The Cruel Tyrant CH 016 Conspiracy

Just as Ye Qingfeng vomit out a big mouthful of blood, a sharp sword light came from the sky, and the whole room was suddenly divided into two.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms .wo rd pr es s. c o m )

Su Mu hurriedly took a piece of clothing and put it on to avoid the fate of running around naked. Ye Qingfeng was not so lucky. Su Mu’s elbow almost crushed his internal organs so he was slightly delayed for a while, and the result was being buried under the ruins. When he finally crawled out naked, his eyes looked ready to eat people when he looked at Gu Yunzhou.

“Gu Yunzhou, you’re asking for it!” After Ye Qingfeng found his surviving clothes in the ruins, he immediately rushed towards Gu Yunzhou, leaving only an afterimage behind.

Su Mu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, and he wished for nothing more than to chop these two into minced meat, and instantly rushed upwards to join the fray, directing attacks at the both of them. The bright eyes gradually became pitch black, and the pale palms became covered with a thin layer of black smoke.

Su Mu was truly angry now, if this could be tolerated then what could be called intolerable? Every night Ye Qingfeng disturbed his sleep. Gu Yunzhou repeatedly demolished his property. It completely angered Su Mu to the point his face twisted into a fierce scowl and he grabbed at the handsome face of Ye Qingfeng with hands covered in sinister force.

When Ye Qingfeng, who was fighting with Gu Yunzhou, discovered Su Mu, Su Mu’s pale fingers were already seconds away from dealing damage. Ye Qingfeng hurriedly turned over and escaped in a shock, but his face was still brushed by the black smoke on Su Mu’s hand. The smell of rotten flesh permeated the air, and Ye Qingfeng grimaced in pain, hurriedly avoiding Su Mu who had caught up.

Su Mu, who had lost his target, directed his attack at Gu Yunzhou. When the sharp sword made a stab at Su Mu’s forehead he directly grabbed it in his hand while his other hand made to fasten on Gu Yunzhou’s neck with lightning speed.

Gu Yunzhou’s sword made a turn, the sword that was sharpened to cut iron like mud rotated in Su Mu’s hand. However, Su Mu’s hand remained intact. At the same time, Gu Yunzhou’s left hand quickly clasped Su Mu’s left wrist, but Su Mu’s hand was like a slippery fish, it instantly turned over and caught Gu Yunzhou’s hand instead.

A burning pain came from the back of his hand. Gu Yunzhou hurriedly used his internal force to shake off Su Mu’s hand, and at the same time, the long sword violently withdrew and turned a circle. In the blink of an eye it pierced towards Su Mu’s heart.

Su Mu did not make any defense at all, and once again directly reached out to grab Gu Yunzhou’s sword. If it was usual Su Mu could easily catch it, but at that moment Su Mu’s mind suddenly blanked out. The originally smoothly working internal force suddenly dissipated, and the palm and heart that have lost the protection of the internal force suddenly felt a sharp pain. When Su Mu came back to himself Gu Yunzhou’s sword had already pierced his ribs.

Fortunately, Gu Yunzhou didn’t truly want to kill him. At the last second he hurriedly deviated the point of the sword by two millimeters. Otherwise Su Mu’s heart would definitely be pierced.

Cold sweat instantly soaked through Su Mu’s clothes, the hand holding the blade of the sword instantly pulled it out forcefully. Next he quickly pressed on the pressure points to stop the bleeding, returning to his bedroom with a pale face.

All this might have seem long, but it happened in an instant. Ye Qingfeng on the side hadn’t even figured out what was going on when he saw Su Mu covered in blood land on the ground. He hurriedly followed, and Gu Yunzhou, who was taken aback, also flew after them and followed behind Su Mu.

Yuzhu, who was guarding at the entrance of the bedroom, saw Su Mu’s body covered in blood and her heart began to beat fiercely. Did the Crown Prince kill again? Thinking of all the horrorific acts of the Crown Prince in the past, Yuzhu’s heart went cold. Could it be said that the Crown Prince had become the same as before?

