Bird Dude Nie Bufan CH 026 Food Must Not Be Defiled

When Nie Bufan woke up early in the morning, the two brothers were no longer there. He didn’t care either, and began to put on clothes lazily. As soon as he finished dressing, he saw Li Yi leaning against the door and staring at him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Nie Bufan flicked a drop of eye poop in an extremely elegant manner, and then winked suggestively at Li Yi.

The hidden depths in Li Yi’s eyes disappeared immediately, turning his head away with an expression conveying that he couldn’t bear to look straight at the other.

“Good morning!” Nie Bufan greeted him as he walked outside the door.

Li Yi grabbed his waist and whispered in his ear: “Last night doesn’t count. We will find a chance to cultivate again in a few days.”

Nie Bufan glanced at him and said earnestly: “For the sake of your physical and mental health, I think it’s better to practice the secret art of virginity.”

Li Yi scanned him up and down: “You are still a virgin?”

“What’s wrong with being a virgin?” Nie Bufan raised his head and said forcefully and with justice, “I am clean-living and honest, I have high standards when finding a woman.”

“Woman?” Li Yi hooked his chin and said lightly, “You can forget about that in this life.”

Nie Bufan didn’t pay any attention, he firmly believed that he was a normal heterosexual, and his unscrupulous words and deeds were just to increase the joys of life. How could just one Li Yi stop his pure heart that longed for the harmony of yin and yang, the harmony of soul and flesh, and the unity of nature and man?

“What are you doing?”

At this moment, Zhang Junshi’s voice came from not far away. As soon as he entered the yard, he saw the scene of Li Yi and Nie Bufan embracing each other intimately and felt uncomfortable.

Li Yi remained embracing Nie Bufan motionlessly, and looked at Zhang Junshi with a declaration of ownership.

Zhang Junshi smiled calmly, and said: “Bufan, I’ve already prepared you some water, you should go freshen up first.”

“Thank you.” Nie Bufan gave him a big smile then pulled Li Yi’s hand off and turned away.

Zhang and Li stared at each other for a long time, neither willing to retreat, declaring war silently with their eyes. It wasn’t until the newly freshened Nie Bufan called their names from the kitchen that this battle without gunsmoke ended……

Today the staple food of the whole village was dumplings.

Putting the steamed dumplings aside, Nie Bufan stayed in the kitchen by himself, concentrating on the sauce. He suddenly heard a faint cold voice behind him asking, “Are there vegetable dumplings?”

“Yes, the two trays on the right are.” Nie Bufan replied subconciously.

“Thank you.”

Nie Bufan stopped his movements and looked back. There was no one behind him, but two trays of dumplings were missing from the table.

The voice just now sounded familiar yet unfamiliar, but it was definitely not from a resident of Chicken Nest Village.

Nie Bufan walked out of the kitchen and looked around. There was nothing unusual, and so he said to a chicken by the door: “Did you see anyone coming in just now?”

Brother chicken groomed at his feathers and ignored him.

En? It shouldn’t be. Who could break into the kitchen quietly and without a trace when surrounded by chickens?

Nie Bufan pondered a bit and then called over Lady Flower to smell the dumplings, and said, “Lady Flower, take me to find this thief.”

Lady Flower flapped its wings, then ran in a certain direction. Nie Bufan quickly followed.

After passing through the village, and exiting out of the back of the village, another five or six minutes passed before Lady Flower stopped on a hillside.

There were no people around, only two empty trays were left in place.

They ate so fast! Nie Bufan picked up the trays angrily, thinking to himself that a master had arrived at Chicken Nest, one who liked to be a thief.

Because of Duobao Sage’s treasure trove, not only the four major families were dispatched, but other families also wanted to have a share. They dared not openly enter Chicken Nest Village, but they still inevitably sent a few masters to secretly investigate. It was just that the chickens in the Chicken Nest Village were very alert, anyone who came close would be spotted immediately. So far, no one had been able to enter and leave the Chicken Nest Village without a trace, the most they could do was watch from a distance.

It now appeared that there was an exception.

Nie Bufan rubbed his chin in thought.

Just when he was about to go back, he suddenly saw a chicken come out of a small hole not far away with a shiny object in its beak.

Nie Bufan stepped forward in curiosity, snatching it from the chicken beak unceremoniously, and inspected the object. It turned out to be a gold coin. A large ship with a strange shape was engraved on one side, and a circle of unrecognized characters was engraved on the other. It did not seem to be the local currency of Yu State.

