This Lord is Too Cruel CH 014 This Lord’s Man Is Not Allowed To Be Coveted

Mu Hanyao’s expression was dim, thinking of what he had said after tattooing him yesterday, his heart sank, “Caomin……caomin belong to the Regent.”

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“Just remember it.” Feng Aotian was very satisfied with Mu Hanyao’s answer, and then stretched out her hand to fix his clothes back in place, “From now on, you will resume your post.”

Hearing that, Mu Hanyao took a step back, knelt down on one knee, and thanked him, “Chen will live up to the high hopes of the Regent, and will defend the border to the death. The soldiers of Qi State will not encroach on the borders even half a step.”

Feng Aotian bent down slightly and helped him up, “Since you understand this Lord’s intentions, then there is no need to say more.”

“Chen has no disloyal intentions.” Mu Hanyao raised his eyes and stared at him. He was simply making a bet now. Although he had only been with Feng Aotian for only six or seven hours, he believed that though the Regent was indeed cruel but he was not incapable.

Nowadays, the people were barely able to live, and Qi State had taken the opportunity to provoke a war. In such a situation he had no choice but to make a bet. If he lost then he would sacrifice his life for Feng State. If he won, Feng State would be able to have a chance to recover.

Feng Aotian did not speak anymore. Now that her goal had been achieved, Mu Hanyao would handle the rest of the matter, and she could return to the imperial city to handle other problems.

The assassination attempt could not be separated from the person in the capital. Now that they know that she was not dead, the person should be afraid and restless, perhaps even planning other conspiracies. The longer she stayed here, the more movements there would be in the capital. Her brutal reputation was notorious and if there was a rebellion, it would be difficult for her to return to the capital unharmed.

Outside of the tent, Sixi had ordered people to retrieve Mu Hanyao’s battle robes, “My Lord, General Mu’s battle robe has been retrieved.”

“Hnn, serve this Lord and General Mu to wash up.” Feng Aotian said coldly, the smile in her eyes disappearing.

Mu Hanyao was also unsmiling, maintaining the etiquette between the ruler and his ministers, standing on the side of Feng Aotian.

Sixi led the attendant eunuchs and walked into the tent, carefully waiting on Feng Aotian and Mu Hanyao to wash and change clothes.

Qing Yi had been waiting outside of the tent since early in the morning. His complexion was slightly pale, and he was wearing a green robe, hair tied up and pinned with a bamboo hairpin, and his body no longer smelled of women’s powder. But he still looked delicate and rather weak like a willow bending in the wind.

Last night, he was unable to sleep pondering on why the Regent wanted to keep him alive. Thinking of his torture methods, he couldn’t help sighing. He wondered if he could persist these coming three years.

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After dressing, Feng Aotian appeared in an indigo blue robe. The neckline and cuffs were all embroidered with silver threads. She wore a cyan wide-brimmed silk belt around her waist that was embroidered with auspicious clouds. Jet black hair was tied up and worn with a small silver crown inlaid with jade, the white jade on the silver crown shone a clear luster, which further set off the smooth jet black of her hair that looked very much like silk.

Her phoenix eyes were cold, face like an autumn moon and astoundingly beautiful. Her whole body exuded a luxurious and extraordinary bearing. Like the sun high in the sky, one could not look at her directly. She turned abruptly and looked at Mu Hanyao, who was standing in front of her and already properly dressed.

Mu Hanyao was wearing silver armor, his posture as tall as the pine tree, and exuded a vigor like that of the hot sun. Under sword-like eyebrows, his eyes shone like cold stars, revealing sharpness and extraordinary valiance.

The corners of Feng Aotian’s mouth raised slightly, and she stepped forward unhurriedly with a wicked smile, “In the future, no one except this Lord will be allowed within three steps from you, regardless of male or female.”

Mu Hanyao’s deep eyes flickered slightly, seemingly puzzled, as he watched Feng Aotian’s deepening smile on his handsome face. He suppressed down the doubts in his heart, and replied, “Chen obeys.”

“This Lord cannot tolerate prying eyes on what is mine.” Feng Aotian warned coldly, “If someone dares to covet you, do you know the consequences?”

Mu Hanyao lowered his eyes and looked at Feng Aotian’s slightly charming smile. But those dark pupils were cold and bloodthirsty. His words reminded him constantly that from now on, he belonged to the Regent. The Lord’s man and not just a minister. Even if he had no choice now and was willing to commit himself, he still couldn’t step pass that moral bottom line in his heart. Restraining his inner entangled emotions, he replied numbly, “Chen obeys.”

What Feng Aotian wanted was this result. Rather than spending energy and time regaining the hearts of the soldiers and military officers in the military camp, it was better to win the heart of one person, and this person must be a person the other soldiers in the military look up to and respect.

“Go with this Lord and welcome your Mu family army back to the camp.” Feng Aotian raised his arm and naturally tapped Mu Hanyao’s forehead, then took the helmet and put it on himself. He took his hand and walked out of the camp.

Mu Hanyao was still deeply awkward at Feng Aotian’s random knocking on his forehead, but he was helpless. His hand was caught by the other in a moment of unawareness. It was very soft. Compared with the thick and callused palm of his hand, Feng Aotian’s hand was soft and boneless, the skin as smooth as silk.

He turned his eyes slightly and looked at Feng Aotian’s profile. Various scenes of the other appeared in his mind. Still, it was difficult to tell which one was the real one.

The two stood shoulder to shoulder, hands clasped as they walked out of the camp. The soldiers outside the camp couldn’t help but cast their eyes on them.

When General Mu returned to the camp, everyone was overjoyed. However, watching General Mu and the Regent now intimately walk out of the camp and thinking that their beloved General Mu was defiled by the Regent just last night, they couldn’t help but lasment. As a result, happiness and sadness warred within them. They quickly retracted their line of sight.

“This slave pays respects to the Lord Regent.” Qing Yi looked at the two clasped hands and resisted the misery in his heart as he bowed.

Feng Aotian glanced sideways at Qing Yi. There was really no pungent aroma coming from his body. When she looked carefully, she finally registered his delicate appearance. She looked back and looked at Mu Hanyao, “In the future, he will follow you. When he has learned to kill with a knife, then he may be sent back. Such brittle bones, it is really not fun to play with.”

“Yes.” Mu Hanyao didn’t know why the Regent wanted Qing Yi to stay in the barracks. He raised his eyes and glanced at Qing Yi. Thinking of the scenes where he had accompanied Feng Aotian the past few days, a touch of discomfort flashed in his heart for some reason.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Qing Yi’s figure trembled, and he responded in a low voice, “This slave obeys.”

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