Back To The Beginning Of Ming To Do Charity CH 044 Rebellion

Time seemed to fly by in just a snap of a finger. In April, Lin Yuan organized a training session.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

They walked in the deep mountains and old forests for nearly half a month. Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong both led the team, and when they came back, they began to call themselves brothers. Lin Yuan had to say that modern training was indeed beneficial.

On one hand it was to exercise the ability to survive in the wild, and on the other it was to cultivate the feelings between comrades-in-arms.

When there was no material guarantee out in the wild, only then will people be more united.

Lin Yuan returned to the farmstead after only two days, after all, there were still people in the farmstead.

He quietly waited for Han Shantong and the others to emerge.

Yang Zi’an and the others have already sent back the word that Xinghua was ready. And not only Xinghua, but the entire Taizhou was ready.

When he saw Yang Zian’s letter, Lin Yuan thought that his eyes were seeing wrong. In less than half a year, he instigated the whole of Taizhou to rebel? What kind of tongue does Yang Zi’an have? Was it an underestimation to only say that he had a silver tongue?

After all, he had not discovered that Yang Zi’an had such eloquence.

But the news was good news so Lin Yuan also let go of his worries. As long as the preliminary preparations were done, everything would naturally be much more convenient.

Han Shantong and the others rebelled in May. In April, they dug out the One-Eyed Stone Person under the sediment of the Yellow River.

When the news came back, Lin Yuan knew the time had come. And the people who happened to go out for training in the wild had also returned, just in time for him to take everyone to Xinghua.

This time when they left all the people from the farmstead followed along. Except for food and clothing, nothing else was brought.

The farmstead itself could not be taken along, so they could only leave an empty farmstead there.

They brought along all the weapons, including the homemade explosives developed by Chen Half-Immortal and the others.

After the homemade explosives were improved, the beads were replaced with small sharp pieces of metal. Although the beads were more lethal, the production cost was too high. Two explosives with beads were fine, but adding beads in all of them was not realistic.

Fortunately, small pieces of metal were also useful, and could deal an acceptable amount of damage.

Lin Yuan asked Jiang Guang to buy a batch of horses in February.

Although they were not all good horses, they were already pretty good in the current situation.

Lin Yuan rode a horse for two days and the inside of his thighs were rubbed painfully. He could only learn to walk like a duck so as not to rub the irritated skin. He could not stand well or sit well, it was a particularly painful experience. In the end he was forced to throw away any face and got into a carriage. He felt that he was too finicky and really needed to practice when he had the time. Maybe it would be fine once he developed some calluses.

Although he didn’t know whether the inner thighs could develop calluses.

“Young master.” Er Liang was currently applying medicine to Lin Yuan, looking very distressed. “You shouldn’t ride a horse. Look at this leg. Those who know, know that this came from riding a horse. Those who don’t know would think that you had been abused by someone.”

Lin Yuan said as he took sharp inhales of breath, “You actually know the word abuse, not bad.”

Er Liang’s tears almost fell down, and with extremely light hands and feet tended to Lin Yuan, and said, “You have to cherish yourself too.”

Lin Yuan saw that Er Liang was about to cry and consoled him: “Cherish, cherish, I will cherish myself, don’t worry. But look at the others, don’t they also ride horses? No one is like me, others don’t have a carriage to sit in.”

Er Liang said frankly: “Other people are other people, can they compare with young master?”

Lin Yuan had nothing to say: “Fine, fine, I’ll sit in the carriage and I won’t go out until it’s better, okay?”

Er Liang sighed: “Young master.”

Lin Yuan: “I’m not being perfunctory to you so stop making a stern face. I know that you care about your young master.”

Lin Yuan said so, and so Er Liang could only continue to apply medicine to Lin Yuan.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In order not to attract people’s attention, they couldn’t take official roads or main roads. They could only walk through the mountains and forests, avoiding people all the way, and changing paths when they see people in the mountains.

However, no one in the procession complained. Although the journey was difficult, they had food and drink, and sometimes they could sing folk songs together.

They finally arrived in Xinghua in early May. They didn’t enter the city but set up camp in a hidden place outside the city, and then called someone to send a message to Yang Zi’an to inform them of their arrival. At that time, they would join together from the inside and outside to capture Xinghua. In this way it wouldn’t take much effort.

Yang Zi’an and Zhang Jiusi came out during the day. After all, there were people guarding the gate of the city. The soldiers who guarded the gates were now also followers of the South Bodhisattva. Naturally, they also respected Yang Zi’an. In their eyes, Yang Zi’an was the spokesperson of the South Bodhisattva.

“Brother Yang, going out of the city?” The soldier guarding the city was a young man with a lot of freckles on his face. He said with great interest, “I have worshipped South Bodhisattva before and after meals these few days! I can really marry a wife this year?”

Yang Zi’an: “……”

Li Da said on the side: “Yes, yes, definitely yes, as long as you are sincere, you will definitely have a wife, even if you don’t have a wife, you will definitely have a husband.”

After everyone left, the soldier repeated with a dazed expression: “Husband?”

Lin Yuan’s thighs were already healed, but when he walked there were still some lingering effects, unconsciously walking with legs apart.

And have to rely on Er Liang’s reminders to fix his gait.

When he saw Yang Zi’an and the others, he asked eagerly: “What did you do to the whole of Taizhou?”

Yang Zi’an smiled and said, “I’m about to say it, don’t worry, listen to me carefully.”

The story lasted about an hour.

Lin Yuan was stunned.

