This Lord is Too Cruel CH 008 You Suit This Lord’s Taste

“Isn’t this the hobby of the Regent?” Mu Hanyao’s eyes reflected with a cold light, completely ignoring his position now, so what about being naked? So what if he was bared for others to look overtly at? Had he experienced anything less?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Once, he was the commander of an army. He led the soldiers and brothers in arms through fire and water. After winning a battle, they would bathe and fool around in a lake together and see each other naked.

However, the Regent, who had unique and special tastes, was different from the other men. When looking at his body, the gaze was strange and different, containing ambiguous meaning. Remembering his younger brother who was still forcibly detained in the Regent’s manor, Mu Hanyao’s coldness towards Feng Aotian increased a bit more in his heart.

Feng Aotian had faint expressions, but his eyes were deep as valleys. When he smiled it dazzled even the sun and moon. His thin lips opened lightly and without warning slender fingers pulled off Mu Hanyao’s hair band, “This will be your gift of apology for offending this Lord earlier.”

An indifferent tone as fingers hooked the cotton-textured hairband. He was as cold as usual, standing with hands behind his back in straight and upright posture, appearing even more like a general than Mu Hanyao who train soldiers all year round. He emitted a cold and stern aura, and combined with the inherent domineering charisma of a ruler of men, no one dared to look directly at him, fear in their hearts.

On the contrary, Mu Hanyao, who was suddenly attacked and had his hair band stolen, turned around angrily to look at her, the long hair that resembled ink draped over his chest, hanging like silk down his bare body and sliding over the muscles of his strong body, blowing slightly in the wind.

There were scars on his waist and abdomen that represent his supreme glory. Holding the saber in one hand, while the other folded behind him, standing there without the slightest fear or embarrassment. And that pair of deep eyes held an endless coldness.

“Mu Hanyao, the night is long, do you plan to spend the night with this Lord in such a way?” Feng Aotian passed by his side, sitting in the main seat, and looked at him from his high position. The words had a frivolous meaning but the kneeling generals in the tent heard the bloodthirsty and murderous intent.

Mu Hanyao turned his eyes coldly, staring directly and sharply at Feng Aotian, “If the Regent really has such refined and elegant attitude of mind, this caomin (TN: commoners referring to themselves in front of royalty) will naturally not dare to resist orders.”

Ji Bai was shocked, what is General Mu going to do? Was he submitting to the Regent? No, absolutely not, if it was true, then what hope was there for these generals who were willing to risk life and limb with him?

Li Su heard this, raised his eyes, glanced at Mu Hanyao, and said in shock, “General, you absolutely must not.”

Mu Hanyao’s resolute face and dark pupils condensed with cold light and did not look at Li Su. Just by seeing the sword beside him and the generals kneeling on the ground, he could also guess what had occured earlier.

Feng Aotian was not acting on a whim, or truly interested in him, when he kidnapped him back from the quarry. If so, he would not humiliate him in front of his loyal subordinates.

He recalled the moment when his pressure points had been unlocked and how he had drawn his sword without a second thought and stabbed at Feng Aotian. But the other remained calm and relaxed, as if he knew already that he would behave like this.

Now, he must calm down, and must not act impulsively. He endured for so many years, but almost made a big mistake due to anger. After his head cleared however, he had a different awareness of the rumored brutal and ruthless Regent.

Perhaps he was not as capricious and incapable as in the rumors.

“Caomin is just a prisoner in the eyes of the Regent, besides, if the Lord wants his subject to die then his subject have no choice but to die.” Mu Hanyao responded in a manner neither servile or overbearing, voice resounding and vigorous, his eyes overflowing with determination. At this moment, he stood like a huge rock, straight and steady.

Feng Aotian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light shot out towards Mu Hanyao, who stood still in front of her, “This Lord is indeed tired of those delicate and contrived men. Now, I prefer the ferocious lions like you, you suit this Lord’s taste quite well.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As soon as this remark came out, everyone kneeling on the ground suddenly fell into a cold sweat and turned their eyes on Mu Hanyao.

Mu Hanyao sneered with a cold face, could it be that he made a mistake in his judgment?

His brutality was well known, so how could he suddenly change his personality? He wanted to see just what the purpose of the Regent was, could it be that he truly wanted to make a move on him? If this was the case, he will not force himself to endure it anymore. His life could be dishonored but his pride cannot.

He, Mu Hanyao was a man with an upright attitude. How could he commit himself to being under another man, becoming a plaything whom everyone spurned? If this was the case, then the result will be one, either the other will die or he will die.

“Tonight the weather is wonderful, I wonder if my darlings have found food yet?” Feng Aotian curled up the hairband with his fingers, and stared at it for a long time. “Military officer Li, right now, it is the perfect time to open the city gates to the soldiers of Qi State, don’t you agree?”

Li Su quickly restrained his emotions and knelt lower to the ground, “I implore the Regent to grant the death penalty.”

Now, he no longer had any thoughts of being alive. If General Mu was also tainted by this Regent, how could he continue to stand in this world? It would be better to die now than to cling to life pathetically, and being forced to witness such a thing.

Feng Aotian sneered. Now Li Su had no other request except for this sentence. It seemed that the training of the barracks had indeed been slacking in these years. No wonder Qi State was so arrogant, “Mu Hanyao, so this is your subordinate? Repeating over and over “Feng State will perish”, but he was so timid and cowardly, too useless to bear the consequences. That he could be the vanguard of the army, this Lord has really experienced the style of Mu family’s troops.”

Mu Hanyao’s eyes darkened, then turned to look at Li Su, who was kneeling on the ground and with a look as if preparing to die, and then swept across the generals kneeling in the tent. Once upon a time, they sworn to face death together, risking life and limb, and experiencing countless dangerous battles. But, now……every one had a bitter face. He knelt down on one knee, “Lord Regent, the soldiers of the Mu family will never give up.”

“Never give up?” Feng Aotian raised her voice and laughed coldy. Her laugh pierced the camp and spread to the night sky, where her arrogant and mocking laughter echoed.

Ji Bai remembered what Li Su had said, and looked up at Mu Hanyao. He was ashamed of himself and regretted why he allowed Li Su to say those words at the time. Now, the damage was done. It was them who slapped loudly on the face of the Mu family troops they were so proud of.

No matter how stupid Li Su was, he still understood the ridicule in the Regent’s words. Losing without a fight, even if the Mu family troops had only one soldier left, there was no reason for him to cower and not fight until the end. He regret what he had said but the words have left his mouth and the damage was done.

Feng Aotian looked at Mu Hanyao contemptuously, and repeated what Li Su had said earlier. When the last words fell, the surroundings had become completely silent.

“As it turns out the Mu family troops are nothing exceptional.” This contemptuous remark, if someone else uttered it, would not have much impact, but that it came from the tyrannical Regent, it was as if instantly knocking down the mountain in their hearts.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mu Hanyao was also stunned, and he raised his eyes, as if seeing the pillar of faith he was proud of collapsing in an instant, and with it his firm resolve.

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