanging over the bed, the young slender body appeared to be displayed like a work of art. That perfect sleeping face also caused one to feel unwilling to disturb his dream.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But it so happened that there were just some people who were not the least bit tactful. Su Mu who was lying on the bed snapped open his eyes and quickly slapped a palm forward. With a “bang” the innocent tables and chairs in the dark turned into powder. Su Mu stared at the dark corner with sharp eyes, and said coldly, “You can’t bear to leave the Crown Prince’s Palace, and plan to stay here for the rest of your life?”

Ye Qingfeng’s figure slowly separated from the shadows and appeared in front of Su Mu. In the darkness, only the faint moonlight that penetrated through the window provided some light. Ye Qingfeng’s handsome features revealed a smile and he raised his eyebrows, “It’s really Su Mochi’s evil martial arts.”

He stepped forward and lifted the gauze curtains, moving close into Su Mu’s space, and his charming peach flower eyes searched up and down for possible flaws on Su Mu’s body.

After Su Mu allowed him to look at him for a while, he said, “Can you get the hell out?”

Ye Qingfeng tsked twice, and shook his head: “How can it be so similar and so different? Are you the Crown Prince?” He stretched out his fingers planning to untie Su Mu’s thin sleeping robe.

Su Mu clamped Ye Qingfeng’s fingers in a lightning grip, and looked at Ye Qingfeng dangerously: “You are looking for death.”

Thinking of Su Mochi’s terrifying martial prowess, Ye Qingfeng wisely retracted his hand and widened the distance from Su Mu. Leaving only the word “interesting” he soon disappeared from Su Mu’s room.

Su Mu had already been feeling quite sleepy and instantly fell on the bed with a “bang”, sleeping like a log until the morning assembly.

The next morning he routinely finished his official duties as usual, asked about the examinations, and then returned to take a rest in the courtyard next to the Crown Prince’s Palace.

Then, Su Mu’s tragic nightlife began. First, Gu Yunzhou appeared at around 8 o’clock every day to spend two or three hours with Su Mu on sparring, and then Ye Qingfeng showed up to constantly harass him. Su Mu did not sleep well for three consecutive days.

The pressure felt by the officials during morning assembly was high enough to squeeze oil. Officials also heard that someone was making trouble with the Crown Prince during this period. The Crown Prince was in a very bad mood, so they all scrambled to disguise themselves as sculptures without saying a word so as not to attract the Crown Prince’s attention.

Su Mu absently listened to a report from an official below and nodded or shook his head absentmindely. In his heart, he went through the various torture methods employed by Su Mochi before, thinking about the possibility of using them on Gu Yunzhou and Ye Qingfeng.

However, Gu Yunzhou’s martial arts skills were comparable to his own. And although Ye Qingfeng’s martial arts was not as good as his, he couldn’t catch him at all because of his extremely skilled qinggong (TN: martial arts technique in wuxia that refer to the ability to move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speed, and perform gravity-defying moves such as gliding on water surfaces, scaling high walls and mounting trees.) Otherwise, Su Mochi didn’t have to lock him in that stone room in the first place.

Su Mu slowly squeezed his fists. No matter what, he had to think of something to deal with the two of them. Did they think that if the tiger does not show his power then he is but a cat?

When the last rays of sunset disappeared and the stars occupied the night sky, Su Mu waited for Gu Yunzhou to appear, but he waited and waited but the other didn’t appear. Could it be he wasn’t coming today, Su Mu thought.

It was best that he never came again, that lunatic.

Fighting was a very physical effort. Su Mu soaked in the warm water and breathed a long sigh of relief. He leaned up on the edge of the bath and threw out all the messy and scattered thoughts in his mind, quietly enjoying the comfort of being surrounded by hot water.

But, could Su Mu truly finish his bath in such a comfortable manner?

A breeze blew by and the long guaze drapes were blown apart. The light on the candlesticks flickered twice before returning to normal. Ye Qingfeng appeared on the edge of the huge bath in loose robes.

Su Mu didn’t even bother to open his eyes. This kind of person, the more you pay attention to him, the more excited he would get.

Ye Qingfeng looked at Su Mu’s completely naked body laying in a drowsy manner in the bath with crystal drops of water rolling on snow-white skin, two beautiful shadows cast by long eyelashes, and those smooth lips that enticed people for an eager taste.

