Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 023 Drive The Enemy Away With Nakedness

After coming out of Zhang Junshi’s restaurant, Nie Bufan walked back in the setting sun, singing his own song as he walked: “I am a sheep, gentle and soft, eating grass, shedding wool, and dripping tasty milk……”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“……Excuse me, is there a Chicken Nest Village at the foot of the mountain?” Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

Nie Bufan subconsciously replied: “That’s right, you can see it after you cross the mountain and make a turn.”

“Thank you.”

Nie Bufan turned around, the shadows of the trees behind him was mottled, and the wind blew by rustling the leaves, but there was no one in sight.

Nie Bufan looked around but it was quiet and lonely. The voice just now seemed to be just his own hallucination.

He pursed his mouth and continued to walk forward, but the humming song in his mouth became: “I am a wolf, ferocious and mighty, chewing bones, sharpening teeth, monsters and ghosts retreating three feet……”
When he returned to the Chicken Nest Village, the flocks of chickens that had been running around wildly had already returned to the nest. The other residents in Chicken Nest Village seem to be staying in their houses and not going out. The village looked extremely peaceful and quiet.

Nie Bufan walked into his yard, put all the purchased things into the kitchen, and then freshened up and walked inside his house.

But when he approached the door, he stopped abruptly, and his hand that was about to push the door open also stopped in the air. After a moment, he turned around and walked towards the bathhouse on the other side.

His departure made Si Chenyu who was currently in his house quite depressed. He deliberately stayed in Nie Bufan’s room today just to wait for him to come back to settle the scores. All kinds of torture scenes have been rehearsed in his mind, and as long as he came in, he could start the torture. Who knew that the guy sensed that there was someone in the house. He was obviously ready to open the door, but yet he left inexplicably.

Si Chenyu waited for a long time with composure, but still saw no one. Finally having exhausted his patience, he stood up, stepped out of the room, and went looking for the culprit with a sullen expression.

“Quietly, I am leaving, just as I quietly came……” Nie Bufan hummed in a strange tone.

Si Chenyu narrowed his eyes and followed the sound with heavy steps.

“I wave my sleeves, and won’t take a single bath towel with me……”

“……” Si Chenyu’s hand holding the door paused, but then pushed the door resolutely and walked in.

The steam filled the bathhouse, and a half naked figure could be seen in the light mist.

Si Chenyu walked a few steps closer, and saw Nie Bufan sitting in the bath washing and scrubbing, with his bare body exposed, wet hair stuck to the back of his shoulders, contrasting against the skin attractively. Probably after hearing some noise, Nie Bufan turned his head and saw Si Chenyu, asking in a surprised voice: “Brother Shi, do you want to take a bath too?”

Si Chenyu moved his gaze uncontrollably to Nie Bufan’s lower abdomen. Upon seeing this, Nie Bufan moved naturally to pick up the chicken swimming in the water and placed it between his two legs.

Si Chenyu twitched the corners of his mouth, and suddenly forgot what he was here for.

“Brother Shi has to wait a while to take a bath, I haven’t finished yet.” Nie Bufan glanced at the door and signaled that he should leave now.

Si Chenyu crossed his arms, raised his eyebrows and looked at him, saying with a smile: “Are you seducimg this prince?”

“What?” Nie Bufan showed a pure and innocent expression.

“You knew I was in your room already. You didn’t dare to enter the room, but deliberately ran to the bathhouse, took off your clothes and waited for me.”

Nie Bufan looked directly into his eyes, and asked while petting the chicken, “Is brother Shi interested in men?”

“Not interested!” Si Chenyu vetoed it without thinking.

“That’s right, since Brother Shi is not interested, how can I seduce you?”

“……” Si Chenyu was speechless, but who knew if he was really not swayed just now?

Nie Bufan waved to him and said, “Brother Shi, please go out and wait, I’ll be done soon.”
Si Chenyu didn’t move, just stared at him, then smiled and said, “We’re all men, I’ll be here waiting for you to finish washing.”

Nie Bufan shrugged and said “whatever”, and then took away the chicken that was placed between his legs, truly ignoring Si Chenyu on the side as he picked up the soap and continued washing.

Si Chenyu’s gaze followed his hand, and fell on his neck, shoulders, belly, waist and legs……

Suddenly he remembered the scene from that day when they rubbed each other in the water, and he couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. He didn’t know why, but the person in front of him seemed to become rather delicious looking……

“Brother Shi.” Nie Bufan stood up suddenly, with his legs apart and faced him accusingly, “How can you make me believe that you are not interested in men when you stare at me like this?”

“What nonsense?” Si Chenyu retorted leisurely.

“I’m not talking nonsense, your eyes are almost piercing holes into my white and tender body.” Nie Bufan slowly approached him, hooked his collar with his fingers, and whispered, “Brother Shi, could it be that you want to share a bath with me?”

Si Chenyu half-closed his phoenix eyes, reached out and grabbed Nie Bufan’s wrist, and warned: “Don’t provoke me.”

