The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 002 Coming To A Decision

The people of the Flower Deity tribe were simple and kind in nature and were content to live among themselves. It was said that this was a tribe blessed by the gods. The members of the Flower Deity tribe were as beautiful as the gods and immortals, with flowers for flesh and jade for their bones, toppling cities and overthrowing nations with their beauty alone. They took sustenance from the sun, the moon, and the essence of plants and trees. At the same time they also had deep love for life.

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Back then, the Flower Deity tribe experienced a dramatic change. A member of the Flower Deity tribe had fallen in love with an outsider, exposing the position of the Flower Deity tribe. Overnight, the entire tribe was annihilated. The chieftess, Hua Yao, committed suicide in the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm with only hatred remaining. Her blood stained red the ground underneath her but it also activated the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm, causing it to merge with her and allowing her to be reborn.

“Innocent and kind……” Hua Yao looked into the distance in a dazed manner. Innocence and kindness only resulted in her death and the annihilation of her clan. Therefore, when she once again faced life, she completely abandoned the so-called kindness……

Stretching out her right hand, a long sword suddenly appeared on top of it. The sword was three feet three inches long, and the hilt was inlaid with two crimson gems. When one looked closely, the rubies ​​shone with such luster they appeared like two scarlet eyes. The sword’s body emitted a red and white sword light, and the whole of the sword gave people a strange feeling, like a ferocious beast ready to swallow a person whole.

A sneer appeared at the corners of Hua Yao’s mouth: “Jiang Ziya, Jiang Ziya, you used this Soul Eater Sword to suppress me for thousands of years, but you could not have expected that you have completely achieved my immortality instead. Nor could you even imagine that your Soul Eater was also completely refined by my heart’s blood and had its ownership usurped!” Hua Yao didn’t know the origin of the Soul Eater, but she knew that the Soul Eater was both good and evil, could slaughter gods and demons.

For thousands of years, her body had been corroded by extreme Yin energy. The fusion of extreme Yin energy with her own spiritual energy caused her existence to separate from the Three Realms and Five Elements (TN: natural world and order) and become the undead that people now know.

Yes, she knew what she had become after she woke up, but she was not human in the first place, so she didn’t feel much rejection of herself as an undead. But fortunately, she merged with the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm, otherwise, she would really have to drink blood for sustenance in the future. Because of her fusion with the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm, she had no scruples about eating. In the end, everything she consumed would eventually become pure energy that would integrate into the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm.

Raising her hand and throwing it lightly, the Soul Eater Sword in her hand suddenly turned into a red and white light ray that plunged straight into the center of the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm. Nourished by the energy of the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm as well as the extreme Yin energy of her undead body, the power of Soul Eater would become even stronger!


There was only one and a half year left until the apocalypse. Therefore, she must restore the vitality in the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm within this period of time. In the past few days, she had seen even more clearly into the future, and this time it was not in her dreams, but literally ‘seeing’ with her eyes. She guessed it was an effect of slumbering for thousands of years that allowed her to glimpse part of the timeline and see part of the future events. But probably due to her present vitality having yet to recover, she couldn’t control this power on her own. Likely it was her subconscious that perceived the danger and therefore sent her visions of these coming disasters.

Speaking of, the best way to restore her vitality was the Tree of Life or the Flower of Chaos. The people of the Flower Deity tribe were born from the energy of the Flower of Chaos. Since the creation of the world, there was only one Flower of Chaos, which was now located in the center of the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm. But at this time, the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm’s vitality had been dried up for thousands of years, and most of the areas within have been sealed. As for the Tree of Life, currently in this world, even certain tree species were hard to find let alone the Tree of Life. Therefore, she could only use the simplest and the only method available which was to move things that have a lot of vitality into the Realm.

Hua Yao was now in a privately owned inn along the coast of Bulang City. Although it was not as luxurious as those large hotels, it was clean and warm. Most importantly, living here meant they could avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. The window in Hua Yao’s room faced the sea, so she had a good view of the endless sea and the ships passing by. The afternoon sun shone on Hua Yao’s body in slanted rays, but she felt no discomfort at all. Invisible to the naked eye, she was currently absorbing the sun’s essence and sending it into the Realm.

When Lin Xiu came back, he was conveniently privy to this beautiful scene. In the light of the setting sun, the woman was as beautiful as a dream or illusion, a thousand times more beautiful than the bewitching sirens of myths. Her skin shone with the translucence and brightness of crystals, and though half of her face was casted in the shadow, at this moment, her whole person appeared ethereal and otherworldly, as if she was going to disappear with the wind. Lin Xiu’s heart squuezed, his eyes darkened slightly, but then he smiled again.

“Huahua, you can……walk now?” Lin Xiu saw Hua Yao standing upright in front of the window and he stepped forward nervously, looking at her carefully: “Are you fully recovered? Being in a coma for a long time, the blood will not circulate. Under these circumstances standing for too long is not good for your body!”

“I’m fine.” Hua Yao turned around and sat down at the table with him: “Did you take care of your business?”

Hearing this, a slight anxiety flashed in Lin Xiu’s eyes only to disappear quickly. Seeing Hua Yao staring directly at him, he immediately suppressed the anxiety and said with a smile: “It’s okay, my friend just encountered some trouble. Meanwhile it gives us a chance to walk and explore this city.”

Hua Yao pursed her lips and nodded. But she understood in her heart that something must have happened that caught him off guard. That research base was obviously under the United Nations. She was afraid that it would not be so simple for Lin Xiu to leave. She turned her head and looked at the boundless sea outside the window. Hua Yao’s eyes flashed slightly, and suddenly she turned her head and said, “Sea, let’s travel by the sea!”

Lin Xiu smiled bitterly at Hua Yao, who was staring at him earnestly: “My passport and other documents can’t be used, and you……” Obviously, in this world Hua Yao was an “unregistered person.” Even if this country was not very strict in respect to this legality but the risk factor was still too high for two people wanting to smuggle themselves into another country.

Hua Yao nodded without saying a word, pondering thoughtfully. She said after a long time: “Then let’s stay here for the time being. By the way, can you take me on a boat to the sea at night?” For now she was still preoccupied with her Realm. As for the matter of returning to China, she was not too persistent. Looking at the boundless sea, and then thinking about the dry and cracked ground of her Realm, she decided to first get some sea water in first, hnn, yes, and some marine life……

“It’s dangerous on the sea at night. If it’s for fun, let’s go during the day.” Lin Xiu carefully suggested. The two of them couldn’t even stay in a large hotel without inviting danger. They could also only take a small boat out to the sea. But taking a small boat out to sea at night meant that the danger was greatly increased.

“I like the evening.” Hua Yao insisted. After all, it was much easier to do things under the cover of night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Okay.” Looking at those firm black eyes, Lin Xiu’s heart jumped a few times. He then looked away embarrassedly and nodded in response.

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