The Cruel Tyrant CH 020 Missing

Su Mu waved away the servants on his left and right and walked into the room lightly. The bright sunlight casted light and shadow through the green leaves. The handsome youth frowned while holding a book, appearing quite troubled. So immersed that he wasn’t even aware of Su Mu arriving behind him.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Do you like studying medicine?” Su Mu suddenly shocked the youth in front of him.

Huang Xuan hurriedly turned around and when he saw that it was Su Mu his eyes became full of delight, but he did not forget to greet Su Mu: “Paying respects to Your Highness.”

Su Mu nodded and continued to ask: “Do you like studying medicine?”

Huang Xuan said with some embarrassment: “I, I just took a book to read when I’m bored.”

He obviously liked it very much but didn’t dare to say it, like a puppy sitting obediently and looking at the tasty bones in the bowl. Su Mu smiled and said: “If you like it, then you like it, it’s not like I’ll do anything to you.”

Huang Xuan blushed immediately after hearing Su Mu’s words, “I like studying medicine very much, but my dad doesn’t let me learn it. He wants me to study and become the zhuangyuan (TN: highest rank of the Imperial examination system), but I am always scolded by my teachers.”

Su Mu lay relaxed on the chair, eyes half-lidded and said: “If you like it, then go to the imperial hospital. I will have Doctor Hu teach you.”

Huang Xuan’s eyes lit up, even missing a heartbeat with the joy, and said in surprise, “Is it really possible?”

“I am the Crown Prince, if I say it can be done then it can be done.” Su Mu looked at him and smiled.

Huang Xuan hurriedly gave thanks: “Thank you Your Highness.”

“Rise.” Su Mu lied down for a while with his eyes closed, but found that Huang Xuan was strangely quiet, so he opened his eyes and saw the other conflicted and hesitant to speak.

Su Mu couldn’t bear to see him troubled and said: “What’s the matter? Just say it directly.”

Huang Xuan, who was silent about whether to mention it to the Crown Prince, was shocked when he heard Su Mu suddenly talking. Huang Xuan carefully observed Su Mu’s expression and saw that he was not in a bad mood, so he asked softly: “Your Highness, can I go home and see my father and my mother? I haven’t seen them since I entered the palace.”

Su Mu suddenly felt a little guilty when he heard Huang Xuan’s words. He would just be a teenager in the modern age, and would still be acting spoiled in front of his parents. Huang Xuan was just a 17 to 18-year-old child, but he had no acquaintances in the palace. How could he not miss his parents.

Su Mu nodded and said, “Hnn, I will let the guards know, you can go back anytime.”

“Thank you Your Highness.” The pair of clear eyes became brighter, watching Su Mu full of excitement and adoration.

Then, in order to express his gratitude, Huang Xuan did his best to reward Su Mu into the middle of the night.

Early the next day, Su Mu announced that Yun Feiyu will be reporting to the Ministry of Justice and Huang Xuan was to be admitted to the imperial hospital, so he was opposed very……meekly.

But when Su Mu asked about it on the third day, he was told that Huang Xuan had not come back since he went home. Su Mu was currently changing clothes and when he heard this his eyes instantly frosted over. The palace maids around Su Mu helping him with his robes trembled in response.

“Go find out what’s going on.” Su Mu said coldly. It was as if a black hole suddenly appeared in his heart to swallow all emotions, leaving only suppressed anger. Su Mu repeatedly told himself in his heart that this was not Huang Xuan’s doing, putting up an act to escape. If he wanted to leave, he just had to tell him himself and he would never stop him. But there was another voice in his heart telling him that, with Su Mochi’s criminal history, who would dare to say to his face that they couldn’t stand him and wanted to leave. Instead they would try to find a chance to sneak away.

Su Mu’s face darkened and his whole body exuded a suffocating pressure, not even mosquitoes dared to fly within three feet of him.

Soon after Han Yang stepped into the door, Su Mu instantly raised his head to look at him. His sharp gaze made Han Yang afraid to look directly. Lowering his head he reported: “Your Highness, last night the Huang family fled the city in the middle of the night. There was no sign left when this subordinate led people to chase after them out of the city.”

Su Mu squeezed the corner of the table fiercely, and said with suppressed anger in his tone: “Ferret them out, inform the local government that if they find them send them back to the imperial city immediately, safely and without a hair hurt on their heads.”

“Yes, this subordinate ask to be excused!” Han Yang hurriedly left. When the Crown Prince was angry, it was best to stay away. Even if the Crown Prince did not intend to kill, but that horrible aura was still too frightening.

