This Lord is Too Cruel CH 012 You Belong To This Lord

“Lay on the bed.” Feng Aotian said coldly as he walked slowly to the bed.

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Mu Hanyao clenched his fists, closed his eyes, and suppressed the strong feeling of humiliation in his heart. Lying on the bed, he could clearly feel Feng Aotian standing proudly beside the bed, looking at him with eyes as if admiring prey.

The corner of Feng Aotian’s mouth was curved slightly, an embroidery needle twisted between her fingers. She rolled up the sleeve of her robe and pierced Mu Hanyao’s left shoulder with the needle tip, causing a drop of blood to overflow from the bronzed skin.

Mu Hanyao remained expressionless, without any reaction. He didn’t know what Feng Aotian was going to do. He only felt the stinging pain from his left shoulder, but it couldn’t conceal the feeling of shame he felt inside.

Feng Aotian stared at him with focus, slowly stabbing the needle down from his left shoulder, the blood flowing quietly. The tent was silent, not even a trace of breathing could be heard, only a faint scent of blood permeated the air.

There was a thin layer of sweat on Mu Hanyao’s forehead, and his muscles tightened, body stiff. Feng Aotian could feel the strength and unyielding determination exuding from his bones, and the pride of being a commander of the armies. If not for her design that put him into a desperate situation how could he lie on this bed so willingly and let her act as she wished.

After a while, Feng Aotian put away the embroidery needle, took out a silk handkerchief tucked in her robes and wiped the blood from the needle point. She looked at the masterpiece extending from the left shoulder to the chest with satisfaction, and wiped Mu Hanyao’s forehead sweat for him. She said in a light tone, “It’s finished.”

Hearing Feng Aotian’s voice, Mu Hanyao seemed to feel that he had gone through a lifetime. He slowly opened his eyes, saying nothing when he met Feng Aotian’s cold eyes.

Feng Aotian raised a palm, and the bronze mirror not far away from the dressing table appeared on top, and then faced it toward him, “In the future, you will belong to this Lord, and you must always remember that if you dare to betray this Lord, the consequences will definitely not be something you can imagine.”

The deterrence in that tone made Mu Hanyao’s eyes darken. He looked in the bronze mirror and saw the word “Tian” carved on his left chest. His sharp eyebrows furrowed unconciously. Was he now engraved with the personal seal of Feng Aotian? He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly in his heart, Mu Hanyao, Mu Hanyao, how can you have fallen into such dire straits.

Seeing that Mu Hanyao did not react, Feng Aotian didn’t say anything. With a wave of a hand, the bronze mirror was placed back in place safely. Then, a brocade quilt landed on Mu Hanyao’s body. Lifting a finger she lightly tapped on his forehead, “Go to sleep, tomorrow will not be as easy as tonight.”

Mu Hanyao was caught off guard, allowing Feng Aotian to tap his forehead so affectionately. After watching her stand up and leave with her back to him, he then lowered his head and looked at the brocade quilt. Spreading his palms, they were already soaked with sweat and a place in his heart trembled suddenly. He sighed deeply, from childhood to adulthood, even when facing life and death, he had never been so nervous. He looked sideways and glanced at his chest engraved with the Regent’s seal. A gleam of light flashed through his deep pupils. He closed his eyes and his expression returned to usual.

Feng Aotian walked around the screen, walked out of the tent, and saw the frail Qing Yi not far away. She stepped forward and walked in front of him.

Qing Yi raised his eyes and saw Feng Aotian staring down at him. The cold eyes made him shudder. He opened his mouth quickly, and his hoarse and broken voice sounded, “This slave pays repects to the Lord Regent.”

Feng Aotian’s eyes were cold, “You poisoned this Lord?”

Qing Yi’s eyes dimmed, and his heart was already dead, “It is this slave.”

“You have hatred for this Lord.” There was only affirmation in the tone, not a question but a statement.

“Born from exterminating my whole family.” Qing Yi was also a clear-headed person, knowing that his death was approaching so there was nothing to hide.