Ye Qingfeng had seen this perfect body and face many times, but had never been able to appreciate it so quietly. Nor had he ever had this urge to swallow all of him down into his stomach. Still with an unruly smile on his face, but his eyes gradually darkened and he gently untied his clothes.

Su Mu suddenly opened his eyes and saw Ye Qingfeng walking naked into the bath. That strong and powerful body almost blinded his eyes. Su Mu’s face suddenly frosted over and he snapped, “Get the fuck out.”

Ye Qingfeng didn’t pay any attention to the murderous intent implied in Su Mu’s tone. He still had that infuriating smile on his face and said, “We fucked together before, so why not come out with me and do some fucking?”

After finishing speaking, his gaze swept over Su Mu with an ambiguous expression.

Su Mu watched speechlessly as the guy’s thing became hard in front of him and did not bother to talk anymore nonsense with him. He instantly sent a wave of internal force towards the other with his palm. Admidst the huge sound the water splashed all over. But Ye Qingfeng stood unharmed in the other corner of the bath, smiling at Su Mu.

Although he couldn’t beat Su Mochi in a direct competition of martial arts skill, but with his qinggong that was the best in the world, even if he stood in front of Su Mu, Su Mu wouldn’t be able to catch him either. If it wasn’t for falling into someone’s schemes back then, how could he let the Crown Prince capture and imprison him.

Ye Qingfeng raised his eyebrow and smiled as he walked towards Su Mu, undisguised desire in his eyes.

Su Mu said with a dark expression: “Ye Qingfeng, you are looking for death!”

Ye Qingfeng walked towards Su Mu with a wicked smile, and said, “My dear, don’t be so fierce. Have you forgotten the good times of making love?”

Su Mu sneered in his heart, good times? You mean the good times of torture sessions?

“Ye Qingfeng, I am not interested in playing with you. If you have a request spit it out. Don’t give me this shit.” Su Mu didn’t believe that after such a short time, Ye Qingfeng fell in love with him. In his opinion, it was nothing more than Ye Qingfeng holding a grudge and wanting to avenge his imprisonment and abuse for the past three years.

Su Mu’s guess was correct. Ye Qingfeng did indeed wanted to kill Su Mochi, but the Crown Prince was not an opponent he could hold up against because of his advanced skills, so he was ready to find other ways to get revenge on him. But when he observed Su Mu these days, he found that the Crown Prince was indeed very different from the past.

The former Crown Prince was vicious and cruel, but the current Crown Prince was calm and decisive; the former Crown Prince was uneducated and unlearned, but the current Crown Prince was diligent and knowledgeable; the former Crown Prince was murderous and bloodthirsty, but the current Crown Prince never wounded lives without reason.

Was this really the same person? Ye Qingfeng’s curiosity was aroused, and so he followed Su Mu secretly every day, and then the more he observed the current Crown Prince, the more lovely he appeared, making his heart itch unbearably. And just then he saw Su Mu strip and step into the bath and couldn’t help but leap over the window and come in as well.

“Request?” Ye Qingfeng looked at the naked Su Mu and drawled the word slowly, conveying his obvious intentions.

The corners of Su Mu’s mouth twitched, was this guy a masochist? Wasn’t it enough to be abused by Su Mochi? Su Mu waved his hand, and the clothes not far away quickly fell on Su Mu’s outstretched palm. But at that moment Ye Qingfeng also suddenly rushed towards Su Mu. Ye Qingfeng’s qinggong was claimed to be No. 1 in the world and it was naturally not unwarranted fame.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Su Mu’s smooth waist fell into Ye Qingfeng’s hot palm, but at the same time Su Mu’s elbow rammed into his chest causing Ye Qingfeng to spit up blood.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So the reason Su Mochi hold Ye Qingfeng captive for 3 years, is because he couldn’t restrain him to get his way in bed, and instead Qingfeng not only demanded sex when he wanted probably, he tortured him using sex, so hilarious. Ye Qingfeng know how to enjoy life and take advantage of everyone who dares to hurt him, or wrong him. Even Su Mu can’t guess how his mind work and manage to catch him with his guard down: when Su Mu asked him what his request is, beside laughing like crazy, i tought, oh Su Mu, you can’t win him not matter how clever you are . I liked how the author desribed their conversation in the bath, it was sensual, but not to much, just enough ro make me anticipate what will happen next. Looking forward to read the next chaper.

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