Nie Bufan’s actions paused, feeling strange, shouldn’t this person be running away? It seemed to be different from what was expected.

As a normal man, how could Si Chenyu react so calmly to his deliberate flaunting? Could it be that he was so angry no more morals were left?

“Okay.” Nie Bufan retracted his hand and sighed, “It seems that you are really eager to take a bath, so I won’t dawdle anymore.”

As he said so, he turned and stepped into the bath to wash away the soap stains on his body, then got neatly out of the water and took a towel to dry his body.

The whole process took only a while, which was really a rare fast speed for him.

While putting on his clothes, he said to Si Chenyu: “I’m done, I’ll have someone change the water for you later……mmph!”

Before he finished speaking, Nie Bufan was pressed against the wall, his mouth was also harshly kissed.

He widened his eyes and stared at Si Chenyu’s neat row of eyelashes. The breath of the two blended, their tongues and teeth intertwined.

After a long while, Si Chenyu let go of his lips and pressed his forehead against his, saying in a low voice: “You dare to say that you are not trying to seduce me?”

Nie Bufan opened his mouth slightly, and secretly thought that he had made a mistake. This man was as unethical as him, his mouth spouting cold and righteous words, but what he really felt and thought was completely different. It seemed that his move to drive the enemy away with his naked body was not working.
“Brother Shi, there is a saying that if you have impure thoughts in your heart, then everything is seen in an impure light. How can such a pure and kind guy like myself do something so shameless like seduce you?” Nie Bufan patted his bare chest and said with a serious face. “The gentleman is magnanimous, I let you see all of my innocent self, what else do you want?”

“……” Si Chenyu stared at his eyes closely, trying to find signs of lying, only to see a pair of extremely clear eyes.

This made Si Chenyu almost doubt his judgment. Was it really just that he had impure thoughts? Towards him?

With an uncertain expression on Si Chenyu’s face, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed Nie Bufan’s lips again, gently licking, slowly savoring, and moved his hands misbehavingly, unknowingly he once again became intoxicated……

Suddenly, he let out a muffled grunt and then bent down with a twisted face.

It turned out that Nie Bufan took advantage of the situation and gave him a cruel attack. As a result, prince Si tasted the pain that was hard to put in words for the second time.

Pushing him away, Nie Bufan adjusted his clothes and harrumphed: “Brother Shi, we won’t succumb to your lewd power. If you are truly sexually frustrated, there are a lot of chickens in the Chicken Nest Village waiting to sleep with you!”

“……” Si Chenyu’s face became as black as the bottom of a pot.

He grabbed Nie Bufan’s hand, and said while resisting the pain, “You are getting bolder and bolder. Are you really not afraid that this prince will not rectify you on the spot?”

“To tell the truth, I’m quite scared.” Nie Bufan sighed: “We are just a small unimportant person, and we can’t compare with the powerful and influentual you at all. But some things must be desperately protected, such as the chrysanthemum.”


“The backyard flower.”


“Men also have chastity to be guarded.” Nie Bufan said earnestly, “I hope brother Shi can be considerate.”

“……” For some reason, Si Chenyu felt that something was wrong.

“Okay, brother Shi, go and prepare to take a bath, I will boil water for you.” With that, Nie Bufan picked up his clothes and walked out.
After he walked far away, Si Chenyu came back to his senses. That’s not right. He clearly came to find Nie Bufan to settle the score. How could he be fascinated by him unknowingly, and the anger that had accumulated in his stomach became lost who knew where.

Was he really attracted to him? His taste had actually fallen to this point? This guy had a bad character, full of lies and false truths, bold and daring, reckless and absurd. He was simply the most bizzare thing since the dawn of time. If others dared to offend him in this way, they would have already been sent by him to see Yanwang (TN: king of the underworld), so why should he be merciful and forgiving only to him? And so naturally?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Si Chenyu crossed his legs, touched his chin, and fell into contemplation all the while maintaining an extremely indecent posture……

Nie Bufan, who came out of the bathhouse, rubbed his lips vigorously, secretly thinking that this time he sacrificed too much, actually accidentally hooking up a guy with a human face but a beast’s heart. Si Chenyu was different from Zhang Third and Li Fourth. Nie Bufan could trust Zhang and Li, but could not trust Si Chenyu. Si Chenyu’s mind was unpredictable and difficult to decipher. But it was that kind of lofty arrogance that made Nie Bufan unable to restrain his desire to wreck the other.

What a quandary! Nie Bufan scratched the door frame in pain, struggling between reason and desire. Should he continue to act in accordance with his nature or retreat?

Ai, forget it! Such profound questions were not suitable for thinking about with his simple mind. Nie Bufan stood up straight and entered the room leisurely.

As for boiling hot water for Si Chenyu, who knew where he had forgotten it.

