After Becoming The Tyrant CH 001 The Last Tyrant

The carriage rushed through the shadow of the dark forest in which dead trees stood in the night wind like the devil.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The horses pulling the carriage were already sweating and frothing at the mouths, but the whip waving in the air did not allow them to stop and rest.

“My beloved Majesty, it is impossible for us to arrive at Mohn Tower tomorrow morning.”

The person driving the carriage was even more tired than the horses. The coachman was actually a knight in armor and was currently sweating and panting in exhaustion. As he maneuvered the carriage and drove it into a flat area, he pleaded with the person inside the carriage.

“The horses need to rest.”


The King replied from inside the carriage.

“Then you may also sleep forever.”

The knight’s complexion became paler. He dared not speak any more, and continued to drive the horses on despite the exhaustion of driving for a day and night.

Because, sitting in the carriage was none other than the monarch of the Legrand Empire.

Pureland the First.

At this moment, the dark night shrouded the wilds, and the mountains appeared ominous like demons. Unexpectedly, this grandiose King did not bring along a large group of men and horses. He only rushed through the wilderness in a black flannel-covered carriage to a place called “Mohn”.

After intimidating the Master of the Households who was forced to act as a coachman, the King himself leaned on the wall of the carriage and lifted the curtain.

The moonlight that passed through the gap in the woods flashed across his face.

The red cloak worn by the King emphasized the cold and whiteness of his face. He was very young, with facial features still possessing a youthful look that was also a bit too refined. But the surliness that shrouded his features made him look particularly aggressive. In the moonlight, his pale blue eyes revealed a sharpness that could not be ignored.

The King looked at the trees that were constantly passing by outside the carriage, judging how far they were from Mohn at this time.

Of course he knew that both the horses and the coachman were already exhausted.

But he must rush to the small town of Mohn before the sun rises today.

Otherwise, his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, would be dead.


Two days ago.

Zhu Chi was only a young man who was seriously ill. He lay in a place of pale whiteness and watched as his muscles gradually atrophied, calculating in his heart when he would die.

No one wanted to die, including Zhu Chi.

Modern science and technology couldn’t save him, and the gods and Buddhas up in the heavens ignore him. So Zhu Chi did something preposterous. He opened the ancient scroll he had previously obtained by accident which was said to be able to summon the Devil.

As the blood dripped onto the complicated twisting patterns a black mist filled the room.

In response to his last hope made in despair, the Devil came.

The Devil was a businessman who dealt in souls, notorious for his insidiousness.

Zhu Chi sold his soul in exchange for a chance to be reborn in another world.

He asked for a young and healthy body. The Devil agreed and gave him a certain degree of favor when signing the contract, and even included a gift as a bonus.

The strange generosity of the Devil put Zhu Chi on alert.

But there was no alternative, he was already too desperate.

The contract was completed.

In the intensive care unit, the pale and weak youth closed his eyes, and the lines on the heart rate display screen gradually became balanced. At the same time, in a gorgeous palace of the empire located in another world, a pair of pale blue eyes flickered opened.

After processing the memories and receiving the original fate line gifted with the contract, Zhu Chi finally understood why the Devil was so generous.

He was reborn as the King-Emperor of the Legrand Empire in another world——

Pureland I.

[Less than a month after Pureland was born, his prominent father, King William, died of a serious illness.

Thanks to the loyal guardianship of his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, Pureland was able to grow up fairly well and was crowned King. Contrary to the expectations of the people, their young King was naturally ill-tempered, cold and arbitrary, and was an out-and-out tyrant.

At the end of his reign, he personally ordered the killing of his uncle, Duke of Buckingham, a man who was unfailingly loyal to him. This was the cruelest and most stupid thing ever done in Pureland’s short life.

Because it directly led to the subsequent coup in which the tyrant paid the price with his life.

——Pureland I, the last King]

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

At this time, it was only four months before the tyrant was overthrown.

Selling your soul for four months of a healthy new life?

Zhu Chi understood that he had been cheated by the Devil.

The wind in the middle of the night was strong, and brushed at his face with the cold sharpness of a knife.

Zhu Chi did not put down the carriage curtain. He needed the cold wind to suppress the anger in his heart, so as to maintain rational thinking.

After watching Pureland’s line of destiny, Zhu Chi realized where the important node of the tyrant’s fate was located——

Western Mainland, September 17, 1432.

——Which was tomorrow.

At dawn tomorrow morning, the Duke of Buckingham, his most loyal uncle, would be hanged.

Zhu Chi’s rebirth was two days late, and the wretched tyrant had already issued an order to execute the Duke of Buckingham. However, Zhu Chi thought about it carefully and confirmed that soon after the King had issued the order, he regretted it, and sent a fast horse to recover the order.

Zhu Chi’s fingers tapped the car railing lightly, his expression a bit cold.

