Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 024 What Book?

When Li Yi brought Li Huai to Chicken Nest Village, Nie Bufan just happened to be absent. They visited Si Chenyu and Tian Nu successively, but Chen Muran excused himself with being ill and did not see anyone.

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After greeting everyone, the two returned to Li Yi’s original residence. Li Huai asked uncomfortably: “Brother, do you really plan to live here?”

En.” Li Yi replied absently while making the bed.

“Can’t we wait until it’s time and then come here?” Li Huai looked at everything in the house with disgust.

His impression of Chicken Nest Village was poor, filthy, and vulgar. When he traced Li Yi to here, he had also suffered a small humiliation, and even lost his beloved dog Langya. So unless he had to, he would not want to step into this kind of place in his entire life, let alone live here for a few months.

“Whatever you want.” Li Yi didn’t even give him a look.

Li Huai was dissatisfied, hesitating as he did not know how to choose.

Li Yi said again: “If you decide to stay, you can clean up an empty room by yourself. If you want to leave, you don’t have to alert me.”

As he said so he walked out of the house.

Li Huai hurriedly said: “Where are you going?”

“Taking a walk.”

……Li Huai watched Li Yi leave, and grit his teeth stubbornly.

Fine! I’ll stay!! Even someone as distinguished as Prince Si could live here, why couldn’t he do the same?

Thinking so, he led his servants to find a place to live.

There were not many houses in Chicken Nest Village, only a dozen or so. In the past, only Nie Bufan lived here so it appeared slightly empty. Now, there were a lot of idlers such as the Tian Nu and Si Chenyu, and so the village immediately became full.
As the head of the village, Nie Bufan lived in the largest house with two courtyards and was fully equipped. Unfortunately, he didn’t like to take care of it. Except for the main room, the master bedroom, the kitchen and the bathhouse, the other rooms were occupied by chickens. The courtyard was also filled with many traps, many dangerous elements hidden underground, most of whom liked to be active at night.

The closest to Nie Bufan was Li Yi. His house was smaller than Nie Bufan’s by half, but it was several times cleaner and tidier. The layout of the whole house was the same as his person, simple and neat and not at all luxurious. If not for his natural noble aura, it would be difficult to guess from the style and behavior that he came from a powerful aristocratic family.

Next to Li Yi was Zhang Junshi’s residence. He was a person who knew how to enjoy life very much. His many years of exile to rough and wild places have allowed him to adapt to the surroundings at a master level. Any simple and crude environment will become extremely comfortable under his transformation. No wonder Nie Bufan regarded him as a logistics officer. He was methodical and thorough, tasteful but casual. He could always create the best enjoyment with the smallest changes.

Tian Nu, Si Chenyu, Chen Muran and others who later settled in were in houses opposite theirs, occupying a small half of the Chicken Nest Village. After the initial disgust and irritability, they all began to adapt to the weird living environment of Chicken Nest Village. In fact, there was no place for them to be uncomfortable since here, the chickens were the boss, and anyone who was hostile will be ravaged inhumanly.

Li Huai didn’t know anything about all of this. In his opinion, this was an ordinary poverty stricken village. He didn’t even know that the village head, Nie Bufan, was Li Xiaoyao who he had avoided since their last unpleasant meeting.

Most of the houses in the middle were already occupied, and Li Huai could only choose a house slightly on the edges.

Although it had been renovated once last year, the house still looked shabby and poor. At least in Li Huai’s view, it was simply not a place for human dwelling.

“Shiyi, you take people to tidy up the house, and be sure that it is spotless.” Li Huai pointed to the yard, disgusted, “Also clean up all the weeds quickly, and repair the fence. I don’t want to see a single chicken let in.”

With his orders Shiyi lead two servants into the house.

Li Huai looked for a while, and thought to himself that this place could not be lived in today.

He was about to find Li Yi, when suddenly he heard a familiar voice exclaim joyfully: “Li Fourth, you are back, I missed you.”

Li Huai turned around and looked suspiciously, seeing a person hanging on Li Yi like a koala, and Li Yi who had always been cold and distant even hugged him back.

Li Huai opened his mouth slightly in a gape and walked over quickly.