“Me?” He pointed to his nose, “not only bless for good weather, but also safety and prosperity, even when a woman gives birth to a child, it is all my responsibility?”

Yang Zi’an held back a smile: “Yes.”

Lin Yuan looked dazed.

He didn’t even know that he had such great ability.

Yang Zi’an said: “I didn’t say that originally. I just said that you have a good heart and want to rescue the suffering salt people. I may have exaggerated it a little bit, but the more it spread, the more outrageous it became.”

Lin Yuan nodded, indicating that he understood.

Although this was truly outrageous.

Lin Yuan asked: “Then what if their wish is not realized?”

Li Congrong interjected next to him and said, “Yes, but they said it was not being sincere enough.”

Lin Yuan was completely speechless.

Was this a cult?

It was completely based on free evaluation of the evidence.

The wish was fulfilled, then that was because of supernatural power.

If the wish was not fulfilled, it was because you were not sincere enough.

All explanations were already provided by themselves.

Lin Yuan: “What do you think?”

Yang Zi’an said: “We think this way.”

He explained his plan again. Lin Yuan thought about it for a long time, but finally nodded in response: “I think it is feasible.”

Lin Yuan called the others over: “You guys come here first.”

Zhu Yuanzhang, Chen Baisong, Yang Zi’an, brother Dao and Jiang Gui all surrounded Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan took out a map drawn by Yang Zi’an and pointed out several routes.

“At that time, second brother will lead people to make trouble from here.” Lin Yuan said to Yang Zi’an.

“Big Brother came out from here to meet Zhu Yuanzhang.”

“Chen Baisong is with me, and will charge in from here.”

Lin Yuan said: “Someone has to incite people in the city.”

Yang Zi’an: “I’ll do that, I’m familiar with this.”

Lin Yuan smiled at Yang Zi’an: “Then I leave it to second brother.”

“What we need to do now is to wait.” Lin Yuan said, “Wait for news.”

The group of people looked at each other, none knew what news they were supposed to be waiting for.

However, Lin Yuan couldn’t speak too specifically.

After all, they don’t know who Han Shantong was.

On both sides of the Yellow River, Han Shantong and the others have begun to incite their followers.

Han Shantong was not only the leader of the White Lotus Sect, but also had a relationship with the Ming Sect and Maitreya Sect.

At the beginning of May, Han Shantong gathered three thousand people under the slogan “The Huben three thousand, will reach the land of You Yan; the rightful Son of Heaven, will reopen the sky of Song Dynasty” in Yingzhou. (TN: Huben were remnants of the Song dynasty army that escaped into the mountains when the Yuan took over. You Yan refers to the territory in the northern parts of China)

He wanted to re-establish the Song Dynasty.

Like wings, this news spread through the mouths of the followers of the three sects, and naturally it also spread to Xinghua.

When the people got this news, apart from being surprised, they were also inexplicably happy.

As long as they were sane people, they would find it unbearable how the imperial court treated them and all the common people.

But while they were afraid of rebellion, they also wanted someone else to take the lead, instead of being the first to stand out themselves.

And at this time.

Yang Zi’an led people to appear in the eyes of the common people.

At the very beginning, Yang Zi’an just said: “May has come, and South Bodhisattva’s prediction is right again.”

The people naturally made the connection.

Yang Zi’an also said: “South Bodhisattva wants to rescue you, but I don’t know if you all want to save yourselves.”

The salt people were very excited: “As long as the South Bodhisattva is willing to save us, even if it will be mountains of daggers and seas of flames (TN: idiom for extreme danger), we are also willing to break through it!”

Yang Zi’an incited the emotions of the salt people and waited for Lin Yuan to give orders.

At the end of May, dark clouds covered the moon, and everyone had their eyes wide open, waiting for Lin Yuan to signal for the horn to be blown.

The people approached the city gate quietly, and the soldier guarding the city saw them.

But the soldier also believed in South Bodhisattva, and he also knew that something will happen tonight——Yang Zi’an alerted him in advance.

This soldier struggled for a long time, and finally opened the city gate with his colleagues and directly let Lin Yuan and the others in.

After letting them in, the soldier ran alongside them and said to Lin Yuan: “South Bodhisattva! Are you really here to save the people?!”

Although Lin Yuan really didn’t want to lie, at this moment, he could only nod his head and say, “Yes.”

The soldier asked again: “South Bodhisattva, when can I find my wife?”

Lin Yuan, the pseudo-quack, could only say: “Always have a smile, talk less and do more, and you can marry a wife this year.”

The soldier smiled, showing his eye tooth: “Ai!”

There was a curfew in the middle of the night in Xinghua, and there was no one on the road, and the patrols who patrolled at night could not be seen either, probably somewhere slacking off. Lin Yuan went all the way in, and did not want to disturb ordinary people.

Lin Yuan asked Chen Baisong: “Are you afraid?”

Chen Baisong rode beside Lin Yuan: “Afraid of what?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “Rebellion, if you are caught, you will have to die.”

Chen Baisong looked at Lin Yuan: “Young master, if one wasn’t forced to a dead end, who would rebel? The fate of the Yuan Dynasty has long been in decline.”

Chen Baisong also knew about the One-Eyed Stone Person, and he also believed that this was a sign from the heavens, which meant that the Yuan Dynasty was over.

People at this time were just that simple, as long as they come across a miracle or something related to the gods, they will believe it.

Lin Yuan wanted to say something, but was distracted by the huge noise in the distance.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this moment, countless salt miners were rising up in rebellion.

They have rebelled.

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