This Lord is Too Cruel CH 009 You Should Know What This Lord’s Thinking

Feng Aotian swept the generals who were kneeling at her feet with cold eyes, and Mu Hanyao, who stood proudly and still in front of her. Some people didn’t need to flatter, let alone beg for mercy. He was like an iron sword that had been honed for thousands of years. It would only become more sharp and invincible after thousands of hammers, as if being reborn from the ashes.

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Mu Hanyao exemplified such a treasured sword. He had a belief that allowed him to stand upright and survive through all hardships. And that belief was the glory of the Mu family army and their pledge to protect and serve the country.

Who didn’t know the loyalty of the Mu family troops, and who didn’t admire their loyalty and unflinching righteousness?

Feng Aotian, in their eyes, was just an incapable ruler who killed countless people and behaved licentiously. They naturally disdained him, let alone sincerely concede to him. They were loyal only to the Mu family army, and even more loyal to General Mu Hanyao, who risked limb and life with them.

Now, the Regent, who should have been scoffed at by them and wished immediate death upon, actually used such a contemptuous tone. It was as if they were completely driven into hell, and the generals trembled at the bone-crushing cold that wracked their whole body.

“General, I deserve to die.” Li Su’s face was as gray as death, and he repeatedly kowtowed at Mu Hanyao. He bowed his head and glanced at the saber that had accompanied him on countless battles, but soon he raised his palm and directed a fatal hit towards the crown of his head.

A cold wind blew by, Mu Hanyao was still naked but a sharp slap resounded, having knocked Li Su’s palm from making the fatal blow, and he coldly scolded, “The soldiers of the Mu family army will never be so timid. They would rather die on the battlefield than die by their own hands.”

Li Su forced himself to endure the remorse, raised his eyes and stared at Mu Hanyao’s resolute eyes. Although he was unclothed now, he still looked like a giant standing in front of him clad in silver armor. It was as if just with his presence, all the difficulties and obstacles could be easily overcome.

Mu Hanyao turned around coldly and knelt on one knee towards Feng Aotian, neither humble nor overbearing, “This caomin dare to ask the Regent why you called caomin to come?”

Ji Bai raised his eyes, and with the generals stared at the tall and straight back in front of them. Through the dazzling candlelight, it appeared even more awe-inapiring. The mountain that had represented their faith that had just collapsed, now stand in front of them again, as if even through a thousand years it would never topple over.

Feng Aotian smiled with satisfaction in her heart. She did not make a wrong judgement. When encountering such a situation, that he could still be so calm and dignified only showed that the strength of his inner character had reached an unsurpassable limit. However, it did not reach Feng Aotian’s complete satisfaction.

But, the future was long, and now was a good time, whether life or death it depended entirely on his decision.

“Zhonglang General Ji, military officer Li’s arrogant words today was not only disloyal to the country but also disrespectful to this Lord. According to military regulations, what should be done?” Feng Aotian stroked the warm jade in his hand with one hand, phoenix eyes cold and face stern.

After hearing this, Ji Bai suddenly raised his eyes, and happened to make contact with the sharp eyes of Feng Aotian. He lowered his eyes and answered truthfully, “Destroy the nine clans (TN: nine clans refer to all immediate family members and even distant relatives, anyone who even had blood relations must be executed) according to the law.”

“If one acted as a bystander and didn’t try to prevent the other’s words, then what is the crime?” Feng Aotian’s slender fingers stroked across the warm jade, cold eyes focused intently on Ji Bai’s face.

Ji Bai suddenly turned pale, his heart trembled, and he said in a low voice, “All those involved will be hanged, and his family members will be exiled to the wastelands, never to enter the capital.”

“Mu Hanyao, although you are now assigned from your post as a general, you are still the leader of the Mu family’s army. You are also to blame for this matter.” Feng Aotian stood up solemnly and walked leisurely to Mu Hanyao. The indifferent and handsome face suddenly seem casted with a bloodthirsty cold light, “Among the nine clans, including you Mu manor must be the first to bear the brunt.”

Mu Hanyao’s eyes iced over and he looked down, concealing his anger, but what he felt more was shame. The Mu family’s reputation must not be destroyed in his hands. “If the Regent really order this, this caomin and his family will obey. However, the war is imminent, and in order for the military to not be thrown in a state of turmoil and give the enemy the opportunity to take advantage, this caomin requests the Regent earnestly, is it possible to suspend the execution?”

“We request in earnest for the Lord Regent to suspend this sentence!” Seeing this, Ji Bai and others also pleaded.

Feng Aotian’s mouth revealed an imperceptible smile of success, and then he said in a deep voice, “Are you trying to use the safety of the borders to have this Lord give you leniency?”

“Exactly.” Mu Hanyao replied in a deep voice.

“Mu Hanyao, this Lord never knows what it means to give others leniency. If you want to make this Lord change decision, you have to show sincerity.” Feng Aotian’s mouth tilted, “You should know what this Lord is thinking.”

Mu Hanyao’s eyebrows furrowed tightly, he truly didn’t understand what the Regent was thinking. Han Jin had been dishonered by him, was he also going to be reduced to that as well?

Then, what dignity did he have in the army? Even if he was granted leniency, what face did he have to face his ancestors? How to face the soldiers with a clear conscience?

Li Su and Ji Bai’s expressions immediately turned cold, this……they quickly raised their eyes and turned their gazes on Mu Hanyao, making a gesture one after another. If the situation was truly irreparable, then they will not care about anything else. Even if they killed the Regent, Feng State still had an Emperor in power. Although still young, as long as they swear to guard the border, when the young emperor reached adulthood, they would still be the Mu family army who was loyal to the country.

Mu Hanyao knew Feng Aotian’s martial arts. Just now he could easily subdue him, so he knew that his martial arts were extremely profound, and killing him was easier said than done.

Seeing Mu Hanyao remain silent, Feng Aotian glanced at Ji Bai and the others, not missing their private movements. He sneered, raised his arm, and snapped his fingers at the sky, “Since you don’t want to, naturally, this Lord will not force you. The darlings raised by this Lord in the imperial forests are now desperately hungry and cold, and urgently need food. If you do not want to be this Lord’s person, then this Lord will reward you to them.”

After the cold statement, a terrifying murderous intent appeared from the bottom of her eyes. Hun and Po flew into the camp and without even touching the ground Mu Hanyao had been caught and brought away by them.

Ji Bai and the others were instantly startled. Li Su was even more shocked. Thinking of the tragedy in the woods, he quickly shouted, “No, the general must now have been taken into the woods five miles away where there are wolf packs.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Lord Regent, if the general comes to any harm, we will definitely follow the general.” Ji Bai signaled at everyone, saying boldly to Feng Aotian while gradually pulling out the saber at his waist.

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