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The people of Taizhou knew that they were already in the hands of the rebel thieves.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The officials either died or stayed and worked for the rebel thieves. They were all anxious and didn’t know what to do. The street vendors no longer set up stalls, and the doors of restaurants and inns were all closed tight. Everyone was worried that disaster would land on their heads.

But it didn’t take long for them to discover that there were soldiers patrolling the streets every day, there was no curfew at night, the door of the government office was always open, and there were many new government offices that had never been heard of before——now called departments.

There was a department for the regulation of taxation.

There was also a department in charge of fighting and conflict among the people.

There was even a department in charge of cases where husbands beat their wives.

“What’s wrong with me hitting her? My own wife! I can teach her a lesson myself! What’s it got to do with you!” The man was dragged on the street by the soldiers, shouting angrily, “Govern the heavens, govern the earth! Even govern beating the wives!”

The woman followed behind, her face covered with bruises but still she also followed, and said as she walked: “Officer sir, officer sir, I’m fine, I’m really fine, don’t arrest him, don’t arrest him.”

There were many people watching the show nearby.

“How many have been caught already?”

“I don’t know, everyone who is caught has to go to the government office to have their pants pulled down and buttocks beaten. It won’t heal if you don’t lie down for a few days.”

“Say, why do the people above care? It’s his wife he hit, not someone else’s.”

“They said that this is a crime of obstructing the unity of the masses.”

“What, what crime?”

“Hindering the unity of the masses, it means that if a husband beats his wife, then the whole family will break apart. If every household is like this what should we do if we encounter problems in the future? Can you still count on a wife who you’ve beaten like that to continue to show filial respect to her mother-in-law, take care of the children, and do laundry and cooking? Are you not afraid that your wife will buy some poison to send you to hell?”

“If you put it this way……it seems to make sense.”

“Then the upper people give her justice so why does she still beg forgiveness for her husband despite being beaten like that, isn’t that having no self-respect?”

“What do you know, her man getting beaten, he won’t be able to get out of bed for a few days. Without income how will they fill their stomachs?”

“Furthermore, what can she do, divorce her husband?”

“She is a woman, if she is divorced and cannot go back to her parents’ house, what should she do in the future? Be a beggar?”

“You don’t know?” Someone said, “Now there is a labor department. As long as you go to register, you will find work. Both men and women will find work. Even if you are a disabled man you can still find work. If you have no place to live, the labor department will find you a place to live.”

“There is actually such a good thing! Why don’t you go?”

“I still want to wait and see……”

“I went, and I’ll be repotting for work in three days.”

“What are you doing?”


“Don’t joke, you’re not a blacksmith and you want to forge iron, don’t you mean the iron will forge you instead?”

“What do you know, you can learn it if you don’t know, there are teachers over there.”

“……Someone will actually teach?”

“Of course, I went and asked about it.”

The common people were very adaptable. They were more concerned about their livelihoods, what they will eat tomorrow, whether they will be able eat enough, and whether they will live a better life.

During this period, Lin Yuan focused his energy on productivity.

Taizhou had more grain reserves than Lin Yuan had imagined. After the initial panic, the common people finally dared to take to the streets.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Han Shantong is dead?” Brother Dao was startled, becoming scared, “Then does that mean the court is going to deal with us now?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said, “How many troops do you think the court can mobilize now?”

Brother Dao looked at Lin Yuan and felt relieved: “But it’s not like they will always leave us alone?”

Lin Yuan: “Okay, I won’t tease you anymore, the court has already sent a letter.”

A group of people surrounded Lin Yuan: “What did the court say?”

Lin Yuan: “Said that as long as I am willing to submit to the court, I will be a wan hu (TN: literally lord of 10,000 households, also refer to as a marquis).”

Everyone: “The dog court is going to great efforts this time.”

Lin Yuan said: “As long as we don’t establish a dynasty or establish a dynasty name, the court will not care about us now.”

This was the case in the last years of the Yuan Dynasty. The leaders of the rebellion who founded their own dynasty were the first to be targeted. After all, this was about the dignity of the imperial court. Such actions were equivalent to confronting the authority of the imperial court. Even if the court does not want to deal with you, they will have to as it was a matter of pride.

But as long as one does not establish a new dynasty, the court would always prefer recruiting you over to their side.

After all, the current imperial court had only a few powerful troops under its hands, the armies under Toqto’a Temur and Chaqan Temur.

“Furthermore, the Han people are not united nowadays.”

The Han people were currently divided into three groups.

One group was dominated by the landlord class and held allegiance to the Yuan Dynasty, claiming to “devote to and serve the country.”

Another group was the ordinary Han people, concerned with protecting themselves and observing the state of affairs.

The last group was those who joined a peasant army. There were now small uprisings everywhere, and it was not difficult to join a peasant army.

Lin Yuan: “Normal.”

Brother Dao didn’t understand: “How is this normal, it’s like this now but they are still loyal to the dog court.”

Lin Yuan asked: “Why do we rebel.”

Brother Dao: “Naturally it is because the people don’t have any livelihoods and are unable to go on. There will be no way to survive if they don’t rebel!”

Lin Yuan nodded: “That’s right. Those who don’t rebel are because they have livlihoods and can live well. They are afraid. If the day comes where a new dynasty replaces the old, can they still have a good life like now?”

“They are afraid, so naturally they don’t want to change, and naturally they must be loyal to the court.”

Brother Dao slapped the table: “This kind of person is really hateful!”

Lin Yuan smiled and patted brother Dao on the shoulder: “How is it hateful?”

Brother Dao: “The whole matter is hateful!”

