Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 025 Cultivating Martial Arts Or Cultivating A “Gong”

“Take the clothes off.”

Nie Bufan obeyed, and then saw Li Yi also take off his shirt, revealing his strong bronzed muscles, which was in sharp contrast with his own miserably pale skin.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan grumbled with jealousy.

“Lie down.” Li Yi had him lay face down, lying straight on the bed with his hands spread out in a straight line.

Nie Bufan turned his head, blinked at Li Yi, and asked shyly, “Do you want me to spread my legs too?”

“……Close it up!”

Nie Bufan only wore a pair of short trousers. As soon as his legs were spread, the line of his buttocks was perfectly outlined, tight and muscled.

Li Yi tried to ignore it as much as possible, flipping the quilt aside, and shooing away the chickens who wanted to come up the bed as well.

Then, he knelt down beside Nie Bufan’s legs, stretched out two fingers to press on his lower backbone, and said, “Later, you will adjust your breathing as I move, and slowly feel the flow of Qi that I input in your body.”

Nie Bufan nodded obediently.

“Okay, now let’s begin the first step.” As his inner force circulated, Li Yi pushed his fingers upward along the spine, still not forgetting to tell him, “Pay attention to the breathing rhythm.”


Li Yi’s fingers had only made their way up halfway, when Nie Bufan laughed out loud.

“What’s the matter with you?” Li Yi scolded, “Be serious.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to be serious, it’s just that it’s really itchy.” Nie Bufan said coyly, “I’m the most afraid of tickling.”


“Okay, let’s do it again. Your thing moving around in my body, it’s quite interesting.”


Li Yi’s mouth twitched and started again. This time Nie Bufan did not laugh, but there was a strange noise coming from his mouth: “Nnn……wu……ah……”

The moan was as alluring as it could be, like a chicken claw, scratching at Li Yi’s heart and causing him to feel agitated.

There was a cold sweat on his forehead, and he endured with difficulty. Though, finally they had passed the first round.

Nie Bufan sighed, “It feels so good!”

Li Yi’s face was stiff, showing that he was not feeling good at all.

“What do you do next?” Nie Bufan took the “Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation”, flipped through it, “En, this time it’s lying down face up.”

After saying that, without Li Yi’s reminder, he flipped over and made a posture of being at one’s mercy, and said tragically, “Come!”

Li Yi was silent for a while before spitting out two words: “Raise your leg.”

Nie Bufan lifted both legs immediately.

Li Yi slapped his right leg down, held his left ankle, and pointed his finger at the sole of his foot. He was just about to press down when he heard Nie Bufan thrashing and laughing: “Hahahaha, it tickles!”

“……I haven’t done anything yet!”

Nie Bufan laughed enough and replied, “Can’t I rehearse it first, so that you can be mentally prepared?”

Li Yi stopped on the spot, suddenly wondering if he should continue.

“Come on, I will not laugh later.”

“You are positive.”

En.” Nie Bufan nodded seriously.

Li Yi didn’t say much anymore, and pressed his fingers to the pressure points on the sole of his foot ——

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……”


Nie Bufan laughed and thumped his chest and feet, looking like he had been struck with madness.

The chickens around were so shocked that their feathers stood upright, and they retreated toward the corner.

Li Yi put down his feet and said lightly: “Skip this step.”

“Okay……” Nie Bufan didn’t insist.

Li Yi grabbed Nie Bufan’s left hand, two fingers slowly moved along his veins, and after one rotation, he raised his right hand……

Then, the range of movements gradually increased, bending his legs, raising his waist, and bowing. Li Yi meticulously helped Nie Bufan complete various movements, but his nerves became more and more tense. The reason was that this guy Nie Bufan’s expression was too alluring, and letting out ambiguous moans from time to time.

For the first time, Li Yi knew that a man’s body could also be so flexible. Those difficult movements were all completed very smoothly by Nie Bufan. With the muscles and bones gradually harmonizing, his body showed a peculiar beauty, like a snow leopard on a high mountain.

Li Yi’s eyes gradually misted over, and his movements became gentler. Although the two bodies were not in direct contact, they were very close, as if they could feel the heat of each other.

“Nn……” Nie Bufan bent his body and said unclearly, “Li Fourth, how long will it be?”