When he arrived in front of them, the person also happen to separate from Li Yi and faced towards him.

“It’s you!” The two pointed at each other in surprise at the same time. Only one was truly surprised, while the other only feigned surprised.

Nie Bufan smiled and said, “You are here too, Huai Huai.” (TN: the word Huai here means ‘bad’, which is different from the Huai in Li Huai’s name)

“Huai, Huai Huai……” Li Huai trembled and asked, “Li Xiaoyao, why are you here?”

Seeing this person, he couldn’t help but think of the painful experience not long ago. It was really a thing too unbearable to look back.

“Huh? Brother Li didn’t tell you?” Nie Bufan blinked, “I am the village head of Chicken Nest Village, alias “Li Xiaoyao”, whose real name is “Nie Bufan”.”

“……” Li Huai pointed at him, standing on the spot dazed, with an expression of disbelief on his face.

Li Yi understood his brother’s current feelings very much at the moment, and said with a rare comforting tone: “The past is over. Let’s get along well in the future.”

Past? How can it be over? This guy embarrassed him in public many times, even shamelessly kissed him, and later got a group of chickens to attack him and trample him. All these numerous evils, it was outrageous! His existence was a stain that could never be erased in his memory. He once vowed not to have any interaction with him again but who would have thought he would meet him here again!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The so-called, enemies being extremely hostile when they meet, with new hatreds added onto old hatreds, Li Huai only felt anger burning in his chest, eyes like knives and killing intent practically leaking out.

“Brother, you have known him a long time ago, why didn’t you tell me?” Li Huai said in a sinister tone.

Li Yi did not answer, but Nie Bufan said: “He knows ‘Nie Bufan’, so why would he tell you about ‘Li Xiaoyao’?”

“Shut up!” Li Huai looked like a peacock with its feathers standing on end, looking gorgeous even when he was angry.

Nie Bufan completely ignored his anger, turned his head and said to Li Yi: “Little brother also wants to live here?”

Li Yi looked at Li Huai.

Li Huai gritted his teeth: “I’ll live here!”

Li Yi nodded to Nie Bufan.

“Welcome.” Nie Bufan spread out his hands with a smile, and said enthusiastically, “There is nothing else in our Chicken Nest Village, but there are many chickens. You can exchange friendly feelings in the future.”

“Friendly feelings my foot!” Li Huai said angrily, “From tomorrow, I will eat a chicken every day! Steam, stir-fry, boil and stew, take it in turns.”

After saying this, Li Huai suddenly felt a chill run down his back inexplicably.

In truth, chicken was the most commonly eaten in Chicken Nest Village, but generally speaking this was not something to be spoken about out in the open. The chickens that were eaten have special breeding places, and the chickens that wander in the village were mostly the chickens that had undergone a special change. Not only possessing some intelligence but also fighting power that was quite high. And under Nie Bufan’s teaching, they have become even more lawless and extremely arrogant.

Li Huai offended the chicken bosses with just one sentence.

Nie Bufan cast a caring look at him, and said gently: “Whatever you like, I wish you good luck.”

“Hmmph!” Li Huai thought that the other was showing weakness, so he couldn’t help but lift his chin in arrogance.

Li Yi saw this and wanted to say something, but he kept silent under Nie Bufan’s innocent gaze.

Li Huai stopped paying attention to Nie Bufan, and said to Li Yi: “Brother, my house cannot live in today, I will squeeze in with you tonight.”

Li Yi quickly replied: “You can live at my place, and I’ll sleep with Bufan.”

“You are going to sleep with him?” Li Huai pointed at Nie Bufan in disbelief. “Don’t you know he likes men?”

“Not a problem.” He would rather be tormented by Nie Bufan than face the possible tragedy with Li Huai. The so-called brothers, they were used to sell at critical moments——this statement originally came from Nie Bufan.

Li Huai scanned the two of them back and forth, then pulled Li Yi aside and asked in a low voice, “Brother, you won’t be seduced by him?”

“How is that possible?” Could he say that this was exactly what he hoped for?

Li Huai didn’t know his thoughts, believing that he was firm in his conviction and won’t be seduced. So he said with peace of mind: “Well then, brother will have to bear the grievance tonight. With brother’s martial arts, I believe you won’t suffer any losses.”

