This Lord is Too Cruel CH 007 General Mu Actually Has Such A Hobby

In the tent, the jade lantern with a hoop shaped handle brought especially by the Regent from the capital was placed in the center, looking solemn and dignified, luxurious and majestic. The light from it shone brightly and reflected clearly on that bare body, causing it to appear extremely dazzling and bright.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The corner of Feng Aotian’s mouth was slightly pursed, and her phoenix eyes were slightly lowered. Only then did she remember the rules used to call men into the harem in the past. Of course, Hun and Po did not dare to violate it. The hesitation from earlier was just to remind her, but she forgot about such trivial matters and did not paid heed.

Ji Bai and others looked once and then hung their heads quickly, unable to look straight. Enduring the pain of their bodies, they were all deeply saddened by the scene they saw. Mu Hanyao was the invincible god in their hearts, and they would rather be the ones humiliated than be willing to have General Mu in such a state. In the future, how will they be able to face General Mu again.

The thoughts in Feng Aotian’s heart was fleeting, and she didn’t think much about it. Now that it had become reality, she wanted to see how proud Mu Hanyao was, whether he was as powerful and awe-inspiring as the rumors.

Earlier, she did not have a deep impression of Mu Hanyao. Except for when he won against Qi State and gained fame and success, accompanying his teacher to return to the court. At that time Feng Aotian had followed the Emperor to the city gate to greet his return personally.

Mu Hanyao was just a young teenage boy, but he carried himself in a stoic and steady manner, the sight of which made her displeased and caused her to dislike Mu Hanyao. In her eyes, except for men like the former Emperor who were as beautiful and gentle as jade, no one else could invoke any interest.

Now, the young boy had grown up. He kneeled on the ground without an inch of cloth, unable to move because of the pressure points that had been tapped. His anger even caused his bronze skin to reflect a bitterly cold light.

At first glance, she saw a pair of dark and deep eyes like cold stars, curved eyebrows dark and perfect as if they had been painted on, and an imposing body, handsome in appearance with strong bones and muscles. His broad chest also added emphasis to his invincible aura, and even that pillar that symbolizes male authority revealed a barely contained dominance.

A face that was even colder than hers, with sharp edges and corners, and containing fortitude combined with unyielding might. Even if he appeared naked in front of everyone now, he still possessed the imposing aura of one standing tall and unyielding.

Feng Aotian could imagine that if he was wearing a battle robe, holding a long spear, and riding a tall horse, how mighty and awe-inspiring it would be. Just one person alone but he gave the feeling that thousands of horses and troops were standing behind him, causing the enemy fear with just one look. Even if he didn’t say a word, he still had the mighty spirit of a true leader of men. He was destined to stand on this vast land as a frightening god of war.

She had already made a decision in her heart. Those who follow me will prosper while those against me will die. If she could use him, then that was her fortune. If she could not, she must get rid of him. Otherwise, he would present a disaster.

Mu Hanyao was also looking straight at Feng Aotian, who was sitting in the highest position. He was so angry that if it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t move now he would definitely not be able to restrain himself and try to kill him with a single blow.

Of course, Feng Aotian knew Mu Hanyao’s anger, but he didn’t take it seriously. He looked at his naked and unclothed figure without any obscuration, and the corner of his mouth curved up in the usual pondering smile of interest that the Regent habitually had on, “It seems that General Mu over the past few years have paid great attention to keeping in shape, looking rather fit, but I wonder how well your skills are.”

Such a naked flirtation made the generals who were kneeling silently to spurn the Regent in their hearts. It seemed that the Regent was indeed tired of the delicate and beautiful men, and the soldiers in the camp didn’t meet his standards either.

Now, he had turned his interest towards tough and steely men, but was General Mu someone he could covet? Unless the Regent really didn’t want to return to the capital alive. Even if they had to face being torn into pieces, they will definitely protect General Mu and not allow him to profane and humiliate General Mu.

Mu Hanyao’s heart sank, and he stared at Feng Aotian fiercely. The chill in his eyes was colder than thousand year old ice. Such a gaze was not something ordinary people could bear.

Seeing Mu Hanyao’s expression like this, Feng Aotian swept her cloud embroidered sleeves across his chest and then propped her chin with her right hand, pretending to look at Mu Hanyao in a leisurely manner. In that moment when the sleeve had swept by, Mu Hanyao’s pressure points were also released.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He stood up from the ground, and drew out the saber that was on the kneeling Ji Bai next to him. His deep eyes reflected a frightening cold light, his steps accelerated, and the blade seemed to gather a thousand pound force in his hand. With strength and speed he pierced it straight towards Feng Aotian.

When Sixi saw this, he was about to move, but Feng Aotian waved his hand slightly, and looked indifferently at the sword light infused with a harsh austerity that stabbed straight at her.

Seeing this, Ji Bai and others raised their eyes quickly, and they all yelled in unison in their hearts, hoping that Mu Hanyao would really be able to end the Regent with one stroke, otherwise, their future days would be even more difficult.

Feng Aotian pursed her thin lips slightly, and stared with indifference at Mu Hanyao’s attack. He was agile, fast, and extremely powerful. If it was an ordinary person, it would be impossible to avoid him and there would definitely be no hope of surviving.

However, although Mu Hanyao was mature and steady now, he still hadn’t erased his inherent arrogance. Although there was hostility, but when encountering something extremely angering, even people with patience will have such normal behavior. Let alone a famed and awe-inspiring general like him.

The blade pierced through the long-concentrated icy cold energy in the tent, and rushed straight at her heart, but Feng Aotian’s figure flashed quickly when the blade was just a hair away from piercing the brocade robe over her heart.

Her palm hit Mu Hanyao’s chest where his heart was but she didn’t infuse it with internal force. Instead, fingers twisted and rubbed slightly on his chest. Before everyone could react, she was already standing behind Mu Hanyao, eyes lowered and looking at her right hand which had just made contact with his body.

Fingers like jade gently squeezed, and one corner of his mouth hooked up crookedly, and that pair of cold eyes flashed with a smirk as if recalling something with an endless aftertaste. The voice that sounded cold like water penetrated the biting air left by the blade, “General Mu’s chest muscles are extremely elastic. Only……this Lord actually didn’t know that General Mu has such a hobby, being naked in public.”

Mu Hanyao had known earlier that Feng Aotian’s martial arts were extremely high and powerful, but he trained hard since he was a child and considered himself to be profound in martial arts. Now, he watched him so easily dispel his imposing and murderous attack, and even molest him in passing.

He lowered his eyes, glancing over the spot touched by him, and there seemed to be a remaining hint of coldness like ice and snow blowing by. If he really became serious with the intention of killing him then just now he would have been dead already.

He raised his eyes and stared at Feng Aotian incomprehensibly, thinking about what had happened until now. He was originally working in the quarry, but was forcibly taken away by two men in black from unknown origins, and had his pressure points tapped.

He was unable to break through the lock on his pressure points, the two men were extremely fast, and with martial arts that were above his. Therefore, he decided to watch the situation quietly, thinking on where would these two take him?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Unexpectedly, these two men took him to a lake, tore his clothes, and threw him directly into the lake, almost drowning. But when he was about to lose consciousness, he was picked up by them once again.

Both of them had no plans to dress him either, and so he was forced to bear the cold wind blowing at his bare body, in the end forcibly taken by them to the barracks.

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