The Undead Queen Has Arrived In The Apocalypse CH 003 Collecting Fish

T country’s Bulang city was a small place, but it was close to the sea and was a crucial connection between sea and land transport.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The Lawton family was the moat influential family in T country. The family had their fingers in many pies, not only the navigation industry, but also clothing, food, shelter and transportation. The largest poppy planting base in the north was also under the Lawton family name. In addition, over in MD they owned several jadeite mines not to mention secretly in control over most of the arms sales in T country. The port in Bulang City, in particular, was in the hands of the Lawton family. And recently, the second young master of the Lawton family was assassinated so the port was under heavier surveillance than usual.

In the evening, a small yacht slowly sailed away from the small lake in front of a private inn. Although there were not many small cruising yachts at this time, it was not too uncommon, so it did not attract anyone’s attention.


“I paid the fee for the room for five days in advance. I rented this yacht for one day, so we can return it back at this time tomorrow.” Lin Xiu simply carried a small backpack with his bank card, some documents that could not be used for now, and some cash. As for things like clothes he didn’t bring any. The reason he brought his bank card and cash was precisely because the city was rather unsafe and lawless. Especially when living at this kind of private inn there was no guarantee their belongings would remain unstolen. Not to mention these things were not very heavy, so it was no trouble to take it with him.

Hua Yao nodded, but from her spiritual energy she was keenly aware that the sea had been blockaded not far away. It seemed that they had to leave here tonight. Generally, yachts would not go out to sea, and Lin Xiu also thought that Hua Yao just wanted to cruise around for a bit so he drove the yacht and slowly left the shore.

“Go to the right.” Hua Yao, who walked to Lin Xiu’s side, looked up at the front: “Then go around the ship over there, we must go to sea tonight!” She was immortal, but Lin Xiu was not. And her strength had not recovered, at best, she could only act as a shield, but with Hua Yao’s temperament, she was more likely to use others as a shield.

The people who were conducting blockade checks over there were all dressed in uniform black suits and had a familiar aura. Hua Yao couldn’t help thinking of the people whose blood she had sucked up dry last night. It seemed that they should be from the same group.

“Go out to sea?” Lin Xiu smiled bitterly, and looked at Hua Yao helplessly: “This yacht is a small cruising yacht. There is no compass on it. Besides it is even more dangerous on the sea at night since it’s difficult to distinguish the direction. If we veer off the safe routes it will be very dangerous!”

Hua Yao ignored his words, a picture of the surrounding area in a radius of a hundred miles clearly appearing in her mind. The sea water here was very close to the pier, so the water pollution was also quite serious, and there were only small fish swimming around. Hua Yao naturally would not deign to give it another glance. After thinking for a while, Hua Yao raised her head and asked something completely off topic, “How much money do you have?”

Lin Xiu was taken aback for a moment. A lot of times, he felt that he couldn’t keep up with her jumping thoughts. However, after hearing her question, Lin Xiu thought about it for a moment, and then replied, “All these years, I haven’t used much of the money but a certain amount should have been frozen now. Although, the money I have deposited on another anonymous card in the past years is about 300 million. Don’t worry, I also have some shares in a company in China. The people above aren’t aware of these things so after we return to China, I won’t let you suffer!”

In the past, he didn’t have much need to spend his money, but it was natural for people to prepare for any emergencies. Since very early on he had put in place provisions for any possible circumstances. And now at this time, he was even more grateful for his foresight. It was fortunate he had done so, but with the unexpected appearance of Hua Yao, Lin Xiu suddenly felt that he was not as well off as he had thought. It looked like he needed to work hard to make more money. He wanted to give her the best life after all.

Hua Yao had a lot of modern knowledge forcefully introduced into her head. Therefore, after careful calculation, 300 million was not too much, but it was not too little either.

“Hnn, now, drive out from here on the right, hurry up!” She looked up and saw that they were not far away from the blockade. Her current strength only allowed her to cover up their appearance for a short time, so they must leave here quickly.

Even though he knew the danger, Lin Xiu did not refuse Hua Yao’s request, thinking that if they did not leave too far, they should not get lost in the sea.

