The Cruel Tyrant CH 017 Despicable

Even though Su Mu ordered the news to be blocked, the news that the Crown Prince was seriously injured quickly spread.

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On the third day, Su Mu received the news from Han Yi that Chen Wei was already on his way to the imperial city. After receiving the news of Su Mu’s injury, the other three rebel armies also rushed to the imperial city non-stop. No matter how they were harassed by the people sent by Su Mu, it was still useless. The cities along the way surrendered one after another, and they would reach the imperial city in ten days.

This country had been corrupt for a hundred years, and the generals and soldiers stationed to guard the cities were completely useless, unable to hold up against the rebel armies. Now that the news had spread that the Crown Prince was seriously injured and dying, they were unable to even muster up any resistance. A city lord, whose son was tortured to death by Su Mochi, even opened the city gates personally, inviting the general of the Southwest army, Shangguan Hao, into the city.

Su Mu, who was still laying on the bed, trembled with anger after reading the letter. He threw the letter on the ground, and said angrily: “Shameful thing, Ben Gong is not dead yet……” The severe pain from his shoulder caused Su Mu to stop immediately. Slender fingers gripped the bright yellow bed sheets tightly and Su Mu gritted his teeth fiercely, his eyes filled with devastating anger.

Su Mu forced himself to calm down, and after taking a few deep breaths, he told Han Yang: “Immediately have Qin Kunyu mobilize the troops to station outside the imperial city, and order all garrisons to come to the imperial city to destroy the rebels.”

Then Su Mu gritted his teeth and said harshly: “Send someone to watch Yun Feiyu and Qin Ye, they are not allowed to leave the room for half a step.”

Su Mu desperately suppressed his anger, laying on the bed with his eyes closed.

In fact, if he was not Su Mochi and not the Crown Prince, he might actually feel very happy. After all, this country had been harmed by the Su family for too long. On the way to Qingye Villa, Su Mu saw people starving to death right outside the imperial city. In addition, there were officials and soldiers who publicly beat ordinary people, and dandies who snatch good civilian women off the streets.

It was like this at the feet of the Emperor, in the capital of a country. Su Mu could not imagine what chaos it was like in other places.

As the citizens of this country, such a ruler only brought them nightmares and despair. It would not be severe enough even if his bones were burnt and ashes scattered to the wind.

But Su Mu didn’t want to die again, let alone have his bones burnt and ashes scattered. Neither could he tolerate the reputation of being the incapable and tyrannical ruler who lost his kingdom for the rest of his life, hiding in the gutters like a rat.

Su Mu lay on the bed and thought quietly. Su Mu’s thin figure occupied only a small part of the luxurious and spacious bed, appearing a little bleak and miserable.

Huang Xuan cautiously came in with the medicine, and looked at the pale Crown Prince on the bed. He suddenly felt distressed. He put the bowl of black medicine aside and whispered, “Your Highness, you should take the medicine.”

Su Mu opened his eyes expressionlessly, allowing Huang Xuan to help him up and feed him mouthfuls of medicine. Seeing Huang Xuan’s distressed expression on his face, Su Mu wanted to laugh and also felt a little bit sad, so he stretched out his hand and touched Huang Xuan’s smooth face. Looking at his clear eyes he said: “The rebels will attack the imperial city soon, and I will have Shi Nuo send you out of the city at night……”

Huang Xuan, who was holding the bowl, blinked reddened eyes, and finally couldn’t help the tears from falling down. He said, “Your Highness, let’s leave together and be anonymous together. I want to be with Your Highness.”

Su Mu wiped his tears with his fingers, smiled and said, “I can’t be a Crown Prince who abandoned the city and fled.”

If he could’t abandon the city and flee, then there was only one path left. Since ancient times what ruler had survived losing his kingdom?

Huang Xuan trembled suddenly, and the bowl in his hand fell to the ground with a bang. Huang Xuan suddenly rushed forward and gently hugged Su Mu.

Su Mu could feel Huang Xuan’s fear, his whole body was trembling slightly with it. Huang Xuan was the youngest child in his family and was loved by everyone growing up. The only difficulty that he had encountered was Su Mochi. He had the same fear of death as many people, but even so he still said very firmly: “Then I won’t go, I want to be with you.”

