The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 001 Myriad Flower Hidden Realm

Late at night, in a deep alley that should be completely silent in the dead of night, suddenly echoed with the sounds of rushed footsteps.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

A short-haired woman in a black tight leather jacket was holding a gun in her left hand and pressing tightly to her chest with her right hand. She staggered from the corner of the street and ran towards the dark alley. The dark alley looked like a lurking behemoth just waiting to find an opportunity to leap out and swallow its prey whole. The figure of the woman soon became swallowed up by the darkness, which continued to shroud the surroundings as if nothing happened.

In a short while, a group of figures appeared on the street, and then quickly dispersed, several of whom headed into the deep alley.

Listening to the nearly inaudible footsteps slowly approaching, Ye Ying firmly grasped the pistol with her left hand, ears moving minutely, and face cold and expressionless. If it weren’t for that right hand pressing tightly to her chest, one would believe that at this time, she was on her last legs.

Sensing it carefully, she made out five people. Ye Ying pursed her mouth, she still had two bullets. Obviously, with her current skill, it would be impossible to escape from the danger. The steps got closer and closer and her breathing also became lighter, to the point that she began holding her breath. Ten meters, eight meters, six meters……closer……



“Bang——” “Bang……”

Ye Ying’s head was blank, she had yet to pull the trigger. She didn’t even know what was going on. She only heard a few shots, and then the whole alley fell silent.

After waiting for a while, there was no sound. Even the gunshots just now seemed to be her illusion. Using the faint luminous light, Ye Ying looked at the figure standing not far away in horror. With good eyesight, Ye Ying could make out that the figure should be a woman. And the men who had been pursuing her were currently lying on the ground at this time, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

“Bang——” The woman let go of the last person clutched in her hand and slowly raised her head. The slight sound of an object falling to the ground was particularly ear-piercing at this moment, and Ye Ying swallowed unconsciously, pupils shrinking suddenly. In the darkness, she could not see the other woman’s appearance, but those demon-red eyes caused shocks to run through her body. In those eyes, there was not the slightest temperature. They looked at her as if looking at a dead person.

Suddenly, a strong suction force had Ye Ying fly towards the person uncontrollably. The moment when her whole person defied gravity, Ye Ying could only feel a deep shock. It turned out that this world was even more horrifying than she had ever imagined.

Death was so close, her whole person was shrouded under a strong pressure, and Ye Ying’s face became paler. She was grasped by a pair of icy cold hands. At this time, she could not even move her fingers and a clear tingling pain came from her neck. It turned out that there was such a powerful existence in this world!

Just as Ye Ying closed her eyes and waited for death, her good hearing made out a series of footsteps walking towards this side. The woman in front of her suddenly loosened her hands, and her weak body instantly fell to the ground. Ye Ying couldn’t help but raise her hand and press it against her chest tightly, panting heavily. Only then did she realize that living was such a beautiful thing.

“You……” She looked up at the woman opposite her, but didn’t know what to say. Towards a woman who almost killed her, Ye Ying felt very complicated at this time. Logically speaking, she should have deep hatred and the desire to kill the other in return.

The pair of demon red eyes that inspired such fear glanced at her coldly, and then the woman suddenly stretched out her hand. Ye Ying felt her collar tighten, and then immediately her whole person was picked up by the other like a chicken held up by the neck. For awhile only the wind sounded in her ears. Soon the scenery in front of them had changed. Looking at the situation, they should be in a park, under a pale street lamp. Ye Ying sat slumped on the ground, panting with a pale face. At this time, there was only blankness in her mind. What she had encountered this evening completely overturned more than two decades of beliefs.

“Name.” It was mild, but sounded very melodious, with a charming undertone.

“Ye Ying!” Even before Ye Ying could think about it, she had already answered the other honestly.


Bulang City was a small city on the coast of T country. In the early morning, ships could be seen sailing out on the sea. The most developed industry in Bulang City was the sailing industry. Therefore, the commercial development in the city depended on ships. So very early in the morning, one could see busy ships sailing by.

“Huahua, today’s breakfast is a sandwich with eggs and ham, and a cup of hot milk!” Lin Xiu was holding the breakfast he made by himself, smile wide on his face: “Is your body feeling better?”

After placing the breakfast on the table Lin Xiu walked to Hua Yao’s side and squatted down. He raised his head slightly and looked at the woman in front of him who was so flawlessly perfect she did not seem like a real person. He concealed the fanatical light in his eyes, and held her left hand with care. The slightly cool touch of the palm made him frown a little in worry.

Hua Yao was quite helpless about Lin Xiu’s name for herself. Hua Yao was even more helpless about Lin Xiu, who was appearing to be very hard to get rid of, like sticky candy. Seeing him smiling like an idiot, Hua Yao fell in a bit of a daze. This kind of situation seemed quite familiar……

“The research base has been completely destroyed, but the researchers on the island have few casualties. I think that my news should be discovered by the higher ups soon, so we must return to China as soon as possible!” Lin Xiu put the breakfast in front of her as he explained to her in depth: “All of us scientific researchers, from the moment we step onto the island, we would not be able to leave for life. Fortunately, I have long been prepared. All my documents must currently be sealed. Luckily, a few days ago I asked a friend of mine to prepare new documents. I think it should be coming soon.”

Hua Yao drank a sip of milk. The milk scent permeated her mouth, and soon, it turned into pure energy that flowed through her limbs. A cold light flashed in her eyes. That day she had just awaken, but she did not expect that a divine thunder of destruction would welcome her, and it was also the most powerful of them all, the Divine Zijin Thunder.

Hua Yao’s existence was after all against the heavens, and the universe’s law would automatically repair the bug that was Hua Yao. Therefore, her awakening incited the most powerful divine thunder. Fortunately in this world there was a lack of spiritual energy, and even more so it miacalculated her strength. So in the end it did not completely obliterate her in one fell swoop.

But the divine thunder still had an effect on her. Back then in the panic, she only had time to separate a strand of power to protect Lin Xiu, and then had to focus on resisting the Divine Zijin Thunder with all her strength. Resisting the divine thunder had depleted much of her strength.

As for Lin Xiu, he thought that the reason she could not move with ease was because she had juat awaken.

After finishing breakfast, Lin Xiu hurriedly dressed up, and only after carefully reminding Hua Yao did he go out.

When Lin Xiu went out, Hua Yao’s figure also disappeared from the house. When she reappeared, she was already on a barren land.

This was the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm within Hua Yao’s body. But at this time, it was a barren place. Looking around, the area was wide and boundless but the ground was dry and hard. She tried to feel the vitality slowly radiating in the air. This place should have been full of vitality with flowers blooming everywhere, but with her thousand years of sleep, a dead silence also shrouded the place. And currently it was practically lifeless.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After feeling the exhausted power in her body, Hua Yao sighed slightly. It seemed that she must first restore the vitality here. After all, her power was closely related to the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm.

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