For Lin Xiu, ever since he had first seen the slumbering Hua Yao, it was like he had completely fallen under a spell. He estimated that in his lifetime, it was likely going to be very difficult for him to refuse any request from Hua Yao.

Therefore, after the sky had brightened, Lin Xiu suddenly realized that the yacht had been sailing on the sea for a whole night. Moreover, this night had been completely calm and without trouble, let alone any danger. The speed of the small yacht was not particularly fast, but in one night it was enough to sail out very far into the sea.

Early in the morning, Hua Yao stood on deck of the small yacht, her white skirt fluttering gently with the slight sea breeze. The yacht rocked slightly with the rippling sea water. Surrounded as they were by boundless sea water, this small yacht appeared even smaller.

“We are lost……” Lin Xiu smiled bitterly and rubbed his eyes. He hadn’t slept all night, but he did not appear exhausted. After all, he used to not sleep for several days when doing experiments before. But at this time, he could only sigh helplessly as he looked at the boundless sea surrounding them at all sides. It seemed that now they could only wait for a large ship to pass by.

“There is a whale! What powerful vitality!” Hua Yao closed her eyes slightly intoxicated, and inhaled the salty sea breeze. At this time, she could clearly feel the majestic vitality in the ocean, which left her in a good mood.

“Whale!” As Lin Xiu cautiously walked to Hua Yao’s side, he turned on his phone and looked at it. Even the bitter smile on his face couldn’t be maintained: “We are now closest to MD, but the oil on the yacht can’t support the entire trip. And……this is a famous danger zone. Not only are sharks infested here, but there are also many deep-sea piranhas.”

“They won’t hurt us.” Hua Yao looked at Lin Xiu whose face had changed, and smiled as she said, “I want to go down into the sea.”

“You don’t understand this world……” Lin Xiu looked at Hua Yao, especially when he heard that she wanted to go down into the sea, his expression shifting greatly: “No! God, how could I bring you out yesterday……” Lin Xiu tugged at his hair anxiously, nearly jumping with anxiety.

“We will definitely be fine.” Hua Yao sternly pulled at Lin Xiu’s shoulder and looked at him seriously: “If you are afraid of this, then how will you survive in a year and a half……”

“I’m not afraid!” Lin Xiu took a deep breath. He had always been called a lunatic because he had never been afraid. And he was best at biochemical research. The reason why he had achieved better results than others was because sometimes he could even disregard his life for the sake of his research. But now it was not possible. He had started to crave life. He wanted to live on with her!

Lin Xiu only mamaged to calm down at this time, and naturally, he didn’t pay much attention to the second half of Hua Yao’s words.

Last night, Hua Yao controlled her spiritual power to change the geography of the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm, leaving a lot of space empty. She planned to fill in some sea water, and then add some marine creatures as well. Where they were now, the water in the sea was a clear blue, the pollution here not as particularly serious. Moreover, there were many species swimming around which she was particularly satisfied about.

While Lin Xiu was sitting there and pondering unknown thoughts, Hua Yao stretched her hand into the water. Suddenly, the surface of the water rippled slightly, but ​​the sea was too large, so the change was not very obvious. But within the Myriad Flower Hidden Realm, a huge blue vortex suddenly appeared in the air, and then the sea water flowed into a huge pit bottom as if it had grown a conscious.

Hua Yao’s spiritual power covered within a hundred miles and went deep into the seabed. But to transfer the marine life into the Realm, it would consume a lot of spiritual power. Therefore, Hua Yao gave up her first choice of bringing that huge whale into the Realm and downsized to smaller fish.

It had to be said that there were thousands of marine creatures and in all kinds of different colors. Especially in this sea area they were at, where there were many sea creatures below, such as fat greenling, lumpfish, short-nosed unicorn fish……fortunately, Lin Xiu had put enough information in her head at the beginning, otherwise she would not be able to tell the name of all these fish species.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In ten minutes, fish that ranged from being as small as a pinky finger to fish as large as three feet in a hundred mile radius soon disappeared as if devoured by a whale. If someone could see through to the bottom of the sea, they would be able to see that the countless fish originally swimming around, so many that it would be easy to catch by just a random throw of a net, had drastically lowered in numbers. At this time, only a few large sized fish could be seen occasionally swimning by in a rather empty looking sea.

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