Nie Bufan looked up and around, only to find that this mountain happened to be connected to that deep pool. If the pool was really the entrance to the treasure trove, then this gold coin was obviously taken from the treasure trove. His chickens actually dug a hole into the back of the mountain and directly entered the treasure trove.

In this way, what use was the key? Wasn’t it simpler to just excavate it directly?

Nie Bufan rubbed his chin and pondered for a while, murmuring to himself: “No, this mountain is huge. To dig through it will not only take time and effort, but also destroy the landform……I can’t let people do that.”

As he was thinking, suddenly he saw that the chicken was about to drill into the hole again. Nie Bufan’s eyes were quick and he grabbed its tail and dragged it out, saying righteously: “Little chicken, don’t come out during the day, don’t you know there are wicked people out there? Beware of being caught and stewed.”

Brother chicken jumped a few times in dissatisfaction, clucking angrily.

Nie Bufan said again: “Did you move a lot of treasures out from there? That book is also your doing?”

Brother chicken raised its head proudly.

“Don’t be smug.” Nie Bufan patted it and ordered, “Take me to your lair. I have to see just how many good things you have stolen.”

Brother chicken twisted in a mincing and reluctant manner.

Nie Bufan showed it his fist.

Brother chicken then bowed its head, making a gesture of submission.

Then, Nie Bufan followed it all the way back to the village.

As soon as he entered the village, Zhang Junshi saw him, and he asked strangely: “Bufan, where are you going? Where are your steamed dumplings? Why aren’t they on the table?”

“I gotta pee, can you bring the food to the table?”

Hai, the toilet room is on that side!” Zhang Junshi shouted.

“I want to let it out in the open air today.” The voice carried back on the wind but the person had already gone.


Brother chicken brought Nie Bufan to a courtyard at the corner of the village, relatively remote and uninhabited. Walking into the house, brother chicken jumped onto a wooden board and pulled a few times on it with its claws.

Nie Bufan lifted the splint and looked inside, only to have his eyes dazzled. Pearls, gems, gold and silver ornaments, ancient books and other treasures were placed in piles. To say nothing, there were forty or fifty pieces, and all were very valuable at first glance.

He picked up a black pearl casually. It was round and transparent, exuding a charming luster.

Not bad, keep it. Nie Bufan unceremoniously stuffed it into his pocket.

Seeing this, brother chicken was furious, jumped into the nest and spread its wings, desperately protecting its precious collection, a pair of beady chicken eyes looking at Nie Bufan vigilantly.

“Tsk, it’s just a pearl, do you need to be so anxious?”

Nie Bufan gave it a contemptuous look, then put down the splint again to cover the “stolen goods” inside.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After that, Nie Bufan began to consciously inspect the Chicken Nest Village, and he really did find that there were many treasures scattered everywhere in the corners, mostly small objects, which were not easy to detect when they were thrown in the grass. After a few days, he collected more than ten pieces in total. But obviously there were still many fallen in unknown places.

Don’t know what state the treasure trove of the Duobao Sage was in now that it had been ravaged by this group of chickens? He hoped there was still something left on the day the treasure trove was opened. The destructive power of these chickens was beyond ordinary people’s imagination. Especially after having a certain amount of intelligence, they were even more arrogant and lawless. Nie Bufan strictly ordered them not to openly swagger through the village during the day, and then temporarily put the matter aside.

In fact, Nie Bufan’s curiosity about the treasure trove disappeared without a trace after he learned that a certain exception could come and go freely from his village.

In comparison, he was more interested in the guy hiding in the dark, because that person had sneaked into the village many times to steal food, with a preference for light and vegetarian dishes.

There was one time when Nie Bufan deliberately made a whole meat banquet, but the result was that the person only took away a bowl of rice and two eggs. And on the next day actually sent over a basket of wild vegetables.

In order to find this person, Nie Bufan recruited both Lady Flower and Langya and had them guarding inside and outside during mealtimes, resolutely not letting even a mosquito to fly by. Unfortunately, the result was not satisfactory. The person was like a ghost, coming and going without a trace.

Nie Bufan became agitated and began to change his method of cooking the food, putting spices in the vegetables, adding minced meat in the rice, making vegetarian dishes look like meat dishes, and making meat dishes look like poop……

All of these actions really did cause that person to disappear for awhile. But the other residents in Chicken Nest Village suffered. The taste buds becoming over stimulated, or the appetite being lost when seeing food that looked like poop. After a few days, everyone lost a lot of weight.

