This Lord is Too Cruel CH 015 Smile For This Lord, And This Lord Will Tell You

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“Where is your war horse?” Feng Aotian turned her eyes to the man next to her. Now, except for Mu Hanyao, there was no one else in her eyes. When she looked at him the gaze was full of doting, softly speaking in a tone gentler than the spring breeze.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Mu Hanyao was obviously not used to being stared at by a man so tenderly, or spoke to in a voice that sounded like a spring breeze. This situation unexpectedly caused a warm current to flow in his heart. He was at the frontlines all year round, and the past three years were also spent in the quarry. There was not much contact with women and most of the time he was surrounded by only men. The way they talked and acted were usually coarse, not at all like Feng Aotian’s tone which had a hint of womenly softness. He was a little dazed, but soon he pressed down the strange thoughts that suddenly flashed in his mind.

After putting two fingers to his lips and whistling lightly, a dark brown horse came galloping close, running to Mu Hanyao at the fastest speed. It had deep dark eyes like its master and rubbed Mu Hanyao with its head.

Mu Hanyao showed a rare faint smile. He stretched out his hand and stroked the horse’s mane. When he was about to speak, he was hit by a cold light.

He raised his eyes and saw Feng Aotian staring at him with a dark face. He looked back at him incomprehensibly. What did he do wrong to upset him?

“Did you forget what I said?” Feng Aotian asked coldly.

The light in Mu Hanyao’s eyes dimmed, and suddenly he realized what he meant. He was speechless and said in a low voice, “Lord Regent, he is chen’s family and a brother who fights with chen side by side.”

What’s more, it’s just a horse and not a human being. Even it couldn’t approach him?

“This Lord allows it to approach you, but you must remember that in the future, if you smile at it so attractively, then every time you smile at it, you will smile at this Lord a hundred times more. Also except in front of this Lord, you are not allowed to smile at other people.” Feng Aotian said domineeringly.

Mu Hanyao’s expression stiffened. He raised his eyes and stared at Feng Aotian. He would rather not smile for the rest of his life if he had to smile at him like that. He restrained his emotions expressionlessly, and thought that he would not smile at anyone in the future. He smiled bitterly in his heart. When did he, Mu Hanyao, lack such freedom to act independently. But against reason, he couldn’t produce the slightest displeasure and anger for such overbearing and unreasonable orders from the other. He felt more of helplessness, and there seemed to be some other emotions mixed in as well.

“Chen understands.” Mu Hanyao responded coldly.

Feng Aotian snapped his fingers into the sky, and then a snow-white horse galloped up. She led the horse and looked at Mu Hanyao, “The air is very good in the morning, accompany this Lord on the walk over.”

“Yes.” Although Mu Hanyao was worried about Ji Bai and the others, but now, he dared not refuse even slightly.

The two each led a horse out of the barracks. The patrolling soldiers watched the blue and silver figures disappear into the vast grassland, and lamented in their hearts. General Mu committed himself to serving the Regent for the safety of the Mu family army. Sacrificing his own body to save the lives of 100,000 soldiers in the camp. This sacrifice made them more respectful of Mu Hanyao and they secretly swore to follow General Mu to the death.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Sixi was still waiting outside the camp, watching the departure of Feng Aotian and Mu Hanyao. Turning his eyes he glanced at Qing Yi, but said nothing.

Qing Yi looked into the distance and sighed faintly. What is the Regent thinking? Wasn’t he afraid that he would kill him once he had become powerful enough?

On the endless grassy plain, Feng Aotian took Mu Hanyao’s hand and walked unhurriedly to the woods five miles away. Memories of the original owner appeared in her mind and her eyes glanced sideways at Mu Hanyao’s stern face, and asked in a low voice, “What are you thinking about?”

Mu Hanyao had never led a horse and walked with hands clasped like this with anyone. Once, he had also dreamed that one day, when he met a woman he had feelings for, he would ride a horse with her on the vast grassland. Just that was enough to bring happiness. But now, he was holding a man’s hand, “Nothing.”

