This Lord is Too Cruel CH 013 One Must Treat Her People With Gentleness

Mu Hanyao slapped off Feng Aotian’s hand that was covering his eyes, turned around with his back to her, and tried to conceal the throbbing that arose when he had been looking and then the panic overcoming him when he had been caught in the act. He cursed silently at himself, how could he fall into a daze when looking at another man? Moreover, the man was the cruel and immoral Regent.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

His eyes darkened, his lips pressed tightly, and his whole body tensed. He repeatedly asked himself, what was wrong with him today?

Seeing Mu Hanyao’s reaction, Feng Aotian paused, but didn’t pay much attention. She continued to lie on the bed carelessly. She hadn’t rested at all last night and was busy the whole day today. She was indeed somewhat tired, soon falling into sleep peacefully.

Mu Hanyao’s nerves were also strained for a long time, and as time passed by the camp became extremely quiet. He relieved himself of the burden of the day, and accompanied by the light breathing coming from behind his back, he also slowly fell asleep.

In the woods, Ji Bai and others were in a stalemate with the wolves. They could neither directly attack nor let the wolves find an opportunity. Therefore, they suffered from the cold and wind overnight, forcing themselves to remain alert and on guard as they confronted the wolves until dawn.

Feng Aotian always slept lightly. Even if she was tired and exhausted, she would not fall into a deep sleep, or be in a state of ignorance. Therefore, she had only rested for two hours, and when the sky gradually got brighter, she also no longer felt any sleepiness.

When she got up and lifted the quilt, she saw Mu Hanyao still lying motionless with his back to her the whole time. Of course she knew that Mu Hanyao woke up the moment she opened her eyes.

After Feng Aotian walked behind the dressing screen, she took off her robe and tied her chest. After walking out, she saw that Mu Hanyao had already gotten up, wearing the robe from last night and standing respectfully on one side.

“Come here.” Feng Aotian stood there solemnly, but with a smile on her face, and a touch of obvious tenderness in her eyes. She felt that she must treat her people with more gentleness.

Mu Hanyao looked directly at Feng Aotian and his slender and tall figure, features as beautiful and refined as jade, and the smile at the corners of phoenix eyes. The soft light of the morning casted a glow on the purple robes further highlighting the charming beauty and graceful magnificence. It was very difficult associating that bloodthirsty, brutal and tyrannical Regent with this figure in front of him. He couldn’t help but wonder, did something happen?

Earlier, he had heard that the Regent had a mercurial and capricious temperament. Could this be a sign that signalled a new brutal rampage?

He did not have the power to refuse now, because he had too many burdens on his person, the glory of the Mu family army, the safety of the Mu manor far away in the imperial city, and his younger brother imprisoned in the Regent’s manor. He was a person who kept his promises. The tattooed place still ached, as if to remind him at all times that Mu Hanyao belonged be the Regent from now on.

With a stern face and in a black brocade robe exuding a dazzling light, steps firm and steady as he walked towards her, neither servile or overbearing. But every step was extremely heavy, symbolizing his promise to her.

Feng Aotian saw that he still had a cold face and kept a distance from her so she said in a low voice, “Too far, come closer.”

Mu Hanyao tried to keep a distance from him as much as possible. The distance between them was only two feet, and the subtle changes in each other’s faces could be clearly seen. Was this still far?

He took another step forward. This step seemed to have crossed the last barrier between them, leaving him no room for retreat.

Feng Aotian’s figure was extremely tall, but compared to Mu Hanyao, it was still a bit shorter. Now, with the two standing so close, it was obvious that she was half a head shorter than him.

His expression remained unchanged, his cold and deep eyes staring straight ahead, not knowing what he was looking at. Feng Aotian felt that she was being ignored, and habitually raised a finger, knocking it on his forehead, “Bow your head.”

Mu Hanyao had been knocked on his forehead twice by Feng Aotian so defenselessly. Such a playful action was actually done so familiarly by a man, and towards him who was another man. He could not help feeling a little awkward but strangely he didn’t have even a trace of disgust. He bowed his head obediently, but met slightly narrowed phoenix eyes.

Compared with his own eyes, they were a more purer black but also at the same time brighter, reflecting a terrifying coldness. But now it was colored with a faint smile, which only emphasized how deeper and charming those eyes could be. With just a look one wouldn’t be able to move his eyes away at all.

Mu Hanyao had always thought that men who were too beautiful were unnatural. But this Regent was not only beautiful, but also had trace of the natural charm of women, and at the same time also possessing an unparalleled nobleness and magnificence. When facing a man who possessed such contradictory characteristics, people would be unable to restrain themselves from falling, regardless of whether they were male or female.

“Sixi, bring over General Mu’s armor. In the future, he will rest at this Lord’s place.” Feng Aotian looked directly at Mu Hanyao and said in a low voice.

“Yes, this slave will go now.” Sixi responded quickly and walked to the tent where Mu Hanyao once lived.

Seeing Mu Hanyao staring at her in a daze, Feng Aotian smiled deeper, raised her hand and pulled his robe aside, staring at his chest. The area on his chest was red and swollen, but the word “Tian” was very clear.

She stroked her finger on the tattooed area, cold fingers stroking across his chest inch by inch and causing him to feel as if his skin was burning.

When Feng Aotian took his fingers away, the redness and swelling on his chest had also disappeared, leaving only the word behind, like a mark that had accompanied him from birth, engraved on his body forever and forcing him to never forget.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“What does this represent?” Feng Aotian pointed at the word “Tian” and asked in a cold voice.

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