“Almost finished.” Li Yi replied in a hoarse voice, but his hands couldn’t help but to linger around his waist and legs, accompanied with a warm Qi, as if looking for something faintly.

“Wu……can you be faster?”

“You need to be cautious when cultivating martial arts, don’t move.” Li Yi exhaled in his ear, his body was close, their lower bodies almost intertwined.

“Li Fourth.”


“Are you really sure that the steps are correct?”

“Of course.”

“Do you need a man’s thing to practice martial arts?”


“Your thing keeps poking my waist.”

“……This move helps the Qi to move through the veins unimpeded.”

“……En, is that right? Then……does it need to be inserted inside?”

“How can I know if it is unimpeded if I don’t go in?”

“Does this also need to be specially tried? If it is obstructed, then doesn’t that mean I get constipation every day?”


“Is it unclogged enough?”

“It hasn’t officially started yet, the fingers are not strong enough.”

“Don’t you want to use that thing?”

“Why not? After passing this level, I guarantee you will be able to practice this skill.”

Li Yi bit Nie Bufan’s ear and wrapped around him with his whole body.

“Li, Li Fourth.” Nie Bufan swallowed, “I think my apititude is dull and stupid, utterly unable to be trained.”

“It’s too early to tell, you have to try to know.” Li Yi groped about at the base of his leg.

“Act-actually, let’s not try it. I’m afraid, I’m afraid of something going wrong and there will be a deviation in the Qi.” Nie Bufan clamped his legs tightly.

Li Yi said in a low voice, “Didn’t it feel good just now? You moaned so happily.”

“Wasn’t that just to cooperate with your hard work? If I don’t utter a sound, wouldn’t it be too shameful for you?”

“……” Li Yi simply blocked that vexing mouth and no longer gave him a chance to argue.

Seeing that his legs were separated, and the hard object was about to come forward.

Nie Bufan pulled out from the kiss and yelled, “It hurts to death!”

“This time again, are you mentally preparing me in advance?”

“No.” Nie Bufan said shyly, “Only two people practicing martial arts is too lonely, I want to call more people to observe and give some suggestions by the way.”

“……” Li Yi said fiercely, “Then I will make you unable to yell out a sound.”

Nie Bufan hurriedly covered his mouth and said in a muffled voice: “You can’t be so selfish. It’s not right for us to enjoy such a peerless martial arts manual alone.”

Li Yi lifted his left leg and was about to enter aggressively.

Nie Bufan hurriedly took his hand away and was about to yell, but was blocked again, lips becoming glued together.


A small section entered.

Nie Bufan widened his eyes, waving his hands vigorously at the chickens around him watching the show.

The chickens pondered for a long time before they determined that their owner needed help, so they all jumped onto the bed one after another excitedly, piling on them desperately.

Oh the tragedy, being pressed on by a pile of chickens another small section went inside as well.

Nie Bufan’s forehead bursted with an endless waterfall of sweat.

Save……Save me!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Maybe God heard his wailing, just when Li Yi was about to attack and occupy territory, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open, and then there was an extremely pissed off voice: “Nie Bufan, you actually ordered your chickens again……”

The sound stopped abruptly. The scene in front of him had the visitor become dazed like a wooden chicken.

Li Huai pointed at the two people crushed by the chickens and asked tremblingly, “You……what are you doing?”

Li Yi’s face was blue, he was stuck halfway, no room to advance or retreat.

Nie Bufan waved his hand desperately as if he was about to gain amnesty: “Huai Huai, come quickly, we are cultivating martial arts, you can join in.”

Li Yi swept the person under him with a look, reluctantly he withdrew and pulled away, lifting his pants up. Having not got any relief, his desire still stood upright unwillingly.

Nie Bufan hurriedly turned over and sat up, grabbed a few chickens to block the key parts, and smiled: “Huai Huai, you looking for me?”

Li Huai glanced at the two suspiciously. His vision was blocked by a bunch of chickens just now so he didn’t see very clearly, but that ambiguous posture was extremely suspicious.

“Why are you both naked?”

“Didn’t I just say it? Cultivating martial arts.” As he said so, he even took out the worn old ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’ and shook it.

