After Becoming The Tyrant/成为暴君之后

By WuJiuDian/吾九殿

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[His iron cavalry kicked up wild gales, and his fleet of ships wove an unbreakable net.

His power shook the four seas, he was the ruler of the world]

Zhu Chi, who didn’t want to die, made a deal with the devil in exchange for the chance to survive in another world. The new body was young, full of vitality, and full of life.

Zhu Chi finally escaped from the smell of the hospital ward’s antiseptic wipes, and he smiled with joy.

Soon, after accepting the new identity, the smile on Zhu Chi’s face gradually disappeared.

He, wearing a royal robe and a crown, ruled over thirty-six states and was the only Emperor in the Western Continent.

He, aggressively levied exorbitant taxes, arbitrarily conquering neighboring lands, using gold to build a carriage, scorning the divine power and humiliating the church.

——He was a tyrant.
The devil was indeed the devil, treacherous, cunning, and sinister.
Now, Zhu Chi, who had recovered his health, had to face all of the hatred and animosity:

1, the nobility deprived of their titles
2, the cardinals who were deliberately suppressed
3, the leaders of the chamber of commerce whose wealth and property were seized
4, the……

As well as: face an assassination seven days later.

If still according to the script, he would be exiled in four months, and then hanged in front of the Mohn Tower.

Zhu Chi: Splendid.

He rolled up his sleeves leisurely and smiled: What about the tyrant? If I want to, this tyrant can also rule the earth.

[I want the Rose King’s flag to fly across the mainland, I want the glory that will be like a sun that will never set, I want wherever the golden carriage passes to receive allegiances from all the people.

Because I am——

Born to be King]

Note: 1v1, the devil (gong) x tyrant (shou)

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Table of Contents 80/195 chapters translated

CH 001: The Last Tyrant

CH 002: The King Arrives

CH 003: The Stopped Execution

CH 004: The Assassination

CH 005: Someone Else

CH 006: Twenty Thousand Ransom

CH 007: No Money

CH 008: The Fate Star Has Changed

CH 009: Goodbye, My King

CH 010: The Scarlet And Dark Colored Fate

CH 011: Good Day, My Dear Majesty

CH 012: Enemy Attack On A Devilish Night

CH 013: The King’s First Battle

CH 014: Victory And——

CH 015: The Carriage From Hell

CH 016: The Destined King

CH 017: The Loyalty Of The Oath Knights

CH 018: Leave With Me, Your Majesty

CH 019: The King’s Army

CH 020: The Knife The King Wants To Borrow

CH 021: Iron Rose

CH 022: To Wear A Crown, One Must Bear Its Weight

CH 023: His Child

CH 024: The Return Of The King

CH 025: Defending The Throne

CH 026: God Bless The King

CH 027: Get The Best Deal

CH 028: Glory

CH 029: Natural Born Scoundrel

CH 030: Hell Is At Your Service

CH 031: The Armored Cavalry Of The Rose Family

CH 032: The King’s Commissioners

CH 033: The King’s Black Wings

CH 034: Lunatic Academy Of Sciences

CH 035: Covened Meeting

CH 036: The King’s Splendid Conference

CH 037: Immediate Execution

CH 038: Port Regulations

CH 039: Port Free Trade Act

CH 040: Ancient Holy Fire

CH 041: Approaching Storm

CH 042: Blood, Fire, Fury

CH 043: The Pirates’ Little Problem

CH 044: Ghost Ship

CH 045: A Trip To Hell

CH 046: The King’s Journey In Hell

CH 047: Greed And Ill-Gotten Gains

CH 048: Wresting Back Authority

CH 049: The Pirate Godfather

CH 050: Unforeseen Event

CH 051: Building A Nation

CH 052: The Plague

CH 053: Sword Of Ten Thousand Armies

CH 054: God’s Attendants

CH 055: The King And Authority

CH 056: Black Death And Hell

CH 057: The Plague Doctor

CH 058: The Lunatic Hospital

CH 059: Refugees And The King’s Choice

CH 060: The King Arrives In Person

CH 061: The Defender

CH 062: Death Bows To You

CH 063: The King And His City

CH 064: The King’s Ally

CH 065: The Royal Court Of Law

CH 066: The Light Of Literature And Art

CH 067: Legrand’s Monarch

CH 068: The Northern Rebellion

CH 069: The Rose Family

CH 070: The Lion Of The Empire

CH 071: The King’s Conquest

CH 072: Descendants Of The Dragon Slayer

CH 073: Song Of Iron And Blood

CH 074: Eternal Glory

CH 075: The Bloody Tyrant

CH 076: Conferment And Battle

CH 077: The Iron Emperor

CH 078: The Age Of Heroes

CH 079: Blood For Blood

CH 080: The Truth

CH 081: With The King As A Chess Piece


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