As soon as Han Yang walked out the door, he heard a “bang” inside the toom, and his heart trembled, walking with even bigger steps.

The expensive and hard corner of the table turned into powder in Su Mu’s hands, and then he stood up and strode out, a chair in the way kicked to pieces.

Su Mu felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He vented frantically in the martial arts field. Loud noises one after another echoed throughout the palace. All the eunuchs and palace ladies were frightened and thought, the Crown Prince couldn’t be on another crazy rampage again, right?

Liu Xi, who recieved news on Huang Xuan’s disappearance, raised an eyebrow and waved away the servants. He lay on the bed and muttered to himself: “Is the Crown Prince really in love with Huang Xuan, tsk!”

Would that demon also fall in love with others? It was even more impossible than for him to be kind and filial to Liu Yuanhua.

Thinking of the news from the higher ups, Liu Xi immediately prepared himself. Although he did not want to face the Crown Prince, there were some things he had no choice but to do. Putting on a dark red palace robe, a golden crown tying back ink black hair, his expressionless face instantly turned into a smile, the pair of phoenix eyes filled with boundless charm. Liu Xi looked in the mirror and then left for the Crown Prince’s residence.

“Your Highness, Liu Gongzi request to see you.” The little eunuch outside the door whispered.

What was he here for? Su Mu, who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed said, “Let him in.”

As soon as Liu Xi entered the door, he saw the Crown Prince lying on the bed. His handsome face frowned slightly, looking very different from the sinister and gloomy look of the past. Liu Xi settled down the excess ponderings in his eyes, and walked forward with a plate of delicate desserts. He said softly in a gentle but seductive voice: “Your Highness, I heard that you haven’t eaten much this evening. Chen made you some snacks. Your Highness please eat some.”

Su Mu lay on the bed and didn’t even move, his eyes remained close as he replied: “Put it on the table.”

Liu Xi, with an undiminished smile on his face, responded gently: “Yes, Your Highness, please rest well, chen asks to be excused.”

Of course, Liu Xi understood that rushing things would not have any results, so he excused himself very readily. But at the same time he was even more aware of the importance of persistence, so in the next few days Liu Xi appeared smiling every day. With a seductive face, he offered flattery in front of the Crown Prince, but his grasp on the situation was also very good. Seeing that the Crown Prince began to feel a little unhappy, he immediately disappeared in front of Su Mu. Only to then appear in front of Su Mu again at the right time.

Of course, Su Mu knew that Liu Xi had ulterior motives, but he was not ready to make his move yet. It was easy to avoid traps that were put in the open but those that hide in the dark were hard to guard against. He must figure out who the enemy was, and then……Su Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly, appearing unreadable and unpredictable.

Uproot them all!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After returning to Qionghua Pavilion and having everyone leave, Liu Xi’s smiling face became immediately clouded, and the huge delicate vase in front of him was ruthlessly pushed to the ground, shattering into pieces. His eyes were fierce as he growled: “Liu Yuanhua, you f**king animal, I’m going to kill you.”

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11 thoughts on “The Cruel Tyrant CH 020 Missing”

  1. Oh poor SM…but i do understand that boys family… Considering past SMoichi actions… I really dislike people like LX I mean apart from seduction strategy he is so hateful with it its very fake… Thank you ! Still like it 🙂

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  2. I feel hurt to MC, coz he give trust but get betrayed. Soo difficult to be crown prince to trust someone. Is there someone, who really like him translator daren?

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! I’m sorry for Su Mu that maybe he got hurt by Huang Xuan, but i really hope he will not appear that much anymore, i don’t like to read about him being with Su Mu.
    This chapter i realised that it’s not that that i dislike him personaly, but i don’t like his intreraction and his dinamic with Su Mu. He is 17-18 for God’s sake, but i feel i read a conversation between someone who is ten and an adult, is frustrating me, probably is just me. I like Liu Xi very much, i always like how he is described, it’s obvious he wants something for Su Mu everytime he goes to him, but i can’t help to pity him, because it is implied that he has not choice but to relay in Su Mu, but our MC don’t gives him the light of the day. I think he is a mature person, who know who he is, what is his worth, and what he has to do to get what he wants, but knows when to not cross his boundaries. He is a bit similar to Ye Qingfeng, but less playful and shameless, and more introvert, more likely because he had a hard life conpared Ye Qingfeng who was probably spoiled all the time. I’m looking forward to read more about what will happen next.

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