The imperial messenger left the palace within half a day, and the fast horse sent by the King would have been able to intercept the messenger. However, the Duke of Buckingham was still executed.

Obviously, the King’s fast horse sent to recover the order was stopped by another party.

Someone wanted the King to lose his most important minister and relative.


The reins were suddenly tugged, and the Master of the Households stopped the rushing carriage. He put his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist, his expression ugly.

The stallions that stopped abruptly were frightened, and raised their front feet, neighing high and shrill.

“Your Majesty, there is a situation.”

The Master of the Households lowered his voice, his tone a little uneasy.

When the carriage came to a sudden stop, Zhu Chi gripped down hard on the railing and leaned forward to avoid hitting the wall with his head. He looked calm, not surprised at all.

He had left the palace secretly.

Two days ago, after Zhu Chi had a tantrum at his court ministers in the Imperial Conference, he shut himself in the palace and kept himself behind closed doors. This was not the first time that Pureland had done this kind of thing.

None of the ministers could do anything about the irritable young King.

With this cover-up, Zhu Chi took his Master of Households and left the palace. In the original line of fate, this somewhat timid Master of Households sacrificed himself for his King. He was the most suitable and trustworthy person Zhu Chi thought of at the time.

The King’s fast horse could even be blocked off by others so the enemy must have a fine network of spies in the palace.

Zhu Chi knew very well that by the next afternoon, the people would find that the King was no longer in the castle.

He never thought he could hide it for too long. It was a surprise that the soldiers sent to intercept him had not caught up until now.

Currently they were out in the wilderness.

Behind them was a small piece of a black forest that they had just passed by. At this time, some shadows were walking through the forest, approaching them. In front of them was the entrance to the canyon passage, with faint light coming from torches. A small wooden fence that acted as a barricade could be seen under the moonlight.

They were flanked.

“Your Majesty, please stay in the carriage and don’t……”

The Master of the Households pulled the rein with one hand and the sword with the other.

“Charge forward.”

Zhu Chi interrupted him.

The Master of the Households was taken aback for a moment. From the voice of the young King, he heard a long forgotten familiarity——it was the toughness and inviolability passed down in the line of His Majesty King William.

Faintly, the Master of the Households seemed to hear the clicking sound of a machine.


Zhu Chi gave the order.

The Master of the Households loosened the tightly held rein, and the sword struck the head horse.

The head horse neighed in pain, and rushed out in a flash, causing the other horses to charge forward as well. The carriage seemed to be flying past the ground, making a disturbingly loud noise. The carriage moved at such a speed it seemed like it could fall apart at any time.

The cavalry behind them rushed out of the dark forest. The other party had traveled light and their speed was extremely fast, coming after them like a thick shadow.

Zhu Chi tore off the black flannel used to cover the back half of the carriage.

Under the pale moonlight, Zhu Chi could clearly see the cavalry that was catching up.

There were a total of seventeen cavalrymen, all riding black horses and wearing silver chain mail with no markings. The iron helmet covered their faces tightly, revealing only a gap, which was both a defense and identity cover.

They did not appear to be mercenaries.

Zhu Chi judged the situation calmly.

The sound of horses’ hoofs was rapid, and the black cavalry swept closer like a whirlwind. In an instant they had approached the carriage and even the white exhalations of the opponent’s horses could be vaguely seen. The distance was close enough, Zhu Chi no longer hesitated.

He lifted what he was holding in his hand.

——It was a crossbow, a construction prohibited by the Church.

Although Pureland was a tyrant, the military training he received since childhood had made him very physically superior. Thanks to this, Zhu Chi could hold the crossbow steadily on the galloping bumpy carriage.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Zhu Chi positioned the crossbow and aimed at the cavalry through the crossbow sight.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I found another novel translated by you that i like, and it’s not wonder that i like this novel, because i like the other bl novel translated by the author, named Zhao Ge. I checked out all the other novels that you started to translate until now, and this is the only one that is to my taste, out of the other three that i usually comment. The reason why i didn’t like the other novels is the fact that the style of the writing is not interesting enough for me, it has not charm, or something to make want to continue to read. This thing happens to me even when it comes to some novels writed by my favorite authors, so it’s more of a- if the novel has that something that clicks with me.
    It was a very good starting for this novel, i don’t even read novels with the description of western royalty, i dodge them without a second tought, but the writing and the desperate, sick Zhu Chi who would do anything for a second chance to live and the determination to survive against the odds as Pureland I is touching and charming. I like his confidence, and a bit of arogance, it makes me want to know more about him. Looking forward to read more.

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  2. This sounds so interesting!!! Poor guy, he was cheated by the devil, it seems he won’t have it easy!
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  3. I had already started reading another novel by this author called Zhao Ge. I like this type of writing. Thanks for the translation.

    And I wanted to know if I could use your translation as a basis for translating into my native language (Brazilian Portuguese). I will give due credit to the author and you. I await your reply.

    And thanks again for the translation.


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