Fortunately, Si Chenyu’s mind was not on this matter, otherwise it will inevitably be another chaotic scene.
That night, Si Chenyu reluctantly went back to his original room to sleep. Although the bedding was simple enough to make people want to throw it off, at least it looked clean, and the chickens no longer came to make trouble. As long as he closed the doors and windows, he could get a good night’s sleep till dawn.

There had been no movement on Chen Muran’s side, and he probably wouldn’t show up in front of people until he recovered his beautiful appearance.

The next day, Zhang Junshi arrived as expected and brought many groceries for Nie Bufan as usual. Nie Bufan was very satisfied and decided to make him the first logistics officer of Chicken Nest Village.

Zhang Junshi just smiled.

“By the way, how is Li Fourth?” Nie Bufan was picking vegetables in the yard on a bench with Zhang Junshi and asked in passing.

“I’m not sure on this, but likely busy with other things.” Zhang Junshi asked inadvertently, “Do you miss him?”

“A little bit.” Nie Bufan exclaimed, “He is not here, there’s no one to knead the flour.”

“……” Zhang Junshi became silent.

At this time, Nie Bufan suddenly looked outside the courtyard and whispered: “Let me secretly tell you, that prince is interested in men, you have to be careful.”

Zhang Junshi’s heart skipped a beat and hurriedly asked: “He didn’t do anything to you, right?”

“What can he do to me? The chickens in the Chicken Nest Village are enough for him to be busy with.”

“……” That’s true.

Wait, that’s not right, he hadn’t heard of Si Chenyu having such interests before? Zhang Junshi looked at Nie Bufan, and thought to himself, it couldn’t have been provoked by this guy also, right? Couldn’t he behave for just one moment? Men couldn’t stand the temptation, especially the temptation of hard to figure out oddities whose character was as elusive as the stars.

He was a perfect example! Zhang Junshi cried silently in his heart. What was more indignant was that this guy didn’t know what he had done, and was just enjoying the fun of provoking others, unscrupulous, unconcerned, and all the while appearing innocent to the point of making one’s hair stand up in anger!

The arrival of Zhang Junshi put Nie Bufan in a very good mood. He swaggered around with a dazzling smiling face all day long. Even being rarely pleasant with Si Chenyu, making the other’s heart feel as if it had been tickled.

On this day, just as Nie Bufan was about to go out for a walk, he saw a few chickens gathered together looking at something.

He leaned over and took a glance, and found that it was a tattered book.

He picked it up and shook it, and immediately shook out dust and pieces of paper. Carefully turning over the broken pages, Nie Bufan showed a shocked expression as soon as he glanced at it.

This……this……could this be the legendary spring, palace, picture? (TN: ancient Chinese erotic art)

He saw two naked men entangled with each other on the page, doing various ambiguous movements, accompanied by text explanations. Unfortunately, the font was too ancient for Nie Bufan to recognize a word.

After swallowing saliva and looking through a few pages, Nie Bufan finally admitted that he underestimated the people of this era. They were definitely not as conservative as he thought. Looking at these pictures full of bromance, it was poractically a guide to male-male love, too explicit to look directly at.

“I say, where did you get this?” Nie Bufan scolded, “It wasn’t stolen from the guys surnamed Chen and Si, right?”

The three chickens blinked and all had on an innocent face.

En, that’s not right.” Nie Bufan closed the book. This dirty and torn look looked like it had been idle somewhere for a long time. Was it the collection of the original owner of this village?

He carefully examined the title of the book, but it was too abstract, and Nie Bufan was unsuccessful at deciphering it.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Forget it, he’ll put it away for now. Nie Bufan casually stuffed the worn book into the drawer, then ran out of the room and shouted, leading a large troop of chickens to head straight to the vast mountain forest outside the village……

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! These two songs hummed by NB at the most memorable, OMG i laughed with tears in my ears, this novel is getting better and better. The contrast and the reason for changing the lyrics make me spechless, all thanks to that powerful unknown man who asked for direction, who i suspect he is the reason why the village was so quiet when he returned, probably is staying quietly in some place un the village. Now i can say with confidence that the MLs know exactly who are dealing with and they just try to accept being carried with the flow by NB. And even NB knows very well what he is doing, he is unexpectly a bit more serious about who will accept at his lover, and why he won’t accept someone, he knows himself and his desires very well, the scenes around his bath with Si Chenyu is proof of it. It was so funny as well to read about NB naming himself unethical in his taughts and the words kind and honest coming from his mounth, like always he couln’t control himself to be less shameless. Looking forward to see how the next trip with his chickens in the forest with unveil.

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  2. How to put it? Si Chenyu is definitely my least favorite ML, but he’s also the one I have the most sympathy for! His reputation is thrown to the dogs, he’s accused of assaulting his friend, accused of being interested in chickens, and is by far the most physically abused ML. He is, however, the one who has had the most progress with our family’s Chicken God so it’s going from heaven to hell and back again, really. What a rollercoaster! Nie Bufan is playing with matches and is starting to burn his own fingers. Can’t say he hasn’t earned everything!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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