“Bufan, do you have something troubling you?” Zhang Junshi finally couldn’t help it. There was a plate of food that looked like bloody gore in front of him, appearing to have come from some evil spirit purgatory.

“No, I’m fine.” Nie Bufan ate the bloody mash completely unfazed.

Seeing a skull-like thing being chewed up by him, Zhang Junshi also felt pain in the bones all over his body.

“If it’s fine, why are these meals like this?”

“What’s wrong with these meals?” Nie Bufan looked puzzled, “Don’t you think it’s unique?”

Zhang Junshi chuckled dryly a few times. The uniqueness was there, but his appetite was gone.

Li Yi sat on the side with a cold face, holding his chopsticks for a long time without picking up from any of the dishes. His eyes wandered over the dinner table, trying to find a relatively normal dish. It was a pity that he couldn’t judge the ingredients of the dishes from the terrible appearance. Even the rice took on the yellow brownish color of poop.

At that moment, they heard violent footsteps coming from outside the yard. Not long after, Li Huai walked in with an unpleasant expression, followed by Si Chenyu and Chen Muran. They had also suffered, and could not bear it any longer, joining together in protest.

As soon as he saw Nie Bufan, Li Huai shouted: “Nie Bufan, what is the meaning of this?”

Nie Bufan looked at him innocently.

“What is this stuff that you are passing off as food?”

“Why, isn’t it delicious?” Nie Bufan picked up a worm-like thing and put it into his mouth, chewing loudly, appearing to be immersed in the aftertaste.

Everyone present turned their heads away at the same time, unable to look directly.

“Speak, what do you want to do?” Li Huai slapped the table fiercely.

Nie Bufan took a wet napkin and wiped his mouth gracefully, saying indifferently: “In fact, it’s nothing. Recently, someone often visits my kitchen to steal the food I cook. Although I am open-minded and magnanimous, but I still have some complaints about a little thief who take without asking.”

“You mean someone sneaked into the Chicken Nest Village?” Li Yi’s expression became alert.

Nie Bufan nodded.

“Are you saying that the reason why you made your food look like gore and excrement recently is because of that little thief?” Li Huai gritted his teeth.

Nie Bufan nodded again, and said seriously: “This is a very serious matter. The food I cook must not be defiled by contemptible thieves.”

So therefore you “defile” us instead? Everyone had this thought at the same time.

Si Chenyu found a place to sit down, and said solemnly: “With the people from our four major families providing deterrence, there are actually people who dare to still sneak into the Chicken Nest Village. This is indeed a serious matter.”

Chen Muran agreed: “Yes, we can’t just sit idly by.”

“Agreed.” Li Huai nodded indignantly.

“Since everyone shares the same feeling, let’s find a way to find this person together.” A dangerous smile lifted the corners of Si Chenyu’s mouth.

It would not be an overkill to punish them with death by a thousand cuts for the sin of making them suffer for such a long time!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The group of princes and nobles at the same time developed extremely strong hostility towards a certain fellow who had yet to show his face……

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  1. My pity for the tian nu grows. All this deception in order to get the treasure and chances are it’ll be gone by the time it matters because shiny things are an irresistible attraction for a chicken. I’m sure that pearl is incredibly valuable to a normal individual, but like his chickens, Nie Bufan grabbed it purely for the aesthetics!

    I’m intrigued by what I assume will be the new ML. Doesn’t the lack of a physical appearance just deepen the mystery and attraction? He seems to mean well, subterfuge aside!

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Oh god, so NB thinks or until know he only experienced intimacy with women i guess, but he likes to mess up with the other men to make his life more interesting. When i read those toughts of his, all i tought about is that i will not have pity on him when he will more on less have little choice but to embrace being intimate and share his life with men, one can fool around for a certain time, until he can get burn. I’m sure i will get to a point when i will enjoy seeing getting exposed and have the others take revenge or bring him into a corner, so he will reflect more about his wrongdoings. I was right that the mysterious guy who asked NB directions is hiding in some place in his village. I like that he is more tricky, it has to be a ML that has a personality that is more difficult and hard to predict, and more similar with the personality of NB, it will be so fun to read what will happen when they will meet. And i’m happy that Nineteen will get some revenge on NB when she will realise that he was tricked, is only fair, NB took’it to far when it comes to messing with her.

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