Lin Yuan said: “Then let’s make an analogy. Brother Dao, you are now a landlord, and your wife is a lady from a wealthy family, both beautiful and gentle. You also have more than a dozen concubines, all of whom are beautiful like flowers and jade. Everyday you eat abalone and sea cucumber, and drink top-quality tea. Groups of servants waiting on you hand and foot, and you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“You are thirsty, someone will serve you tea and water. You are hungry, someone will cook for you. You have too many clothes to wear all of them, and you have too much money to be able spend it all.”

“But now there are rebellions. Once these rebellions succeed, your sea cucumber and abalone are gone, and your concubines are gone. You and your servants are on the same level. Do you want these rebellions to succeed?”

Brother Dao: “Of course!”

Lin Yuan looked at him: “Of course what?”

Brother Dao touched the back of his head: “I understand when you put it like that.”

Lin Yuan: “It is understandable logically, but if I really meet such a person, I can only strip him down to the bones, not even leaving a penny.”

Brother Dao: “……Admirably ruthless.”

Zhu Yuanzhang and the others all listened on the side, and they all felt that what Lin Yuan said was reasonable.

This was the case for most people. They would only get angry when their own interests were violated. If it had nothing to do with their own interests, it would not matter to them at all.

But there were also a small number of people who received a high education and were not short of money, but they were still willing to fight for people who were not in the same social class as themselves. This kind of spirit was the most rare.

Finding one would be equal to finding a national treasure.

What Lin Yuan hoped now was to have a few more national treasures showing up.

The main reason was that there were really too few people who could read among the people in his command. Even if all the people who could read in Taizhou were mobilized to work, there was still a big shortfall.

Lin Yuan asked Chen Baisong: “How are the people now? Are they still as unsettled as before?”

Chen Baisong shook his head: “That’s not the case. Now the vendors have reopened their street stalls, and the restaurants and inns have also reopened. They all say that these days life is better.”

It was impossible for Lin Yuan to distribute the food directly. It was fine to provide relief once, but did that mean that he had to provide relief every time? No matter how much food there was, it would not be enough.

He could only create more jobs and have them trade their labor for food.

Women have women’s work such as making clothes, cooking, and making gunpowder.

There were also a lot of things for men. In short, the whole of Taizhou was now running at high speed like machines.

Even the beggars on the roadsides——they also have something to do.

Lin Yuan now also had Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Baisong pick out individuals from the people under their command to cultivate into talents.

Such as undercover agents for outside missions, or scouts for reporting news.

In short, all aspects were being developed.

Er Liang came in with a plate of dessert: “Young master, you all have something to eat. This is a new pastry made by the chef.”

The cook was sent by Zhao Zirong, who said that the cook came from a line of royal cooks.

Lin Yuan sighed again while eating the snack.

Fortunately, he transmigrated to a feudal society. If he was transmigrated to a slave society, he would not even have pastries to eat.

Although the feudal society had no smart phones, no computers, no entertainment of all kinds, and not even normal human rights.

But! It was better than slave society.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed to comfort him a little.

“This has to use a lot of sugar.” Brother Dao said this while eating cakes and spraying crumbs all over.

Yang Zi’an finally couldn’t bear it and covered brother Dao’s mouth.

“Eat and don’t talk, don’t go spraying crumbs everywhere.”

Brother Dao: “Mmph……”

Zhu Yuanzhang also said coldly next to him: “Don’t mumble, I can’t hear what you are saying.”

Lin Yuan asked Zhu Yuanzhang: “How have you been training recently, are the new recruits obedient?”

Zhu Yuanzhang: “All obedient.”

Those who were disobedient would be beaten up so no one would still go and find trouble for themselves.

Lin Yuan said: “The main thing is to cultivate their sense of teamwork and a sense of collective honor.”

Zhu Yuanzhang: “……What is that……”

Lin Yuan thought for a while, and explained: “It’s the feeling of sharing in the prosperity, as well as the losses.”

Zhu Yuanzhang rubbed his chin: “Understood, I will go back and think about it.”

Lin Yuan: “Think thoroughly, no need to rush.”

Chen Baisong watched Zhu Yuanzhang go out and asked Lin Yuan, “Young master, what are we going to do next?”

Lin Yuan: “Wait, wait another three months when Taizhou is stable, and the recruits have almost picked up the skills. Then they can test out all they have learned with Gaoyou.”

“I have made plans.” Lin Yuan took out a map and marked several places. “After taking Gaoyou, it will be Changshu, Huzhou, Songjiang, Changzhou, and Pingjiang. In short, we cannot be complacent and stand still.”

Chen Baisong looked at the marked map, nodded and replied: “Naturally.”

Lin Yuan looked at the map.

Until now, the journey had been quite smooth.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He only hoped that the road ahead would be as smooth as it was now.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! After seeing how the changes Lin Yuan turned out after conquering his first big city, i’m starting to miss the sense of unity that Lin Yuan, his sworn brothers and people at the farmstead managed to have at the farmstead. That period of time was beautiful and warm, and with more time passing and more cities are conquered i have the feeling that i will start missing more and more that period of time. But i’m happy that Lin Yuan managed to put in practice all he wanted to do so quickly and make almost all of the common people obey the rules implemented and live harmoniously, at least for now, and live a bit better that before. I laughed when i saw that Lin Yuan made various departments for taxes, mediating fight and even one more for domestic abuse, this is how a modern person thinks , but i didn’t think he will put those things in practice so quickly, but i’m sure it feels this way because the time that takes to do those things is much longer that is described, like it probably took at least some months to be implemented but the readers are not told precisely how long it took. This is a bit of a flaw/weakness that this novel has, it’ not always tell us how much time it takes for some events to be done even if i’m paying attention to what it happens, but i’m sure one of the reasons is because of the historical genre, where usually many things are happening, and it will take to long time to describe otherwise, some facts/events have to be sacrificed by not paying too much attention to them, so i understand that it has to be like this. Until next chapter.

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