Only when Su Mu walked closer did she found that the blood came from Su Mu’s body. Yuzhu’s soul almost left her body out of fright, and she hurriedly ordered someone to get an imperial doctor and bring a basin of water. After learning that the Crown Prince was injured, Huang Xuan’s handsome face suddenly turned pale, and he rushed to the Crown Prince’s bedroom anxiously. Yun Feiyu, Qin Ye and Liu Xi followed closely behind. Su Mu closed his eyes and lay on the bed without saying a word, letting the imperial doctor tend to the wound on his shoulder.

The first time it happened could be called an accident, the second time was absolutely impossible. The last time he was pierced in the shoulder was when he was at the lake. Su Mu was positive that someone must have tampered with his body. Su Mochi was a notorious figure, and his enemies numbered in the thousands if not more. Su Mu was usually very careful when eating and dressing, but he didn’t expect that he still fell prey.

Su Mu closed his eyes and thought about it. There were too many people with motives. After thinking about it for a long time, he found that only Huang Xuan could leave him at ease. After thinking about it for a long time, he suddenly felt that everyone around him was suspicious, and Su Mu suddenly felt icy cold all over the body. This kind of life where there were people doing everything possible to make schemes on his life all the time made Su Mu bitterly disappointed.

He gets up every day before dawn, and then go to the imperial study room where he reads the memorials non-stop until the evening. After returning to his personal quarters, the work still didn’t end for a long time as well.

But even so, he could’t change the determination of some people, just because he was “Su Mochi”, the once notorious Crown Prince, and too many people have hatred for him. The people who wanted him to die were as many as the carps in the river.

Su Mu suddenly felt tired at this moment, and wanted to go to sleep like this. If he could return to the modern age, it would be wonderful. Although some members of his family gave him headaches, but he did not have to worry about his life all the time.

When Huang Xuan, Yun Feiyu, Liu Xi, and Qin Ye arrived, they saw the palace maids continuously taking away pieces of wet cloth soaked in blood.

When Huang Xuan saw this room covered with blood soaked cloths he suddenly felt weak all over. He trembled and asked, “Imperial……imperial doctor, how is His Royal Highness?” He tried to calm himself, but he looked like he would cry at any time.

The imperial doctor felt a little unbearable to see this, but he still told the truth: “The Crown Prince was severely injured some time ago, and he was injured in the same place today. This old man dare not lie.” Huang Xuan only felt that the whole world was gone, only the imperial doctor’s words remained echoing in his mind. He couldn’t believe it and spoke as if speaking to himself: “Impossible, the Crown Prince is so powerful. Who is his opponent, so many people……could not hurt the Crown Prince. How could this be the case now? Impossible……”

Doctor Hu respectfully said: “This old man is not clear either.”

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu laying pale on the bed with a dazed expression. He couldn’t believe that the Crown Prince who couldn’t be defeated in his heart would also have a dying day. If it were before, he would be happy for several days, but now he only felt his soul shattered into pieces, and his whole person was in pain.

Qin Ye looked at Su Mu indifferently, without sadness or joy on his face. Yun Feiyu looked at Su Mu laying on the bed with the same unpredictable expression. Liu Xi frowned in confusion.

Fortunately, Su Mu woke up after laying down all night. As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt that his hands were tightly held. Su Mu wanted to turn his head but accidentally moved the wound on his shoulder. A sudden pain came and Su Mu lightly exhaled. And then he heard Huang Xuan’s joyful voice ringing in his ears.

Huang Xuan looked at Su Mu who had woke up, and he was surprised and happy, even sounding a bit teary when he spoke. “Your Highness, you have awaken? Are you hungry, do you want to drink some water?”

Su Mu lay on the bed and said softly, “Pour me a cup of water.”

After Huang Xuan helped Su Mu up, he immediately poured water and carefully moved it to Su Mu’s mouth.

After bowing his head and drinking, Su Mu said to Huang Xuan: “Go and get me something to eat, something mild.”

Huang Xuan nodded hurriedly, and then quickly disappeared in front of Su Mu.

“Shi Nuo.” After Huang Xuan left, Su Mu’s eyes immediately turned cold.

The youth silently appeared in front of Su Mu and waited for instructions.

“Check what’s happening in the Crown Prince’s Palace these days.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms .wo rd pr es s. c o m )

A cold light flashed in Su Mu’s eyes, and his hands gradually clenched. Regardless of the other party’s reasons, whether he wanted to fight for power, or get revenge on Su Mochi for having killed his family, Su Mu didn’t plan to use his own life to make reparations.