Feng Aotian seemed to see through the bitterness in his heart but did not point it out. His pride and glory was now pinched tightly in her hands. He was a general of a country, but now, he had become a male pet. That he could have this level of endurance showed that he had an unfathomably deep and shrewd mind.

“Mu Hanyao, do you believe that this Lord will one day become the ruler of this continent?” Feng Aotian turned his eyes, eyes that were sharp and deep like a ravine and shining with unquestionable majesty.

Mu Hanyao was startled, staring at Feng Aotian’s handsome face, with unconcealable dominance condensed around him. Such a cold and stern aura, no one could resist, let alone doubt the truth or falsehood of his words.

He pondered for a moment. Everyone knew his brutality. If this mainland was dominated by him, the people would definitely be barely able to live, their lives miserable. Was he going to help the tyrant oppress them?

“Why? You don’t believe in this Lord?” Feng Aotian naturally knew that Mu Hanyao wouldn’t believe it. Even if he believed it, according to her current reputation, if the continent came under her rule, it would only harm the people.

Mu Hanyao intended to remain silent, but when he once again looked at the firmness in his eyes, he unconciously uttered two words, “Chen believes it.”

After Feng Aotian heard this, a gratified smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. At first glance, she had already known what Mu Hanyao’s temperament was like. She went to such efforts to take him under her command because she believed in his courage and foresight. Even if he was not willing to listen to her out of his own will for now, but one day, she will have him willingly surrender to her, Feng Aotian.

“You must remember what you said today.” Feng Aotian tucked away her smile and said coldly, “This Lord will let you see that day.”

Mu Hanyao was silent, should he see that day? Now, he was nothing more than a pawn in his hand. But as long as he was still there, he would never let the people suffer.

When the two walked to the woods, it was midday, but the wolves did not retreat. Instead, they surrounded the military officers led by Ji Bai in the forest. After hearing the sound of footsteps and horse hooves not far away, the wolves opened up a path to let Feng Aotian and Mu Hanyao enter.

Ji Bai and the others turned their eyes and looked at Mu Hanyao with joy. But when they saw the clasped hands everyone paled. They realized that General Mu had committed to serving the Regent for them.

Mu Hanyao’s expression remained as usual, sweeping everyone’s expressions one by one, and said coldly, “The Lord Regent has reinstated my post as General. In the future, you will follow this General to guard the border and swear allegiance to the Regent.”

Ji Bai and Li Su glanced at each other. Although they were indignant, but with last night’s terror combined with General Mu saying so, what else could they say?

They quickly got off their horses and knelt down on the ground, “We will follow the General, and swear allegiance to the Lord Regent.”

On this day, the entire military camp fell into silence. Ji Bai and the others returned from the woods and performed their duties without much words, but their thoughts became more and more heavy.

In the camp, Feng Aotian dressed in casual robes after taking a bath. Seeing Mu Hanyao standing beside the writing desk, she walked forward, “Are there any misgivings?”

“Don’t know what to do about this place?” Mu Hanyao looked at the topographical map, particularly at a natural stronghold that they have had continuous problems breaking through. Even if Qianye was here now, he would also be unable to do anything.

Feng Aotian looked at where Mu Hanyao was pointing and the corners of her mouth curved slightly. She raised her fingers and hooked the other’s chin to make eye contact, “This Lord has a way.”

Mu Hanyao’s deep pupils flashed with surprise. He looked at Feng Aotian, “Chen would like to hear the details.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“However, you smiled at a horse today so you have to smile at this Lord a hundred times more. Come, smile at this Lord, then this Lord will tell you.” Feng Aotian smiled wickedly, her body leaning forward slightly and a light breath exhaled from her nose as she said with enticement.

TN: As promised, this is the 6th chapter update for this week. This Lord is Too Cruel will be on a temporary hiatus after this chapter. I don’t know when I will be picking this up again but thank you for reading! In the meanwhile, why not check up on the other translation projects I am working on?

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