This Lord is Too Cruel/爷太残暴

By Lemon Smile/柠檬笑

When the savage and coldblooded wolf girl transmigrated into the brutal and bloodthirsty regent, she just wanted to say, “this Lord” is cruel, but also very gentle.

However, no matter how gentle the wolf, it will not change its carnivorous nature…..

The beautiful male harem——they are courteous and flattering, yet hide murderous intent…..

The Emperor is young——he looks harmless but conceals malice…..

The Empress Dowager is genuine——she makes pretense at compliance but she calculates and schemes at every step…..

The officials are loyal——they bow their heads in submission but their honey words hide blades…..

The kingdom’s state of affairs is turbulent and faces the imminent invasions of powerful kingdoms desiring to flatten her tiny territory…..

She looks up at the moon and wolf howls, “this Lord” is very gentle, but even more cruel!

Her rebirth is destined to rewrite the history of Feng Kingdom, but who can accompany and assist her in composing this beautiful and splendid poem…..

TN: Reverse harem, transmigration, strong FL, strong MLs, political intrigue.

Table of Contents 15/394 chapters translated


CH 001

CH 002

CH 003

CH 004

CH 005

CH 006

CH 007

CH 008

CH 009

CH 010

CH 011

CH 012

CH 013

CH 014

CH 015


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