“The person behind you, this Lord will not ask you, even if asked, you will not speak. Now this Lord will grant you two paths, one is survival and the other a dead end.” Feng Aotian was not a good person, but she knew that even if she killed him, it would only be a single lost life. And she never did anything that was of no benefit.

Without waiting for Qing Yi’s response, she continued, “The path of survival is to stay with this Lord and carry out all my orders. In three years this Lord will give you a chance to seek revenge on me; the path leading to a dead end is this Lord had never tasted human jerky before. It just so happens that this Lord can try it out with you.”

The people present at this time in the barracks include the soldiers patrolling and standing guard, Mu Hanyao who was lying in the tent, and Sixi and the other eunuchs who stood waiting outside the tent. They all heard Feng Aotian’s words clearly. Everyone trembled, thinking that this Regent was truly that cruel and inhumane? How could he have even thought of something like human jerky.

Qing Yi furrowed his eyebrows. If alive he would still have a chance to take revenge. If he died, there would be no chance of revenge. Instead of dying like this, it would be better to struggle on. Even if the Regent could not be killed by that time, it was still hope.

He raised his eyes, the gloomy eyes filled with firmness, “This slave chooses the path of survival.”

“Sixi, wash the pungent powdery smell on his body, and in the future, don’t let this Lord smell it again.” Feng Aotian turned abruptly and said coldly.

Sixi hurriedly responded, and then bowed low as Feng Aotian went back into the tent.

“Prepare the bath water, this Lord is fatigued.”

“Yes.” Sixi glanced at Qing Yi, and ordered two eunuchs to lift Qing Yi up and return him to his tent. Then, he carried the bath water he had prepared already into the tent.

After Feng Aotian took a bath, her silky ink black hair fell loosely down her back, tied lazily with only a cloud brocade band. She wore a royal purple brocade robe that emphasized her snowy skin, and the inky willow leaf brows. Currently, the ruthless and cruel aura seem to have been replaced with a little softness. Feng Aotian didn’t tie her chest because of the loose-fitting robe, leaving her slim figure enveloped in the brocade robe and giving a rather soft and charming appearance.

She walked to the bed, and seeing Mu Hanyao lying on the outside of the bed, her eyes flashed slyly. If she didn’t sleep on the same bed with him, wouldn’t it expose the falsity in the illusion that the Regent liked men?

She pushed Mu Hanyao gently and lay down beside him. Since childhood, she lived with the wolves. Later, when she was taken away from the wolves, she lived alone. She had never liked physical contact with people, let alone sleeping on the same bed with strangers, but now, she had only transmigrated to this different world for two days and was already lying down with a strange man. Feng Aotian smiled coldly. Now she was no longer the shadow of others, but the ruler of a country who had dominion over the destiny of Feng State. She must adapt to such a life.

After thinking about it this way, she no longer troubled herself with those thoughts. Pretending the person next to her was air, she closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully.

After Mu Hanyao felt even breathing coming from his side, he suddenly opened his eyes, dark pupils staring coldly at Feng Aotian’s side face. His red lips were slightly pursed, his brows and eyes were slightly curved, very much unlike the bloodthirsty and fierce aura he had when awake. The faint candlelight passed through the gauze tent, illuminating his coldly beautiful face, softening the features a bit, his whole body exuding a faint halo.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He was dazed for a moment, his thoughts abound when suddenly those cold and silky fingers covered his deep and dark eyes, and a lazy voice sounded, “Why are you still awake? Could it be……you want this Lord to do something to you?”

TN: Today and Thursday I will be updating 3x as usual for This Lord Is Too Cruel up to chapter 15. That is all the chapters I have in stockpile and after that I will be going on a temporary hiatus for this particular webnovel. I apologize to all readers who are fans of this webnovel and I hope the 6 chapter updates this week will be somewhat of a consolation. If anyone’s interested, I have picked up another reverse harem The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse, so if you like you can read that while this is on hiatus 🙏

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