Li Huai walked over, snatched the book, and after a few glances, he immediately said with joy, “Could it be that this is the long-lost ‘Secret Art of Muscle and Bone Transformation’?”

Nie Bufan nodded pretending to be an expert, but he actually despised it in his heart: This is a damned erotic book!

“I didn’t expect that there really is such book!” Li Huai said to Li Yi in surprise, “Brother, how do you feel when you cultivatrd it just now?”

“Of the highest quality, but unfortunately missed a step.” Li Yi’s expression was twisted.

“The fire of Yang is too deep, too much to bear.” Nie Bufan sighed. (TN: Yang=male energy, Yin=female energy)

Li Huai was puzzled, then smiled again: “I will try too.”

“No.” Li Yi quickly tried to put a stop.

“Try it.” Nie Bufan said generously.

Li Yi glared at him, took the book over, and said, “This is the collection of village head Nie. We can’t covet others’ things.”

Nie Bufan was about to say something, but was pinched secretly by Li Yi, and instantly he felt so aggrieved, hanging his head and complained to himself.

Li Huai didn’t think so, but he didn’t dare to refute Li Yi. When he saw the chickens jumping on the bed, he immediately remembered his intentions, pointed at Nie Bufan and said angrily: “Nie Bufan, you have ordered your chickens to plot against me!”

“Me? No I didn’t.” Nie Bufan said innocently, “I have been cultivating with your brother all night.”

“Hmmph! If it weren’t for your instructions, how could those brutes come and attack me in the middle of the night?”

“Did you not see it?” Nie Bufan pointed around, “I also have a lot of chickens here. They will communicate with you only when they like you. Don’t always have such bitter and deep hatred. Our chickens are actually very cute, I sleep with them every day.”

“Do you think I am you?” Li Huai said irritably, “Who wants to sleep with a chicken?”

Nie Bufan glanced at him contemptuously: “Did you not find out? Your brother, prince Si, brother Chen, and the Tian Nu have all slept with a chicken.”


Why does this sound so weird?

“Little brother, be more calm, learn from your brother, embracing a harem of chickens without a change in expression, calm and relaxed, just like an expert master.”

“Who you calling little brother?” Li Huai turned to Li Yi with a shining expression, “Brother, I want to sleep here tonight.”

“Okay!” Nie Bufan enthusiastically moved over a space and said, “The bed is big enough, let’s sleep together.”

Li Huai pointed outside the door and said to him, “I’m sorry but can you change places.”

Nie Bufan rolled up the quilt and hugged a rooster, falling on the bed, spitting out two words: “I won’t.”

“You!” Li Huai was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

Li Yi rubbed his forehead and said, “Let’s sleep together. If we keep arguing, the sky will have already lighten.”

Li Huai was indignant, looking around at the chickens eyeing him, he finally climbed onto the bed resignedly.

Nie Bufan nodded in satisfaction and said: “Close the door.”

Li Huai didn’t understand, but then he saw a chicken casually strolling to the door and closing it.

Li Huai pointed at the chicken and looked at Li Yi with his mouth open.

Li Yi lay down expressionlessly and grabbed a piece of quilt from Nie Bufan.

Seeing this, Li Huai had to pretend that he hadn’t seen it, and lay down in the quilt, surrendering to his fate of sleeping with the chickens.

In the darkness, Nie Bufan whispered to Li Yi: “Li Fourth, you still said that it was not an erotic book? It was too explicit, and it almost made me lose my chastity. I will resolutely not cultivate it in the future. You should also take care and be careful of dying from overindulgence.”

Li Yi kissed him fiercely, resenting him for pretending to be stupid and oblivious. They were already like this, and he still dared to deny their bromantic relationship!

Nie Bufan kicked him and motioned him to pay attention to his image. His little brother was sleeping right over there.

Only then did Li Yi sheepishly give up.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

That night, the three people with their own thoughts shared a bed but had different dreams. Of course, the heartless Nie Bufan soon fell asleep, the previous events not seeming to have left any psychological trauma on him. This bed had been slept on by five brothers one after another, and it can be considered to be an example of virtuous Gongs coming to their successful conclusion. (TN: author makes a play on idiom 功德圆满 by replacing it as 攻德圆满. It originally referred to virtuous achievements come to their successful conclusion but now hehe.)

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