Li Yi patted him on the shoulder. After a long conflict between his own safety and his brotherly affection, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence: “You, take care.”

Li Huai heard this and felt confused, thinking that Li Yi actually showed him a rare concern, and felt quite pleased.

That night, when Nie Bufan returned to the room after washing up, Li Yi was lying on the bed and reading.

Seeing Nie Bufan coming in, Li Yi said, “Don’t go too far.”

“What are you talking about so inexplicably?” Nie Bufan replied indifferently as he climbed onto the bed.

“You understand.” Li Yi said lightly, “Although Li Huai is a little spoiled occasionally, he is not a bad person.”

En, I quite like him a lot.” Nie Bufan nodded seriously.

Then it was really his misfortune to be liked by you……

Li Yi closed the book and mourned for a certain someone in silence.

Nie Bufan noticed the book in his hand, and when he took it over, his expression immediately became weird.

“Why would you read this kind of book?” Wasn’t this the erotic book he put in the drawer?

“Why can’t I read this kind of book?” Li Yi was surprised and asked, “But you, where did you get this book?”

Nie Bufan said: “Don’t get me wrong, this was picked up somewhere, not something I deliberately collected.”

“What’s to misunderstand?” Li Yi opened the book again and nodded in praise, “Not bad.”

Nie Bufan looked at him with horror.

“What are you doing looking at me like this?”

Nie Bufan tutted: “I truly didn’t see it, you actually have such hidden depths? Reading such a book and yet not a change to your face or heartbeat, it really makes me full of admiration.”

Li Yi felt strange, and asked: “What’s wrong with such a book?”

“Hehe, nothing, I understand.” Nie Bufan smiled, lying on his side on the bed, he looked at him ambiguously. He said in an understanding tone, “Men always need some extra comfort.”

Li Yi was silent for a long time, and suddenly asked: “What book do you think this is?”

“Don’t pretend, what else can it be but erotica.”

“……” Li Yi’s hand holding the book trembled slightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

It took a while before he showed the cover to Nie Bufan and asked, “Do you know these words?”

Nie Bufan glanced at it and said casually: “I almost recognize it.”

Li Yi took a deep breath, and said: “This is the “Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation.”

“Oh? Really?” Nie Bufan took it and glanced it over, saying suspiciously, “It’s obviously two men who are producing the clouds and rain.” (TN: euphemism for having sex)
Li Yi resisted the urge to pinch people, and patiently explained: ” The ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’ is a secret martial arts manual of the master expert Fang Yousong from more than a hundred years ago. When it was revealed to the world, its whereabouts became unknown less than ten years later. But according to legend, with this manual one can transform their bones and muscles, so that people who have no talent for martial arts can have the muscles and bones suitable for learning martial arts. This is a miraculous book that can benefit all of the descendants. The postures of the two men in the pictures are physical exercises, with one assisting on the side and the other person tempering and honing the muscles and bones. In addition there is also included the circulation route of the network of blood vessels and pressure points with detailed text explanation. It is indeed a geniune and authentic work of a master.”

Nie Bufan looked like he was listening to the heavenly scriptures. In the era where he used to live, peerless martial arts only existed in legends, and people only understood some fighting skills, which were not as fantastic as in imagination. Now hearing what Li Yi said, he couldn’t help but doubt it.

“This is a martial arts masterpiece?” Nie Bufan squinted at him, “This isn’t a lie you made up to read obscene books with integrity?”

Do you think I am you? Li Yi snarled secretly.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s try it.” Li Yi said suddenly.

“Try it? Try what?”

Li Yi took the book and said expressionlessly: “I will help you practice the basics, and it so happens that you can take the chance to improve your weak bones.”

“Weak?” Nie Bufan sat up and said unhappily, “Where am I weak? I am clearly quite buff.” Saying so he even showed off his biceps.

Li Yi stretched out his arm without saying a word and rapidly dispatched him in seconds.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay.” Nie Bufan said sheepishly, “Then let’s try it.”

There was a slight smile showing up inadvertently at the corner of Li Yi’s mouth……

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