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18 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 016 Conspiracy”

  1. Uh oh that was hardcore…Soo not only openly hated but still someone lurking behind to kill him, too. And someone quite capable at that. It is so much for poor Su Mu…He does not have even one ally…I am really exited and this chapter was intense! Thank you!

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      1. Dunno still shoulder not really life threathening wound area, but chest yes. Guess it starled me as like even if you ad few centimeters above heart its still chest. Anyway, Thank you very much for this chapter, loved the action^^

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I will reply you here for the comment you wrote me before, because i can’t there. I knows he is a victim, but until now nothing changed in him from the moment he came in this world, and the writer is not disclosing almost nothing about his true feelings, why he is so afraid off, that makes him not trust and ask for help of anyone, why he choses the easy way, by distacing from the people who are more difficult to deal or not friendly, mysterious or want to harm him, but only chosing to spend time and treat well the people he is sure he will obey him or blindly like him. When is described only taking actions, without sharing the reaons behind his actions or when gives some lame, obvious reasons, all he does seems as excuses to avoid his responsbility. I mean , i want to like him, but he is not convincing, and charming enough.


      1. Like I said to Caroll we’re only 16 chapters in out of 100+ so I think it might be still a little too early. And yes Su Mu is a bit of a lone wolf mentality for now. But I think he will grow to rely on others, but you have to keep in mind, who can he ask for help now? All his MLs have deep hatred for him or can actually pose a threat to him. Huang Xuan might be an option but again he is the youngest of the MLs and while harmless, cant really do much to support Su Mu either.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I don’t like how Su Mu is described by the author lately, he is writed too unidemsional, if someone harm him in some way from the start is labelling them as enemies, if someone is good to him, he thinks he genuily likes him and dotes on them, without thinking for the perspectives of the others characters. No one is white is black, and Su Mu for the start are seeing the persons around him like this, he subestimates or let his guard down when it shouldn’t. If it was a movie, is more easy to overlook this things, but when if you read about a character like this, it’s get annoying. He don’t give a chance to others concubines or is trying to put more effort in showing the others concubines he changed, but keep acting like a victim, like he has to worry about his life all the time, or how everyone hate him even through he is diligent with his work. Letting aside how he indeed takes his work seriously, this shouln’t not change the opinions the other concubines had on him, it’ s too early for this. And no one can make change my opinion of Huang Xuan, that guy is writed like he has not personality, and he is behaving like a child, just because Su Mu is good to him and dotes to him he starts to panics and cry wherever hears something happens with Su Mu, he come across as to easy to fool, a character that changes his mind everything something happens. I think he is the concubine Su Mu likes the most because he has not toughts of his own, Su Mu can manipulate him how much he wants, and is sad and disapointing. I still want to know what it will hapen, but i will not expect too much of Su Mu, but i will read to found out what will happen to others concubins.


      1. So nice you also see how flatly is Su MU described! He is actual victim tho…I would love to see more of his internal struggle tho! Hope for some in next chapters!

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    1. Aww, actually I can understand why Su Mu is so paranoid, and in such a situation to have such an innocent guy like Huang Xuan around must be comforting. And I would say he is far from acting like a victim, just probably a moment of weakness since he did get seriously injured, and had been repeatedly harrassed by two top martial artists every night while working all day at the imperial court. Tired and combined with the pain of his injuries and the fright of being poisoned without his knowledge. No wonder he would treat everyone around with suspicion.

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      1. I think i’m more frustrated and dissapointed by the author for the way is fleshing the characters, and structuring the chapters, and i’m taking my frustration to the characters. It makes me feel like too little things is happening , because events that happens are not concluded or mentioned after,
        after some characters are sometime introduced we not hear more about them, or an entire chapter are about some characters and then they disappears, it’s messy, and it don’t looks it will get better, i’m just afraid when things will get better i will not enjoy how i should the good things that happen by Su Mu, because i will not care anymore. The author should have focused on showing the character development of only some i characters who considers important to the story and not introducing everyone, and then not mentioned them again, because it will take from the space that could be used to describe the important characters too, the chapters are short after all.

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