Su Mu felt his heart contract fiercely, and the moist feeling on his shoulders made him sad and distressed. He had never experienced a serious relationship in his previous life or in this life. He couldn’t understand why Huang Xuan wanted to be with him through life and death together. This feeling made him uncomfortable but also warmed his heart. He patted Huang Xuan on the back like a kid, and said, “What are you thinking about? It’s dangerous when the two sides are at war. I don’t know how many enemy spies and assassins are in this city. I just want you to avoid that outside the city where it’s safer.”

Huang Xuan shook his head stubbornly. Although he was not proficient in major national affairs, the allied forces of the four rebel parties add up to more than 200,000 troops and the imperial city only have a couple ten thousands of soldiers. It was clear whether it will be a victory or a defeat with just one look. If the Crown Prince stayed in the imperial city, besides death was there any other ending?

Su Mu was very helpless and could only tap Huang Xuan’s sleep pressure point, and had Shi Nuo take him to the place where the Shadow Guards were stationed. He did not dare to let him go to even Qingye Villa.

After Shi Nuo came back, Su Mu ordered him to bring the rest of the Shadow Guards. They discussed in secret until midnight before finally leaving.

Three days later, several “female corpses” appeared outside the barracks of the Eastern rebels’ camp for three consecutive days. Then there were rumors that the rebel generals were depraved and liked to torture women to death. At the same time, wherever the Eastern rebel army passed there would be young women going missing.

At the same time, the escort officers of the Southeastern rebels embezzled the grains and supplies, and some people also found tens of thousands of taels of silver in the house of a certain general, at a time when yesterday the general just announced that the funds for the troops had been robbed.

Shangguan Hao of the Southwest rebel army was even more miserable. Since he was 25 years old and had not married yet, rumors spread in the army that he was impotent and liked men. When Shangguan Hao and his army arrived at a certain valley, a handsome man stopped the army and said loudly: “Ten years have passed since and you haven’t married a wife. I didn’t expect you to have such a deep love for me. Shangguan Hao, I promised to marry you, come leave with me! “

Since they were in a valley and the person also infused their voice with their internal force, everyone in the army of tens of thousands of people heard clearly. Everyone did not expect that the handsome and invincible general in their eyes actually liked men and was even on the receiving end. Countless eyes swept back and forth on Shangguan Hao’s body, making him red with anger and desperately restraining his urge to smash the sudden stranger’s body into pieces. He repeatedly hypnotized himself. This was the enemy’s conspiracy. This was the enemy’s conspiracy…… And then sent people to capture the man.

But he didn’t know that the opponent’s martial arts were that strong, and soon there were more words that reached their ears and caused Shangguan Hao to increasingly want to kill something.

“Shangguan Hao, in the past I had wronged you, but since you are already my person, I will definitely take responsibilty. It was all my fault that night and I shouldn’t have treated you like that……”

Shi Yan was covered in a cold sweat as he dryly read the words that the Crown Prince ordered him to recite, and his face was almost red and smoking with the embarrassment. Speaking of, he was the kind of guy whose face would blush when just seeing a girl, and now he was reciting such explicit words to a man while in front of tens of thousands of people. It was even harder than making him commit suicide.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But this was the task assigned to him by the Crown Prince, and it wasn’t as if he could refuse.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Things are going in an unexpected direction, i couldn’t predict tha Su Mu enemies would take the chance to attack, even through it was obvious that the attack on him was planed, after the wound was done in the same place as before. I’m curious what will come as the result of Su Mu watching Yun Feiyu and Qin Ye. I just have the feeling that it’s less probable that the obvious enemies of Su Mu are the actual culprits behind all this rebellion and wanting to kill him, it will be too predictable. Poor Shengguan Hao, darling this is what will happen when someone try to antagonize Su Mu, you will not get rumors with women who will turnish your image, but with man, hahaha. And i suppose Shi Yan is a new introduced character; i guess i will find about it the next chapter! Unt next chapter.

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