This Lord is Too Cruel CH 010 Those Who Do Not Obey This Lord Shall Die

Feng Aotian laughed loudly, “Haven’t the Mu family troops always lived and died together? You would rather die together than rush out to save him. Is this the so-called dying together instead of seeking survival?”

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Ji Bai and the others were stunned, and then they suddenly put aside the action of drawing their swords. They stood up together and ignored the fatigue of kneeling for a day, limping as they rushed out of the camp.

Feng Aotian raised willow leaf brows lightly. She wanted to see how long Mu Hanyao could last. She leisurely walked out of the camp and raised her eyes. The moon and stars were scarcely seen and the cold night was gloomy. Ji Bai had already issued an order to lead the troops to the woods outside.

Sixi followed on the side and did not dare to say anything. He raised his eyes slightly, and looked at Feng Aotian’s profile. It was even colder than the bitter night wind, but he felt that today’s Regent was different from the past with a little more unpredictable mystery.

Hun and Po threw Mu Hanyao directly into the woods, and then flew away.

Mu Hanyao fell into the forest still naked and unclothed. Under the moonlight, with one hand resting on the ground, he was just about to get up but felt the stickiness of his palm, and the strong pungent bloody smell that permeated the woods for a long time, unable to disperse.

He looked around vigilantly, seeing the wreckage shrouded by the night. Gusts of cold wind blew by while the moonlight reflected in the dim woods, hitting the icy ground and revealing a chilling sight.

He spread his palm that had made contact with the ground, the stench of rotten flesh permeated his senses, and his eyes went cold. Even if he was a general who killed countless on the battlefield but seeing such unprecedented brutality, he couldn’t help but tremble in his heart. Swallowing down the nausea and anxiety, he got up from the ground, affirming the fact that the Regent was truly cruel in his heart.

But, looking at the torn armor in front of him, the soldiers of the Qi State? Suddenly he remembered the darlings Feng Aotian had mentioned and he leaned over slightly, enduring the nausea. He was now sure that they were eaten alive by wolves.

Thinking about this, Mu Hanyao’s heart became heavier. He picked up a long knife from the ground and found a clean black cloth to cover important parts. He carefully observed the movement in the forest, and rushed toward the forest’s exit.

“Ao wu……” A mournful wolf howl broke through the sky and passed into his ears. His dark pupils flashed with the cold light of killing, and he pulled out the long knife, tapping the ground lightly with his feet as he made to fly out.

But it was too late. After a while, he saw countless sinister green lights surrounding the entire forest, slowly approaching him. He was shocked, as he didn’t expect that there were wolf packs here.

Wolves were the most ferocious animals. Any prey they set their sights on would not easily escape. Mu Hanyao knew his current situation clearly as the danger approached. Anything he did would incite the wolves to besiege him on all sides.

Once, he also encountered wolves, but not such a huge wolf pack. Now, he was alone. How could he face the attack of such a large wolf pack?

While thinking of a way to escape, he held his breath, quickly and lightly he flew onto a tall tree, observing the movement. Suddenly a cold wind blew by, and a figure was suddenly standing beside him.

He looked sideways, but came face to face with phoenix eyes that seem to have on a smile that was not a smile. On his extraordinarily beautiful face the moonlight reflected Feng Aotian’s three-part playful, seven-part cold expression. The corners of his mouth were slightly pressed, as if with just an opening of his mouth, Mu Hanyao would be torn apart by the wolves in the next second.

Mu Hanyao was about to speak, but suddenly saw that the face in front of him appeared millimeters away. The skin that was as smooth and fine as jade revealed a faint coldness, but the delicate red lips like that of a woman’s curved into a warm smile. Eyebrows like willow leaves, a pair of slightly curved phoenix eyes seemingly smiling, but also imposing. This was an extremely gorgeous face. If it were not for his cruel temperament and love for men, with just this beautiful yet handsome face all the young talents of the Feng State would scramble to follow after him.

As he was stunned momentarily, he felt cold air on his chest, the hair hanging on his chest had been tucked behind his ears. Feng Aotian’s arms had already slid across both sides of his cheeks for some unknown time, slender fingers tangling in his hair. But within a moment, the arms had left and folded across his chest, looking at him he said, “This brocade hair band suits you.”

Mu Hanyao’s eyes deepened slightly, and his thoughts flickered. He didn’t know why he suddenly treated him this way. However, having his hair so affectionately bound by a man, by the Regent who loved the male sex, inevitably made him uncomfortable. Shifting slightly backwards, keeping a certain distance from Feng Aotian, he looked down, “This caomin thanks the Regent.”

Feng Aotian didn’t care about his turning away and looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction. She cast her gaze on the black cloth covering his waist, raising her hand carelessly she tore the black cloth off, “How can you let such a dirty thing stain your body.”

Mu Hanyao didn’t expect Feng Aotian to make such a move. First he personally tied his hair, but now he spoke such flirtatious words that only existed between men and women, making him feel a bit unhappy, but he didn’t know how to avoid it.

But the situation was that he was standing so close to Feng Aotian while there was not even a trace of any coverings on his body. He suddenly felt a flash of the shyness that shouldn’t be there, and even more so he didn’t want to let him see his naked appearance.

Thinking about it this way, his mind became more heavy. What was the matter with him?

He quickly stretched out his hand to snatch the piece of black cloth, but he saw that after Feng Aotian tore it off, he let it gently fall and be blown away with the wind.

His eyes went cold and sharp and was about to speak coldly, but his vision suddenly darkened, and a long robe was already draped over him. He looked down and saw the pair of white and slender fingers skillfully fasten the belt. The other then examined him over and after a while, he said in a low voice, “How about this Lord give you another chance?”

Mu Hanyao’s face became cold, and he suppressed the doubts in his heart, “This caomin……”

He was about to refuse, but he heard the sound of horseshoes not far away, and then he saw Ji Bai leading the Mu family troops into the woods and entering the circle of wolves.

Mu Hanyao’s complexion darkened, and got a bad feeling. He raised his eyes and saw Feng Aotian’s phoenix eyes narrowed, staring at him calmly, “You should think clearly, those who obey this Lord shall die, including the Mu family troops. This Lord’s darlings have been hungry all day.”

“General, where are you? We swear to follow the general, to die and live together!” Ji Bai did not see Mu Hanyao, but felt a faint uneasiness, especially as the horse under him was constantly shaking, as if feeling the danger that was approaching.

Li Su moved forward and arrived at Ji Bai’s side. “Look, these remains are the soldiers of the Qi State who were swallowed alive by wolves.”

Ji Bai looked down and saw that it was all blood and gore under his horse. He frowned, “Could something have befallen the general?”

“If something happens to the general, then I will definitely avenge the general.” Li Su said with a deep gaze.

“Ao wu……” Once again another mournful wolf howl echoed.

The wolves that had retreated before were now slowly moving forward, and the sinister green lights that reflected bloodthirsty gleams gradually approached.

The war horse screamed in panic, repeatedly kicking its hooves and backing away.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mu Hanyao looked at this scene, raised his eyes and looked at Feng Aotian again. His clenched fists tightened. But finally they loosened, and he concealed the deep gloom in his dark pupils, “This caomin is at the disposal of the Lord Regent.”

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