This Lord is Too Cruel CH 011 Go Lie Down On The Bed

“Are your words sincere?” Feng Aotian asked in a somewhat unbelieving tone.

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“A man of character keeps his promises, and never goes back on them.” Mu Hanyao replied decisively. The situation now, if he didn’t agree, then the entire Mu family troops would be destroyed in his hands.

In just half an hour, Feng Aotian had calculated everything, first bring him into the forest, and then lead the Mu family troops to the forest and use them to threaten him. Now, he had no choice.

“General, where are you?” Ji Bai also noticed the wolves approaching them gradually. He saw the wolves reveal their fangs and looking as if they plan to swallow them alive. The horses under them were growing more agitated by the seconds, backing up repeatedly.

“Nothing to it but fight to the death.” Li Su pulled out his sword and shouted coldly.

Ji Bai was steadier than Li Su. The general’s life and death was unknown, and the wolves in front of them were able to withstand thousands of troops. With just them alone, even if they were brave and good at fighting, they have no chance of winning. However, he felt that there was something strange about the whole matter.

He pondered for a moment, and then his eyes dimmed, “We have walked into a trap.”

“Trap?” Li Su and the other military officers all cast their eyes on Ji Bai.

Ji Bai’s expression turned cold, “The Regent specially led us here to force the General to submit. We have harmed the General.”

After the military officers heard this, their faces became more gloomy, but now, what should they do?

Feng Aotian nodded in satisfaction and watched on with lowered eyes, observing the scene below. The moonlight shown down on them and Ji Bai was visible dressed in black armor. Although his appearance was not as handsome as Mu Hanyao, he was still a handsome young man, especially those eyes which were somewhat similar to Mu Hanyao.

Mu Hanyao’s dark eyes remained on Feng Aotian, who was a foot away. He could not believe that Feng Aotian truly found an interest in him, but the incident happened so suddenly. First he was abducted and taken into the barracks inexplicably and then he was threatened and mocked. The whole time he was stuck on the defensive, and Mu Hanyao had never lost so tragically before.

Feng Aotian turned his eyes, glancing at Mu Hanyao indifferently. He was only submitting temporarily. However, in his heart, he was definitely dissatisfied with her. But the future days were long and she would definitely conquer this fiery horse completely, and have him obey willingly.

“Since it is up to this Lord, then let us go back to the camp.” Feng Aotian said as he stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist, the two leaving the woods.

Mu Hanyao said solemnly, “Lord Regent, what about the soldiers trapped in the forest?”

“The night is lonely. Since this Lord’s darlings can’t have a good meal, just having a look is still better than nothing. Yesterday, this Lord was met with difficulty, and yet no one in the camp went to provide aid. Now, if it’s not for you, how can they still be safe and sound? By now they would have entered the stomachs of this Lord’s darlings.” Feng Aotian’s eyes were cold, and there was a bloodthirsty intent in his tone, sounding even more sinister spoken in this cold windy night.

Mu Hanyao naturally knew what happened yesterday. Although he was in the quarry, he still knew everything that happened in the camp. He also knew what the Regent did in the camp. But despite his calculations, he did not expect that Feng Aotian changed his former impulsivity and unexpectedly set a trap that had hin falling into it by himself.

In an instant, Feng Aotian and Mu Hanyao have arrived at the camp. Qing Yi, who was kneeling outside the camp, had now lost his consciousness, but still felt a strong cold wind blowing by him, and two shadows entering the camp.

“Sixi, prepare bath water.” Feng Aotian’s cold voice came.

Sixi, who was standing outside the camp, replied in a low voice, “Yes, this slave shall order people to have it prepared.” After saying so, he ignored Qing Yi not far away, and hurried away.

Feng Aotian’s grip had already loosened from Mu Hanyao’s wrist, and was now lying on the soft couch.

Mu Hanyao was still standing upright on one side, and there was still a little coolness remaining on the wrist where Feng Aotian was grasping at earlier. He raised his eyes and looked at Feng Aotian with very complicated feelings. He had heard of the Regent’s preferences earlier. There were many beautiful men in his harem, but all who had slept with him were often carried out of the bedroom with scars the next day. What’s more, there were even some killed on the spot.

So, how would he be treated tonight?

The dark pupils flashed with a glimmer of darkness and the preparedness for death. He had tasted all kinds of pain. Even if tonight the pain would be worse than death, he could not be shaken. Compared to the Mu family troops, what was his humiliation worth?

Sixi had already prepared the bath water. He hurriedly entered and bowed to report, “Lord Prince, the bath water is ready.”

“Hnn, serve General Mu for bathing and changing clothes.” Feng Aotian raised an eyebrow and said indifferently as he played with the warm jade in his hand.

“Yes.” Sixi replied and bowed slightly, “General Mu, please!”

Mu Hanyao turned sullenly, and without any emotion on his stern face, walked out of the camp.

After taking a bath, Mu Hanyao changed into a brown robe, with long black hair draped behind him. Sixi ordered two eunuchs to come forward and wait on him.

Mu Hanyao have led the soldiers on many battles for several years and had already become accustomed to doing everything such as cooking, eating, and dressing by himself. When the two eunuchs came over, he waved his hand and said, “No need.”

Sixi signaled the two eunuchs to retreat. He personally picked up the hairband in front of the dressing table and handed it to Mu Hanyao, “General Mu, this is the Lord Prince’s favorite hairband.”

Mu Hanyao remembered the scene of Feng Aotian personally tying his hair in the forest earlier. He lowered his eyes and took the hair band from Sixi’s hand. The silk brocade was smooth to the touch, his slender fingers stroking at it faintly. As if possessed by the devil he raised his hand with it and used it to tie his hair, walking calmly into Feng Aotian’s tent.

When he arrived outside the tent of the Regent’s, Mu Hanyao glanced at Qing Yi, who was kneeling not far away. The man was handsome but frail, weak like the willow leaves blowing in the wind and was a considerably rare beautiful man.

Qing Yi raised his eyes and met Mu Hanyao’s deep pupils, and his heart sank. This person, he was quite familiar with. He quickly looked down and sighed inwardly. He looked up to and admired General Mu since he was a child. But now he was to be forced to submit under the Regent as well. Then, what hope did he have for staying alive? Thinking of this, he no longer had any desire to live.

Mu Hanyao only took a look then turned around indifferently, stepping into the tent. He saw that Feng Aotian was still lying on the soft couch, an intrigued smile playing at the corner of his mouth.

Upon seeing this, Sixi hurriedly withdrew from the tent and raised his eyes to glance at the sky, his expression remaining unfazed.

Feng Aotian put away the warm jade in her hand and got up from the soft couch. With a rather bloodthirsty smile on her beautifully handsome face, she approached Mu Hanyao step by step. Raising her finger she pointed to the bed, “Go and lie down on the bed.”

Mu Hanyao turned around coldly and walked resolutely to the bed, but then he heard a cold voice from behind, “Clothes off.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a pause in his steps, he raised his hand, untied his belt, and pulled hard, his robe slipping off and revealing his strong and tightly muscled figure.

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